BlackBerry Messenger gets updated for BBM Protected plus some extra treats

bbm update
By James Richardson on 16 Jun 2014 09:28 am EDT

To coincide with the press release we told you about a short while ago, BBM has been updated to version, but as you will see below there's a few more changes introduced other than the Protected part.

If you treat your BBM like a social network you'll probably love the fact that the Updates tab has been renamed 'Feeds' - making it sound more social. A nice move BlackBerry.

The full features updated include:

  • Introducing support for BBM protected
  • Support for chat wallpapers in the BBM Shop
  • 16 new emoticons
  • Improved experience for adding new BBM contacts by email
  • Updates tab is now called 'Feeds'

If you're not seeing the update just yet keep on checking. It's rolling out. In the meantime, you can check out some more screenshots below.

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BlackBerry Messenger gets updated for BBM Protected plus some extra treats



14 Months of BlackBerry 10 and we still have no proper solution to Backup and Restore the Chat History of BBM. Thats INSANE! :(

Same here... this BBM is one big misunderstanding. This is ridiculous at least to say. Reading crapp everywhere around here how amazing BBM is - makes me puke now.

Wondering if BBM makes you puke or the piss in your Cheerios. Nobody is forcing you to use it, don't let the door hit you on the way back.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

I updated mine just now. No issues what's so ever, I've never lost my chat history on any BBM updates.

Posted via CB10

I don't claim to know your particular situation... Can't you email your chat as a sort of backup? It offers no way to restore, but at least you won't lose the conversation data.

No, sadly not. The most important message logs are already way too long and the mail card doesn't show up. The screen only gets grayed out for some time and nothing happens. It is maybe more than 64kB.
But stuff like Date and Time is there anyway missing, same goes to the copy to clipboard where the beginning of several conversations is also missing.

What would you use this chat history? I never have something that I need to keep for a long time in a bbm chat...
If I need to keep some info I send/request an email.

Powered by BB

It might depends on the usecase and what you're using BBM for. If you use it only for trivial conversations it might be not very important for you, I at example use it additionally for end user support and for coordination and app development. And this stuff I want to keep.
Also a fulltext search function would be sometimes extremely handy.

Check your BlackBerry World. Just search for BBM and when it appears you should see it displayed as "BBM Update".

Nice little addition for the Wallpapers (even if I'm still blackish)

This update fixed the BBM stickers not restoring for me!

I new surprise is the Arabian strokes added to channel pins to make it live doesn't seem to work again with the update.

I'm on vodafone uk.

The shirt addict blueprint | BBM channel = C00122EC9

Please note, this update will delete your current chats. I'm running 10.3 on the Z30 and I cannot see the wallpapers, all I see are pins.

What firmware are you exactly on? I guess I need to pass the future BBM updates as long as it is this unreliable. :(

.3175 HOWEVER, I installed from the web rather than waiting for the update which may have had an affect on it. In other words, I forced it to update vs. naturally waiting for it to filter down.

I badly need finally a function to store the chat history at a safe place before performing a update. :(

It is there. Go to the overflow menu and email yourself the chat. That way you have it saved and available.

For all chats I need save that is what I do. Work flawlessly.

Posted via CB10

Doesn't work properly. No date and times are included, only about the past 50 messages get mailed, not the full history - and images and attachments are not included in the mailed history. :-(

So it doesn't work properly. Maybe a export to XML for archivement would solve the issue until there is a more proper backup and restore solution.

if you have installed the update by searching for bbm without the update showing , and opening it from appwrold itself it initially shows as empty , but just shut bbm and wait for a few seconds it starts loading chats etc back , had the sam issue

I wonder that BlackBerry doesn't pull this update. 3 of my family lost their history and now my wife is refusing to update until it's fixed.

This smacks of the text message history deletion issue with one of the first OS upgrades. I wonder if this isn't worthy of a front-page blurb?

I'm on 10.2.1 and my chats deleted only after I launched BBM by clicking on the icon. The chats were there in the Hub at first. It went through the process of associating my account in the beginning and then they were deleted.

Sounds like a extremely ugly bug. I hope someone responsible will take this serious and remove the current update from BlackBerry World before more harm gets caused! :(

It is if the chats never come back. People are reporting that they are slowly coming back.

Having said that if the chat is important then save it (by emailing it to yourself via the overflow menu) before updating.

Posted via CB10

Got the update on Verizon in Maine, but now bbm isn't working right on 10.3. Running super slow and missing some contacts. Well this sucks, guess it might be time to go back to official...

Hopefully we can do that in the future! Or something! The default. bubbles are looking well good for now though!

Posted via CB10

Thanks BlackBerry; Nice update, even my video chats now seems more stable / reliable.

Wallpapers is nice addition but I love my black background.

Keep keyboard always on also cool.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. I like the fact there there's the option now for those who may take advantage of it, but nothing beats that dark theme on BBM.
By the way, my chat history didn't delete after update.

Still no backup solution to properly export a complete chat history. BB10 is now out for 14 months and they are adding more toys instead of making a reliable tool out of it. :(

I posted how you can to one of your other tools. They have provided the functionality from day 1. Email the history to yourself. You may want more bells and whistles or may want a different implementation but the you can't argue there is no functionality. It is there.

Posted via CB10

As said it doesn't work properly, much data is missing. Even at Groups it doesn't show the Mail register card at 10.2.1, same goes to long chats... maybe the 64kB limitation issue of the invocation framework other apps are facing, too.

Totally agree. I wish they would focus on siginificant improvements instead of the kiddy cr@p. How about landscape mode across the board. It was in the last beta version, but not its not there. WTF.

No i t doesn't. Not for everyone. And for those that it did some are reporting that it is slowly coming back. Maybe yours will as well.

Posted via CB10

Landscape only in BBM beta. If you upgrade from the beta program, no more landscape sadly.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

Is it just me, or did the remove channel pins in comments that you can click and automatically open said channel?

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Renaming updates to Feeds is stupid in my opinion because how does an updated contact relate to a feed?

Ask a hundred people what is a feed and them ask them what is an update and I'm pretty sure you will get a bigger consensus on the meaning of update.

Looooool the wallpapers look a lot like the stock ios7 bubble wallpapers, I keep expecting the bubbles to be animated tho :(

Check Out [URL="bbmc: C0008DDD1"]TechCraze[/URL]

just updated mine in Melbourne, Australia. running the latest 10.2.1 official OS, all chats are safe. looks snappier than the beta version, the emoticons & stickers are a lot smoother when launched and wallpapers! looking good for now BBRY!

I have an issue on 10.3 that it just stays on the screen saying "Restoring your BBM information". anyone else have this issue and know a way to get it running.

Wonder what the improved experience for adding contacts over email entails. As it stands, adding contacts is awfully awkward. Tried to add my brother and all we did was send each other invites for downloading...

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Looks like I lost my landscape mode that I had with my selective beta version. Not sure why it wasn't implemented in this public build.

Posted via CB10

Deleted all my chats. Along with that, the typing space and smiley icon is hidden under my keyboard. Am on Z30 with

Posted via CB10

I'm in the same I'm not alone. this hidden typing window is my biggest concern.

Posted with my Awesome unlocked Z30 on AT&T

Updated, didn't lose chats, not to be a troll, but I'm not impressed, wallpapers?, has been there on other IM's for ever, new BBM stickers for the world cup, nice idea, short lived, other than that, I don't really see anything with a wow factor.

My wife's iphone 5s was updated before my Q10.. she didn't even know. I went to see if they get the update and Wtf it was already installed. She does not have wallpapers tho

Posted via CB10

On Z30STA100-5/ Updated through BlackBerry World and it didn't delete my chats. Working great so far

Posted via CB10

Lost my toy story stickers, says not installed and have to purchase again!

Buddha Stories - C0038CC70

While in the store on bbm click the three dots on the bottom right hand corner. It should say "restore". Click that to restore your purchases. Hopefully that helps.

Posted via CB10

No point. Not worth updating.

Why? Because there is no added value to the average user. We really need to be able to search for contacts via phone numbers. Then let the person decide if he wish to add the contact or not.

I'm the only person who keep email addresses on their phones. None of my friends or relatives keep email addresses on their phones. So what is the point?

Posted via CB10

Most BlackBerry users aren't "average". Also, I seems your contacts / family / friends are "below" average.

Posted via CB10

Just installed the update.

Will my friends be able to see the new emoticons if they haven't updated yet? I have some friends on Android and they don't always update BBM. If I send them messages with new emoticons what will they see?


So wait, this was the surprise? The wallpapers? The default ones we were provided that we cannot customize? Not to sound not thankful but talk about over-hyping, once again lol

Posted via CB10

+1 (if the wallpapers were the "special treat"... why do I want bubbles? Would love to upload my own pics)

Posted via CB10

My chats didn't delete (Z10 10.2.3175).
All very good.
Channels are better as well.
Only annoyance would be that the emojis always go back to the top of the page!

My chats have not been deleted on official verizion 10.2.1. It is sorta looking like those with the 10.3 beta are the ones with issues. It is a beta after all. What do you expect?

Posted via CB10

Nice too how the active frame doesn't show me pictures of people I don't know anymore and just shows what I was last doing!

Posted via the Z30 on CB10

I have found a bug when using BBM the hub

You can't see what you are tying as the input space is hidden.

Posted Via CB10 Using Z10 Running OS

Have to admit, kinda disappointed. No added group functionality. None of the big ticket improvements that many of us are looking for to keep our bbm friends engaged and using bbm. come my floating bar doesn't show up in group chat..the one with the back button? It shows everywhere else?

From my z30

BBM changes include:

- Dark Theme added to BBM Shop when dark active (replaced light)
- BBM channels name font size smaller, details are wider (removing that thick black / white line between then) more sleek now.
- Photos in BBM / BBM channels are now right up against the side. (removed black / white bar on side)
- Added wallpapers to BBM shops
- 16 New emoticons

That's just what I have found. Plus it feels smoother. Feel free to comment below if you have found others :)

So my BBM has had major issues lately and my sticker packs frequently are lost. But restoring purchases only restores 3 of my 5 packs. The toy story pack shows in my BBM shop but I have to repurchase but there was also the second set of BlackBerry emoticons (with the chef and such) that I purchased but it doesn't even show in the shop anymore. It will not restore and is not even available to purchase anymore.. was that a limited time set?

On Rogers

Posted via CB10

If you are in the BBM store you can press the three dots and hit the restore button, That worked for me!

They're not half cut, you just have to double tap on the picture to see it in full size.

Posted via CB10

Ok I've updated.

Totally surprised that all the one to one chat functions are already available on BBM Channels Chat. Then only thing not there yet is the availability of stickers. Wonder when it will be available on BBM channels chats.

Why can't they have all these functions on Group chats as well?

Posted via CB10

All good, chats are there Z10STL100-3/

Keyboard no longer pops up automatically when opening an existing chat. It used to, right? I always hated that, it made it difficult to read longer BBMs, I always had to hide the keyboard. I LOVE this change.

Posted via CB10

Why? Because they update their software? By that theory apple and android are just in beta testing too??? Man some people just like to beach and complain.

Posted via CB10

Upgraded just now. Great! No issues. All chats still fully there. Looks great!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I don't get push notifications for bbm updates on bbw anymore so it's good that I saw this post!

Posted via CB10

Still have that self scroll to the bottom issue in hub, how come whatsapp can get it right and not bbm

I thought CB said a few weeks ago that pictures would show up inside the group chat line like they do in regular chats?

Posted via CB10

BBM changes include:

- Dark Theme added to BBM Shop when dark active (replaced light)
- BBM channels name font size smaller, details are wider (removing that thick black / white line between then) more sleek now.
- Photos in BBM / BBM channels are now right up against the side. (removed black / white bar on side)
- Added wallpapers to BBM shops
- 16 New emoticons
- Channel name no long appears when scrolling through it. Only when you reach the latest post

Loving all these small changes. Makes the experience so much nicer. Big well done BlackBerry love you guys.

Lost "bbm characters" stickers totally. Didn't get a refund either.

Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

Recently updated in indonesia.. no issues in here, my chat history did not deleted and hey, there is instant preview within the app.. nice !

Not a big difference for me so far but glad to see BlackBerry keeps improving core functional apps!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Working great thanks for the tip I needed to search for it cause it didn't show up in the updates but works great (no problem with loosing my chats)

Posted via CB10 on my awesome black Q10 or my white sexy Z10

Update removed all chats for me, also the bar comes up and blocks me from seeing what I type...

Caribbean Z30

I was waiting for extra Kisss emoticons, now there finally is one XD But more 'kiss emotions ' are better, so will be welcome in the future :D


Updated fine for me and I didn't lose any chats / chat history! I'm loving the new emoticons!

No problems for me on Blackberry Z10 running OS

Posted via CB10

What the "surprise"? Is that there really isn't one and they just needed to say something for keep BlackBerry users in the dark.

Posted via CB10

In settings for BBM "remove action bar" solves the issues of what's typing being hidden

Caribbean Z30

This update caused my phone to behave erratic but a restart fixed most of it so far anyway.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Wind and Rogers both have the update in Toronto, Ontario. I bought a few stickers the other day and now they're all gone. What a waste of money. I hope BlackBerry will allow some sort of restore for stickers.

updated no issues only the action bar issue other than bess no chats deleted on 10. 3 hybrid

Z30 Beast on Roids....

Hey just updated the new version. All seems to be ok with the installation but that's where all the good news ends. The most serious problem that i am facing is, when i tap the box where in we are suppose to type the chat. The keyboard pops up over the box where we type the chat, so basically i cannot see what i am typing. I can still send and receives chats. But it is very annoying that i cannot see my chat while typing. Is there anyone else who has the same problem???? Currently running leakes, is that the reason for this??? Haven't bothered to check the other new features coz i cannot CHAT properly and it is getting on my nerves....

James, how could you not mention that you can set chat wallpapers in this version? This is big. IOS and Android don't have this. Surely they intend to make us pay for these eventually

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30

On and the BBM update was uneventful.

Chats were not deleted. However, I do have BBM configured to save chats. Maybe this is the key to a successful update.

Posted via CB10

It deleted my chats and my customized contact tones are no longer working. Too bad. I like to screen bbm ;)

Posted via CB10

I quite like the addition of the new emoticons and the wallpaper. I didn't loose my chats, so I can't speak on that. However it seems laggy when loading the chats with the wallpaper installed and also the font change and colours in Channels are not working so great visually. I dunno if I am alone on these issues. Btw am on a stl100-1 running official 10.2. I hope a leaked OS is not what's causing the chat lost issue..

Posted via Z10 Stl 100-1 on

Hmm..i got a grey coloured pop up instant preview when in a chat and I receive another bbm from other contact.

I don't recall that colour scheme. U think this is new?

From my z30

Love the new dropdown menu in the chat view, let's you view Chats by category (contacts/groups/channels).
Wallpapers are a nice addition, surely another step in bringing "what the masses want".

Would have been nice to see a notification setting for Channels notifications though, still does not have that.

Did lose all my chats (had save chats enabled) but for me that is no big deal.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Any reports from Verizon users yet? Any issues with some of the bugs people are experiencing? Deleted chat history?

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Still waiting for an update that blows me away, 12 extra emoticons and update changed in to feed what a big suprise.

Posted via CB10

Got the update on T-Mobile here in NY. I'll wait to download it when I get home, over Wifi, although I have to say, I have never experience any problems loosing chats when I've upgraded in the past. From the article it the updates look good. But what ever happen to updating us to be able to attach files in Group Chats? I mean really the background are a nice little touch that have mentioned before was worth looking in to, but I think giving us the ability to attach files in Group settings is more important.

Posted via CB10

The wallpapers would look better if the chat bubbles were transparent like LINE messenger. Otherwise the update went fine.

Z10 equates awesomeness exemplified.

OK just updated. No chats deleted here. Everything went smoothly! I agree about the bubbles being at least semi transparent. This is a good start. But seriously when are we going to be able to attach files in Group Chats?

Posted via CB10

They are still there. Mine were moved to page 2 while initially the regular free smilies were on page 2

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Got my update. No issues here. Still got my chat histories, channel subscriptions and all else.

It actually works better now. The last OS update made it a bit screwy for a while.

Still waiting for those X-rated stickers though...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I like the new wallpaper option, that's a nice addition. Hopefully BlackBerry will add more of them, plus the ability to choose your own. :)

Posted via CB10

Not sure if it's a coincidence or not, but after this update, BBM went from 'hogging' 15% of the battery (device monitor), even when it was supposed to be 'closed', to now less than 0.01%. Before, my z30 was running hot, and the battery was barely lasting a day (it normally gets 2 days).
Seems better now, at least from a resource monitoring perspective. I'll keep an eye on it.

Posted via CB10

Would really like two things to be changed.
1- the chat boxes to become transparent so that the wallpapers can be better seen

2- the ability to select any of your own photos to be set as a wallpaper for bbm

Z10 equates awesomeness exemplified.

Can't believe they still haven't fixed the group chats not saving bug

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Don't like it! No active pins in channels, still no ability to posts pics in group chat and the wallpapers are horrendous

Posted via Q10