BBM down again for Android and iOS?

*UPDATE* - It appears as though any issues have been resolved now. 

By Bla1ze on 30 Jan 2014 07:49 pm EST

As much as I hate to write this one up seeing how it feels a lot like Déjà vu, there's been several reports now from Android and iOS users that BBM is experiencing some issues. It doesn't appear to be widespread but rather a bit regional this time around with folks in the UK experiencing it more so than others. To go along with the reports of it being down though, we've also heard there is a good chance it's maintenance for the upcoming release of BBM 2.0.

However, if that is the case I think BlackBerry should give folks a heads up, they do have a pretty massive following on their Twitter account to warn folks of such things. Transparency is better than letting people wonder. In any event, sound off in the comments if you're having issues with your BBM right now. We'll update accordingly when we hear more.

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BBM down again for Android and iOS?

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Ya u just noticed that the message I sent 3 hours ago was not sent. It was a pretty important message as I was writing to say that I won't be able to make it to a meeting. At least BBM should attempt to resend the message when the connection is re-established. I thought that BBM was supposed to be used for business. Big fail on their part. Will make me use this service less in the future.

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First time problem for me. In Calgary, AB.

I can receive from Android and IOS fine but can’t send.

BlackBerry to BlackBerry is not affected for me.

BlackBerry to Android in Ottawa, ON is working to Calgary.


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BB7 device Dominican Republic. No issues on BBOS to BBOS, but can only receive and not reply to iOS or Android.

I can receive from Iphone. And iphone to iphone works, but I can't send to iphone. BlackBerry to BlackBerry works too

Posted from my awesome Q10

My wife has an iPhone in Rogers and I have a Z10 on Rogers.

She can send a BBM message to me however I cannot send one to her.

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San Jose, CA is having intermittent issues as well. One hour it works fine, the next hour no messages go through, then repeats the cycle all over again.

Am from bahrain, but currently am in Iraq for short time and bbm is down when it comes to send to and IOS or Android user

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Yeah. BlackBerry to android gets the red x. As frustrating as it is, it's somewhat comforting to see Crackberry on it as soon as I noticed.

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Seems to be Working just fine for me. But I Only really use it with my mother on her iPhone from my Q10.

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Down in Vancouver, BC

Using a Z10 on 10.2.1 on Virgin Mobile Network.

Sending and receiving is fine from BlackBerry to BlackBerry, but iOS and Android I can only receive. If I send, I get the red "x"

We're talking about a program that communicates between hundreds of millions of devices....have you done any coding lately?

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Works great for me and all my people on ios and android. Never not worked. Must be carrier issues. Telus is good here.

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Down on my Z30 here in NZ having just loaded a leak of cos Vodafone NZ don't give a stuff about BlackBerry anymore!

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I must be the odd man out on Rogers cause I haven't had any issues, maybe cause I'm near Toronto? Ha.

Team BlackBerry

BB10 to iOS BBM outage confirmed in NYC.

iOS users can send to BB10. BB10's reply message greeted with Red X.

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BBM is down in the New York USA. But only to iPhone and Android users. I can communicate fine with my Z10, with other BlackBerry users.

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Go check out the reviews on BBM ,down to 3 stars ,that sucks,it has so much potential and I hate seeing it being neglected,it is one of the cornerstones for the future of BB, and has to act like a winner,and not be able to crumble.

All seems to be working fine here in Halifax Nova Scotia. Blackberry to blackberry and BlackBerry to IOS.

Wasn't BBM supposed to be reliable...?

Well, anyways, I'm BBMing my friend and she's on an iPhone 5s. It's working just fine right now, but I have had an issue where my messages weren't sending before. It fixed itself after a few hours.

I'm near Chicago, Illinois in the U.S. on AT&T.

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I thought I'd add that when I was having issues, she could send to me just fine but I couldn't respond.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

My wife and her brother have been down since before Christmas. One on iOS the other in Android and both on Verizon. They have basically given up on it. Sadly I have the only BlackBerry in my circle and most would rather text.

Posted via CB10 using my Z10 running

Well, it's working fine for me in London. One of the problems or curses with BBM is its reliability actually. Because people get used to the immediate feedback on D and R, they are hyperaware of when it isn't working.

On WhatsCrap, you wouldn't really even notice if it went down because you haven't got that certainty to begin with. I do agree, though, that BlackBerry should be more open about this stuff.

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Had a few minutes of issues then went back to business as usual. Have to say, if this was a problem, happy Blackberry was right on the ball and straightened it out. Ontario on Fido/Rogers

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Growing pains? Give then a break. Massive OS downloads going on. Have a Z30 and never side loaded. Awesome upgrade today. Bring it!

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Actually I had 2 hours I could send or receive to a android phone in Washington state, USA

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Just chatting on BBM with friend on iPhone. We're in Canada. All seems well.

Posted via CB10 on BB10 from Q10

Down in Vancouver, BC

Using a Z10 on 10.2.1 on Virgin Mobile Network.

Sending and receiving is fine from BlackBerry to BlackBerry, but iOS and Android I can only receive. If I send, I get the red "x"

On Telus, central BC, my wife's S3 and our son's girlfriend's iPhone 4s, just talked to both of them on my Z, no problems here. :)

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It was down one way here in the US, but it was only down in one direction...

My friend on iOS could send to me (BB10), but every time I would try to reply, I would get the horrible red X. I could continue to receive BBM messages from this friend, but continued to not be able to send anything back.

This continued for about an hour. It is back up now.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

My sister's phone only experienced this for about 5 minutes. Mine has worked all day. Too well. iPhone niece drive me nuts with messages all day today at work.

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Issues only seem to arise with those using BBM in ios and Android I'm not sure why and can someone please care to explain to me why BBM in BlackBerry does not rely nor work via wifi rather with the carrier unlike ios and Android

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There was a blackberry BBM maintenance for about two hours today. It's completed. Everything is back to normal.

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My brother from Quebec City has an iPhone 5. Sunday, Jan 20th, my BlackBerry Messenger could not connect to his BBM installed on his iPhone.

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Dont know of if it is down or not here in Malaysia.. you guys are so lucky to have friends using bbm..


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Ontario, Canada on Telus ... and I haven't lost BBM at all today (or tonight). Been chatting with Blackberry, iOS and Android people all day/night.

This situation needs to be fixed.

BlackBerry can't improve its public image by randomly dropping service like this whenever it tightens a loose screw.

Troubles like this make the BlackBerry of the future look a lot like the BlackBerry of the past, that's one image BlackBerry needs to change if it wants to be a real market competitor.

I've had no issues with BBM today in South Africa.

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This happens now when I' ve dropped down What's App, forcing some of my friends to chat with me thru bbm? Trying hard to demonstrate everyone that bbm is better that wapp, etc etc? Now I hear this? Folks! Pls do something!

Proudly Z10 owner !

I agree, BlackBerry should openly talk about it. Anyway we're experiencing no trouble here in the Bilbao area

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Still having issues in South Africa. And this is not only affecting contacts with BBM on android/ios. It's contacts with blackberry too. A white Cross with red background get displayed when I try to send messages. The flak I've been getting for switching people over to BBM is starting to take its toll. /pissed.

CB10/Z10 STL100-1/10.2.1 /Telkom Mobile South Africa

I find this quit irritating. The downtime is less of a bother to me than not getting a simple:

"Some BBM users might encounter technical issues in parts of the world as we upgrade systems to improve your BBM experience. Sorry for the inconvenience, every effort is being made to improve systems for your future benefit."

I came up with that in less than 5 minutes. Surely the mobile communications kings can get this done better than simple old me. If they actually care st all.

I suppose it is people like me that stay with the brand that keep BlackBerry complacent.

The ladder to the top is not built upon complacency!!!!

BlackBerry, fix your bloody system, fire the people who don't fix the age old problem or close your doors. I'm sick and tired of promoting a brand that can't pay it's customers a simple courtesy.

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Happened to me as well for a short time on my z10 on the TELUS network while bbming my wife's iphone. Not the press they need right now.

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I'm in Bushey, in the London Home County of Hertfordshire, UK.

I sent a message to one of my staff yesterday evening but it didn't deliver. She replied at 7am this morning and now both our messages to each other are delivered immediately. I'm on a BlackBerry Z10 and she's on an iPhone 5S.

Let's hope that this is a pre-update issue...

Savvas John Savva, Owner of Skill 7 Limited - - BBM: 2670CCEA

Never had an issue here in Canada. Hopefully this hiccup gets sorted out soon for those who do have problems

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This is precisely the reason I will not try to convert anyone into using BBM. I'm not going to take responsibility for BlackBerry's faults. SMS, Skype and Whatsapp works just fine for me and my friends.

Bbm is starting to suck.. I might transition back from what's app. I have problems regularly with messaging being sent in a timely manner

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Down yesterday on fido network....but not just bbm it was text and calling that was down

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I have been using BBM to communicate with my partner in Asia. They are using a Z10 and myself a Q10. This is my experience to date with BBM video. I would say 2 or 10 attempts actually work, but when it does work it is great. Just very erratic.
As to Skype works 5 out of 10 attempts, maybe higher.
We are quite disappointed to date. Asian locales are Phillippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. I think BBM needs much improvement and I appreciate sometimes it is the Internet connection.

And as we all know no video on android.


BlackBerry should use their channel to announce this or have a BBM acct everyone can buddy up with so they can broadcast this info. maybe even make it a mandatory buddy

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Oh BBM 2.0... the update that said it will be out in a few weeks.... BS it's almost a month now.... WTF... let's get it started already

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I got friends on S4 and IOS and both said they were logged out of the system and didn't get my messages. This happen within the last seven days.

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Both located Northeast and one on Verizon and the other on US Cellular. I just remembered another friend if mine saying little over a week ago they were logged off too.

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Doesn't really matter as almost all who defected from BlackBerry no longer use or have any use for BBM. Probably 100% of their former contact lists are now using other messaging services.

Only thing I noticed on Thursday was that I had two distinct conversations going on bbm with her? I simply ended chat on the one that did not seem to be receiving and carried on. Both my girls have iOS / droid - no issues.


Scribed via zee Cue X on X.II.I

Happened to me for a short time yesterday when sending BBM msgs from Z10 to iPhone (both on Verizon in Indiana, USA). During that conversation, I began getting the red X at 6:30pm EST. I later sent a msg, in same conversation, around 8:30pm EST which went thru fine.

During maintenance, the BBM client should display an alert. After maintenance, the BBM client should re-attempt delivery. The red X, alone, reduces confidence.

Bbm on android sucks because the android phones turn off bbm to save battery when not in use for a couple of minutes.

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