BBM for iOS gets updated - Tell your friends!

By James Richardson on 12 Aug 2014 05:37 am EDT

Just a quick heads up for you BlackBerry users that have buddies using iPhones, iPads or iPods. You can spread the word to them that BBM for iOS has received a rather nice update bringing a host of new improvements. There's still no video chat available which is a shame, but good things come to those who wait. I just hope that wait isn't too long.

With BlackBerry Messenger recently also hitting Windows Phone it means the community is still growing - with the top four operating systems all now having access to the best instant messaging client available.

New in version

  • Add new contacts to BBM by PIN, email, SMS, and barcode

  • Review and accept invites from other BBM users

  • Find friends using BBM

  • Invite address book contacts to download BBM

  • Display your barcode and scan barcodes all in one screen

What, your iPhone friends don't use BBM? Get them to download it right now. You know it makes sense. Send them the following link:

More information/Download BBM for iOS

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BBM for iOS gets updated - Tell your friends!


Adding user email? Is this really mean that or using that feature it will only send email out with your pin?


I don't know anyone on iOS that uses BBM....and until.they get video chat - probably never will.

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I've had zero luck moving anyone from ios to bbm :(. Android users have been much easier.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Part of the problem is that BBM on iOS is buggy :(

I've talked a few iOS users into trying BBM, they all uninstalled it :(

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That's the main reason I still use bbm on a bb10 device. It was promised for ios and android over a year ago. I expect an announcement in the near future that they can't do it similar to not being able to do bb10 on PlayBook announcement.

It's also very hard switching between devices with server errors trying to login. Would be nice to be able to have bbid account linked to multiple devices, maybe have the option for only one device active to avoid conversations appearing in more than one place. Shouldn't be a full logoff and login to bbid just to check a bbm message on a 2nd or 3rd device.

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Doesn't even matter anymore. BlackBerry lost their opportunity. Even I dont use bbm anymore.

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I REALLY want to see this feature come to Android ASAP!

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What about BlackBerry Playbook users who have waited!!!!! Cobwebs are growing all over them now :(

Imagine that! A BlackBerry product without BBM????

+ 1000. I so wish they could have at least let us use the Android 2.3 port of BBM on the PlayBook. Sadly it just crashes. Believe me I tried.

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At FIRST I thought it was a major update for us Blackbbery users :(

To be honest. When BBM came out for iOS, there were some problems with the registration to the get the app. Second, the experience was not that good. So my friends deinstalled the app :(

I guess the BBM for iOS is now top notch. But it is too late for them. They are all the stupid whatsapp.

We know the idiots who try to spin and try to show momma that they are first on CrackBerry....Stomps01,FistMaster et al. It's damn childish

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well considering he capitalized first (an indication he was trying to be the first to comment) and failed at that, yes it is off limits....

Why not give it a rest, did you guys notice how peaceful CB was for almost a week??? No one was trying to be stupid and say first or make mention of being the first poster!!! That's how it should be.

Now run along child, run along

I think quicksilver likes all these first postings, after all its the only reason your known. Without them obscurity bekons.

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Same with all my ios friends. For some reason I feel like BlackBerry left it at that and are loosing more bbm users than what they gain. It's such a shame.

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Back to the training room, no FIRSTmaster here... :-)
Try harder next time...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

They can't even get it to work stable on BlackBerry, why would they release it on ios and Android.

I love bbm video but when it has problems connecting to pple like my mom or dad all the time they just use Skype.

We all know how SH!T Skype is but at least the video always works.

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Really the quality and reliability of my BBM video is better than Skype. Hands down! There might be a QoS issue affecting you.

Probably you have different problems because my experience with BBM video has been much better than with Skype and I have been calling my family and friends in South America, Australia and Europe.

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Thanks for the info will tell my mom to update

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Except the "display barcode and scan barcode in one screen", what is so new about the other features reported as new?

Much more important, did the notification mess get fixed? Did some of the other long term iOS BBM bugs get fixed?

I'll ask my contacts to switch over to BBM only when they implement a new UI to ios and android versions. Many of them did switch in the beginning but soon deleted it since the app was very buggy.

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They really need to work on native UI for each platform. And there should be a lite version of BBM for older Androids and iPhones maybe

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Slow implementation of BBM to BlackBerry 10 standard will damage the recovery.

Has BlackBerry learnt anything in the past decade?

... obviously not!!!

Drip feeding updates cost more than they think? Money, jobs and reputations.

BBM video...sooner than later!!! Or it will already be too late.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

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It's already too late. The bbm die hards that left BlackBerry have now gotten their bbm fix on ios and Android and realized how sh!t it was. They all deleted it and moved on.

80 million bbm subscribers but how many stayed? How many are active?

Sorry to be so negative today but BlackBerry pisses me off sometimes.

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I think there are 150 million subscriptions to BBM and 85 million users that are active

Posted via the awesome power of BlackBerry 10 on one of my lovely devices probably my brand new Z30 or my great Q10 or my beautiful Z10

Shouldn't that update fix that to a degree?

How's the experience now? I got nobody on iOS...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

When BBM landed on iOS I told both my daughters to install it asap on their iPhone 4S. Unfortunately, it appeared to be buggy, an notications were indeed quite unreliable. So they went back to Whatsapp, like so many others iPhone users... BMM needs to launch cross platform video chat very, very soon, that will be the only way to gain traction again.

No video no chance. Whatsapp works just fine and everybody is on it. Then facetime and skype are solid. What’s the differentiator? BBM is nice but needs to step it up.

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They REALLY need to allow iOS BBM notifications to be customizable and/or at the very least make the standard notification sound louder.
My wife still prefers BBM but many/most of the time she can't hear the notification sound when I BBM her. So I end up texting her anyway...

-via CB10 w/ Q10

All of my friends and family who downloaded BBM for Android and iPhone have since stopped using it. This includes ex and current Blackberry users (the ones still with Blackberry devices are changing as soon as they can). So by launching an app that was buggy and full of issues has done nothing for the brand. A total shambles.

Yah...When they dont provide all features, atleast why dont they provide stability??
I had been shouting on my throat high to al my contacts to use BBM and when they used it, crap....they shouted back to me... its sad, when BlackBerry does this...
Please...bring a stable BBM for all 1st and soon...and later add video...
Many of my friends in all boats, windows, android and ios get their message at many times only when they open the app...why doesnt bbm work like whatsapp, runs in background and delivers message all time??
Please BlackBerry...Get a good best version of bbm for every boats, and we BlackBerry boys will get them jump to it...

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I want tell my friends first that they should get a BlackBerry device for BBM. But I have nothing to show off, they all like fulltouch flagship devices also.
They are not much interested in smartphones with some year old hardware (z10/z30)
RedBerry Z10 Hybrid #00167 OS

I would suggest 1st give the best in whatever they are giving...den move to single reason is enough for people to delete it...and say bad about it...when their voice call is bad still, how do you expect video to be good?

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It's funny reading the user experience being posted. Although I agree with most points, that BBM for iOS and Android have no were near the fluidity it does on BlackBerry. I still have most of my friends using it.

I don't use WhatsApp and I don't know one person in my inner circle that does. It’s pretty much BBM or texting.

What I'd really love to be able to do within BB10, is put my text messaging contacts into BBM and have the app manage thoughs messages like BBOS does. I miss that feature.

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

Perhaps a Canadian phenomenon?

I've been working in Israel this summer - it's SMS and Whatsapp. I've gotten people to use BBM, but only with me. I'm from the U.S - it's SMS and Whatsapp. I'm in a program with a lot of internationals - Whatsapp.

Questioned many times why I don't just use Whatsapp. Don't really have a great response. Voice call over multiple platforms is one (they're mildly interested). Boast cross-platform video chat coming in the future and they listen a little more intently.

So, where is it?

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I never understood this argument. Why bother even having a contact that you don't trust enough to share a silly phone number with? Honestly, worst argument ever. I prefer BBM over WhatsApp, but this is why it will win in the end.

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Ya that's one thing I don't like about WhatsApp. You need to give your phone number and it automatically went though your contact list to determine if others were using WhatsApp.

Might just be a Canadian thing but BBM is working for me and my friends. I don't ask them if they like the app, they just know that if they want to instant message me, I'm on BBM! :)

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

100% agree. I travel extensively for work between Germany and Latin America. It seems they all prefer whatsapp. All the people I convinced previously to use BBM switched back to whatsapp. I have one remaining contact out of 49 and this person is from Indonesia and has to use because of work.

I downloaded BBM on my iPhone 5 when it officially landed on iOS I'm sorry to say that I deleted it later on because many times it says the person I'm calling he's unavailable and sometimes it's buggy. I don't care about video call right now on iOS. If they can fix the current problem and fine tune the BBM that will be more welcome than introducing a new feature that will add to accumulation of failures

My first BlackBerry Z10

Absolutely. Forget the new features and just get the damn thing to work properly first.

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Funny. My ios friends use it with me and don't complain. I don't know one person on Whatsapp. I know we all have downloaded it, but once it asked me for my cell number along with a mirage of permissions, I deleted it. I probably count as a download / user for Whatsapp!

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Just like other people downloaded and deleted BBM. I'm guessing you live in North America where texting is free and most of the providers have unlimited data plans. In the rest of the world where people make $1-$2 an hour people switched to cheap Android phones and use Whatsapp.

Just like everyone else I tried to get my inner circle to download bbm when it came out for their iPhones.. they did and then removed it after initial bugs and being confused by the (advanced) UI..

My friends have since left and my family mentions how painful it is every time they see me. Luckily free voice calling keeps them around so I'd don't waste minutes.

BlackBerry needs to rework the iOS app asap. It probably never should have had the bb10 UI as its so foreign to people. IPhones users can't handle complicated or advanced. Bbm needs to come out asap with a native iOS and android app.

Also ive noticed specific to iPhones that often times they won't get notified for a new message until they open bbm.. as such a lot of my messages sit at the grayed out icon instead of a blue D. Fix the bugs Bb!

Crackberry - I'd like to see some screen shots of what was updated. That'd make your article way better.

Thanks for listening (no one)

White Z30STA100-5/ = heaven.

Fix group chat first!

Few months ago, I asked a couple of group of friends switch to BBM. Now we are all back to WhatsApp. I wish I can convince them to come back but the group chat function needs a lot of work especially picture sharing.

Ppl don't use stickers as much as sharing funny internet meme

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Yes....Picture sharing in group is a headache...Group seems way too complicated too...Also no video can support in BBM :( so many downs compared to whatsapp...hw you expect to step ur feet on whatsapp in numbers then?

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Bbm sucks. I have been using it since it arrived in the ios and android operating systems and it continues to be slow.

Although what's app may be less sophisticated and secure, it send messages in a timely manner. I've spoken to another user and he experiences delayed messages as well. They need to fix this issue asap. All messages sent should go through instantly as opposed to this long delay that ensues.

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Most of my friends who use iOS and Android install BBM but no one is using it anymore, is a pity, BlackBerry needs to improve the experience on iOS and Android.

via  Z30

Let me know when it really works, and I'll TRY my friends again. Not going to bother them everytime BlackBerry makes another attempt.

The lesson of the Storm (of not to release beta ANYTHING until most of the bugs have been stomped out or its as bulletproof as possible) appears to have been forgotten. BB HQ should have posters and such of all the latest and greatest in the entry foyers and such, but one of the STORM in every engineer's cubicle/office. Hardware AND software as a reminder of "Don't ever, EVER do this. EVER!"

Who give the f..k about BBM on iPhone!! All I care is that I get LINE on BlackBerry device

Q10 Qwerty Lover.

Umm we still can't use stickers in group chat, seriously what's taking so long? SnapChat, FaceBook messenger, WhatsApp have more frequent releases. Also no video chat, awkward group chat where you end up going into this grid mode of pictures, events and chat group only to have to tap yet again to get into the chat room.

How about a "default" when the user clicks on the chat room take them DIRECTLY to the room so they can start typing?

Why are releases SO SLOW? I have a Q10 and the Beta App store always have a NEW WhatsApp release.

I run both an iPhone and Q10 I've tried getting my friends on BBM but we just went to FaceBook chat because they like it better.

I really don't see BBM Video Chat coming anytime this year at all. Maybe next year sometime after 10.3.1 is my guess. I maybe wrong but I doubt it. This is an new update followed by the new UI update whenever that's going to be, then you have the addition of WP version of BBM. That has definitely put a hold on things. There was a great hype to the BBM4ALL launch but seems more like a long and painful wait.


Well, using Bbm in the uae is as crippled as it gets, no voice calling and no video calling. Then the file size isn't that great as well. I can only record 5 second of video to send as then the file size is wayyy to large when I record in my z30. What's up us coming out with voice calling across platforms and. Bet way before Bbm will... and will be unblocked in all countries.

Z30 Pooooooooower!

Stickers??? Don't care.

Give me a functional BBM that works on iOS so that I don't (as before) go out and try to get folks on BBM when it is unstable with lousy notification systems that vary amongst iOS users. It is well documented above.

Who at BlackBerry is letting this train wreck continue?? Who is minding the BBM store ?

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I wouldn't dirty my BlackBerry sending messages to apple phones!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

Shame no video chat, all of my old friends former BlackBerry gone to iphone and get Glide video text messaging. Oh well they still losing... but I ain't going to anywhere. as one of my friend told me BlackBerry is no good. Get iphone. I thought why don't get Ford truck instead of Dodge truck. Lol, everybody has own taste. But hopefully to see video chatting text message alike Glide has now.

Whatever the 'best instant messaging platform' is, I'm pretty sure in 2014 it includes video. This sadly means that telegrams, smokesignals, and BBM on non-BB10 platforms are not in the running for said title. I love it myself but my non-BB friends won't touch it and I understand their annoyance.

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I don't get why they won't push out video chat already on iOS and Android. BBM will not grow without it. You know what's going to happen? An apps, like WhatsApp, that has a huge following will launch video chat and that'll be the end of BBM's growth. Its been MONTHS since they released BBM4ALL. This should have been a KEY upgrade with this update. It truly baffles me that at a time when everyone sees the potential of BBM, Blackberry continues to lag behind. I'm excited for the possibilities of BBM's growth. However, it seems slow coming.

A year since BBMx is out (almost) and they're updating it with things as basic as this changelog...smh

Clearly everybody's been working on the Passport launch! :) :)


Don't you all get it bbm for consumers is not blackberry's focus anymore!! They are putting all thier efforts to make sure ebbm works great!

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Never had any issue with BBM with android users. Also I love channels and have a countless many that I go on everyday.

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Bbm needs to be integrated with ios camera and sharing it's kinda confusing for those Sheep

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Friends go to iphone because of Facetime because all of them are deaf. Required video chat. Before that same friends use BlackBerry Qwerty keyboard. Now it is history. But I ain't going follow them. I am only one left of my friends. Sigh.. even they are pushing me to buy

Hey BlackBerry!!

Are you listening?

The treasure trove of posts here tell you what the problems are.

Get 'em fixed...

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I don't even use bbm on my BlackBerry anymore, even WhatsApp offers more support and updates than BlackBerry 's own IM app. I don't care about voice calls or 'security '. I need to get things done which is why I chose a BlackBerry.

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You guys that are whining about the BlackBerry PlayBook not having BBM..... are you frickin serious??? how long has it been now since it was officially stated that PlayBooks were no longer supported and never will be? I agree that the PlayBook had huge potential but the marketplace did not want it. Everybody and their mother believed that the sky was falling down on Waterloo at the time. It's a done deal. BlackBerry is not supporting it anymore. BBM will not happen for the PlayBook. Move on. And please stop whining like a bunch of little elementary school children.

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these bbm issues are not helping the public perception of BlackBerry. ios version seems to have lots of issues ( all my friends constantly remind me). group chats need work for how pictures are added, still cant use stickers in group chats, the 4 wallpaper options are sad and even tho I tried using them they just caused bbm to slow down alot. jon chen has been improving BlackBerry as a whole but bbm is clearly getting neglected and they need to correct this

1) "but good things come to those who wait" ... sounds like the story of my BB-life.

2) most iOS and Android friends I know tried BBM when it came out and deleted it because it sucked (esp on iOS)... which it did. I still try to convince them (notification issues are a thing of the past... its great for file transfers!) but then someone on iOS asks how they can send me a video... to which I reply, um, you can't. I usually run away before they can ask about video chat...

Hmmm... not sure we're talking the same function: they (iOS) want to send me (BB10) video taken on their iPhone via BBM... AFAIK you can't do this (though you are right that in theory, I can send them video via BBM... except in practice, there is no good way to compress the BB10 video and so its always too large to send).

I'm really disappointed that video is not available. It would be better than Skype on mobile and they will let the competition steal this market share. Maybe their servers wouldn't be able to handle it.

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I BBM with people who use it on Android and iOS and I don't see any issues. We even used BBM voice few times and it worked well.

I'm sure there are some quirks here and there but it's really not that terrible !!

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I just don't understand BlackBerry logic sometimes :

BlackBerry compresses picture files when sent via bbm, but video files are absolutely massive, common sense dictates that users want it to be the other way around

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Hm tell the friends? I don't know anyone but didn't have iPhone users update notifications too ? :D

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I'm using only BlackBerry, but the problem is, that bbm is really unstable at crossplattform messenger... of course others have problems too, but they are big enough, so that's not a problem for them... they have the userbase. bbm don't have them and should show how a stable system can work. Some of my friends from other os are using bbm too, but most of them will not change and it sounds hard but.. I can understand them.

Anywhere im only using bbm or they can send me an email.

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)