Want free movie tickets for a year? Just share BBM in the USA or Canada for your chance to win

By James Richardson on 4 Feb 2014 11:35 am EST

If you are in North America or Canada and over the age of 13, BlackBerry are giving you the chance to go to the movies for free — as long as you are a BBM user. The good news for our buddies on other platforms is that the promotion isn't just restricted to us BlackBerry users either. Android and iPhone folks can take advantage of the deal too, all they need is a BBM PIN. 

Just head on over to the link below, fill in the boxes and share. The draw date for the movie competition is February 27th and if you win you'll be entitled to free movie tickets for a whole year! 

In addition to the one big prize there will also be additional 14 weekly prizes which will be gift cards or movie tickets. Full terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the application page. 

Share BBM and be in with a chance of winning



...I thought Canada was part of North America?


Someone got caught!

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Fish Crackers

haha that has my first thought when I read the headline


Maybe there was a memo removing us, and we missed it.


Yeah I sent the memo. We are just called North now.


You'll have to forgive James, he's from the UK and understandably confuses. I think they still believe we're a colony here.

Just ribbing you James :D

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Yep, North America or Canada??

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Reminds me of when td bank payed for everyone's movie for one night. BlackBerry should do that with a 5 minute promo of the bb10 OS as the only preview.

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Scotiabank will be thrilled to find out you remember it that way.


Lol. I'm sure the people in the theatre got it right. Frankly I'm lucky I remembered it was a bank considering my attention to advertising.

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Bahaha to funny it was Scotiabank.

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I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


I'm not understanding exactly what is being shared and how and with whom. It's asking for my first and last name, my email address and my BBM PIN, none of which I want out in the public.

Any ideas, anyone?


It gives you the option if you want to share your pin or not. If you choose not to share your pin, you still share the general message of trying to recruit new BBM users.

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Thanks for the reply!

Cheers. :)


Bbm pin plus name and email. Nope.

From my new z30


You realize that BlackBerry already has these, right?

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Well Canada may or not be part of NA depending on who you ask :P

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Awesome I did this last night. :)

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This is some dumb ass nonsense... doesn't work....


I am in both North America and Canada. What should I do? Dilemma.

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Enter twice!

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Not entering. The terms are insane. They can use any info provided as entry in any way they want forever with no compensation.

The unlimited tickets are for the closest movie theater to your town or city. That would be the chain theaters that suck.

And to top it off I need to share my PIN? I'm not sharing it with anyone who I don't want to add.


With you on that one hundred percent. Went to the site, looked, went WTF. One of the biggest things I like about BBM is that it doesn't go through my phone book, doesn't share that information with everyone who has ever been in my phonebook, and basically doesn't behave like WhatsApp. Now they want me to just hand over my information myself. Information that BlackBerry already has.


What theater is it for? Not everyone has a Ciniplex. Some have landmark cinemas only..


Wait free tickets to the closest theater to me?? That would be at the run down, 60% vacant mall near me where movie goers get jumped in the parking lot often. Hmm...I think I'll sign up my annoying neighbor...yeah...

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I want BBM 2.0 for all platforms quick

Z30, Q10, Z10, iP5, SGS3


No doubt

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Has anyone noticed the Grand Prize Draw Date. January 27,2014? The contest started on January 28th, 2014. What? Wait! WHAT??

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Uhm...keep scrolling down.

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Although it is weird that the grand prize is drawn before the secondary prize.

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The draw is over, why are we only notified about this now, lol???

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Exactly... shows Jan 27th not Feb 27th..

Nick Spagnolo

Nick Spagnolo




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Anyone else having issues sharing on facebook.? Page loads all squished on the left side. I can't log in.

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Didn't work. I filled out the info on my Q10 and then got to the second page but It wouldn't let me load the fb page to share. So i went back to do it again and it said that i already did it.

Went and did it on my Z10 and same thing happened.


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James, James, James. Since when is Canada not considered part of North America? *smh*