BBM to go cross-platform this summer!!

By Adam Zeis on 14 May 2013 10:59 am EDT

Announced today during BlackBerry Live 2013, BBM is set to go cross-platform this summer.  That means BlackBerry, iOS and Android users will able be able to chat seamlessly over BBM very soon.

Cross-platform BBM is long overdue but is sure to make for plenty of happy BlackBerry users in just a few months.

The rollout will first include just chat, but soon to follow will be BBM Voice, BBM Video and even BBM Channels. Users on iOS and Android will get the same features of BBM that BlackBerry users already have so it should be pretty exciting. Best of all? It will still be totally free.

Plenty more on this to come soon so stay tuned!

Press Release

BBM for iOS and Android to Launch This Summer

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 14, 2013) - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced plans to make its ground-breaking mobile social network, BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™), available to iOS® and Android™ users this summer, with support planned for iOS6, and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher, all subject to approval by the Apple App Store and Google Play. BBM sets the standard for mobile instant messaging with a fast, reliable, engaging experience that includes delivered and read statuses, and personalized profiles and avatars. Upon release, BBM customers would be able to broaden their connections to include friends, family and colleagues on other mobile platforms.

In the planned initial release, iOS and Android users would be able to experience the immediacy of BBM chats, including multi-person chats, as well as the ability to share photos and voice notes, and engage in BBM Groups, which allows BBM customers to create groups of up to 30 people.

"For BlackBerry, messaging and collaboration are inseparable from the mobile experience, and the time is definitely right for BBM to become a multi-platform mobile service. BBM has always been one of the most engaging services for BlackBerry customers, enabling them to easily connect while maintaining a valued level of personal privacy. We're excited to offer iOS and Android users the possibility to join the BBM community," said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President, Software Product Management and Ecosystem, at BlackBerry.

BBM is loved by customers for its "D" and "R" statuses, which show up in chats to let people know with certainty that their message has been delivered and read. It provides customers with a high level of control and privacy over who they add to their contact list and how they engage with them, as invites are two-way opt-in. iOS and Android users would be able to add their contacts through PIN, email, SMS or QR code scan, regardless of platform. Android users would also be able to connect using a compatible NFC-capable device.

BBM has more than 60 million monthly active customers, with more than 51 million people using BBM an average of 90 minutes per day. BBM customers collectively send and receive more than 10 billion messages each day, nearly twice as many messages per user per day as compared to other mobile messaging apps. Almost half of BBM messages are read within 20 seconds of being received; indicating how truly engaged BBM customers are.

Today, BlackBerry also announced BBM Channels, a new social engagement platform within BBM that will allow customers to connect with the businesses, brands, celebrities and groups they are passionate about. BlackBerry plans to add support for BBM Channels as well as voice and video chatting for iOS and Android later this year, subject to approval by the Apple App Store and Google Play.

If approved by Apple and Google, the BBM app will be available as a free download in the Apple® App Store(SM) and Google Play store. Additional details about system requirements and availability will be announced closer to the launch.


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BBM to go cross-platform this summer!!



Exactly. I mean, doesn't this eliminate a major factor in people actually going for BlackBerry?

Posted via my Panther Z10 and CB10 app

1st feeling is like this option would be kept as a LAST resource on a sinking ship, however now really thinking about it, might be a good thing to wipe out Whatsapp and other IM apps out of the way. There has to be some good money there for BB long term!!

Ads perhaps? Given the behemoth that BBM is, there is a ton of monetization opportunities for this.

Just curious...aside from Blackberry, how do you expect the developers that put so much time and money into creating an app to make money? Would you go to work every day and work for free? I understand your point if you meant the apps you pay for. Because I'll stay away from those if I pay AND have to see an ad.

I expect developers to produce a product that is worth the price that they charge. I don't want free apps that bombard me with ads.

Or that need permission and access to my device that I don't want them to have. Most of those ad based apps need to access setting or that have nothing to do with their real function.

I rather pay a few buck than have an app snooping around my device trying to figure out what product or service I might want to buy.


The behemoth that BBM WAS.

I suppose it could be again, but this certainly wont help sell BB devices...

BBM really isn't that big any more, apps like whatsapp have been cross platform for ages. we aren't going to see them going away just because BBM has gone cross platform!

That's why they introduce bbm channels. Like twitter, that's how they can monetize bbm

Posted via CB10

Maybe this is a step towards m-commerce taking advantage of BBM channels and BBM money that was piloted in Indonesia. Just a guess.

Posted via CB10

listen, whatsapp is free, and believe me they are getting revenue, and now that they have the largest DB with over 100 million users, from April 2004 on it will cost 1 dollar. now do the math, how much money will they make ?

what’s here? seeking alpha should disappear with whatsapp! (no offense to anyone who writes good articles there - but any site which censors comments should be boycotted!)

I think it is a clever move because it will show how good BBM is to people carrying different devices and maybe make them come to Blackberry devices. Beside that it will keep Blackberry Brand with BBM on top of every app market because certainly BBM will be top 10 download in ios and Android. Finally, it will help against others apps like whatsapp. When these apps goes down and BBM goes up, it can only strengthen Blackberry Brand and bring new users to it. I like it the decision. Lets wait to see what happens.

yeh but why would you buy a blackberry if you have bbm on a different platform ? I had to carry two phones just because I wanted BBM, for the people who don't care about keyboard phones, they will easily switch from BB to another phone.

BBM has been exclusive to BB devices for all of these years, and it didn't stop BlackBerry from losing share to iOS and Android. Yes, there are a few BB loyalists who didn't jump ship, but the vast majority of their US customer base moved away.

I think it's a smart move. It keeps BB relevant in the minds (and hearts) of consumers. It's introducing a very good, very well regarded BB product to a broader community of consumers who wouldn't otherwise consider anything BlackBerry branded. It could open the door to greater BB sales, especially since there will be advantages of using BBM on a BlackBerry device that won't be present on other platforms (or at least I don't think they will be), such as the integration of a huge number of apps into BBM. Somehow, I don't think that'll happen on iPhones.

I think BlackBerry has to try something since this is their one shot at a come back. If BB10 doesn't take off as expected, they're toast for sure. BBM could be a hook that keeps them around for years to come.

I totally agree. One reason I had problems getting Appleheads to convert is because they had a friends on is and didn't want to lose that luxury. Well this will make the playground equal so now only the best OS and hardware (at a reasonable price) should win out.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

totally agree with all of the above. Smart move. it will prove be very fruitful in a few months from now

I agree with your post. Going cross platform is a strategic placement move on BlackBerry's part and a smart one. We already know BBM was not enough to sway people from leaving BlackBerry. So by allowing access to arguably one of the best IM applications in the market, your reintroducing BlackBerry to a generation of folks who might not have owned or considered having a BlackBerry product.

Then image if you actually start gaining traction of that! You can then start charging for a cross platform BBM app or introduce a monthly subscription to non BlackBerry devices, the possilities are endless if the adoption works.

Baby steps baby steps!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

This gives people the opportunity to choose a Blackberry phone. If they were afraid of giving up iMessage, WhatsApp, etc., then this enables them to move to Blackberry devices if they want something different. Cross platform BBM allows them to maintain contact with friends on different phones.

Oscar_E, no I'm not saying that, I'm a big BlackBerry fan my self and an iPhone hater, but I'm realistic, without the android apps that u transferred to ur BB10 how many other apps did u download? u can't change the background of ur bbm chat, u can't select all on ur Hub, these are basic things in cell phones now. My point is that I'm afraid more people will leave the BlackBerry since BBM is available in other platforms, I hope not. I want BlackBerry to improve and get more customers, but it's not an easy job

I think BBM will now be exposed to all those who never had a BlackBerry... they will use it and love the way it works and perhaps decide to try a BlackBerry device on their next upgrade. This is a great move but I agree, I'm a bit jelous it's no longer exclusive!

There isn't a less customizable nor stale outdated OS than iOS, and is still the best selling phone in the planet.

It has already began, BlackBerry is planing to take over the world, and this is just the first step, dude is a Bold move, get everyone on board, then you can sink the hell out of the ship if you want to.

BB10 will kick every ones ASS !!

Imagine the BOLD devices to come, the mobile computing tech, one brain and all the peripherals you want, Brrrr got goosebumps, these guys are going all in man.

But why change to others phones now if you can have a top hardware and software BB device, great service as always, apps and more apps coming daily, talk to your BB BBM friend and plus talk via BBM with your non BB friends? Maybe because of a few apps that BB is still missing today, but unless you want to shake hands with you S4 all day, i cant see a reasonable reason. And i really think BBM is not the only reason why people sometimes carry two phones today but the great physical keyboard. Its still important if you have to type a lot.

I am a former Die-Hard Blackberryan and, at least for the US market, this seems like a positive move since BBs aren't as big a deal here as they used to be (but are a VERY big deal in other parts of the world). It is welcome news to me; I waited and waited for the Q10 and finally gave up as delays mounted, and (no offense intended) the Z10 didn't wow me as I had hoped (so adding a smaller screen on one side and a physical keyboard on the other didn't sufficiently tip the equities in favor of BB, considering the hardware and app selection). Surely BB will charge for the service, or maybe for the best parts of the service, and the service may also be limited (screen sharing, video) on non-BB devices. Some of the comments below are very apt: BBM is a major draw for BB buyers who have had a blackberry in the past but is of dwindling value as long as contact lists get smaller and smaller, and this may be an effort to stem that tide, which would at least not hurt BB sales. There are ALOT of former BB owners who would pay for the service. That is the kind of revenue BB needs since signaling the end of BIS. BB will only make so much off of hardware, and that income does not repeat until the user upgrades. And, give people a taste of BBM and an occasional "sorry that feature does not work on your device" and people might just move BACK to blackberry.

Unfortunately, I think this also heralds a new era of licensing that could turn BB into a WhatsApp type company.

The same way Android creates revenue for Google, it musters an audience in front of your product, it's advertizing.

This move could tremendously increase Blackberry value in the long run. How does What's app make money? It charges fee after the first year. Microsoft bought skype for $8.5 billion. If Blackberry doesn't charge any fee or display any ads then the value of BBM will be intangible but it will still be very valuable in terms of Blackberry branding. It could at least be used for its own advertisement very effectively. Imagine how effectively Blackberry could advertise about its own devices when they are launched by using BBM. Once BBM can exist on non BB devices, even if a user leaves BB, the link with Blackberry is never broken. The channel of communication is always open. This increases the chances of users coming back to BB devices. I am quite sure Blackberry might introduce add ons for which it might charge some fee. I think opening up BBM to other platforms is a smart move by Blackberry.

with the channels, with other platforms, maybe some ads for the non BB versions, maybe with video conference and wifi calls will have a cost, and the mayor revenue will be the free advertisement all over the world and on every platform.

I think this s great too! It is the smartest thing I've seen yet! This way you get to allow the bberry faithful to stay on their device and shut up the lames that refuse to appreciate our far more superior phones.

This annoys me. Have heard this for so long now. Is there a risk? absolutely. But we do not know the extent of their vision for BBM on iOS or Android yet. All we know is it will start as a basic version and it will start free. Where they go from there could be huge for the company. Without risk there is no rewards.

My main issue is gving an application that is synonymous with BlackBerry to iOS and Android users when developers hve shunned our OS for so may apps that the others get hand over fist. Why should we sare BBM? I am not a heavy app user, but I can not tolerate the disrespect being met with "Here, take something we love after being stingy with everything else!"

You want more people to be cool with coming back to BB? Make it so they can use the BB features with all their friends on the other platforms. It's an extremely smart and obvious play.

That's one way to think of it. But my partner who was switching to get bbm back decided she no longer needs to get a bb10 device because bbm will soon be on her iPhone.

Posted via CB10

A friend of mine just said the exact same thing but he's been trashing BlackBerry ever since he went ios, so he wasn't thinking of coming back to BB anyway. I will tell you he's thinking about this move and when people all across the world start thinking about BlackBerry then energy will build up. I can feel it already! Go BB!

That is thought my co-workers are now having...Why bother switching back to bb10 when my favorite feature from it, is going to be an app on my current platform...

I'm sorry, but I really don't know that the availability of BBM on a device is the exclusive reason why anyone would chose to go with it (or not). There must be other factors, which are probably more important (touch vs keyboard; app ecosystem; fluidity of OS; hardware specs; screen size & resolution; expandability; etc., etc.). Now, perhaps BBM could tip the scale, but if it was that close to begin with, I think most people would default to iOS.

You're thinking about this all wrong. This isn't a move to get iOS and Android users onto BlackBerry, it's about getting the new users (the ones who don't have smartphones yet) onto BlackBerry. This means that now people won't have to necessarily avoid BlackBerry because all their friends own iPhones or Androids. They can pick BlackBerry if they want and be able to use BBM with them, despite the fact that they have a different device.

BB10 in and of itself is the company's attempt to get iOS and Android users over to BlackBerry. This move is aimed at a different corner of the market.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

Listen, when BlackBerry and iPhone were on war at the beginning, there was MSN msgr for both platforms, which most people used a lot, but people started migrating to BB cause of the advantages and cool features BBM had that msn lacked. It wont be no different, BBM will be way better than whatsapp and IM etc. but you wont have all it's benefits on other platforms. Besides BlackBerry is making great phones with an amazing OS.

But then she and all the others that do that will be missing the features of a modern OS. Personally I see the current offering of iOS as a real backward step. To me its the experience of being able to use the device that counts. With iOS I wasted so much time.
But end of the day you have to go with what works best for you. To me it's BlackBerry and to others it's not - but if they are happy then great. I much prefer a world of diversity than everyone constrained to work one way because X tells you that's the norm.

Why would you come back to BB phones, if you can use your iPhone and Android to BBM. No need to buy BB10 phones now. BBM is just another free app that no one makes money off of.

^^^ this.

I left blackberry only because when I went to renew my contract two years ago there were literally no viable options. I've always wanted to go back to a BB especially the Q10 now, but have been hesitant because of being able to communicate efficiently with my friends/family on other platforms.

This announcement has me thinking more and more about going back now.

Except for the fact that majority of the market will have dumped their blackberry for something else, and the company blackberry will be broke cause their already eroded market share will be now nonexistent.

I don't know how you people can see this as a good thing for blackberry... it's good for one group of people, the consumer! cause now we can ditch our blackberry for any device we wish

well you're the consumer so it's good for you according to your logic, they can find ways to monetize bbm if not they already know how they're going to do it.

Exactly. BlackBerry will be reduced to being a software company making software for iOS and Android, because people won't be buying blackberrys... why would you when you can go grab an iOS device, have all the apps, have the apple exclusive stuff, and also now bbm

Getting reduced to software company is not that bad either. With MDM and BBM available for all the devices, Blackberry might become much more valuable than what it is right now.

BlackBerry is trying to grow the BBM market so they can add BBM money to it so people can transfer funds across their BBM. Kind of like PayPal I guess. I see it as a win for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

it works both ways, this can really help them build the brand.

there really isn't a better messenging service than BBM. Whatsapp was eating them up. I think it is a smart move.

They also get that user information when they sign up for the service too... they can email them customized ads, etc.

Video talk is overrated, don't you think? I'm really asking. I don't use it (on any device) except, generally, to see if it works. I really don't want to see myself or the other person most of the time... it is intrusive. Best for family only, IMHO.

I agree - it's a "check this out" type of feature... then you go back to txt'n - I even hate voice calls tobh!

I thought this way also originally, but since I have had 95% of my bbm contact list disapper, I dont mind it going cross-platform. At least I'll be able to use it again...

I can understand this point of view, but with the new OS I believed it to be making a comeback. Now I think this stifles progress a bit. If I were an iPhone user, why would I switch to BB, if I can get BBM on my iPhone? Realistically?

Posted via my Panther Z10 and CB10 app

I'm with you on that. BBM may gain popularity but i don't see the incentive for other platform users to switch over to a BB phone just for BBM

I do not think BBM is that much of an incentive for ios or Android users to switch to bb10. Yes, it truly is the best messaging system out there, but I believe most users of WhatsApp are satisfied.

On the other hand, bb10 customers will have the advantage of BBM going cross platform. This is just one more reason to scrap the other phone that you carry around just to WhatsApp your buddies.

It's a brilliant marketing strategy as more and more switch to BBM, the brand BlackBerry gains from exposure.

Posted via CB on my Z 10

My thoughts also. Nobody will consider having a BB just because they've used BBM on another platform. Sad news no matter how I look at it.

If I'm an iphone user, why would I come back to BBM if my contact list would be completion empty? Right now, I don't have a single BBM contact.

Posted via CB10

listen, i don't know anybody getting a Z10 just for the BBM, they are getting it for the whole experience, BBM is no longer what it use to be, i still have 300 contacts on my BBM list, i only talk to 3 of them, i use to wake up every day with about 35 BC's every day, now i don't get even BC's it's so weird.

You will get a BlackBerry 10 device because it's awesome, because you are someone who likes to do things fast, productivity and a new OS that is way more productive and cooler than IOS. with an amazing handset with better specs.

Ok now, bye bye then :P

Exactlyyyy, who cares how cool bbm is if no one is using it? I personally have many active bbm contacts but many people have seen their lists shrink so much bbm has lost a lot of its appeal. This will be great for BlackBerry to extend bbm's user base in order to monatize it in the future. I could see other platforms being charged the current fee of 1$ a year that whatsapp currently charges. There were rumors Google was considering buying whatsapp for $100 million. Bbm will destroy whatsapp. I'm sure shareholders won't mind a little bump in bb's market cap.

Posted via CB10

How exactly does more BBM subscribers from other platforms, which use their NOC, which costs BlackBerry more to operate, with no inbound revenue from users (at least assuming they follow the whatsapp model by charging $1 after first year) increase bb's market cap?!

Do you really think iOS users will enjoy being spammed by Ads when reading a new BBM message?! Especially if their engaged as much as BB users currently are (read a received BBM in 20 seconds, boom AD bombed). No thanks! That is exactly what Google is doing now in their browsers for ad supported links at the bottom of the page if web admins add a line of code.

I dont know where you guys are from, but I'm Connecticut, USA, and here I don't meet many people using a Blackberry. So, in order for something to be a "major factor" in someones decision of choosing it or not, first, people need to actually have the device for you to enjoy its features. I have a Z10, dont regret it, love it, etc, etc. But do you know how many people are on my BBM list?......0, thats how many, 0. Why? Because no one around here has a BB for me to use this awesome feature. Now, all of my friends and family who have an iphone or android device can download it, and i can FINALLY use this feature after not being able to for the last month and a half. Its a no brainer. No one has BB anymore. This feature would have been useless to me if it didnt eventually become a multi-platform feature.

and it builds mind share, friends and family will connect via BBM, next thought is that BB still exists, and BBM is cool, then BB is cool, might try it out as my next phone.

Actually.. how many people do you know are still using bbm ? For 90% of BlackBerry owners, we don't any of my friends on bbm. With this, it adds value to bbm cause I know that I will be able to chat with iphone and android users.

Posted via CB10

I used to think that, but now that I have literally no friends on BlackBerry anymore, BBM has become a pretty useless app for me. At least now I can use BBM to chat with all my friends who have long since departed BlackBerry...if they switch. BlackBerry in my opinion waited too long, and now there are several strong competitors in the segment.

I guess we will see if this is is a good thing or not. My feeling is it will be a positive.

What about the exclusivity of a BlackBerry? This is another major reason to have a BlackBerry right? Since its a free app with no ads, there's no money involved. Am I wrong?

Posted via my Panther Z10 and CB10 app

What about exclusivity, what's the appeal of being exclusive, I really don't get it. Nobody I know has BlackBerry, except me, so I'm pretty exclusive already. BBM for one, anyone? (I already deleted Kevin as my only token contact from the Stress Test.)

No ads, but BlackBerry's name will spread far and wide.

Well said. For how great BBM is it isn't the niche th at it once was, meaning in isn't the difference maker to make someone want a blackberry. Now if you do cross platform and let's say someone's iPhone is messing up while they are chatting with you. You follow that with "you should really get a blackberry". Now that would be great access to people on iPhone and Android. Even if they don't cross over to BlackBerry then you at least are FINALLY able to comunicate with friends and family seamlessly and not through text.

Posted via CB10

I think a lot of people have decided not to buy a BlackBerry because the BBM has not been working across platforms. Now you don't have to feel like you are left out when most people still are using iphone or some kind of an Android. I think this is great news!

I think BB is trading the exclusivity of its product (like the iphone hardware/software bundle, for comparison and example), for the exclusivity of its services. BB just doesn't have the cache it used to have among the general population. Since BIS is on the way out, BBM has to figure out a way to replace the loss of that income; this may be it.

Kevin your wrong. This is not awesome news. This is terrible news for BlackBerry. I could care less though, for ME the consumer this is good, means I can abandon my BlackBerry and go with whatever I feel and still have bbm. Which is exactly what I'm going to do! The only reason I still have a blackberry is for bbm, as soon as this drops on Android and iOS, you can guarantee I will be switching to whomever has the latest and greatest, which if the last five years tells you anything it won't be blackberry. It'll be either A Samsung or apple product. Terrible terrible move for BlackBerry today. I'll say it, and don't forget it... today was the death of blackberry as we know it. in a couple years they'll be nothing but a software developer making software for Android and iOS devises.

Wow, chill out man.

We all see you are jealously attached to BBM, but just realise that it was only because you used it for so long. BBM functions were not exclusive anymore, and people were just craving for a cross platform app on BB10. Then Whatsapp came and fixed this problem. But why not take this market and improved it with audio, video and Channels? That seems a very good decision to me.

If the only thing that kept you on BlackBerry was BBM, then you have not tasted any other platform. I stay with a BlackBerry for many reason, but BBM is not among them because of it's shrinking user base. And don't think that BBM is considered so awesome among iOS or Android users to switch over to BlackBerry just for a good-but-not-exceptionnal chat software that could be equalled with several apps.

No, I think that's a very good decision, and if they bring BBM successfully on iOS and Android, I think that will make a pretty good impression with those people on what BlackBerry is, but make them think about going on that platform. The main problem will be, as you seem to demonstratefor BBM, that people are already attached to an app (Whatsapp), and they will need good incentive to switch over.

I think you underestimate just how many BlackBerry faithfuls are faithful BECAUSE of bbm. And whatsapp is ONLY popular because it reminds users of the great experience they had with bbm.. truth is, most of them wish it were more like bbm... they simply use it because it's currently the best option out there, it doesn't compare to bbm though. And you'll see... MANY will now finally leave BlackBerry and go to another platform, and take their beloved bbm with them.

Exactly. A lot of people are faithful because of BBM, and I don't know a single person with a BlackBerry that wasn't losing contacts over the year because people were leaving the platform. BBM is clearly not the major feature of BB10, and even keeping this a BlackBerry exclusive will not bring people to this plaftorm.

I agree, there will be BBM-attached who will leave the platform because of this, but then again, I hope new BB10 users are not buying it only for BBM. Just take a look at Google Babel that should come this summer. It's basically the same as BBM, and will also be cross-platform, except NOT on BlackBerry.

So tell me, what could they do to stay competitive if they kept a messaging app that is good but not flabbergasting that keeps losing users to the single least used platform? That will bring people's money AND eyes to BlackBerry to make it successful and popular again, which is what they want.

Now time will only tell if they were right. I think they are.

I will probably be switching also. I used to tell everybody that blackberry is back but not anymore. The death of a empire is at hand.

Posted via CB10

The ONLY reason why you have a BBery is for BBM? Seriously?

Well if that's the case, then BBerry is a sinking ship.

You are no loyal blackberry user then, you are underestimating BB devices and OS potential, it will be the future and you're just going to the past, doing what the majority is doing, going with the HYPE, so exclusive that is huh !!

that's really lame bro, the only reason you have a BB isfor BBM? So, since you have this conflicted should just go andbe happy you can get BBM with whatever device you choose. You arent a BB supporter, you are a BB troll who's story makes zero sense - sorry, nobody has BB ONLY for BBM!

Once again, someone missing the point. This move isn't to encourage users of iOS or Android to switch (if anything, this could be considered at least somewhat counter-productive to that). This move is to target those who are new to the smartphone market, ones without smartphones already. If I'm in the market for a smartphone and I have never owned one before, all the options are on the table and I don't have previous usage to go off of. Say I'm considering a BlackBerry, but then I discover that one of the key features, BBM, is exclusive to BlackBerry, but a lot of my friends own iPhones and Androids. Obviously then, BlackBerry isn't going to be the thing I go with, or likely won't be the thing I go with. With BBM going cross-platform, now that exclusivity no longer is a factor in the decision for new smartphone seekers. They'll be able to make use of BBM with all of their friends and it might make getting a BlackBerry a more favourable option than it currently is for a lot of new users.


This is awesome! Think about it. That is free marketing and advertising to other platforms that this is the best communication platform.

Also, once other people on alternative platforms are hooked, maybe BlackBerry sells advertising to to the other platforms (like how Google Facebook make money) hopefully never BlackBerry users.

BBM is a brand of itself. Between multi platform gaming, advertising from channels, etc. There is money to be made with this move.

BBM for all is a gamble, but my head is spinning with the possibilities! If everyone jumps on BBM, then there is definitely money to be made and we can get rid of these mediocre messagers.

Posted via me on my Z10

I'm with the fearless leader on this one. Only fanboys will be upset with BBM going cross platform. This is long overdue and it's just in time as the brand is hot again AND BlackBerry can start fighting again in the IM arena!!!

Listen, iMessage for iOS should have gone cross platform too. If you only cater to your platform, you're automatically in a box. BlackBerry's maximum potential of users was 80 million, their total user base. Now? Their maximum reach is as much as the amount of smartphone users there are in the world.

This is epic!!! BlackBerry is back and kickig ass!! Can't wait to get all friends and family bak on BBM!

I don't know how you can say this is awesome. Where is the money in giving BBM away free? So if BB going to become a software ad company and no longer a technology company? This will give those in the emerging markets where BBM is king a reason to switch to other phone platforms. One of the reasons our company kept with BB is that we get instant notification that BBM messages got sent. Now there is no need for BB phones, once BBM is on other phones. So there goes our sales. As a developer, I am now thinking about stopping development of any apps as I see this as a dead platform now. No tablets in the works. We needed a tablet to be standalone to develop touch kiosk applications, managed by a MDM solution. BB no longer gives us that ability. Apple here we come as there isn't anything special about BB anymore.

Kevin how is this awesome? I came back to blackberry because of the keyboard, BBM. Smh now I can go get a phone with more apps, a big screen and I won't be laughed at for having missing features. I was a blackberry activist. Why should anybody switch to blackberry now? Huh?

Posted via CB10

Agreed, this is a mind share move, get people using something from BB without having to buy one, then get them liking it, then get them thinking about buying one. In the medium to long term this will be positive.

awesome? More like RIP BB. This is just not smart. Maybe when they could have monetized BBM but this is just not smart.

This is genius, if they can take over the im market with the use of bbm connected apps perhaps this is a ploy to bait app developers into making blackberry apps. If blackberry can get an app on half the smartphones on the market, it could become bigger than angry birds. Developers will want to be a featured blackberry connected app, and blackberry should and will say you have to develop for our appstore. If they are doing this, I think Heins is perfect for Blackberry.

With BBM Voice and BBM Video integrated, this could take a massive chunk out of Skype. This alone could be the biggest money-maker for BlackBerry, more than the rest of the business put together.

I'm with you on this. I was just speaking to some of my groups who range in both ends on this announcement being negative and positive. The question I came up with is doesn't this now negate the need for Skype? The whole reason we wanted Skype was to video chat and text our friends and family on other Platforms. Now that BBM is going cross platform (if they integrate the video and calling functions) there would be no need for Skype and all the Skype hype will now die.

Exactly, BlackBerry is trying to show people that you don't need Skype. The only reason they worked so hard to get it on the platform is because of all the user b*tching about it.... Then finally Skype (a.k.a Microsoft) releases a half-a** Android port... In beta?! Wow.

So now, enter BBM for other platforms which I'm sure will be designed from the ground up on each platform.

So freaking epic! BlackBerry takeover in full swing!!!

I think not.

Did you notice Thorstein and Mercedes CEO talking about telemetry? that alone in 2013 is a $1billion business. This increases each year with partners and its not just about cars, but hospitals, trains & cargo, etc.

I think this is good. If it is built using cascades and delivers the same flow and experience as our native BBM, imagine what it would be like to use an iPhone, then use the beautiful BBM app then have to press the home button, etc. People may start swiping elsewhere in the OS and begin to see what blackberry means by flow. It could turn a lot of people towards BB10.

Also, it will give them a bigger platform of users when they release BBM money, which may (not sure how they'll implement it yet) bring in some revenue, so the large the number of users the better.

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Cascades cannot run on iPhone. BBM on iOS and Android will have to be written in the native development tools and it will look like the native OS apps. The BES10 client on iOS and Android doesn't look like a BB10 app. If the app doesn't look an act like a native app, they won't use it.

Agreed! Why did they do this. So all the ads for q10 and z10 about bbm, video chat and screen sharing are all wasted money and no point to shell out cash to Blackberry if their phone is okay yet they get the BBM super tool! I'm sad now :(

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People understand how much money Twitter and Facebook and Instagram make right? like do people think before they comment? BBM going cross platform with BBM Channel is going to be a MAJOR Cash cow for BlackBerry. especially when BBM Channel has its own website, or when BBM has a desktop version. I can't believe so many people don't understand how amazing this news is.

This is a great idea. I just updated my z10 to 10.1. Then I headed to get the old Skype that everyone says is a must have. Well you have to give them access to everything. As far as I am concerned they could be watching, recording you from your own phone and you gave them permission. I can't believe people would consent to this. I will stick to BlackBerry security.

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Not surprised since BB is competing pretty closely with WP. I do hope they introduce it sometime in the future though. (windows phone user here)

I switched from my BB to WP but I miss BBM.... even though only one other person I know had a BB at the time. Now everyone is on Android and iOS :(

+1000000!! Whatsapp is huge and clunky. They tried to copy some of the BBM features, but I don't enjoy using it at all. I, probably like many others, only use it because it's cross platform.

Screw that $1/ year Whats_pp! The best IM is ready to take back the crown! Go BBM go!

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I really hope they do it well on the other platforms, and really push it out there. BBM could be AMAZING on cross-platforms if they do it right!

BBM Will become the new viber and Skype rolled into one. I wonder if screen sharing will work across platforms.

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I'm wondering if they'll release a Windows 8 App for tablets and Windows Phones, and if we'll be able to install that on the Windows "Modern Style" interface.

This is the type of cross platform I would like to see. Right now at work we use skype as the default messaging service between emplyoees. I thik BBM would be everyones prefered platform, but since we have a mix of devices our staff use, and the fact BBM is not available on our desktops, we have touse something else and for now it is skype. Blackberry keeps promoting itself as "enterprise" devices, so a desktop version of BBM would only make sence.

That was very unexpected! I say it's a good thing. Like they said on stage, it's a statement of confidence. They don't need BBM to be exclusive to BB to be a success. The new OS will sell itself on its own merit.

I will elaborate for him/her... I have about 60 people on m bbm list, about 55 of them only have stuck with BlackBerry for bbm.. my list is down from about 100, the 40 that left loved bbm but the pull of a modern OS and nifty apps drew them away from BB. some were starting to come back with BB10, simply for what reason... bbm was the biggest pull back, with the fact that BB10 is also a modern OS with huge app potential. Mark my words, many many many people who WOULD have made the upgrade to BB10 will now finally switch to the platforms their friends rave about because they can now do so and keep their beloved bbm.. sad sad sad say today

I don't think people buy a blackberry because of BBM, yes that's one of the feature but not even on the top 3 on why people buy a blackberry.

1. Security
2. Keyboard
3. Battery Life - which is somewhat questionable

People buy an iPhone because they want one, it's as simple as that - just like people buy different brands of cars.

This is just what I've been wondering. One of the big things about BB is security. In fact, if I recall this correctly, BBM is such a secure app that there are governments that want to ban BB because they couldn't spy on their subjects that were using BBM. I guess the subjects had too my freedom, privacy whatever for the government. Now that BBM is going cross platform, how secure will BBM remain? Will it still be secure?

I agree .... If I was an iPhonr user considering a move because of BBM, I now hold off.

Also, if I was former Blackberry user and missed my BBM , then the reason why I would go back is now off the table and I stick to Apple because I now get to keep my iphone and use BBM with it.

BBM is so important to blackberry that imo this will kill anyone on the fence. You keep your best feature and force people to have to buy your device to use it.

Currently an iPhone 4S user who previously had many BlackBerry devices. BBM wasn't enough to keep me on the platform. Loved it to death but the legacy OS had its issues.

BlackBerry 10 looks great and I'm ready to switch back but not for BBM.

Yup... I doubt that BBM is anyone's sole reason for buying a blackberry.. I came over from an S3 as my most recent phone because i like the phone and the OS.. BBM is a plus, as there is something about it i like.. Maybe its the read and delivered tags, or bbm video and screen share.. I dunno. BUT BBM by itself is not the draw it was before.. Making BBM cross platform will make is one of the best messaging apps out there and may bring people to check out the phones assuming the app gap continues to close.

this is the reason BB market share is terrible. BB needs to attract consumers by building ecosystems, quality hardware, and software. BBM can not be the only factor that draws consumers. That will fail. It has been proven for last several years.

yes Adam i agree this is loooooong over due. WhatsApps customer base slightly but in the big skeem of things BBM is far superior to it anyway. i am very flad that this has been announced and cant wait to start BBM'n my family and friends on Android and iOS/

While this is exciting. BBM will have to still overcome the negative BB stigma for the users on platforms to accept it in order to become successful.

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this step will attract more ppl across platforms to the original os who made this possible!

blackberry, live the dream!

Question is how does BlackBerry make money from this? No subscription model so clearly advertisement is the way to go.

That ended with the launch of BlackBerry 10. There are no BIS fees to make money off of, only on legacy devices (OS 7 and earlier).

Not directly, but to get BBM you need to purchase a phone. When BBRY sells a phone, they make profit on that phone, usually 3 digits dollar amounts. Now there will be no need to purchase a BBRY phone since BBM is free. So they lose the money on a device that they could have sold.

Maybe they will make people on other platforms pay for video chat and screenshare while keeping it free on a BlackBerry device. That will get them money both ways; either by people paying for the other features or by people sick of paying for it will and get a BlackBerry so it's free.

Bam! I think it broadens the brand and will make more people consider BlackBerry as they look to upgrade.

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I'm on the fence about this. I hate using whatsapp but I like the wallpaper and being able to use emojis.

But yay for possibly gaining back 100 former BlackBerry users on cross platform BBM.

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doesn't this mean that all parties involved will have to have BBM on their device? I have to convince all my friends and family to download and use BBM to interact with me> Not sure thats doable but certainly one can try .