BBM for iPhone updated to v1.0.2.114

By Bla1ze on 23 Oct 2013 10:08 pm EDT

As we noted previously, iOS 7.0.3 cause bugs in BBM for iPhone but BlackBerry was already aware of it and let everyone know an update was coming. Turns out, iOS users didn't have to wait all that long as the update has now gone live on the iTunes App Store. In addition to squashing of some bugs, BlackBerry also added in a few other things as well as noted in the change log.

What's New in Version

  • Contact categories
  • List Sorting and filtering in BBM Groups
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

That's a pretty quick turn around time in my opinion and nice to see BlackBerry was on the ball with this one. In any case, if you're running BBM on your iPhone, go ahead and grab the update using the link below.

Download BBM for iPhone

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BBM for iPhone updated to v1.0.2.114


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Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

Everybody is commenting about the speed... I'm not sure if they are talking about you or the update bro. LOL

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Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

I don't see anything wrong with the first comments. The odds of achieving it are sufficiently difficult that I can understand a person's glee.

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Hot damn! That was fast! I guess when it comes to Apple even BlackBerry bends over backwards.

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C

Or just maybe BlackBerry is changing......BBM launch and 10.2 update release within 2 day spacing.
Things never remain the same forever!! :)

Silly comment! What should they have done with their app that was not working on another OS? Sit on their hands and get more bad press? It seems with some of you guys that BBRY can't win under any circumstances. Sheesh!

Really, I'm being silly? First of all, I don't get off on BBRY looking bad in the press, but let's be honest with ourselves. They don't exactly do a lot to keep current users happy either. Just take a look at your Facebook notifications from the hub. With the latest "so-called" update it broke the ability to view pictures from the Hub. How many days since that update was released? I don't know, but it's still broken. Silly comment huh? Ok.

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C

Hey anyone else having new issue, my contacts will not display. I hit the button and the app closes, I have all updates for iOS and BBM. I'm using an iPhone 4. Sucks that one issue is fixed but new one is found...

Same issue here. Now it just freezes and I don't see any contacts or groups. Great stuff.

They move fast for Apple, but dick around for the users who actually own their products...

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/Initiate removal of foot from mouth/

Hehe, Though you can understand why BlackBerry is going out of their way to make sure that BBM is doing well.

Has anybody noticed the difference in version numbers between iOS and Android? vs

You think BlackBerry is aiming directly at the US market there(where I'm told there is a large base of iOS users)?

10.2 is out dude. Only your carrier is to blame at this point.

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Cross platform BBM is BlackBerry's no fail mission. They crawled out of a hole when the original launch was botched, now they have to try and stay out.

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perfect!! I just finished telling my girlfriend that it may cause some issues so look out for the update.... 10 min later this was posted hahah good work BlackBerry!

Excellent BlackBerry team. This is exactly what it takes to regain the greatness of your heritage. Keep moving and let's get those employees back. Just do it!

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They even added some features nice. I hope they continue to update both Android and iPhone Apps. The Android is good but through heavy use it definitely was having issues with the r and d.

All in all its butter and very good for a first release. If they can manage to get screen share and video sooner rather than later then I see them blowing past whatsapp kik and even Skype in no time.

This kind of quick response will get noticed. These are not signs of a company in decline but of a dynamic one on the move.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

They are issuing updates quick. This BBM4ALL must be a top priority.

Posted via CB10 using the best keyboard ever, the Q10!

When you're doing something that applies to the world, it becomes a priority, cause you're not just delivering for your platform alone

From Zuri my Z10.

Wow, I actually feel like BlackBerry is making moves... quick too!! About time, I'm proud to own a BlackBerry.

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They need to fix screen shots because screen shots between these two devices in bbm look awful other than that, Thumbs up!

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Great job on the turnaround time but horrible job on the actual update itself. After the update it still asks me to register for the "lineup" for bbm. Small annoyance really since it immediately lets me sign in right after. The major issue is that the app now IMMEDIATELY crashes the moment I click on the "contacts" tab and even though I had the feature turned on, it didn't save my chat history or settings.

We know you're a fanboy, but don't go overboard. Theres nothing wrong with people expressing frustration when an app is crashing, especially if it's after an update that was supposed to fix bugs!

Lol, fanboy? Not. To the contrary, I'm just a realist. Just curious to know what your Performance Evaluation Reports are like at work. It's always easier said than done.
By the way is this the appropriate venue to report the problems or issues you are encountering?
Keep moving!

"Just curious to know what your Performance Evaluation Reports are like at work. It's always easier said than done."

??? What's easier said than done?

"By the way is this the appropriate venue to report the problems or issues you are encountering?"

Reporting BB problems in a BB user forum, why not?

Were you expecting perfection with the cross platform launch? Unfortunately some people may experience crashes or other sorts of bugs, hence companies have Customers Service and Technical Support departments to help resolve these issues. If I was having crashes I would first contact those departments.
Product release of this scale is not a walk in the park. Glitches or some bugs is not unusual.
Like I said before it is a free app and we all know that it's in BlackBerry's interest to resolve issues quickly.
Are people on this forum going to wave the magic wand to fix the "crashes"?

"Were you expecting perfection with the cross platform launch?"

This is not the Platform Launch we're talking about, this was an update to fix bugs from the Launch, apparently the fix/update has caused new bugs.

" Unfortunately some people may experience crashes or other sorts of bugs, hence companies have Customers Service and Technical Support departments to help resolve these issues. If I was having crashes I would first contact those departments."

All you have to do is scan the forums to see that most people look for answers here first, before trying to contact BB, isn't that one of the purposes of the site?

"Product release of this scale is not a walk in the park. Glitches or some bugs is not unusual."

It is unusual for a fix to cause new glitch's, that is what the complaints were about.

"Like I said before it is a free app and we all know that it's in BlackBerry's interest to resolve issues quickly.
Are people on this forum going to wave the magic wand to fix the "crashes"?"

What is the purpose of this site? All those people posting their problems and looking for help/answers, should they all be calling BB first?
Isn't this the place to share your opinions, problems, solutions, praise, complaints, etc. relating to BB?

Shocked at the speed of this update. Glad it was an easy fix. Now let's hope the update for channels and video chat come just as fast.

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OK, is there a lot of people having issues with contacts or just a select few like myself? BBM crashes when clicking contacts and settings are not saved. If you force close BBM, sometimes it does not recognize your BB ID and pictures, other times it does (except for contacts). Very frustrating.

Hmm...I'm not an iPhone user but it seems weird that the iOS version has more issues than the Android version. But, I also wonder if this issue affects every iOS user or only a few? But, I still hope that BlackBerry really does a great job of listening to customer feedback and pushing out quick updates to both iOS and Android versions of BBM. I think that cross platform BBM is a critical mission that they can't afford to fail.

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Ummmm... so when will bbm for android get Contact Categories? Unless its there and I can't see it. Why wasn't this included from day 1, why is there now a difference between bbm on IOS and Android? sigh

Great job on quickly releasing a fix. Add larger file transfers, bbm voicecalling, screen sharing + video and strut around with your head up high Blackberry Team. Move quick to stay ahead of the comptition.

Good for iPhone users, will have to tell my siblings and cousins on ios to update before they start bugging with issues like I work for BlackBerry limited lol

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Everyone should exercise patience; all the bugs will fixed eventually. The app is not costing anybody anything.

Way to be on top of things BlackBerry! This is what I like to see! They finally have some positive going for them so their morale must be up. Keep it up!

The app crashes on iphone 5s when 1 tries to view contacts. After the new update.
Berry pls solve it asap

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Why all post of leaked OS android runtime appears "error" Database error
The BlackBerry Forums at database has encountered a problem.

Contact sorting is there on BB10. When adding a contact you can select which category to put it in, or long press on an existing one and select "Move Contact". Pull down on the contact list to show filtering options.

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Good job BlackBerry team. For that I've deleted wp and Skype off my z10.

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Thanks to this guy now everyone will be gunning for the first spot on the next post. Shit I'm gunning for it

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Wait, what? Wasn't everybody here convinced that apple will take months and years to approve this update, since they deliberately removed the fonts, just to make BBM unusable and screw BB fans the world over???

BBM needs a better invite routine based on email in contacts. This could initiate a sign up sequence that could rapidly enroll new BBM user? WhatsApp is easier this way?

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If it helps you can click the overflow button (the 3 dot button) and click Start Chat, this will bring up your contact list. Hopefully we get an update that doesn't break anything.

BBM crashed on me when I tried to use the same user id on my iPad and Z10. Wasn't aware you could only use BBM on one device @ a time

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Would be awesome if I could use BBM on iOS instead of waiting... Why is there the email system in place to be able to use BBM?

Somethings still not right here. BBM for iOS crashes on me on 7.0.3 after the new update to

Old issue resolved, however, a new one surfaces.....BBM app crashes the moment the screen is toggled to the contact list/icon!!!!

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Still crashing when opening contacts tab on iphone 5 after update, but works fine on other iphone model, need a fix again ! Come on bbm dev team, you guys are smart, why keep making problems like this.

Funny how quick they addressed issues on BBM from another phone and ignored the ones that have been around for months on their native platform

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After upgrading to ios 7.0.3 and BBM to, when i try to open contacts from bottom its keep crashing can't see any contacts even.

It works even worse for me! Crashes when I'm trying to access contacts :/ oooooj bb is dropping the ball big time!!!!

In my experience, it takes minimum a week to be approved in iTunes app store. So they were aware of the problem and submitted a new version over a week ago.

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I'm not sure how they're going about testing but clicking "Contacts" and the app crashing is a pretty bit thing to overlook. All in fair time though.

This is great to see. However my one complaint as well as many I am getting from non-blackberry fans of mine is the message window is fairly small. Blackberry has the overflow button (Three Dots), send button which is a repeat of the send button on the keyboard, attachment which is in the overflow button, and then a add contact i assume to message. If blackberry would eliminate these buttons and just add them to the overflow button, we will get more real estate in the reading window and I am sure more people will appreciate that.

That's awesome. Hadn't seen BlackBerry move as fast ever before! Now keep it that way this week has been great!

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My new BBM fiewnd was putted back on the line after receive her new pin. Just like that. Just like she was just registering for the first time now. But, I was chatting with her normally for two days. Anyone facing the same? She has an iPhone.

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diogoteixeira87 - Yes, I faced the same issue! So, I used my dad's email id with which he activated .. after punching email id, I put my old BB id and it worked! its a workaround

I just read read somewhere here that they are having contact issue on a 3Gs. I didn't think anyone still owns that. I thought apple peeps have at least the 4. Well I hope his/her problem gets resolved.

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Hi, I have a question. why do the pictures in bbm for blackberry 10 and. Bbm for Android are very blurry

Fixed a few issues but not all.. Anyone else having a problem with BBM crashing when someone send you a picture?

This fixed the delay in my z10 originated messages to iPhone 5. Also fixed D & R confirmations. I got my z10 last week, it's growing on me, but I was very disappointed with the aforementioned issue in the ios BBM, glad BlackBerry is patching things up so quickly, but my own experience with the first release of ios bbm was pretty terrible. I hope android version was not plagued by same issue.

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2 iPhone users both getting crashing on opening "contacts". I am reluctant to ask them about s/w status as they aren't tech savvy. However I see this is reported on this thread even with the 1.0.2 iPhone bbm "fix". Any advice/insights? TIA