BBM added to the Collins Dictionary - About time too!

By James Richardson on 13 Sep 2012 05:37 pm EDT

If you are reading this you will know exactly what BBM is. Today the term short for BlackBerry Messenger has officially entered modern day vernacular, with the announcement that it is to be included in the latest edition of the Collins English Dictionary - yay!

The inclusion reflects the BBM service's extraordinary global popularity. From its humble origins as a business messaging tool, BBM is today used by over 56 million people worldwide, with 70% of customers ‘BBMing' on a daily basis to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. In South Africa alone, over 98% of BlackBerry® customers use the BBM application.

The announcement from Collins reinforces a myriad of recent cultural references to ‘BBM', most recently from Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. Moments after winning the 100m Olympic gold at London 2012, the world record holder gave a live television interview where he said: "All I gotta do is thank a few people on my BBM with my congrats and that's pretty much it". Music artists such as Tinie Tempah and Sean Kingston have both mentioned BBM in their respective songs ‘Miami to Ibiza' and the aptly titled, ‘BBM'.

T.A. McCann, Vice President, BBM and Social Communities at BlackBerry maker RIM, commented: "The inclusion of BBM in the Collins English dictionary recognizes its status as one of the world's most popular mobile social networks. In recent years, the term ‘BBM' has transcended its technological origins to become a brand that is part of the everyday language of millions of people all over the world. The service itself continues to evolve, with ‘BBMers' able to share content, create groups and even post status updates to other social networking sites such as Facebook® and Twitter® directly from the BBM app. We're honoured that a word used daily by millions of our customers has been officially welcomed into the English language."

I have a suspicion that BBM may well be used even more widely next year once BlackBerry 10 is out and taking over the world!

Source: RIM



BBM FTW if that feature did not exist it might now have drawn me into BlackBerry so deeply

Kevin Michaluk

Yay for BBM! I remember when CrackBerry got added to the dictionary.... I was, so proud. :)


Awesome lol!!! Couldn't do without BBM :D


it probably took this long due to the fact that Playbook still doesnt ship with BBM....


Good thing Bureau of Broadcast Measurement or BBM Canada didn't have their way with BBM lawsuit or this would have been a very awkward moment.

Emu the Foo

+1 LOL! They are prolly all pissed now

Emu the Foo

Nothing is legit til its got an urban dictionary definition... Even tho bbm does just sayin


I mentioned this early today to CrackBerry Kevin on twitter, check it out at @ElMismisimoMilo This is big! BBM it's now part of a language!!!