BBM gets another boost on the charts thanks to BBM Stickers

By Adam Zeis on 3 Apr 2014 04:24 pm EDT

The first part of BBM's new monetization strategy looks to already be off to a good start. The latest update to BBM included BBM Stickers — essentially larger emoticons — that come in packs of 20 to 25. Some of the packs are free while others sell for $1.99. Currently there are only a few sets available, but BBM will look to add many more in the coming weeks.

Forbes reports that already in regions like Africa and Aisa, BBM has launched up the charts once again to compete with the top social messaging clients. In South Africa, BBM is #3 for iPhone while other sticker using apps LINE and WeChat are sitting at #22 and #37. In Indonesia, BBM sits at #3 as well behind only LINE and Path.

Downloads are on the rise again in other areas as well. BBM has hit the Top 50 on the iPhone charts in Canada, the UK and India. It's also worth mentioning that since the update is so new, there could still be a slew of users who have yet to update at all. There's still a good way to go for BBM to really cash in, but if things keep up it could do just that.

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BBM gets another boost on the charts thanks to BBM Stickers


I think the comment is referring to Asia vs Aisa as written in the article. There is a typo.

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Since BBM stickers Z10STL100-1/ it's crashing at least twice a day. Ideas, ?! Anybody?!

I have no issues on that OS with my Z30. Try side loading the leaked BBM to revert back. It was posted a few days ago on the front page and it's definitely in the forums.

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Surprised with so few available. I guess their is lots of curiosity and interest in new stickers. Better get lots more out there fast before people lose interest and tell their friends don't bother. But wait that is a BlackBerry specialty.

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The last and the only one hope for BB and BBM is to release BBM for all platforms (WP8, Windows, Linux and Mac) as soon as possible!

No need different deceives, all in one on each system. Please BB, dont fail this with Ad-spam!!!

Love to see stickers for all the pro sports especially NHL, NBA, Premier League, La Liga, NFL, MLB, Nascar etc

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They should allow you to display a sticker on your profile picture.....that way people can show off rare stickers they have. what good are these stickers if you can't show them off.

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you can send pictures and videos, so why waste money on few crappy pixels? it'd be nice, above all, if there was a feature to create your own and add them to your bbm/community. especially they won't transfer between carriers.

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Why? Because it's not only to make money, but it's also to get people to download BBM. Not sure why people can't grasp this? I don't eat Big Macs, but it doesn't mean I think their stupid for making them.

Keep it up up BlackBerry.

Powered by BlackBerry

Every crackberry fan buy a sticker pack. Whether you like em or not. $2 for the cause.

Long Live BlackBerry!

Posted with my Z10

I dont get it. They are ugly as hell. But hey People are different. Well at least it can be a good way for BlackBerry to make some additional Money in the midterm which they are urgently need.

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Yeah, I was hoping to find a set I liked, but find them not at all to my liking.

In response to an earlier poster, I may still buy one for the cause.

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BBM needs to go cross-devices with the same account, BBM wants to go to the TOP. To 500 million ACTIVE users. I know many users who download the APP played for a week and just quit.

BlackBerry needs to start advertising BBM asap! I see the Line commercial 4-5x whole watching sports channels in Spanish. I've seen a few times on the English channels too, but it is prevalent in Spanish channels due to people calling Latin America.

Z10 VZW "Con Power"

A Lot of people didn't get the notification yet and when I send a sticker it just said sticker received, basically cuz of me they updated, i have some friends who haven't even updated to bbm voice yet. Because we they only see symbols when we send some of the new emoticons

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I've been a vehement BlackBerry defender for years and that hasn't ever swayed up until recent days. This gimmick that is these BBM stickers is an embarrassment. I'm beginning to seriously question the companies priorities and my support for it. I have no idea what my next phone will be but I'm beginning to think that it won't be a BlackBerry.

A frustrated owner of a Q10 - OS

Please, have some decency. I am at least somewhat of a power user; my Z10 is mostly for productivity and has 5 email addresses synced to it in addition to the social network accounts. But I'm not about to rag on the stickers. BlackBerry 10 is a great platform that can meet everyone's needs, whether it be a CEO or teenager (BBM for all). Stickers in no way degrade the use of BBM or BlackBerry 10 devices for business. If anything, stickers will generate revenue, which will keep the company that we love solvent and continuing to put out great hardware and software. If you hate the stickers that much, no one is forcing you to install the sticker packs.

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Oh come off it. It's a fun little feature. I'm quite enjoying sending stickers back and forth with my wife.

He posted from his sleek Z30.

Any place to find a tutorial on how to make your own stickers and sell them? I've got some ideas percolating....

There are plenty of stickers in BlackBerry World. I do hope that they get included in to BBM as it is at the moment the other stickers are very inconvenient to use.

I too have a few ideas for stickers. Wonder how I can put them up to this shop too.

BBM also need to have stickers available in Group chats as well.

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Yeah! BlackBerry definitely needs to add that ability ASAP. I'm very surprised that they didn't implement it before. Hopefully in the next update. But you can send stickers in multi-person chats though.

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All crackberry solders show your support and buy a pack of stickers, I already bought 2 packs, and it's fun

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They should put sports logos... like I can see people sending stickers to their friends when there favorite sports team win to mock others... like sens fans to leaf fans for example

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Based on the article, it seems it only jumps because people are upgrading and not downloading as a new user. Kinda misleading. Everyone who had the app has to update, of course it's going to jump in "downloads"

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Even though I bashed the idea of stickers at first, it seems that they do indeed have a market. Even my mom finds them amusing and uses them. Simply put, they're a more bold expressive emoticon, which is always a good thing.

However, BlackBerry must drop way more stickers than what is currently being offered, and I mean way more. Make stickers of everything from sports, animals, cars, everything!

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It would be a major plus if we could create our own avatar sticker and turn it into our new bar people would scan the face of your avatar instead of your bar code and add you to BBM...just an idea.

#poweredbyblackberry Z30

More stickers please. I only see 4 or 5 packs in the shop.
Also be able to gift a sticker pack to my contacts would be nice. I will pay.


I wonder how I can set my birthday in BBM. If I click on myself where I can set my status, display name, etc I can also see my birthday but I can not change it. Anyway, the date I can see is wrong by one day. Where can I change it? Somewhere in BBM? In my ID settings? Or somewhere else in the phone settings? I use the Q10 with 10.2 but have never seen this before.

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$1.99 is too high for a sticker pack. Some of the users aren't even willing to part $0.99 for a great app!

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