BBM on the desktop gets a BlackBerry Jam Asia demo

By Bla1ze on 25 Sep 2013 11:27 pm EDT

For years now, there has been plenty of discussion surrounding BBM on the desktop. We even asked not that long ago if it was time for it to make the jump and lo and behold, BlackBerry has been thinking the same thing.

What you see in the above image was a tech demo for BBM on the desktop at BlackBerry Jam Asia, essentially showing how your BlackBerry can be used to mirror the content on your BlackBerry to the desktop over USB and WiFi which also includes Windows integration, allowing for such things as using the file picker to send photos, files and more.

At this point, there is no planned launch or anything like that but Alec Saunders noted it's also working on Mac and they're 'thinking about other environments' as well but again, simply a tech demo for now.

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BBM on the desktop gets a BlackBerry Jam Asia demo


This is an app that mirrors BBM on your device. Fixmo did this last year or the year before, and BlackBerry demoed this behind closed doors almost 4 years ago.

Samsung has complete smartphone mirroring on their computers already. But for BBM users this announcement is likely welcome news albeit late.

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If it was running alongside BBM on the phone and didn't have to be on the same network, that would have been awesome. Sort of a login and also get your BBMs on the PC and when read, it syncs.

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Agreed. I feel like the messaging app which will 'win' the race will be cross platform and sync on all devices; smartphones, tablets and desktops. No wifi, bluetooth, NFC or cable connection needed. Google Hangouts has the functionality as far as I know but isn't available for Windows Phone or BlackBerry. Hasn't really taken off either because nobody knows what the hell it is.

There have been IM clients that did this for years before the mobile-only ones showed up and those clearly haven't won the race, most of them have pretty much died off by now.

Have any of them really done it well? I remember google messenger did this back in the day but it didn't utilize push on the mobile end so it was a battery hog.

Except skype. I can have skype running on 3 PCs (windows, linux, mac) and 2 smartphones at the same time, and messages will get synced across all of them.

A lot of people think of skype as a video chat app and not a messenger. I didn't know that skype does all that b/c I don't know enough people who use it so I've never put it on my smartphones.

How do you do it? I have it on my home, office and phone, but the chats are only available on the device I did it, the others don't get it, that was a feature when it was Windows Live Messenger, but since it is Skype I can't do it anymore, is a way to do it?

No... I think if it got a demo at the event, they're beyond the consideration stage.

"At this point, there is no planned launch or anything like that but Alec Saunders noted it's also working on Mac and they're 'thinking about other environments' as well."

I think you read the part about them "thinking about" other environments in addition to Windows and Mac. I'm assuming Linux, maybe gaming platforms like the Xbox One/PS4, etc.

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Bring to the gaming platform, make friends with Sony. Use BBM as number one form of communication

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No plans until Prem is in control. That way he gets all the benefits and long term investors (thank God not me) get screwed.

Happy news for once!

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Hear hear. Sigh I've been with this company since my college days and my have they grown worse. Sometimes I dream that BlackBerry just dies a quiet death so I can stop seeing the company I love and their phones being slowly torn bit by bit. Alas love is blind and so is justice.

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I'm excited. That's something I have always wished for. Keep it coming. BlackBerry 4life

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This is what i liked right here "essentially showing how your BlackBerry can be used to mirror the content on your BlackBerry to the desktop over USB and WiFi"

Those words, mirror the content on your blackberry. That sounds great!

Indeed, this is potentially much bigger than just BBM on the desktop, this could be the start of bridge to everything if done right.

but I don't understand... maybe it should be phrased "essentially showing how you can mirror the content on your BlackBerry to the desktop over USB and WiFi"

I really don't care unless I can actually download the app that allows me to do it.

BlackBerry keeps showing stuff they can do but half the time it doesn't materialize. Remember all that stuff they showed on the Playbook like the file sharing thing, but that didn't show up? Or the promise for BB10 on PB? Or botched BBM for iOS and Android release.

Wake me up when this thing is real, gonna go play some games on my Z10 before heading to sleep.

This has me thinking of BBM bridged to the PlayBook. And that never worked well for me personally. Along with the text bridge, it was too laggy to even use most times.

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When I plug my z10 into my pc it wants to launch BlackBerry Link. I have thought for a while it would be cool if Link included desktop sized version of the BlackBerry Hub including everything I have setup on my phone. Talk about productivity

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Hmm when I plug my z10 into my computer it wants to start world war 3. I'm afraid it may actually trigger a nuclear assault on Apple. Keeps flashing a missile and shows it hitting and blowing up an apple. Don't know anything about link. But I like the way my Z10 thinks

Only a fool thinks they know me.

"I'm afraid it may actually trigger a nuclear assault on Apple."

As I read this I thought you were going to say "Global Thermal Nuclear War"

You don't even need Link or some kind of proprietary software.

Just look at Apple's - That is exactly what BlackBerry needs but with BBM intergration. There's no reason why they couldn't have something like that which is able to connect to the device and it's features without it being connected directly to the computer you're using. Gosh... I cringe at so much potential untapped...

I never physical connect my z10 to my pc. It just syncs via WIFI when my computer is on and my z10 is connected to the Internet.

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What I'm referring to though goes beyond that. If BlackBerry were to implement what I'm talking about, your Z10 wouldn't even need to connect to the PC via WiFi. You could just do everything in the browser and it's all being pushed to the device and back to the browser in real time.

I think they just mirror it because of their emphasis on security. Going through the web and American Rootservers will bring the NSA into play. Just a guess.

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Lol I noticed that "minor" detail too. I'm sure they're just downplaying WP right now to suggest that they're somehow closer to the #3 spot than M$, I don't think it'll be too long between the initial cross-platform BBM launch (whenever that happens) and the launch for Windows Phone.

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So if they release before November shares can go up and the buy can go down. May be the leak it and blame us when they won't deliver.

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F'in awesome! I've been wanting this for a while now!

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These are the sort of things I truly need. Something that truly increases my productivity.

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That would be really nice. And the fact that it mirrors with the same account and not double the account is a plus because conversation stays in sync. I wonder if they would make it work with BBM for iOS and Android so everyone can be satisfied. And with BBM audio and video calls coming for all (theorically), we can almost wonder if Skype could fall from its podium.

It is allowed to dream. :P

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No planned launch or anything like that..... LOL and that just about describes Blackberry perfectly. Oh well, I'm sure it's coming soon - whatever the hell that means.

Stay tuned.. laser focused.. hyper connected.. mobile computing.. coming soon..


(Shit, that almost sounds like a commercial)

It is a developer conference, those things are about demoing new things that they can use in the future, this is not a formal release and that is why there is no date being given.

Hmmmm I sense BBM video coming in the near future whenever this is launch if so goodbye Skype and OOVOO

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Well, Alec did say that they're, "thinking about other environments' as well."

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More likely options for other environments would seem to be android/ios tablets, they are out of that game now so bridge onto tablets people actually use would be a logical move.

I would think BBM4ALL inherently extends to Android/iOS-based tablets (and iPods), maybe not right away but I'm sure the assumption/expectation is already there. BBM doesn't require cellular service, so hardware-wise there aren't any limitations between the phones and tablets/iPods, and even then they probably won't have to do much to get the program to recognize if the device has cellular capabilities or not and disable the feature.

I don't think Alec would take the time to vaguely say "other platforms" while discussing the desktop version and be referring to other iterations of the mobile version.

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Had that on my 9900 almost. What was that software called? Not BBSAK, was it?

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Totally awesome!!! BBM going multi-platform for realz. Get it queued up on Windows Phone too, and we're good to go.

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Yes, yes and yes. They should be attempting a full takeover of the messaging game.
The PC version should be able to run in a browser though, proprietary software will only cause headaches and usually lags behind it's mobileOS counterparts. Especially since they're the evangelist for HTML5, it should be a problem to have a full browser experience.

Corrected it for you :)

Especially since they're the evangelist for HTML5, it "shouldn't" be a problem to have a full browser experience.

Maybe I misunderstood this, but BBM on Windows requires a BB10 device?

I had really hoped for a native, standalone Windows application.
Maybe BlackBerry simply tries to do things in a "new way" to differentiate them from the competition.

BlackBerry has a dream of having BB10 devices the core, and other devices "thin clients" or "lightweight clients" and this is just one attempt to fullfill the dream. We can look at this as "Bridge 2.0" and we all saw how Bridge failed simply because having two devices involved may cause four times as many problems. Users just want to turn their device on and start use it.

One way of succeeding could be cost savings: Customers get BB10 at a reasonable price, and save money on lighter/thinner devices connecting to BB10.

How about extending the "Remote File Access" paradigm to be full two-way communications, INCLUDING Bridge.

If done right, it even replaces "Find My Phone" functionality: you can access your phone remotely and turn on the camera and so on. THIS is part of what "mobile computing" means, and as far as I can tell ONLY BlackBerry is working on this, and it's going to be ONLY on BB10 for the next few years, I wager.

Therein lies the difference...
Fans: "When will it be released?"
Apple: "Next week."

Fans: "When will it be released?"
BlackBerry: "Haha"

Wippy do, company is a hack, run the company into the ground and cook the books to get sp low enough to take it private and soon as it's private release all the good new

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Does anyone else notice that the interface in the photo looks extremely similar to the BBM in the latest BlackBerry Bridge version for BB10?

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Maybe this will finally mean we can get the dock for the Z10 produced. That would make the whole connecting to the computer thing a lot easier.

Do you mean a dock with an HDMI port? There are plenty of docks for cheap on that work with the Z10 via micro-USB connection AND have a spare battery charging slot built-in to boot. Not with HDMI so you can connect to a large screen, but if you just want to connect to a PC, those docks exist.

I spend about half my day in the office, in front of my computer. This would be awesome!

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I do know how to spell damn but apparently my z10 loathes swearing.

Seriously- What the funding!

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Why not a stand alone BBM application for the desktop?

My BlackBerry has to be wired to my computer to be able to BBM? Not optimal. iMessage did it right.

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The WiFi connection is nice in that it is convenient, but it puts an unnecessary drain on the battery. It would be nice if BBM could borrow from iMessage as Knownastron suggested. It would be optimal for communication while at the office.

I think a standalone BBM app on the desktop is one of step but they definitely need to go beyond that.

With iMessage, it's is basic compared to BBM.

This is awesomeness! This means that BBM will eventually replace all IM services for me--both mobile and desktop. I can't wait. This is the definition of a truly cross-platform instant messaging service: several mobile and desktop operating systems covered. :-)

Cool. Accourding to my sources it was SOOO close to be demonstrated at BBW in Orlando, but was pulled in the last second as it was not ready.

Going to be interesting to see if WP8, OSX etc. will come too.

There should be a Stand Alone for Mac and PC no phone needed from day one. Be a more useful without a phone to always mirror from.

It's another con!

"I had a session with Chris Smith, the Vice President of Application Platform at BlackBerry, and asked him about availability for BBM from the desktop like we saw in the morning keynote. In exact words “no plans” to which I said “so was it just a proof of concept?” and his words “not even a proof of concept”. Ultimately Chris wanted to make it clear that what we say today was just a demo of how capable the USB Host feature can be and for developers to take that and run with it." - See more at:

They need an independent BBM app on Mac and pc, make BBM like, voice & channels available on your pc, mac, or any smart phone

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BBM for BlackBerry, Android,Iphone, Ipad, IPod, tablets, PS3&4, Xbox 360 & One, Windows, Windows RT, Mac, PlayBook,and maybe Windows Phone that would be Awesome!!

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iPhone, Android, WP8, Tizen, Ubuntu, Firefox OS, PC , Mac, Tablets.... get them all!!!!!!!
BBM everywhere!!!!!!!

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It's about time BlackBerry looked at "other environments ". Linux has been Overlooked for far too long. It has huge world presence and use.

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This needs to be a stand alone product. What if people do not have bbm on their phone, but still want on the desktop?

We could replace Skype in the workplace as a collaborative tools IF my inside office employees who don't have phones can run bbm on the desktop and collaborate with my users on the field.

I don't want another "bridge"product like they did with the Playbook. I like the bridge, but it makes no sense for a desktop

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Does it make video and voice calls? I think we're all watching at a serious Skype competitor if it does :)

Highway robbery: BBM alone worth $10-20 a share, and Fairfax buying the whole thing for $9. BBRY should restructure and get the stock to $50

Stop demo-ing and release some products, teasing people and releasing stuff years later helps no one

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This is the problem with BB.. all hype.. when they deliver.. its all pooof!! I know some will not agree but its nice to wait until all bugs are cleared and BANG!! deliver it with a surprise.

I want this! really helpful for me and my wife we operating more than 6 BBM for our shop as customer line.
any release date yet>

This looks awesome... they do have to update their device drivers for windows 8 though, I have yet to get my Z10 recognized properly on my home machine.. keep having to sync at work :P

This is great news but we all know BlackBerry will delay this for the next possible 2yrs when no one remembers BBM no more

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Sweet news...but I'm not expecting much considering the "demos" that haven't materialized. BTW, what happened to that sweet Twitter trends app that was demo'd awhile back? vaporware? I really wanted to download it.

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I guess this is a big opportunity for miss yet another deadline...

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So... this sounds like the foundation for Bridge for Windows PCs? THIS IS EFFING EXCELLENT! I've been waiting for this ever since I discovered the BBOS app that basically allowed you to use your PC to access content directly on your BBOS device, just like Bridge. I already have a Windows tablet, so maybe if full Bridge functionality comes to Windows, problems will be solved.

When the heck is BBM launching cross platform is what everyone wants to know? If yo ever wondered one of the reasons Blackberry is for sale this is one, the keyboard is another.

Excellent but needed this 3 or 4 years ago. Also should have launched the Z30 and Q10 as their flagship phones initially.

Hindsight is great.. :-)

And thus the problem!! Thinking about it and maybe in the future!! This would be a true competitor to Skype. So why are they waiting!! They should be pushing full speed ahead on development!! Frick, management just doesn't seem to get it and is always playing catch up!! Still waiting for BBM on Android and iOS. Get it working and get it out!! The future will be cross platform!! It will bring the walled gate of Apple crashing down and assault Android as well!! If Twitter can have a 5 to 10 billion dollar capitalization and Skype sold to Microsoft for billions, BBM could be worth billions... it has to move beyond the BB ecosystem!! GO DO IT!!!!!!

This should help getting more people to switch over from WhatsApp. If BBM finally goes cross platform that is.

For people on Android, once BBM goes Cross-platform, they'll already have this option through an app that can mimic your phone to your desktop computer. I think it's called Bluestack. It's about time Blackberry steps it up.

Noted BBM for please don't sleep on it and let others take a leap..Need this and BBM for IOS and Android as of yesterday. These alone will give BlackBerry a massive push. Buck up guys!

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Geezus another 15 months to wait? Gotta hope it doesn't leak out.

Where is the BBM cross platform client?

Not interested in BBM on my desktop or laptop. But to each their own. And great if they can get more people over to the BlackBerry brand every way possible.

While I understand why people are saying that it should be a standalone app on the desktop to enable a native feel and not require the dongle-esque situation of using WiFi or USB connectivity, I think they're also looking at minimizing the PIN structure that BBM relies on. Think about it...

60 million current BB BBM users out of ~78 million total. Add to that the BBM iOS and Android PIN's that will be generated soon...add to that if they made a standalone app that required PINs for desktop instead of what they're currently talking about...

They can only generate so many PINs before they run out. I think that was another reason for utilizing Bridge BBM on the PlayBook, regardless of the PB having it's own PIN identity. Also keeps the information on the phone only so it can't be used after the connection is terminated.

They're essentially doing what they said - making it a one-device mobile computing standard where the phone is the hub that extends to any number of devices outward, but ultimately is controlled by the one device.

Presumably not that many people would only use BBM on the desktop. For them, you'd need to generate a PIN, but anyone who had the app on a BB, Android, or iOS device would most likely use the same pin on the desktop as they use on their device, since I doubt that person would want to manage all their contacts twice, etc.

This PIN thing is what holding BBM back from going truly cross-platform. The sooner they get rid of it, the better.

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Well if this is typical Blackberry, the Tech Demo is awesome, the product will be delayed by 3 or 4 quarters (or years) and the execution will fail. Then, they'll put it on Hiatus while they work out the bugs, talk about how great it's going to be when it finally works, and then - just before release - list it as EOL software. At least that's what their past performance has led me to believe. At least they execute failure like a boss.

Wasn't there a playbook app that mirrors the whole bridge including bbm to the pc released about a year ago?

They need BBM in a browser first.
No connection to a phone needed. Then they can develop clients for Mac and PC and maybe linux eventually.
Oh, and Windows phone would be good too.

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This just looks like a version of BlackBerry Bridge for the desktop. In other words, you need a phone running Bridge in order to display it on the PC. It is not a stand alone BBM app.

This looks great! Can't wait to give it a go! Certainly a good feature if you sit at a PC for an extended period of time.

Interestingly, Bridge for the PlayBook basically uses a Web page hosted on the phone (as far as I can tell) so would be interesting if they went down this route instead. Would certainly make it a more cross platform option and would eliminate potentially tripling the work (Windows, Mac and Linux) .

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With all the recent product and service announcements of late why is BlackBerry selling itself?

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Make BBM video an exclusive (for a short period) on iPad and android tablets, and its virtually game over for the competition.

Roll out Screen share as an upgrade for BBM iphone and android smartphone cross platform apps, and then add BBM video in at a later date.