BBM coming to Android and iOS June 27th?

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jun 2013 11:27 am EDT

*UPDATE* - We've received an official statement from BlackBerry on the rumors, which are unfortunately not true. Read the statement here

We've been hearing rumors about the release of cross-platform BBM for the last few days, and it looks like the date may have just been pinned down. The T-Mobile UK Twitter account this morning let the world know that BBM will be coming to Android and iOS devices on June 27th.

Now we're not sure if this is an epic slip by Tmo or if we can count it as fact, but regardless it looks very promising that BBM may go cross-platform in just a few weeks.

While the @TMobileUK account is official and verified, It is a bit odd that the date would pop up via a carrier and not straight from BlackBerry - so we're not really sure what the deal is here. We'll do a bit of digging to see what we can find out, but in the meantime keep your fingers crossed that the date does indeed hold true.

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BBM coming to Android and iOS June 27th?


It appears BlackBerry does not care to communicate information to the public anymore. Maybe the latest round of layoffs included their entire communications team.

BlackBerry (nee Research In Motion) has never been effective at communication. Their products - yes, but the company - no.

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Or it could simply be a rumour that started elsewhere, and when the social media guys from T-Mobile saw it, they thought it was legit without doing a fact check or verifying it. Then they post it on their twitter thinking people would like that news. Happens all the time when the people handling social media isn't in the loop with what's going on.

Or perhaps it was a leak, and no one was supposed to say anything until a later date, but somehow they did and BlackBerry was left out of the loop.

All in all, I wouldn't get my hopes up until BlackBerry announces a firm date.

What every comment section needs is a little icon next to "first" posts that when clicked, will allow you to ignore every comment that person makes on every article.

I wonder what the rate of adoption will be like...

Will android and iOS users ignore it or use it?

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I agree that WhatsApp has a lead... but to be honest I feel it's more out of lack of real competition... BBM will crush other multi-platform apps.

Exactly. Everyone I know who uses whatsapp were actually huge bbm fans, just the other platforms had more to offer so they left BB, but certainly still look back at bbm as king. I think adoption will be amazingly fast and huge.

I know I will be trying to get everyone I know onto BBM and hopefully they'll carry it over to their contacts. I guess I shouldn't 'hate' WhatsApp but I really hope everyone switches to BBM.

Whatsapp will remain the top dog until ALL platforms adopt BBM. I have 2 friends on windows and that gives me enough reason not to delete whatsapp. They need to make it for Everyone. Now BlackBerry is kinda like android and IOS, leaving out the rest

BB is in direct competition with WP for #3. This is prob part of the reason why they haven't released bbm for WP

Windows gave us Skype so BlackBerry should return the favor. Windows has nothing on BlackBerry, they should not be worried about windows and the number 3 spot, windows gave us skype so IMO I think they are not worried about BlackBerry and BlackBerry should not worry about windows.

They will offer it eventually, How long was Skype on the other platforms for before it came to BB? Windows Phone faces the same problems as BB in getting apps to the platform I'm sure BB will get around to it eventually, but social communication apps rely on numbers, Android and iOS have em.

They might have the lead but their BlackBerry 10 app is not great. I am not getting alerts for new messages unless I have the app open on my Z10 :/ Had a friend PM me on Facebook this morning about a WhatsApp message he sent me last night :/

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I'm guessing most of the people that left BB for an iPhone or Android device will probably get it. Most of my friends that jumped ship are pretty excited it's going cross-platform.

PlayBook owners must be crest fallen. They are told to sit and wait like.dogs while bbry is jumping.through hoops to keep ios users in the loop

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I love my PlayBook, but there's a hell of a lot more Android and iOS users in the world than there are PlayBook owners. PlayBook owners who most likely also have a BlackBerry smartphone. 

We are BlackBerry's bitches for lack of a more apt adjective.

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So freaking true! The PB is pretty much dead to BlackBerry. Why did they even bother creating and selling it in the first place. Let's just forget about the people that have a PB. They don't use them any frustrating. I hate buying a piece of technology and then having it be forced "obsolete" by the company!

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I, like I'm sure a lot of other Playbook owners, use my Playbook everyday.

Does it suck that is has more or less been left in the dust? Sure it does. Doesn't stop the fact that it's still a pretty good little tablet.

To each their own though. If it doesn't fit you anymore, that's fine. It still fits my needs just fine!

Yeah i agree with this. It's still a shame that BlackBerry made an app for iOS and Android before bringing it to pb. Or who knows, maybe the pb will get it same time as a nice little surprise?

This is true, between my Z10 and PlayBook I can get everything I need to get done in a day. I think they're going to do another tablet now, 2 year old hardware, I kinda doubt it's getting too many more updates!

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What I don't get, is the native video chat on Playbook "feels" like it's got some BBM under the hood, like the PIN to PIN functionality..

I thought it's more because BBM can't be used on more than 1 device. I'm not sure if they've yet figured out the technical work-around for that problem. I was hoping it would have been sorted by now, but I think that's the major stumbling block as to WHY it's not on Playbook - can't have multiple BBM PINs on the same account.

Maybe tmobile just saw this from a fake twitter account of blackberry. This was also mentioned by gsmarena.

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting rid of my dying 9800. Hopefully be on the PB soonish.

Finally will have all messaging apps on one device. Happy days. (if this tweet is true)

Edit: F*ck you Tmobile...liars

does not look legit to me...if you look close there are no D's and R's to see which is typical for BBM. seems like a fake pic from another messenger app...

If you look even closer, the D's and R's are there along with the voice chat icon in the top right. Not saying that makes it any more or less legit, just that D's and R's are above the check mark, right where they should be.

It's clearly a photoshop of the OS 7 version of BBM on a Samsung phone. I would assume the actual app would either be native to both Platforms or have a look that is more consistent with BB10 then BB7

I think public interest is high, you have the fake websites, the (pretty much) positive comments on Instagram, Twitter, carriers reporting, news on BBM coming pre-loaded. I'll tell you, the adoption rate should be interesting to look at.

I think the adoption and migration rate will be high. I personally will bid bbry farewell the second bbm is on my iPhone. Sadly in would have paid 100 bucks or more for this app.

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that pic also have bbm voice on it which we know wont come to iOS and Android just yet. idk June 27th seems a bit early in my opinion. BB said it'll come this summer and summer is just starting then. When is BB known for releasing something that soon? haha. if it's true, then woot!

This was actually posted by gsm arena yesterday. Tmobile must have based their tweet on that site or from the tweet of the fake blackberry account.

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Possibly, but I find it hard to believe that a major carrier would Tweet based on a blog post. Plus the T-Mobile UK account is verified, not a fake account. 

Awesome news! Can't wait till everyone else has access to BBM. Very curious to see its adoption rate by iOS and Android users...only time will tell!

Bbry when deadlines count for android and ios users. Oh hey current bbry customers we got some big stuff coming soon. In the meantime some dead playbooks and mid tier z10s.

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@Z10fido: yo dawg I heard you don't want to be killed by synthetics so I made some synthetics to kill you every 50k years so you won't be killed by synthetics. :)

Wonder when Verizon and get it for other platforms. I am sure they will find a way to delay it for some extra testing

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I certainly hope it is released bug free and works as intended. I do not believe would like the entire iOS and Android community laughing at them even more so.

Can someone in this forum honestly educate me as to how is this going to benefit Blackberry and not hurt them in the long run ??...... Please someone explain

There are several reasons this is a good move for BB:

Mindshare - It puts BB back into the minds of iOS and Android users. When they have to click on the BBM icon with the BB symbol it lets them know that BB is still around. I have posted this before but I was on a business trip to Denver a few weeks ago and the bartender did not even know if BB was still around anymore until she my new Z10.

Possible New Source Of Revenue - As BB builds out things such as channels and other new innovations involving BBM it provides them with millions of more potential users to subscribe to the new innovations. For example if everyone that wants to use BBM video needs to pay a small monthly fee in order to do so, this across iOS, Android, BB, and maybe eventually Windows phone users is a substantial increase in revenue in comparison to just BB users.

Future Hardware Sales - If BB does this right they can create features to BBM that are exclusive to BB phones. Let the users of BBM on other hardware know about them through their use of BBM on their iOS and Android devices but let them know it is an option only available to BB hardware users.

Potential Add Revenue - They can potentially sell BBM adds that will appear via BBM. While I hope as a BB user this doesn't happen for BB devices they could in theory sell add space that would pop up in the BBM apps in the iOS and Android versions.

Those are a few of the reasons why I think is a smart move.

Still on the fence about it, but at the same time, I'm excited to download it on my iPhone just to see how well it runs.

Just some rumors I heard.

1. BBM will launch on legacy devices the same day it hits ios and android

2. BlackBerry is looking to coincide the playbook OS update with BBM for the other platforms (as a surprise to users, supposedly)

3. Ios and android versions of BBM will include a sort of "subliminal advertising" by displaying the BlackBerry logo in certain spots, and stuff like that.

4. (this has already been said, but I heard it prior to yesterday) OEMs are looking into per installing BBM into their devices.

All these are just rumors I've heard from someone else, I'm most skeptical about numbers 2 and 3, just because they seem a little odd to me. Take it how you want though, just remember nothing is official yet.

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Get them hooked and if it starts to affect sales of BlackBerry devices just discount it on android and ios ^_^

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Awesome, I will have to get rid of what's app... get all my mates to use BBM instead...

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While great I am seriously considering another tablet. My school is thinking about making the move to online textbooks and with nursing school I need a portable solution.that being said they have till the end of the summer to SHOW something because the talk is meaningless at this point.
Maybe there planning another tablet maybe not but their track record with the PlayBook will dissuade anyone from investing in their ecosystem if it does come about. If the release date for BBM turns out to be correct while people who have supported BlackBerry over the last couple of years get no confirmation this will be ammo for those who say other platforms are more important than their own user base.

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According to BlackBerryOS this is not true. They say a me member of the team implementing this has stated that it won't be ready by this date.

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Nobody except wanking fanbois believes anything that BlackBerry management announces or doesn't announce, as the case may be. Don't expect to ever see the BlackBerry PlayBook updated. We've been screwed with a rusty pipe.

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Looks photoshopped , the status bar and the screen image don't exactly mesh. They look like it came from 2 different screens, imo...

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As I expected, some of my peers who use BlackBerry said that with cross-platform BBM, there is no reason for them to keep their BlackBerry and that they plan to get an iPhone. This is why the app shouldn't be free on other platforms.

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I'm sure these people exist, but there can not be too many of them. Everybody's BBM list has taken a beating in the past few years to the point where I can't imagine anybody would purchase a Blackberry solely for BBM - as great a messaging app as it is, what is the point if you have less and less people to talk to. A few years ago it did not make sense to go cross platform because people had growing BBM lists and it did help to sell Blackberrys, but that day has passed. As far as how does Blackberry make money from a free messaging app? iTunes is essentially a free app, but it is often said that Apple products are sticky for their users because of iTunes and how many people have their credit card information stashed there. The point is if you have a couple of hundred million users, there are a number of different ways to monetize it, and you can see that is where Blackberry is going by adding features to BBM. Whatsapp and these other messaging platforms are limited in what they can do because they have no security. And I have no doubt that BBM will grow quickly cross-platform. As others have mentioned, you have the former users of Blackberry who will surely download it because they will know how good it is. And for those who may have never used a Blackberry before, they may know others who have who will tell them how good it is, or more importantly they may know people who currently have a Blackberry and download it just to communicate with those people. The point is with 60 million daily users of BBM, there are not many people who are more than 1 or 2 degrees of separation away from a BBM user.

Are they using the new OS or old BB OS devices? At this point with a brand new OS and the future plans for BB I don't understand why anyone would want to leave just because BBM is going cross platform (especially if they are using BB10 devices). I came from iOS and Android to BB because what they are doing with BB10 is new, exciting, and innovative. To jump ship now for the oldest mobile OS in the game seems odd to me. I replied above with the reasons I think it is a good strategic long term move for BB to go cross platform...have a look and let me know your thoughts.

Your sentiment and choice will be shared by far far far more people than BlackBerry realizes. I said it when I first heard of bbm going cross platform, and I'll say it again - this move by BlackBerry is the final death blow to handset sales for BlackBerry.

BBM is going to be cripple feature on IOS and Andriod right? or its going to give the full useage of bbm on those platform also? i guess we will wait and see to find out.

the real question... will be BBM be available to Android and iOS before 10.1 is available to the US...

Wow Birdman, take a pill. A rumour is just that, rumour. Until it's verified. And companies will do what is needed to remain viable, even if it means layoffs. You sound very "sour grapish" to me, but do have a great day.

From Mark's Z10

BlackBerry still hasn't released a tweet to shoot down the rumor. The mismanagement is frustrating. But you have a good day as well!

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I'm afraid that the BlackBerry servers won't be able to handle the extra land and crap out. What sort of a image would that give to users who abandoned the platform awhile back? Makes me nervous!

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Maybe it will be ready by then and could be available in the Play Store that day but iOS its unpredictable for the review process.

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I hope it happens soon since all of my BBM contacts have long since departed from BB. I have the Playbook and the Z10 and not one BBM contact any more. I hope for once the Playbook is given consideration since it has been a big disappointment as to what was implied to be on it from day one. I love my PB and am happy with it but it still has not gotten many things we were lead to believe would be on it. Now with the Z10 updates being delayed by the carriers this new cross platform also may be delayed in the US if the carriers can be directly involved with the release. They will have to find ways for their greedy fingers to make a dollar or two on it.

This would have been shocking, especially since 10.1 isn't officially released yet here in the US.

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Conspiracy theory
Evr wonder if things like this come from an ios/android base, oooo they're releasing it soon in the next few weeks, ah they missed the date :-(
Yet more bad press for BlackBerry and bbm
Just a thought that was all...

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I really do not agree with this decision from BlackBerry
They had to do this long time ago.
Now, there are late, I really think that BBM should stay for BlackBerry Mobiles only...

It's gonna be really depressing to see that Apple show up with Facetime application for Android and BlackBerry smartphone.

I understand that blackberry is trying to get more... popular in some areas, I will support them anyway.

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My company Will drop BB for Apple iPhone. With BBM cross plat, no more BB exclusivite.
90% of the staff already voted to move to iPhone.

Someone at BlackBerry probably started seeing all the comments lately noting that iPhones and Androids would have BBM BEFORE the PlayBook, and what a complete and total FAIL that would be. They've probably only now decided that they'll give us loyal PlayBook owners BBM first, while not bothering to tell us that any further updates to BB10 are never going to happen.

What I heard from BB techs at yesterday's NYC Blackberry event:
BBM for non-BB phones will be free. The BBM service will have pretty much what is available for OS7 and prior OS

Our family all has BB phones with BB paid Plans. We communicate by BBM.
WE should have BBM free too.
While we have 2-Z10 and 1-9900, we really don't NEED the enhanced BBM product as is available with OS10.

This is so crazy BlackBerry will lose because some people buy the BlackBerry phones just for the BBM I hope BlackBerry think again in this subject!!!

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