Hands on with BBM for iPhone

By Adam Zeis on 21 Sep 2013 03:22 pm EDT

While we anxiously await the arrival of BBM for Android, the iPhone version has been making its way to various regions already. iPhone users are seeing the app arrive at 12am local time (aka midnight wherever they are) Android users are somewhat patiently waiting for their own version to show up in Google Play. 

Richard was able to get BBM up and running on his iPhone so he took a few minutes to give us a quick run through of all the BBM iPhone goodness. 

It looks just as you'd expect and mirrors the current version of BBM on BlackBerry. BBM includes chat, groups, file sharing and various settings to play around with. If you haven't had a chance to get it for yourself, give the video a watch and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Hands on with BBM for iPhone


You can all get bbm on iPhone now, just change your app store region to new Zealand in settings. I'm up and running on the iPhone

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

Nice! Wife went to the store and took her phone with her. It's getting installed sooner than she thinks thanks to you.

you'd have to delete all that and change to "none" then put the info back after you change the region back to US/Canada when you're done.

It did not work for me
I created an id and when I try to download it
It prompts me saying its not available in Newzeland
I created another one staring aus as the region
And when I try to download it says it's only available
In Newzeland store tap to change location
And when i do that it loops me back to error #1

no love for the ipod touch or iphone 4/4s? this app can never beat whatsapp as the latter can be installed on any iphone or ipod touch. i was disappointed because I can't make my ipod to be my backup. my ipod is commected 24/7 and how come it's not possible to bring this app to other ios devices. apple must thank bb for this. bbm can be a good reason to buy iphone 5/5s.

I tried to get it on mt itouch from the new Zealand store but it said it's not available for my device :(

AT&T Z10

it's available for iphone 4 man! my sister in law installed it in her iphone 4 last night. and no reason it's not available for iphone 4s.

it's not available for my ipod touch 4G though..

could i borrow you apple id and password so i can install it on my sister iphone i log out afterwards please, i tried the new zealand thing but it dont work

Go into Settings
Scroll to iTunes & App Store
Click on your Apple ID and hit ‘View Apple ID’
Here you will want to change your region to New Zealand
Once you hit the billing section, select ‘none’ for the credit card
Accept the terms of service and hit done
Search for ‘BlackBerry’ and then click on the developer to see app list
Select BBM and install!

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

I did this and it does work. Issues are my wife can send to my BlackBerry but I can not send to her iPhone. Don't know why. But it worked.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

BlackBerry users can not send msgs to iphone and android users if they are using the newest beta of BBM channels. You have to downgrade in order to send msgs to iphone and android.

Suks I know..

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 - OS

Guys I don't even know how to downgrade..freaking pissed as I am using channels beta too

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 - OS

How do we extract the bar from a latest leak? I'm on a leak but have beta channels. Willing to give it up for a short time to test out this ios and droid interaction.

Posted via CB10

You will have to use Darcy's tools to extract the app from the latest leak you downloaded then sideload with chrome, etc...

Seems you need to update your payment info as well to have a matching New Zealand address etc...

Hi hi hi, Apple way.
But I can't make that trick because Apple request me to spent all the remaining amount. Otherwise by changing my country it will just clear it up. :(
...well again Apple way

Posted via CB10

The funny thing is not one of the mac blogs cares(Apple Insider, Macwold, etc). No one but Crackberry cares.

Posted via CB10

one thing ive noticed is that i dont see a R sign on my iphone 5 just a D for delivered but no R for read.. weird

Thanks Adam..Finally a different article which makes me feel much better :-)...Thanks Apple for sticking to the deadlines on releasing the app on time!

Can you please test communication with a Z10 running the beta BBM with channels? I can't seem to send BBM messages to my friends on iOS or Android...

Posted via CB10

I would like to know this also. Have channels now with leaked 10.2. 0.1521. Any fixes?

Posted via CB10

Apparently there are issues I can't send messages with my z10 on my iPhone 5 BBM. I'm gonna take a nap and maybe try checking in the morning..btw deleting and reinstalling BBM on IPhone changes your pin everytime.. so be careful.. well good luck ppl.. and yes cheers ifanboys best of both worlds

Posted via CB10

Same here with Android Version. It's because you have BlackBerry channels.

Posted via Z35

Why would it change your pin when it's tied to your bbid? It didn't change my pin on my android after installing and uninstalled various leaks.

Your spewing bad info Imo.

The apps should follow the design and navigation principles of iphone and android respectively. It reminds me of when Whatsapp came as an Android port. it was not intuitive if your not a Android user. I am glad to be able to talk to iphone and Android users though.

Not for all applications. Facebook generally looks the same way on all platforms. Doesn't change to the specific OS, except where critical to operation.

Posted via CB10

Messages can be received on BlackBerry 10 but can't be sent to iOS... anyone else seeing this?
I'm on the latest leaked 10.2 on Z10...

Posted via CB10

Same with Android Version, don't know why but some ppl say it's because 10.2 leak or so

Posted via Z35

Just as I said when BBM announced going cross-platform ... It was a sell out that would help bring Blackberry down. Looks like I was right. With all the push the iPhone posts you guys make. Maybe you should change the name to CrackiPhone?

Most people I know have iPhones, but i'm still glad I didn't tell them this was coming. The Adroid debacle is just terrible for BBM. The worst thing is it isn't the delay, hey there are technical glitches, it is ONCE AGAIN Blackberry's SILENCE in the face of bad news. JUST SAY SOMETHING! it's so basic every business should know this by now.

Well Apple is up and running. Must be BlackBerry's fault.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Trying to get this for the wifey. Changed the store to New Zealand and credit card to none but getting invalid postcode in red.

Anyone else having this issue?

Posted via CB10

I can't send only receive. I'm running bbm with channels in thé beta zone. Any suggestions?

Posted via CB10

Keep the region on New Zealand until it's available here. My buddy did this, switched back to Canada and stopped receiving messages. Switched back to New Zealand and working again. That's on his iPhone 5

Posted via CB10

Not able to send messages from bbm on z10 to bbm on iPhone 5.. although able to send invites. Messages from iPhone are coming in, but not going out.. any idea

Posted via CB10

If you're running bbm from the beta programme which includes bbm channels then it won't work
You'll have to downgrade your bbm

Posted via CB10

If that's really all there is to it, I'm sure lots of folks will download, but not sure how many iOS and Droid users will drop Google Hangouts for this... GH already has video and Google Circles... Guess we'll see what happens...

That runs counter to the intention of the app: cross platform access to a service BBRY considers one of their jewels. Why release the app at all, if you're right?

What did iphone give us? Nothing but grief. Fuck them

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Sure, bub. What does that do? It only cuts off BBRY from other platforms, and creating an insentive for people to buy BB10 based handsets. Think before you post.

"• No BBM Voice, Video, or Channels
• No iPad version"

Wasn't this already common knowledge???

Does bbm for iPhone and Android have categories? And ability to select to all contacts for a bc?

Posted via CB10

I'm not able to send msg Wid my q10 to ios bbm. But I'm able receive msgs and frnd request. What should I do?

Posted via CB10

I cannot send messages from my BB9900 to an iphone 4 running BBM. not sure why it's not working. (it works from iphone to BB9000 though)

Could it have anything to do with running a beta version on the bb9900?

-- NEVERMIND... i read the comments above.

What do the Crackberry experts have to say about all of these glitches?
What are you here for if you cannot answer these questions after having used the beta versions of these apps for a while?

Hey.....you want to run leaked versions.....tread with care!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Maybe you should improve your reading comprehension. It was the CrackBerry people who were testing the app with iPhones last week.

Tell the App Store you want to download iPhone apps. It's an easy selection, but different on iOS 6 and 7. You'll see the option. Keep looking.

I'm surprised that apps have to be modified to get the new keyboard.
If the new keyboard has features that use additional data from an app, that's fine.
But the new keyboard should be everywhere... if an app doesn't provide the additional data, the new keyboard features won't be available, but it should be the new keyboard.

Is this sort of garbage common in ios?

Same to me. Can't send or receive invitation . I'm running BlackBerry beta zone channel. What happens to it

Posted via CB10

hello, i was wondering this. i have downloaded bbm on my iphone 5, running an ios 7. yet it doesnt work for some reason. i have my 3g on and my wifi connected, but it shows "no internet connection". what should i do?

Surprised that Apple put it through when they said they would. Awesome! :-)

Sent from my sexy white hot Z10 in Sin City ;-)

EPIC FAIL launch a iOS 7 app with iOS 6 LayOut IU, They don't know what they are doing.
Time to close the company.

It was sent for approval over 2 weeks ago before iOS7 came out. Maybe it will be updated in two weeks.

Just released io7 you idiot

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I believe they released to work in iOS 6 and up. Maybe they haven't figured out how to switch keyboards.

Posted via CB10

The BBM app was contracted out to a different company to build. I won't name which company but they build apps for all platforms.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. The rest of the world agrees with you-- they were all lined up outside of Blackberry stores and major phone retailers for the Z10. Wait . . . that was the iPhone 5S.

If you think Android owners are somewhat patiently waiting Adam, you haven't read through the comments.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10

Ok. What u just said May as we'll been in Chinese. Haha I don't do leaks or side load app. Wouldn't know how to do this at all

I downloaded the beta zone from bb world. That's about the extent of my capabilities . There has to be an easier way to delete bbm channels . I do not do any fancy high tech wizardry .i can turn my phone off and on..that's about all I know how to do,so when someone says extract files from leaks then sidleoad with chrome,you may as we'll tell me to perform brain surgery. Haha. But at least I would know where the brain is

I have a BB Curve, I see lots of reference to BB 10 OS, which mine doesn't have. Will I be able to send BBMs to iPh's & Droids? Or will that just be doable from newer Blackberry phones?

I tried from my iPhone using new Zealand setting can't find it. Doesn't come out under blackberry or blackberry limited

Posted via CB10

What is wrong with the BBM for iPhone? I have just downloaded it using "New Zealand work around" method. Now when I entered it says no internet connection while my wifi is active and running swiftly. In addition, I just checked now... it loads another page and says that it is under maintenance. :( Disappointed.

Same here I have the same issue it got started once than just going blackberry page when I start the app pls help

After watching that iphone in action I am very appreciative of my z10.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

They make get BBM but you can see they don't get the integration or the flow of BB10. It is almost criminal that android and ios users will never get to use BB10, and we BlackBerry users may lose this platform. Going to be very hard to go way back in time.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I'm not using any BBM beta.. but I cannot send BBM msgs to an iPhone user.. what seems to be the problem?? BBM msg from iPhone to IPhone works fine..

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Tried using my 9900 and send BBM msg to an iPhone user.. still failed. Cannot send BBM msg from BlackBerry to iPhone.. what a Cross-Platform!??

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Can some iPhone BBM user send me their contact information and I will try with my standard OS Z10?

I can't bbm ppl on running the android bbm =( their messages are reaching me, but kine aren't sending to them =( help!

Posted via CB10

"Android users are somewhat patiently waiting for their own version"
Or not. Those droids are an angry bunch of bastards... just sayin.

Serves them right for having an open and fragmented system. Pile of kids having a hayday with the Google store...glad I own a BlackBerry

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Those Android users have it tough with their fragmented operating system that has a larger user base than Blackberry with their 50 different phones with BB7 all running different versions of 7 and the tiny fraction of users using many splintered versions of BB10 . . .

I guess that terrible Android operating system is causing them to leave their platform for the much better Blackberry platform. Oh wait, this is reality.

And you know this how? And if so just goes to show how many are trying to get BBM. Everyone should just slow down and wait. People are trying to use beta versions, leaked OS, tricking their phones like they live in New Zealand and then complain BlackBerry FAIL. Idiots I tell ya! I stick to the program. BlackBerry

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Just installed on iOS7. Works perfectly. I am able to send myself BBMs between iOS7 and my Z10. And sent a couple of files. Works like a charm. A couple of comments:
- I got the maintenance page several times so try again. It eventually works.
- for those who still cannot send BBMs to others it could be the regional activation still rolling out
- only issue I have is that profile pictures are not showing, but I guess this is due to servers being busy.

Posted via CB10

Im in Thailand.. I changed my iphone settings to nz n downloaded bbm but in the app.. it shows a webpage saying.. scheduled maintenance.. apologise for inconvenience.. lol.. what the hell!!

No fix yet.. will just wait.. Everyone has been on ios6 for so long.. now ios7 has just come out n ppl want every app to be ios7 rightaway.. 4 days back ios6 was okay.. no its a problem for u guys.. hehe

Frankly, who cares for this review on BB site? Should the mobile nations not be hyping this on imore and android central? Don't get me wrong , i don't mind but i went looking at the sister sites and nothing. Silence!

To all iPhone users. Apple has just released like ten million updates at once. Their servers are overloaded. Even their own products are failing due to these updates. So, if you have any issues, just be patient, at least the iPhone does have BBM, even before Google, that is saying something.

Posted via CB10

I agree. Everyone is trying to get BBM at once. Be patient. By tomorrow this will be all up and running

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

So annoying that people insist on posting the exact same thing as the person above you. Honestly take a few moments to read other comments and you will see your answers repeatedly.
And yes let's make it look like iOS7 so all the user's on iOS6 have something to complain about because they were left out, I mean it's not like there are more users on the latter, or anything logical like that.
Oh not to forget that somehow now BlackBerry is in control of the mighty Google Playstore. Seriously people? No but honestly, Seriously? How do you even justify such ridiculous thoughts to yourself?

On a side note if the servers really are crashing left and right, could be a very good indication for the high demand being shown for the app

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

If they gave all the features many would jump ship I agree with the limited features.

Posted via CB10

i believe it's our job (as CB nation) to enlighten those to the wonders of BB10 and this is a tactic to promote the "flow" function of the OS and when they talk to people using BB10 they can find out about all these features they could have if say... they upgraded from their i5 to a Z30. long shot i know but it's a reason.

If this thing ain't working "right" on iPhone - oh madone - are you going to hear about it from "iTard Nation" on Monday. CNBC Will be bashing BlackBerry all day on this and the drop in price of BlackBerry stock, due to the Executive Pukes running this company.

Frank Boulben and Thorsten Heins Must Go....

Posted via CB10

Reading these posts has been entertaining... thanks! Think I'll go make some popcorn & keep reading.

Is anyone having the problem I am? Used the workaround to download bbm for iphone, the icon is appearing, but when I click on the bbm app it takes me their website and says they are conducting maintenance!!!!

Posted from my Q10 on the West Coast

Yes gunner.. im having the same problem.. tried 10 times.. not working.. I give up.. will check it tomo.. all my frnds n family have iphones n samsungs.. even if it works now.. its not that all r gonna be on bbm anyways..

Same here. Getting that maintenance page for the last 1 hour. Downloaded from App store after it was officially available. Disappointed.

Don't listen to this cowboys with Indonesia and NZ nonsense! It does not work. Can't beleive that some people are full of ^$%^&^%. Wait for official app tonite after midnight and download. There is a reason for such that.

Running latest 10.2 leak, I am able to receive invitations and messages from iPhone 4S user but I am not able to send, I do not have any beta channels installed either. It seems it's affecting those who have downloaded BBM using the New Zealand method, hey don't complain it's not working if you haven't got the official version for your countries one. I am also sure BlackBerry have said that voice calls and video calls will come in future updates. For the iOS 6 interface (whatever that is) I'm sure BlackBerry will have it updated to iOS 7 soon.

Posted via CB10

Total Chaos..what can I say.

BlackBerry's one time to shine amongst the doom and bloom and this.

Hopefully all systems are go by tomorrow.

Posted via CB10

Well, this app is dead on arrival. As the video reviewer noted, this is BBM in its purest form, i.e. they stripped out video chatting and almost every other feature other than messaging and sending photos. I am sure all Android and iOS users are going to drop Google Hangouts, an app that does far more than this, and flock to a half baked BBM.

Looks like the BBM team only half completed the product to keep themselves from getting a pink slip like the rest of the Blackberry workforce.

maybe they're waiting to see (as if they haven't seen already via the leak) how many downloads they'll get and how much traffic they're gonna be dealing with before adding updates to the app containing the features that we have. Since they're making BBM it's own entity, I'm sure they won't stop at just the half baked product like you said. They want BBM to be more like KIK, Kakao, Line and well the only thing that's really helping BBM is BBM Channels, although Line has something similar like a social hub. I just like BBM Channels better, call me bias.

Never could understand why people don't wait for the official version, they wine and cry that things don't work. And people are actually mad that they can't get it to work yet they say they and others don't even want BBM. I know how to get BBM. I buy the right phone!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Looking at the demo, seriously not convinced that it will be able to attract other users (apart from the rest of us here) to adopt this as the main messaging platform. It is pretty much a 'watered down' version compared to BB10. No wonder the company is in its current state as it has always fail to understand consumers needs.

Great to see the Cascades UI being retained. It would have been a great marketing tool, but after all the senior level incompetence, it will be a hard sell.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I am using nothing but the official version of iphone BBM, but it is not working ok? it cannot add contact and my blackberry can receive invites but just cannot add or nothing...Those dumb loyalist please STOP blindly support Blackberry n keep saying they are not wrong n etc, this company is sinking ship, what else to prove they got serious problem included when comes to their own product.

They spent like months or year to make this BBM for iphone or android but both seem not working or not even show up as expect, you people still want to talk what kind of good word here? it is people like you all that further sinking blackberry and make this company always think they are right, but actually you all are going down together.

it is NOT working.

BB should have made it more like an iphone app and less like BB10. My guess is most iphone users aren't going to like it.

People who are having problem sending text,
here's the solution. Downlgrade your bbm
you wont get any official app of bbm for os 10,
beta versions is the testing version of apps
so download the bbm file from here http://ge.tt/46CPVgs/v/0?c
you should have ddpb to install, switch on your delevlopment mode
scan, connect, add the downloaded file,click on install, works perfect.
open up your device open bbm, it will set up and there you see the bbm that came with your device.
works perfectly. Sent msgs to iphone and android users =D :P

Please add my BBM Channel for "Men's Fashion & Lifestyle" C001214D9

Proud support of BlackBerry (Q10/Z10/PlayBook 16 & 64GB)

Downloaded and installed BBM onto my iPhone 4 at 12:04 AM here in the Philippines. Got up to the sign in page, but then it directed me to the Blackberry site with a message about server problems. The good news is that it started working around 9:30 AM Philippine time. I've sent and received some test messages from BBM contacts on BBOS already. However the app seems to have been pulled from the App Store. Just checked, no BBM as of 2:30 PM here.

Guys, no need to change any settings. Just search for "BBM for iPhone" from you Safari and it will direct you to an iTunes link to download it directly. It is not yet listed on the App Store we speak.

Using Mercedes logo on a bicycle doesn't get status of mercedes! Similarly, using BBM on android and iPhone doesn't get the status of BBM!
No one can match our Blackberry!

All this fuss over a FREE app. Yes, it may not be a smooth start, but this happens with tech roll outs. BlackBerry seems to be under some spaceage telescope at the moment. Every move is magnified to the max. For a company that supposedly has no followers, this surprises me. People obviously still love BlackBerry. If they didn't, they would not be whining over a FREE app and move on with their day. It will be interesting to see what really happened here? Could it be a disgruntled employee? Could it be someone at Google or Apple screwing with bb? Who knows? Makes for an interesting read and headline. Sure, BlackBerry doesn't need this right now, but at least it keeps them in the news. I know, that sounds strange, but it works sometimes.

Posted via CB10

Managed to get it installed on my old iPhone 4. Cannot invite contacts who are BlackBerry users, but managed to invite fellow BBM on iOS users. Looks and feels just like the one I have on my Z10.

I dont understand all the hating on BBM? Don't get me wrong there is a reason you bought any Blackberry products... if you dont like it you should have researched it more... I bought the Z10 cause i like opportunities it gave me for work... but i do have issues when it comes to apps... i only care About ESPN and sports... Unfortunately there is no support behind BB10 and I wish there was... If someone knows how to get ESPN Fantasy football on BB10.2.0.1725 leak I would be back to happiness...

i have done the whole newzealand thing, but i still cant find bbm in the apple store. i have an ipod 4th gen and HTC Wildfire will bbm work on either of them?