BBM connects fans in greatest World Cup moments - RIM releases BlackBerry Messenger usage stats

By Bla1ze on 13 Jul 2010 11:04 pm EDT
BM connects fans in greatest World Cup moments - RIM releases BlackBerry messenger usage stats

With Research In Motions semi new marketing push for BlackBerry Messenger, they have opened the doors a little to give us all a sneak peek at some statistics regarding how some folks have been using BlackBerry Messenger. The case scenario, World Cup 2010 this time around. Looking at the stats, a lot of people were making use of BlackBerry Messenger throughout the World Cup 2010 for sure.

Over the past month, RIM saw a clear correlation between BBM traffic and significant events during the World Cup as fans shared their delights and despairs in real time with friends and family during live match action.

For example, during a thrilling World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain on Sunday at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, Spanish International and FC Barcelona Midfielder Andrés Iniesta scored the winning goal only three minutes before the end of extra-time, which as the lone goal of the match crowned Spain Champions of the tournament.  At the time of this exciting goal, that was viewed around the world, BlackBerry Messenger traffic increased immediately by 280% as virtual communities of fans shared their reactions through BBM.

Throughout the World Cup, there were several other notable moments that correlated with BBM traffic. Some of the most significant included: 

  • USA v England, June 12th (Match Day 2):  traffic spiked 35% globally at the time of the first goal, scored by England.
  • Netherlands v Brazil, July 2nd (Match Day 20):  traffic jumped by 122% globally at the time of the second goal, scored by the Netherlands.
  • Argentina v Germany, July 3rd (Match Day 21): traffic rose by 178% globally at the time of the 3rd German goal. 
These numbers give us all a great look into how BBM was used. Certainly, Research In Motion has an awesome thing with BlackBerry Messenger. Now, I don't want to take anything away from this but quite honestly, my BlackBerry Messenger hasn't worked right in the past three days. Messages are not being delivered and if they are, they have been delayed. Some by mins, most by hours and according to my Twitter followers I'm not the only one with this issue. Yet, no information has been posted about that. Interesting this issue arises after the World Cup. Are you having issues with your BlackBerry Messenger currently? Let us know in the comments if you are folks.

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BBM connects fans in greatest World Cup moments - RIM releases BlackBerry Messenger usage stats


I was one of those people who was on BBM and chatting with other buddies as the matches took place, and it was great. Had no idea so many people were also doing the same thing but it makes sense.

Im Dutch and I was really excited to see a great final game! I was wrong. It was the crappiest reffing I have ever seen. Even though Spain won it would of been nice not having a free kick every 2 minutes. It was pretty annoying. And the cards? Dont even get me started. All in all I used my BBM like it was my left lung. Who agrees with me?

I don't think there would have been as many free kick if the Dutch hadn't had employed the worst tactics in World Cup Final history and tried to kick Spain out of the park! They should have been down to 9 men by half time! I think the red did extremely well under huge amounts of pressure!

was Nigel De Young auditioning for Crouching tiger hidden Dutch? If at all, you should be thanking the Ref. You should have finished the 1st half with 9 men.

1st. Nice spelling XD
2nd. Spain was rolling around like babies half the time. So shut your month. If you are a spain fan I wasnt asking you.

"They should have been down to nine immediately, then they made two [such] ugly and hard tackles that even I felt the damage,"
"It hurts me that Holland chose an ugly path to aim for the title." said the 63-year-old Cruyff.

Is he a Spain fan too or you are just blind?

Before the game started I wanted Holland to win but after seeing what your players where playing I was praying to God you would lose. Your team was an embarrassment for football that night. You have ruined the spirit of the World Cup!

"1st. Nice spelling XD"
Then you say: "...So shut your month."
Bud, you might not wanna make fun of someone for the same things you do, ya look like an idiot.

Netherlands lost their 3rd chance at the title - get over it. You're country failed when it counted so stop being a douche.

You wanna talk about Spain acting like babies?!?! WTF do you call Robben's performance in the final match..... haha you over proud dutchman.

Youre acting like children. You know as well as I do the ref was messed giving a bunch or cards to spain and a bunch to Netherlands. Same with free kicks. If the ref was a little more intuned then it might of been more exiting. For BOTH TEAMS! So all you up there saying that this person does this and this person should get this. SHUT THE HELL UP! IM NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT! ARE YOU DEAF/BLIND OR JUST RETARDED?!?!

Im sorry Brandon but its you acting like a child. you need to relax. Like the other guy said i was also supporting Holland. I happen to be a Madrid fan but with 8 Barcelona players in the Spanish team and the fact that they beat the Germans (that in my opinion played the best football in the tournament) i was totally behind the Oranje.

But the truth has to be said, the better team won. The only fault with the Webb was that he was too lenient. If he had followed the books, the Dutch would have been down to 9 men by half time.

Its just football, nothing to get pissed over.

I've been having issues with BBM for the past three days or so. Nothing major, but it is getting annoying. Sent messages not going through and sent messages not updating status from D to R.

Hey Bla1ze i'm just wondering, where did you get this from? Is it in the Blackberry blog? On their website? I don't see a source...

We often get information from RIM PR themselves. That's why you'll not find any source, I have nothing to link too. I'm sure at some point they may post it to their blogs or to their press release site but, they have not done so as of yet. Mainly because they maintain business hrs, where we work 24/7 and can post stuff all night long if we wanted to. :)

For the past couple days, I've been having problems with sending messages. No "D" or "R" will appear but people will reply. And sometimes just a check mark will show and the contact won't receive it for a while.

The BBM delays are annoying me. One message delays and three messages after it will go through. Seven-ten minutes later, the first message goes through and looks as if I just typed it. So weird.

Absolutely, I'm seeing problems. Sunday some of the messages were taking minutes rather than seconds to be delivered and some were never delivered.

There are multiple threads on the forums about this issue. Yes it's been bad the last few days. Half of my messages don't go through (no D or R) or are delivered minutes or even hours later. I've been receiving bbms in the middle of the night that are fragments of broken conversations that we tried to have earlier in the day. It's pretty stupid of them to crow about BBM performance while this is going on.

...has been stable today but yesterday experienced many issues. Some messages would not deliver - some delivered/received hours after they were sent. BBM 5.0 OS 5.0 VZW in SC.

For the last few days bbm has been very bad. D's and R's are not working properly. I've even had contacts receive messages and respond to them without the delivery or read icons ever showing up in my chat. Very annoying. Oh well.

I think RIM would do better rebranding bbm as BlackBerry Connect or something. Just seeing how they are appearing to treat it like their own twitter service by sharing music, status updates and links through it. I think it would be more used that way. Just a thought.

same here.contacts been receiving disjointed conversation bbms in the middle of the night-a girl im trying to get to know better.asked me if i needed to needed to be put on some kind of medication.youre cock-blocking RIM!

And it takes up to 12 hours to deliver or dont get delivered at all. They definitely need to do something about it.. its very frustrating and infuriating at times when its crucial that the message goes through and it doesnt.

Thank god I have an iPhone now because honestly , I was addicted to BBM and the always on . Constantly had group chats with 5 or 6 people and was on it constantly . Thank god I have an iPhone now and there's no BBM it really is like a drug. I WILL NOT RELAPSE !!! ( although the 9800 is very tempting :0 )

I use BBM all the time and didn't notice anything issues. However the Germany vs Spain match my BBM was showing signs of lagging messages took about 5 minutes to go through and lasted only during the live game. Not a big problem for me consider texting is just as annoying.

Yessss i throught i was the only one.... After the world cup, my BBM is being very slow, a couple of msg has been delayed for a couple of mins, and in 2 times delayed for like 2 hours

I've noticed the delay issues as of today, where I got the check-mark but no letters above it. It's odd, as it only happened for one msg, but the ones before and after it all worked fine. Now I have the R above the check-mark, however I know that the person I sent the msg to didn't receive it when I had the check-mark. Only issue I've noticed thus far.

Lately, my messages have been very delayed. Sometimes it would say D even though I know the person I sent it to read it already so it should show an R. Also, some messages don't send at all and I've recieved incredibly delayed responses and out of order conversations as well because of it. Hopefully it gets fixed.

Same D/R issues. The worst is the waaaay out of order message problem. I get very confused. I just went through a month of testing out android and iPhone before deciding to continue loyalty to blackberry. As soon as I chose, stupid bbm has problems. Arrrgggghhh!!

So i am here in Jamaica and i have been on BBM day in day out. For the last 4 days now, my BBM messages are delayed and may take anywhere from 5mins to and hour to be delivered. Not only that but the native browser and BOLT is acting up as well. The pages takes forever to load. Anyone else having problems with browsing on their blackberrys?

I just turned on my notebook to update my phone because I thought it was widespread I would have seen it on crackberry like the last 2 times there were issues.

I have been very frustated with it the last couple days. lots of messages not sending and someone was sending me a picture, both times it stopped when about 90% done so we gave up.

It's nice to see so many from the USA actually knowing that the world cup was taking place.

Normally a global sport like football doesn't seem to get the recognition it deserves in your country.

Crackberry's coverage of the apps and the messenger issues during the last month has heartened me to the fact that you may not be totally clueless about the world biggest sport :)

Mines been hit and miss for the past week, some msgs never get delivered, had to resort to the ol fashioned txting lol at one point..

I'm on rogers, vancouver bc

Mines been acting up too since Sunday and so have most of my friends with BBs in the Lower Mainland area, Vancouver BC.

Having serious issues with BBM. Constantly not delivering or if it does go it will send first and last messages and none in the middle or will send the last one and not the first one. Can't explain it and have not seen any remedies or explanations for this??? Help RIM!!

No problems with BBM for me. of course I refuse to even allow it on my BB. The world is way past proprietary messaging platforms.

I'm also having the same problem with Blackberry Messenger with my messages not being delivered. I'll send a message and the "D" Mark won't show u. Ill send a message with my Bold 9650 on Verizon to my friend who has a Tour 9630 on Verizon and I he won't get some of the messages until like ten minutes later. Yesterday it got so bad, we had to text each other since bbm was so bad.

Interesting statistics. Makes me think of the radio station in Cincinnati that ran a presidential election poll by monitoring water usage. They asked their listeners to flush their toilets at specific times and ran the poll off of that.

I think BBM is a great option and use it all the time. I love the fact that message are usually sent very quickly, with acknowledgments. I just wonder if RIM's recent BBM push (and ads) is going to do well against iPhone's recent video conferencing ads.

I'm benn having problems wit the BBM, my message are delayed big time, is there any solution for this yet?? Please advice.

My BBM is having issue but a wierd one. I have a contact (Non BB) the message bubble is sometimes blank, or sometimes previous comments are blank, but it is only this one contact no other SMS in BBM are having the same issue??

I have not noticed any thing major. I know there was a delay last week. It was only about 1minute delay and every went back to normal after about eo minutes. All okay over here

For one day a few days ago I was having some delayed BBM msgs...but now all is well....BBM is very addictive...seems like I have to use it everyday...hmmmmm, I wonder if there will be a BBM6 when BB6 is released

I'm on Verizon, and I've had this issue for a couple months now. In fact, I've actually had to use SMS messages more, because if the text is time sensitive at all, its much more reliable. If I just want to make an offhand comment to a buddy, BBM is fine, but for any sort of coordination, or anything important business-wise, I'm forced to use SMS since BBM is so unreliable.

I really wish they'd improve this, as BBM was a major selling point to get my sales force to adopt Blackberries....

I've been having BBM issues for the past 3 days. My messages aren't getting delivered and I am not receiving some messages. I get them randomly at 2am and 3am! I uninstalled and re-installed bbm app and that didn't work. I pulled out the battery 2 times and that didn't work. I downloaded that FancyChar thing 4 days ago too. Is that a virus? I deleted it thinking it was messing up my BBM. I'm freaking pissed regardless! What's the solution?

I live in Venezuela and me as well as some people I know are having issues with it´s BBM. Messages that are sent and don´t turn from D to R or don´t even show the D and they are in fact delivered or they are not sent at all... I thought it was a Carrier issue, but reading the posts, it looks like a RIM issue...