BBM commercials galore! Watch the full set of RIM's new BlackBerry Messenger ads...

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jul 2010 08:54 am EDT

To be honest, I'm not sure why it took RIM soooo many years to finally start pimping out BlackBerry Messenger to the masses, but now that they've decided to advertise the fact BBM is awesome they are really pouring it on strong. We've seen BBM contests and Time Square ads, concert sponsorships and random barcodes to scan, BBM statistics bragging and a whole bunch of new BBM commercials hit the air. And I have a feeling the BBM marketing has only just begun.

RIM tossed all of the new tv spots up on their youtube channel, so we figured it wouldn't hurt to round them up all in one post for your viewing pleasure. Not that any of us existing BlackBerry users need any convincing that BBM is da bomb! For a lot of us, it's the hook that makes living a life without a BlackBerry impossible!  Five more videos below for you to enjoy. What's your favorite of the video spots? Let us know in the comments!

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BBM commercials galore! Watch the full set of RIM's new BlackBerry Messenger ads...


That Girl who says "When you read the message, i know you read it" Thats my All time favorite feature. I am a very honest person and if you read them and don't respond i will make sure i let you know that i am aware of this... hahahah

I actually saw that as one reason to hate BBM - not that I needed another one anyways. It's my phone and it's my prerogative whether I reply, read or straight delete a message! Ugh, some people think their useless chats are as important as certified letters!

If you don't like the read receipt, then use SMS.

Directed at all those complaining: Stop f-ing complaining about EVERYTHING. Every time something new comes out, the complaining starts. F_ck, are you people ever happy with anything?????

I actually think that's the only "real" and "attractive" feature demonstrated here in any of the commercials. Surfing with your phone? Strange hair at the barbershop? Silly teenager in love? Decorating with skulls via blackberry? Weird spots RIM.

I totally agree with CeluGeek here. It is most definitely NOT something to brag about, worst feature a phone could ever have. If you ask me, that's called invasion of privacy. Nobody needs to know what I've read and what not.

invasion of privacy? lol. you are from the facebook generation, rent u?

invasion of privacy is the "in" thing now.

i think the point they're trying to make is that even though a person reads it and doesn't respond, the sender can rest assured they got their message across... so if another person's busy or their hands are otherwise occupied and can't type back, the original sender can at least take comfort in knowing their message was read.

BIG improvement over SMS. I hated it when people lied and said "I didn't get ur SMS" now people can't say "I didn't get your BBM" sometimes it happens, 1 of every like 10.000.000 I send, but I know it doesn't go through (or at least right away,and it gets there). But I LOVE bbm. It's SO Much faster than SMS and it's chat style. No worries about 160 chars and here where SMS are expensive my friends and I pay a monthly quota and we have unlimited texts basically :). All my friends have BBs or iphones (whatsapp, thx) and we're always in contact.When I had SMS I'd send 600 or 700 a month and make tons of phone calls just to keep in touch and I'd pay 80 euros a month. I pay A LOT less thanks to BB and internet plans. BBM totally makes my life easier. If it doesn't for you, there are some REALLY NICE feature phones out there that allow you to use SMS :)

the one in the barber shop is my always on BBM when im getting a hair barber seems pretty interested in it...i think im finally convincing him to switch to #TeamBlackBerry

*update: wooow i never saw any of the BBM commercials on tv until just this was the one with both the guy about the cars and the surfer...

yet typical RIM if you ask me. Is it really good to only show the satisfaction the customers have with the product rather than display the actually uses and functions of it?

Well... I think they were trying to say it doesn't really demonstrate what the product they're selling does (not that I agree, but they have a point). It only shows you that surfers like it, barbers use it to brag about ugly hair, Hispanic car clubs use it to scout old cars, you can decorate with skull-lamps with it, you can get giggly when your boyfriend's voice comes through your speaker, etc.

Isn't that kind of the nature of television commercials? Make something as pretty as possible in 30 seconds? I mean, if fast food commercials showed viewers what fast food "does," it would be 30 seconds of fat people. Right? I'm just saying, I don't think this is RIM's issue. Seems kind of silly to me to imply that it might be.

I think this is a very worthwhile ad campaign for RIM. In my opinion access to BBM is one of the biggest benefits of owning a BlackBerry. The few times I've considered migrating to a different platform, BBM is what made me reconsider. I really depend on it to communicate with most of my friends and family.

They DID already.

Go to sign up. Then sign up for the blackberry messenger beta program which is now in open beta. version .17 fixes this problem.

I wish they would mention this on the blogs, because I constantly hear this complaint that has such an easy solution.

My BBM hasn't worked right in three days and many others have witnessed similar behaviour. BBM was once upon a time solid as a rock. That time, has long since passed. Now it's as flaky Lindsay Lohan. The commercials do rock though!

I didn't say they should do a commercial on it, they should use the money to get the keyboard situation straight INSTEAD of these daggone commercials! LOL!

Whenever I'm in a group chat (it HAS to be a group chat) my keyboard will never show up. I can hit the "show keyboard" key until my fingers fall off, and it will not show! now on a one-on-one problems. oh, I have the Storm2.

I had the same problem (Storm2).

The solution is to sign up for the Blackberry Beta Zone ( and sign up for the BBM Beta. It may take 12 hours to get approved and get a key, but the beta version solves this keyboard issue.

Thats funny a BBM commercial coming out at the same time i was about to erase my BBM from my phone. Every1 that i know that had a blackberry dosent anymore, i've got like 5 contacts left and 4 of thosae people i dont really talk to.....some1 let me know when the droid train is comin im bout to jump on.

It requuires that the people that you comunicate with have a Blackberry. If you are in a corporate setting that requires BB's and all your friends work there then BBM is the way to go.

Most of my "friends" have just purchased their 1st smartphone within the last year... and they were not BB's, so BBM is becoming less and less relevant in my case.

That this has stirred up the "haters" lol!

ah well to each their own yes?

I love bbm and my Storm 2!!! I think this is mainly for the enthusiasts that are sticking with RIM and the bb phones they own.

To all the ppl that hate it and could care less about why comment? Do you know that that's about 2-5 minutes of your life wasted that you will never get back?

Go to your iphone & Droid forums and be more productive yes?

I too own a storm2 (one of the most under rated phones in my opinion) and use BBM all the time and love it to death. It's nice to see another individual who has come to an understanding on how amazing this phone and this application can be.

yeah i have 90+ bbm friends (obviously i dont contact them all regularly) but bbm is going strong. it's one of the main reasons to have a blackberry over any other smartphone in my opinion. as a college student, the people from high school that i've kept closest in touch with have bbm.

i would love it if bbm was compatible with other phones though,(iphone especially).

also the delivered and read functions are amazing - bbm's just... better than texting. it's hard to explain to people who don't use it.

Oh gosh, I absolutely HATE the feature of knowing if the other person has read your msg or not. It drives me nuts. For example, if you are in some type of important conversation or an argument or something and you send a whole damn paragraph... They read it but don't respond. It seriously pisses me off. Other than that, I like it. Hahaha.

I had never seen a use for BBM when I got my phone 4 months ago. I thought it was pointless until my best friend told me to add her to BBM about a month ago. After that I was hooked and am on it quite a bit. I think its awesome and one of the best features. I have never had any issues with its stability either. And the commercials have just the amount of vagueness about BBM that it will draw potential customers to get curious enough to check out BB just to see all the features. I think they did a good job.

RIM, major fail here.

I just don't find any of these people in those situations as believable. You are still trying to make your devices as the platform for all. Yet the bread and butter still seems to be the corporate customer. There wasn't one damn corporate use case in these videos.

And that music in all the videos......I felt like I was at the Country Bears Jamboree at Disneyworld.

What you should focus on for BBM is that you can: BBM/TXT YOUR FRIENDS WHO ARE ALSO ON BBM FOR.....wait for it....FREE.


I really should have said:

Once you are on a data plan, the additional cost to use BBM is 0.

Wow bbm is free, so cool. Oh wait that doesn't matter. Since not everyone has blackberrys or uses bbm you'd still have to have a texting plan for those yall whos. Besides yahoo, aim, msn, icq, etc are free too and don't require a blackberry, or even a phone. So using those is really the cheapest and most versatile.

I love BBM because every single one of my friends, family, and colleagues has a Blackberry, so I can talk to them whenever I want.

Oh wait... only 3 of my friends have a Blackberry, and it's not even friends I talk to that often.

I admit, BBM is great for people who have large numbers of contacts with Berrys. It's a nice application. For me, though, I'm going to have to stick with Google chat - it's cross-platform, which allows me to stay in touch with more of my friends, family, and colleagues than BBM ever could.

That's the only thing they can advertise since everything else sucks on Blackberries. Only BBM is what's keeping people on these devices and it was a hard decision for me to make but it was worth it leaving it behind.

I think the spots are great. But I do think there will be that 20% who don't like it and wont take to it. The same people who don't take to other apps like Twitter or Facebook. At any rate, has anyone else noticed BBM issues the last 3 days? Messages being undelivered or sent in the wrong order, not to mention lack of delivered, and read receipts on some messages.


I have a couple of friends who switched over to the iphone, and all they talk about is how they wish they still had BBM....and a phone that can make phone calls. ha.

So how do I send/receive BBMs with the 99% of my friends & family that use iPhones, Android Phones, SideKicks, Palm Phones, etc.. or use Mac, PC, or Linux Computers?

Yeah, I still don't get why I would use BBM.

That's my main gripe. Well, not a gripe, really -- just a point worth mentioning. BBM is a great app, but without it being cross-platform, it's really not that useful.

I'm having more problems today than I've had the past 3 days. And the past 3 days have sucked. The worst communication I've had on a blackberry, I would rather the BBM just didn't work at all. I hope they fix (or at least acknowledge) the problems.

The thing I like most about these spots is that they feature 8900s and 9000s and not just 9700s - thanks for showing us older device users some love RIM!

The "no-charge" and hyper-confidentiality bonuses of BBM happen because BBM operates through RIM and NOT the service provider. Once you go cross-platform I think you lose both of these... I'm all for the exclusivity of BBM.

I like these spots. Stupid question, but how can I tell when someone has read a BBM message?

Next to the message you have sent will be a little 'R' for read. If they havent read the message it stays as a 'D' for delivered. If no letter shows means the message has not be delivered due to reception, phone is off etc :)

too bad bbm hasn't been working for the last month for me. upgrade is in a couple months and if im still spottty why stay. don't take it the wrong way i love my bb and bbm but maybe its time for a change

While I really like BBM and use it every day, I think the commercials are a little less than what RIM needs to be doing in terms of advertising. It's an interesting concept to talk about BBM and never show a BlackBerry.

At the same time, when you look at the new iPhone commercials about their video conferencing capabilities, it really does make it look like something that could be used and is much more intriguing.

Looking at each commercial, the iPhone ad makes me think video chatting would be a neat option. If I didn't have a smart phone, it would really make me consider the iPhone as a viable option. Watching the BlackBerry ads just makes me wonder what BBM is - it doesn't make me want to go out and buy a BlackBerry.

Maybe it is just me, but I am not seeing anything in those commercials that makes the BlackBerry a "got to have" experience.

BBM's been having a lot of problems on my end for the last week. Messages not being delivered, receiving messages 6+ hours later...very annoying. RIM needs to fix this issue!

I don't know if it is a good idea, but taking on something that was brought up a while ago on here, maybe a commercial that showed what is supposed to be the "always on" feature of BBM...

Something along the lines of a natural disaster (fire, earthquake...). People stuck in a building, cell calls not going out due to the volume calls being attempted. But BBM still working (since it is almost always connected and will wait for an open packet to send). The person could text, send a picture, or even a voice note - something to let a loved one know they are all right.

Kinda dark, I know. I just think they need to show more about what actually can be done with a BlackBerry.

I don't have very many friends, and virtually no family w/ a berry so bbm isn't all that useful for me. I do like it to talk to the few ppl I actually have on my list but I don't ever see myself using it more than a good ol fashioned text

Most of the people i know have iPhones, Android phones or anything but a blackberry - sad but true. This might have been a good selling feature in 2005 when Blackberry was the only smart phone of any note out there..but its 2010. Just use Yahoo Messenger ... works on any phone and pc/mac...seriously..can't believe RIM is blowing their load in marketing this.

Maybe I have a setting wrong or something. But when people that I have in my bbm text me it has the same tone weather or not it's a text or bbm. And the text shows in the bbm too. They are different so keep them apart. And I just don't see a use for it anyways.

I understand that people buy specific smartphones for features they want in a device. BBs are made for messaging and i just don't see other devices closing the gap when it comes to this feature. BBM is only for BBs but it's still by far the best messaging app on any smartphone device. For those that have android and iphones i don't think you can name a messaging app on your device that compares. If BBM was on these other smartphones it would make all other messaging apps obsolete including SMS. Once you use BBM you just prefer it over all forms of messaging. It's just in a class all by itself.

...I will miss when my DroidX shows up. My long standing with RIM is mostly from my adoration for BBM. I will miss it lots but I won't miss all the hundreds of headaches RIM has given me over the years. Later.