Is BBM down for you in Asia Pacific?

By James Richardson on 12 May 2013 12:27 pm EDT

We've had various reports in that BBM for BlackBerry 10 users is suffering a service interruption over in the Asia Pacific area. It now turns out that legacy BlackBerry smartphones are suffering too. In the CrackBerry forums one user has stated that there is maintenance happening which will be resolved in a few hours - however we are not currently able to confirm this.

For us BlackBerry users this sucks as we are so reliant on BBM for communication. It would appear that the countries facing the issue are Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Is there more we don't yet know about? Are you affected?

Please let us know in the comments and also when things are back up and running.


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Is BBM down for you in Asia Pacific?


I'm surprised that there is no sad-face Kevin in the photo in this article!

An article without a photo of Kevin - CHECK!

Yes down in the Philippines and just a few minutes ago, e-mails through BlackBerry is down too.

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Down here in Indonesia, but you can get it working. Just remove the sim card and connect using wifi only.

Can confirm for Thailand as well. Service rep for provider says it has been down for almost 8 hours. They will send an SMS when it is resolved.

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Would like to note I am using Z10 and data services seem to be sluggish though. Wifi solves my problems.

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Yes, down, Indonesia, Indosat (and all the people I know too)
Just annoying, on my Q10 I can't even see my old chats because BBM doesn't open anymore. Seriously... even if messages drip in I can't read them. That's just annoying!!!!

I've been chatting this morning with two friends in India and Bangladesh, they're working fine.

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I'm in Indonesia & experiencing such outage with my Z10 & Telkomsel network. Heard some rumours that it will be resolved by 00:30 local time. Hopefully it is true...

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Welcome to new generation bb10...hahahhaha...bbm z10 down in indonesia. It is not the first time. Any solution? Thanks

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That is an issue and post from March, unrelated to the recent server issues in UK, Euro and Africa.

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Down here in the Philippines. Called CSRs, they gave us ET of 2 hours before activity is over.

it said i got no data plan on all apps on my odin. and i checked the BIS is not connected. even after i switch it off and on again, turning the bb down and on again, and restart it twice. BIS still not connected, though i got the 3G BB signal. what's weird is i still got emails from crackberry about reply notification on the forum. with no BIS connection. awesome. lol.

Now is that perfect time to make use of PIN messaging lol! Anyways down here from KL Malaysia as well..

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So with Os10 we have none of the advantages of enterprise with all of the downsides. Go bbry keep on reinventing yourself.

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Hey, i removed the simcard and somehow it can overcome the problem. It seem when no simcard is installed it would directly connect to blackberry server, not through operator/blackberry NOC.

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Seems to be only solution right now. But you should be able to leave sim in as that is what I'm doing right now.

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Hi, down in Indonesia and happening to all my BlackBerry devices including Z10 (Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Axis or Tri Hutchinson).
For email, so far still working well on all my devices.

Thanks and Keep Moving... :)

Still working in British Columbia...maybe you guys will get some free apps like we did when BBM went down for us :-)

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Well BBM is down at the moment but blackberry is not on its knee. This issue will be resolved soon. Whatever it is, I want my free app from blackberry just like those in BC. :)

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Turned off mobile services and use wifi connection somehow solved the problem. I'm in malaysia using maxis

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Just updated my phone and suddenly i got this message. Tried to restart twice to no avail. Opened CB then there it is the problem is all over asia. YES no bbm for us here in the Philippines

Posted via CB with STL100-2

Malaysia Legacy here. Back on, thank god. For a while back there I thought I've used up my unlimited plan lol.

Confirm, already online again.. hehe.. from indonesia using telkomsel provider..

Posted on CB10 with BB Z10 - 24E6DF02

working sporadically. was able to call and use BBM Voice and actively receiving BBMs now. Can't send though. Still a red X. Batt pull-ing.

PH Globe Telecom / 9790

Yeah I had a friend on Z10, his was down. And his other half on a 9790, running 7.1, also down. So its effecting both.

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Whatsapp is a lot more stable than BBM on Blackberry as far as outage is concerned..I always have Whatsapp as my fall back tool when bbm failed.

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until now monday, 13th of May 6 40 AM BIS still not working. I can see the recent updates but when I tried to sent BBM messages its still red X.

BBM is down here in Malaysia, network provider Maxis.

BlackBerry users want a good BlackBerry OS & devices! Wake up!

It was down for from yesterday 11pm to 6.30 am. All ok since.
I'm on Maxis. Was a bit pissed couldnt bbm while watching Tiger

I'm on XL Indonesia, when I went to bed 7 hours ago, BBM was still working. It's still working now.

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I'm in Indonesia, using Telkomsel as provider. Yesterday they admitted receiving a report stating some problems in RIM or so, but now BBM is working fine. Try to reset your handheld or go to Settings - About - Network - Register BlackBerry, then restart the BlackBerry Messenger application. Hope this helps. :)

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ya...indonesia, smartfren on 20.48 (gmt +7).... its the best service from BB RIM
have a nice day :D

In this morning mine still error, than I update to new os than BBM work fine

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