BlackBerry Messenger for iOS was submitted to Apple for review two weeks ago, awaits approval

By Bla1ze on 6 Sep 2013 05:44 pm EDT

If you tuned into any of the late night CrackBerry podcasts recently, you would have heard us discussing BBM for iOS and Android. One question we had about it all was whether or not Apple would approve the app into their App Store and how far along BlackBerry may be in that process. As it turns out, it was submitted to Apple around two weeks ago now and is pending approval from their review teams according to Alex Kinsella, Senior Strategic Account Manager at BlackBerry.

Just in case we forgot to mention, BBM for iPhone was submitted for review 2 wks ago. #waiting #BBM4ALL

That of course, doesn't give us any further insight as to a release date but it's no secret that BlackBerry has been running through a good amount of beta releases as well in the meantime so, it doesn't seem to be a stretch of the imagination that they're pretty much ready to go, just waiting for finalization.

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BlackBerry Messenger for iOS was submitted to Apple for review two weeks ago, awaits approval


The first comment and you use it to promote an app? C'mon son!

This should be removed. It's pretty much spam. You can promote your app in the forums all you want or give the CB team a free copy to review... Don't. Spam. Comments!

I clicked the link and BBW said request not found...

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OMG! My eyes hurt! I saw spam, please help me!
Yes, that is you, that's how you sound...

Developers! spam us with your creations!

Nothing wrong! He is creating awareness for his app. I see this as a good thing, cause its hard to find good apps in BB World anyways.

Calm down. Nobodies pointing a gun to anybodies head here, you don't have to read to every comment in a comment section if you don't want to.

I guess the devs don't frequent the articles much because I don't recall seeing long links like that in comments. But, I digress. I don't know if it's against any CB rules and I am no mod so keep doing your thing!

Calm down. Thousands have read this thread and only a couple of idiots have mentioned the "spam"

You are a developer for our OS helping us fight for survival. Dont sweat the small insignificant uneducated morons who are complaining about your signature.

I agree. I'd rather see "brutal " than "first". Someone always has something to say these days. Keep doing ya thing.

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Thanks Brandon, very gentleman from you because afaik no cb authority advised you that you were doing something wrong.

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Dude, no need to hide your signature. Some people always gotta hate on something. If it's not someone saying "first", it's advertising your app in your sig. As long as you don't spam, no reason to hide your sig. I support all devs who support BlackBerry.

Bring back the signature! I am Spartacus.

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Put it back put it back!!! It's your signature, and you make apps for blackberry!!!! put it back!!!~!!!!

Turn it into a and say you made it, so people don't get confused.
For a sec i thought you were calling your app brutal, lol.

Don't listen to that tool you made a great app and If it wasn't for your signature I would have never found it! Bring it back!

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45 mins and 12 posts later and none of you saw my comment where I told him to keep it before you let it rip.

1 - It was his first comment on the article and it was not obvious it was his signature. If he had it under the usually CB10 app signature, I would have said nothing.

2 - You all missed where I told him to keep the sig.

3 - Your all amazing. Peace out.

C'mon son. If you wanna defend yourself, at least get it right! It's you're not your.

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Your comments + avatar demonstrate why The Dark Knight is a much better super hero. We need to support these developers, not knock them.

Thanks guys. Seems like I can learn C++ and QML enough to make an app over the summer, but I can't seem to get the signature link to work :( lol

No worries Brandon, we understand it's your signature
I can't open the link too. Which app did you develop?

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Yup, the app is nice. I just installed it and have been playing with it for a bit. Good job on that.

As for the link, it works if you copy and paste it into the browser. For some reason, however, it doesn't work within the CB10 app...

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OMGUW rocks. That's for that btw. As a former war student this is appreciated :). Great fast easy way. Whoever developed thanks :) oh I grabbed Pinguin too

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Let's see, the 5C for emerging markets. Lots of people love BBM there, so they don't lose contacts moving to 5C from BlackBerry now.

Why would they reject it again?

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Exactly... I really hope they don't miss Sept 21. You can make excuses for mother nature BlackBerry! Please, don't be late!

How exactly would it be their fault if they miss the deadline. Should they have submitted it 3 months ago just in case Apple delayed the approval?

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As I was saying...
If Apple doesn't approve it by the 21st one can't really hold BlackBerry at fault.

Seems to me they've hit their date.
For ios at least.

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Exactly. BlackBerry's delivered. They're bringing BBM to platforms that are not their own, so let's cut them some slack here.

This seems like Apple's attempt at showing they have the biggest you-know-what. At the end of the day they are standing around naked....doing nothing at all. "look how powerful we are"

Or is that just my brain in a weird place?

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I don't think they care. BB would love to be APPLE , sucking and ALL. LOL

BBM for IOS will further help in keeping and Adding more and more people to Iphone. It certainly won't do anything to help move more people to BB. Whomever end up buying or Owing BBM will make some good cash. The Smartphones on the other hand are DOA.

I'm telling everyone I know to download it when it comes out. I'll finally be able to get rid of Whatsapp *evil laugh*

EDIT: I just realized how good this might be. Whatsapp isn't a download on the iPod Touch. If they eventually allow this to be, this could be the dealbreaker for a lot of people on Whatsapp if they allow BBM to be downloaded on the IPod.

They've already said that it's for ANDROID AND IPHONE... not apple, just IPHONE, so it probably won't be available for ipod

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Smh @ Apple approve it already Google is ready or Android whatever you want to call them lol

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Conspiracy proven - Apple will take their sweet time. They could care less about BlackBerry.

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Perhaps you should learn about their approval process because it is Blackberry that decide the release date after the app is approved..they might have already approved it but cannot release it until the date set is met

Not sure, except that it's apparent he doesn't know when summer ends in North America. Summer is a season, on all continents, not just the months away from school.

Apple are just examining BBM for any patents they suddenly decide have been infringed.

Well if Apple doesn't approve it, that'll just be in line with the rest of the world's hate for BBRY. No reason to not approve it but good reasons to reject it.

Whatsapp is inferior for single contact communication, but at the present time has much better features for group chat. I have one group on whatsapp and one group on bbm, and it's sad to see blackberry hasn't added more features as of yet. I hope they do soon.

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Yes what's app current group messaging is leaps ahead of bbm. Hopefully they upgrade the groups to something comparable once it hits ios and android so no one will have gripes with it.

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Probably not at the initial release, no. The original promise was something along the lines of "basic functionality by end of summer, feature parity by end of year." Considering Channels isn't even official on BlackBerry yet, I'm guessing it falls in the latter camp.

I'm not sure if it matters or not. I'm just curious if any iOS and Android users really give a damn about BBM...

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Believe me, they only have to try It once. But, I really hope that #BlackBerry will market this as IT'S SHOULD have done with OS 10!

I use iMessage on my iPad in order to keep in touch with friends and family who insist on using it. BUT as soon as BBM hits iOS, I'm going to make sure that they all switch. BBM is sooooo much better than iMessage. BBM is the best IM service that I have ever used.

Yup, BBM it's indeed legendary . iMessage it's light years behind BBM, and can be discontinued after BBM will be available on iOS and Android.

And now we see just how many people will leave Blackberry phones behind as the sole thing that was holding them back - BBM - no longer matters.

Not an Apple fan per se, but if there was one reason they should approve this app, it's this right here.

I'm torn. BlackBerry may lose customers because they can get BBM on the other devices.

On the other hand, I know people who will stay iPhone/Android solely because they didn't have the array of cross platform communication at the time. And they had their contacts using the same. BlackBerry wasn't a great fit, even though they were interested in, or preferred BBM. Now that they can have their friends BBM with them, they're considering a Z on contract expiry more than ever.

Time will tell.

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Still time.. cancel signed contracts.. forget #BBM4ALL and let BBM be only on BlackBerry.. it's IS the only reason people still look pick a BlackBerry.. since BB10, sadly, didn't take off to the start they expected.. blame that on the silly pricing strategy.. let BBM be for BlackBerry..

Don't wanna see BlackBerry follow Nokia

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You are so very wrong! I'm #only BlackBerry but we ( BlackBerry addicted) are left outside alone, for the moment. And that's not a good thing ! Nokia's trip it was exactly in the direction of " BBM it's only for BlackBerry " And this it's the end! No more Nokia...

Actually, I picked a BlackBerry not solely for BBM, but because I don't like to whore-out the information on my phone like some folks on other platforms do when they install apps without the ability to control permissions.

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I can't see how continuing to circle the wagons at this time will help. It's Hail Mary time.

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Maybe some year it will be available on that BlackBerry PlayBook thing also.

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Pretty sure the Android Player with PlayBook OS is too old to even sideload the Android app. If / when released.

Just do what I and many other PlayBook owners are doing... as recommended by many of the MobileNation: move on.

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I'm curious to see how long it takes to get approved -but even more curious to see how long it takes to get pushed to their phones.

I still don't see how this going to help blackberry long term survival.

Personally i just don't want apple and android having BBM

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BlackBerry wants to create value and desire for their service on 3rd party OSes, then they can sell it at a higher quality value pricing. They don't give a sheet about loyalty from their users, and especially their own brand. That's apparent now.

I use a BlackBerry because it makes sense

Because people may not be coming to BlackBerry because of the cross platform simplicity. If BBM is available across.. maybe. Just maybe. It'll open it up to more new users.

Not many are going to be the first to jump to BlackBerry among their circles and HOPE BBM becomes useful later. Now it can be useful immediately..

I hope.

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Yes there is but the funnier/ ridiculous thing is there's no imore, windows phone, or android central app for the bb10 platform.

One of the reasons i refuse to listen to "mobile nations"

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I care about BlackBerry . I don't give a rip about Mobile Nations or Talk Mobile or any of those. Zero interest outside of CB.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

developers said 5 days usually. This is why I don't believe the "chief" who said they submitted it two weeks ago. I believe Apple will respond to this in a day or two to confirm or deny

No reason? I'd give you one, to make it look like it is not their fault if they are not able to beat the "end of summer date" If this was true they'd submit to APP store and Play store at the same time, but as always, blackberry is trying to be smart which is the reason they're where they are right now

Crapple sucks, they're morons. They'll play whatever games they want. I hate crapple. Do you work at crapple? Then I hate you.

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When I'd ptt coming to bbm. I'm not a developer but can't be that hard.

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Will the blackberry cell phones still work if BlackBerry is sold ( and there is no service from your employer)? Looking to plan ahead just in case. This has to be one of the best phones I have ever used and I really do not want to switch even if the company goes belly up.


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Yes, they will still work, in a terrible situation the updates would slowly come to an end. But that even in a takeover situation would take the life of your cell phone contract.

As I commented in the "Excelsior " comments: I think that it would be incredibly stupid and consistently bad marketing for BlackBerry to "wait" for the Apple app store to release BBM cross platform. That leaves Apple in charge of BlackBerry. Crazy! BlackBerry should just put BBM in Google Play, get the rest of the world BBMING, and leave Apple looking like the dinosaur until they also get on board."

Thanks for your response, viobb, although I did read Blaize's News headline and text. The context of my comment about not waiting for the Apple App Store was ref the "Excelsior " podcast remarks on BlackBerry waiting to release BBM across platforms should Apple drag their feet because they don't want to behave nice with the little fish.

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I guess they (aapl) didn't quite succeed to make BBM icon to look like...less BlackBerry ....

"According to a third-party app store tracker, it currently takes Apple four days to review an app. That ostensibly puts BBM for iOS a week and a half behind the average review length...assuming that's all there is to the story." CNET

wtf apple holding this up.

We need those media outlets like the New York Times to publish an article stating BlackBerry has done their part, and now any delay can be attributed to Apple.

But -- of course that won't happen!

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The app runs too securely on iOS that they discovered a security hole in their own software and trying to release an update before BBM exposes it.

If this was 2009 I would be geeked. Sadly won't be much uptake on it. What's App is the messaging app of choice now.

If BBM can be something MUCH better then who knows... - Mobile: Monitor. Manage.

I'm deleting my WhatsApp after I've given my contacts enough time to download BBM on their platforms. Screw them!?

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BlackBerry,on the other hand, has jumped from 2.8% to 4.9%, an increase of 75% in a few weeks .
read this article on seeking alpha at:

BlackBerry,on the other hand, has jumped from 2.8% to 4.9%, an increase of 75% in a few weeks .
read this article on seeking alpha at:

2 weeks is completely ridiculous for the app review process! Most submissions only take a few days!

I guess they're giving BlackBerry special treatment?

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Typical Apple behaviour... re-evaluate an app at the last possible moment... One day, karma will bite Apple somewhere painful :laughing:

Sounds like Google Maps holdup before they released their Maps...
Or Apple is studying BBM and is improving their iMessage as we speak...

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Apple should not have any worries about BBM as they are basically competing against Samsung. And BBM is an app not a phone or OS. So I don't see any reason for Apple to drag their feet.

ChannelX C000D3759 We review channels

I can see them having issues with it. Its superior to their own native offering and it has a bb10 cascades style look and feel to it. Who really knows why it's taken so long though.

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Apple goons better approve it, is all I can say. I have several iPhone friends and I'm going to ask them to download BBM as soon as it's available in iTunes.

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So, what's the status of the Andriod app? Submissions to Google Play are usually available almost immediately (minutes to hours to propogate across servers).

Maybe the idea is to release both on the same day? If the iPhone version is delayed, they could still release the Andriod version and be considered cross platform.

At first I dreaded this cross platform thing, but now, with little to lose and the perception of BlackBerry in desperate need of a full makeover I see part of the brilliance of going cross platform. Take the best feature of BlackBerry, take it right to the phones of the competition and make it work well so it is beyond question which messaging platform is the best. Redeem themselves by showing off a quality product. Those who don't know about BB10 will start to wonder if the quality of the app is also the quality of the phone.

I don't know if it's too late or not, but there's not a lot more harm that can be done. If BBM is popular, and split off from the rest of the company, at least part of the phone I love to use might survive if the rest goes to pot.

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Do you think they developed it to support the new IOS 7? If so the release may be weeks after the September 10th Apple event.

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Maybe apple is doing a full evaluation of the BBM features and want to integrate it into its own messaging app (imessage?).

They can't post an app that directly competes with a home grown app when it is far superior. Apple is updating their messaging app right now and will release before BBM. :)

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It's also only right the integration is fully checked, if it isn't then only BlackBerry lose out as they'd be 'bad mouthed'.

But i guess they're either awaiting to announce it when Android or Samsung do or as people have said, improving their own messaging service. BBM Is way better than What's App. Have you heard the call quality on BBM Voice? Incredible. Makes Skype look dated.

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Can we get back to the original story.

BBM submitted two weeks ago to Apple for approval. I'm guessing Apple doesn't want BlackBerry stealing their thunder when they launch the 5S and the 5C.

What has mighty Apple to fear little old BlackBerry??? Nothing then release BBM

The Carriers , Android and Apple can't have BlackBerry seen to be having any comeback in the US.

There needs to be a Federal investigation regarding suspicious business practices on behalf of Carriers and breaking of competition rules.

Conspiracy???!!!!! Paranoid?????!!!!!


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Don't think they are paranoid or afraid. iMessage comes with almost every Apple device. I might be mistaken but the normal approval times are around 10-14 days at the iStore.

Apple might take this opportunity and spin this to their advantage when the they announce the new phones (September 8th?) just like Samsung. "Cheap iPhone's for emerging Markets plus now you can use BBM as well. "

You know when you're in the park and an obnoxious gnat gets in your face and you kill it? Blackberry is the gnat to Apple. Don't think Apple cares one way or another what happens to Blackberry. Blackberry has set a date of no later than November to have itself sold...then we are all stuck with expensive bricks and game over. Apple is arrogant and won't approve BBM for a soon to be dead company.

why do people are so confused ? what does the hardware, the software and the future of a corporation and their ownership have to do with Apple approving or not the app ? Have you taken a look whats available at the Apple store lately ? there are apps that havent been updated for 4 years. there are apps who crash every other minute. there are apps who wont even download.

I think it will be approved by September 10-14 and at the same time it will be up at google play as well. thats my guess.

as far as being stuck with expensive bricks. my Q10 works like a dream i am very happy with it as is and come 10.2 it will be even better. I dont think i ll need another smartphone for a couple years at least.

''what does the hardware, the software and the future of a corporation and their ownership have to do with Apple approving or not the app ?''

Well...Apple is a greedy company and if my gut is correct, I think they won't approve the BBM app for the reason that by November there will no longer be a Blackberry. Why would Apple flush money down the drain?

That being said I still use my Playbook daily along with my Samsung, but there's 2 issues no one had really addressed here. When Blackberry dies what will happen to the Playbook and BB10 email and app store servers? These are all QNX apps and whoever takes over Blackberry is going to no doubt make them Android. And please don't try and feed me the tired old rhetoric of ''whoever buys Blackberry will keep them QNX''...NO tablet or smartphone maker uses QNX. Thus we have expensive bricks.

I agree as far as the Playbook. That was the worst decision the company ever made and it led to this.
As for the BBM Apple is not flushing any money down. their investment and involvement in this is zero. they actually only have to win with this.

KIlling the Playbook pre-maturely was a huge mistake agreed. From any business angle you look at that decision from its wrong. I was you think Heins did this deliberately to make Blackberry crumble so he could be assured of his $50 million pay day?

Well I really hope Im wrong about Apple BBM. I just know how greedy Apple is. Don't get me wrong, I have a Playbook and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and my wife has an iPad mini and it would be fantastic to have all three of these devices communicate through BBM. Im really looking forward to getting it on my Samsung and hope Apple okays it ASAP.

It might be just me, but the tweet mentioned does not say it was submitted to Apple two weeks ago. It was submitted for review two weeks ago but doesn't specify to where it was submitted.
If indeed it was Apple - why is the Android app not ready? We all know that Google submissions are almost instant.

At another website I read that the second they get approval from Apple, they'll put it on Google Play, so that both are released at the same time (Otherwize we might end up with the classic fights about one company liking android more than iOS)

oh who care's quite complaining its a friggin messaging app! and its gunna be on IOS and Android weather you like it or not! :D come on BBM/Blackberry/IOS/Android get a move on!! i want it on my S3 Mini :D :)

Apple will busy with their event on September 10th. And of course busy with iOS 7. All developers will subscribe their apps for iOS 7, not only BBM. i guess BBM on iPhone wont show up on September.

BBM will finally have a run for its money once it's available on iOS and Android. Only the best apps succeed and if BlackBerry want to, the competition will make sure they don't rest. I say "Go blackberry! Give'm hell!"

If apple refuses to release, or stalls on releasing BBM on iOS. Then fu*k em. Release it on android anyways. Let apple fall behind.

I believe it will be easier to convert DROID users to BlackBerry than it will be to convert apple peeps over.

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I apologize if logical thinking is not permitted here, but all the tweet said is that it was submitted. There is nothing about if its waiting to be authorized, if it was denied, or just sent back to have some changes made. For all anyone knows, it was in violation of an apple police, or they may have even approved it and Blackberry is just waiting for a specific something to happen and then they will allow it out the door.

To grab your pitchforks and torches with such little information seems a little obtuse.

The next ''logical'' step for an application after being submitted is being considered for approval. Trying to obfuscate peoples perception of the application process by hiding behind logic is narcissistic.

I honestly think BlackBerry is playing a game here. First the user guide is leaked then a landing page surfaces and now Kinsella decides to tweet on a friday night. Im sure they did all this to keep the hype going which is definitely working. If he really wanted to give us info, he could've easily said apps were submitted to Google playstore and Apple app store for review and they will be released when they are approved. Simple! I dont think apple is at fault here.

I totally agree with you... I have said it right from the beginning that I do not believe they have submitted this APP. It's been two weeks going three from when he said it was submitted, why not submit it to Google too and see if that would not force apple to approve it fast. That is, if truly the app is in Apple's possession

I agree, apple is not at fault here. Now here's why I think so; iOS 7 have been out for developers after BB started their BBM project. Which BB either continued developing an iOS 6 app or because of the iOS 7 it delayed them. Anywho Alex said that they submitted the app on Friday (lets assume iOS 7), apple next Wednesday (Sep 11) emailed developers to submit their iOS 7 apps :S which makes no sense.