First challenge in the BBM Generation Program for Youth coming to an end, have you voted?

BBM Challenge
By Jared DiPane on 4 Nov 2011 04:58 pm EDT

A few weeks back RIM announced the BBM Generation Program for Youth, and now the first challenge in the contest is coming to a close. With only about 7 hours left in Challenge 1, now is a great time to remind everyone about the program, and make sure that you have voted! So, take a look through the entries and place your vote for your favorite candidate. Challenge 2 begins November 8th!

Get your vote on!



I don't know if the other contestants are members here, but I am proud to say that I am one of the twenty-five in Lauren's group and a proud member of Crackberry Nation! Please get out and vote. (A vote for William wouldn't hurt) Hope you all have a great weekend and please vote during the rest of the challenges.


Does this include people who are over weight and don't have perfect teeth?


And I have absoulutely no hard feelings. But Blackberry really effed up the selection process for contestants. On the music side it was all Caucasian US females mostly 13-16 a 17 year old and one male from Canada. None of them musicians or etc. but fans. So be it I guess, but I was dissappointeed. The way they selected wasn't in the rules, how do you cut down to 20 in the start of the contest? Lol.


They didn't pick me, i wanted to join if not winning grand prize i still want to join..