BBM gets some love from our favorite F1 team

By Adam Zeis on 20 Sep 2013 08:23 am EDT

The love is flowing as BBM prepares to make its way onto Android and iOS this weekend. #BBM4ALL is taking over and soon users on other platforms will be able to get in on all the BBM fun. To help spread the word, Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes AMG Petronas team are doing their part. As seen in a tweet from earlier this week, the Mercedes F1 cars have received a little BBM love of their own which we have to say is awesome sauce.

Don't forget to do your part and spread the word - BBM hits Android and iOS this weekend so be sure to tell all your friends and family on other platforms to download so we can keep BBM going strong!



Check your links before you post..... both do not exist

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Both links work for me.


Works in the Browser but you need to refresh if you use CB10 app :)

Editor for


Is in sg thought

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Mercedes FTW!(Maybe next year after Vettel is retired:( )


Alonso and young drivers are just unfortunate to race in Vettels era. He's just good and he just started. I like that guy but I still root for BB and Hamilton.



<wasn't 'that' long ago the same thing was said in relation to another German driver ... named Michael Schumacher>


I'm not a huge fan of Vettel--I sat next to some rabid Vettel fans at last year's US Grand Prix--but you're absolutely right. He's in a class by himself, and since he's so young, we can expect him to dominate Formula One for perhaps the next decade. Without Vettel, we'd have an awesome fight between Hamilton, Alonso, and Kimi. The way it stands, the best they can hope for is best of the rest.



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"...Mercedes F1 cars have received a little BBM love of their own which we have to saw is awesome sauce." - I don't get this sentence.

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I think they meant say, not saw.

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I have noticed a lot of typos lately on CB...hmmmm!

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Maybe they're using iphones ;)


I'm game

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One of the fastest drivers in the world using the fastest OS,nice.

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Arny cua

I like hamilton using BlackBerry, the smartest meets the fastest :)

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Already have two friends waiting to download BBM this weekend on iOS.

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z10 rocks

I already have 3 friends on my list, yay bbm taking over

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BBM ftw BlackBerry runs in my veins, side note who heard about the security flaw in ios7 I heard a part of it on the radio this morning didn't catch the full story...

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Gord Cluthe

<runs to Google to ask> ... must know :)


Will blitzing my friends this weekend and next week to get them all on BBM.

#BBMnation is growing!

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Spread the word Bbm4all

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So BlackBerry logo got replaces with BBM logo.
All the money into BBM

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Anurada Boralessa

It's awesome how the q10 is on top and the iPhone is at the bottom! Hahahaha

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BlackBerry and Hamilton all day. The days are on countdown till I delete whatsapp.

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Changed my status to "meet you on bbm sept 21 or 22" and deleted it yesterday :) Ill use SMS until then lol

Gord Cluthe

Awesome. I've told all the in-laws / friends that after this weekend I will no longer respond to SMS messages.

Didn't have WhatsApp to delete in the first place :)


Nice ;)

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Lewis was awesome on TopGear UK.

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So my question now is why get a BlackBerry phone if the only thing blackberry had to offer is going cross platform FOR FREE

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Some people rely on more of the security and communication features than the social aspect of a phone :) Thats why #IChooseBlackBerry10 :D



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Some people believe that a non-BES BlackBerry is secure...


people can believe what they want :)


I certainly don't think that BlackBerry is all about BBM. The sheer security you're virtually guranteed with BlackBerry makes the world of difference... 


We all know about blackberry and their security but if you ask majority of people what their reason for getting a BlackBerry over iPhone or Android the first thing they say is for bbm especially people who know nothing about the company

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I dunno about that i still think most people want great reliable email devices.

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I just think it will be great to use BBM on my Z10 at last - I don't have any contacts at the moment as everyone I know has jumped ship. Can't wait to get rid of whatsapp! I think, if it goes well, it will keep blackberry in the loop and maybe stop all the negativity towards them.

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I am doing my part. Will get BBM on at least 4 devices this weekend, 2 iphones, 2galaxys

ChannelX C000D3759 We feature top channels


Me too. Got my wife and several buddies waiting. Even my sister who I use what app to communicate with will be getting bbm. Can't wait to delete whatsapp.

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Yep already got a number of friends to download bbm, also mentioning it on my fb and twitter ac... it's like spreading the love amongst friends and fams but instead its spreading the word...

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"Don't forget to do your part and spread the word - BBM hits Android and iOS this weekend so be sure to tell all your friends and family on other platforms to download so we can keep BBM going strong!" looks like BlackBerry is once again relying on users to do the marketing for them... we saw how well that worked so far. . .


Wooohooo. Kick ass BBM

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Bridge on BB10 just got an update for BBM support on the PlayBook!!!!

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What the PlayBook needed was a BBM app. I know they can't do a native BBM app, but a copy of the Android version to run on the Android Player would be fine. Let's hope it will work sideloaded.....


Bridge app got updated for BB10 devices. Now we can use BBM on playbook with Z10!!


This seriously looks like BBM is going to be a seperate company after all or was that already official?


I am calling all my friends and family members who have Andriod phones and iPhones and explaining them about BBM and it's advantages. As of now all of them seem to be interested about this app. Hopefully they all will download and keep using it. It was surprising that they don't know about "security" as of now and when I explained the same they were quite astonished.


Of course the best and most authentic way to fully enjoy BBM is by upgrading to a BlackBerry 10 device!

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Fulano De Tal

All my WhatsApp contacts are getting my ultimatum tomorrow. If they want to contact me they will have to install BBM because I am un installing WhatsApp. I BlackBerry gets it together and voice and video calling goes crossplatform, I will do the same with my Skype contacts. I am crossing my fingers they tested this thoroughly and don't screw this up. The press is not exactly complimenting it

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kamal lyall

I've already put the screen shot from crackberry about BBM on Facebook

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Counting down to bbm4all
Hope not another delay


BBM will rule the world.

world traveler and former ceo

BBM4ALL!!!! This weekend...let's make it happen!!

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Just watching the grand prix and see David Beckham in the Mercedes garage using a Z10.

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