BBM to come preinstalled on LG smartphones

By Adam Zeis on 18 Dec 2013 09:10 am EST

Moving forward with more BBM goodness, BlackBerry has announced today that BBM will soon come pre-installed on LG smartphones. It will first be available on the LG G Pro Lite right out of the box but will continue to be available as a free download from Google Play. We know that BlackBerry has been working hard to have BBM preinstalled on various Android devices so it's great to hear that this is moving forward.

Press Release

The G Pro Lite Will Be the First LG Device to Offer BBM Out-of-the-box

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 18, 2013) - BBM(TM) will soon come preinstalled on the LG G Pro Lite from LG Electronics Inc. in markets around the world. BlackBerry(R) (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB) today announced a bundling agreement with LG Electronics involving both standard and virtual preloading (using the LG App Manager) and confirmed that BBM will also continue to be available as a free download from Android app stores, including Google Play(TM).

"BBM is widely used throughout the Middle East, Africa and Indonesia where smartphone users tend to engage heavily in social networking," said Kevin Shin, Vice President of Marketing for Asia, the Middle East and CIS countries of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "The LG G Pro Lite offers an optimized BBM experience with its large, high quality display and embedded Stylus Pen."

"People across the globe are using BBM to connect with each other and the enthusiasm has been phenomenal," said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President for BBM at BlackBerry. "We're extremely pleased that LG Electronics will help bring their customers a more seamless experience with BBM by preloading the app, starting with the G Pro Lite in key markets."

BBM is a premier mobile communication service that gives customers privacy, control and immediacy as they chat with their contacts - either one-to-one, in multiple chats or as part of a BBM Group. BBM's Delivered and Read statuses, as well as message-in-progress notices, keep people engaged and active in their conversations.

BBM lets users share files such as photos and voice notes, as well as update their profile and status with ease. Up to 30 people can connect as a BBM Group to chat and share photos, calendars and other files or documents.

Every BBM user has a unique PIN tied to their BlackBerry ID that helps maintains their privacy. Users never have to give out their phone number or email address to begin chatting with a new or casual contact.

The BBM experience will continue to evolve for Android and iPhone(R) users in the coming months, with updates that will include support for BBM Channels, a new service that connects BBM users to communities of shared interests in a very engaging and intimate manner, as well as support for BBM Voice calling and BBM Video calling.

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BBM to come preinstalled on LG smartphones


Isn't this the same LG that did that "write a eulogy for your blackberry " publicity stunt that backfired?

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I was about to post the very same thing... good for BlackBerry now.... BBM on LG... lets hit them back!

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Well, LG isn't really wrong in relation to the BlackBerry phone business. It is in serious trouble and while BlackBerry even under it's current regime has made commitments to continued phone production, it seems the focus is only on phones relates primarily to their MDM offering.

BlackBerry has not showed any renewed interest in the consumer handset market.

BBM may well outlive BlackBerry phones if BlackBerry cannot find a way to move more phones themselves.

I think what's wrong is how LG went about it. Whether or not BlackBerry makes it (which they will) they should have realized BlackBerry has a loyal following. If they were trying to entice people to use their phones all they did was show their customers that they have no class as a company.

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Do dollars change hands in exchange? Meaning does LG pay BlackBerry for the opportunity to preinstall the software?

Why would LG pay to pre-install a free app? This is more advantageous for BlackBerry, if anything BlackBerry would be paying them.

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Funny seeing that they were posting stuff about switching from your BlackBerry couple of months ago :P

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Exactly. Which is why BB would be smart to spin off BBM as soon as possible! It seems to be the one bright point in their crumbling empire, so let it loose and allow it to prosper!

Yup, completely different things and unrelated lol
Crumbling empire, lol, wow, someone needs a life. Making apps for a platform they see as a crumbling empire, what does that say about you?
Wonder what you'll say if BBM starts bringing in revenue and keeps this 'crumbling empire' going. I guess if makes it so you can keep trolling the company non-stop so you will have something to do and continue with the blind hate

Actually, "crumbling empire" seems to be a pretty apt assessement, by anyone’s standards. The stock is sitting at about 6 bucks, down from a high of, what was it? About 24 times that? And how’s that search for a buyer going? As well, BlackBerry is losing subscriber base left, right and centre. I’ve seen more and more articles of late describing various organizations that are opening up to other devices (including provincial governments!), but can’t remember the last time I saw a big announcement of any organization of significance going exclusively to BBRY. And let’s talk about staffing…I mean, they still have SOME staff, but not what they had, and although the cost-cutting measures are likely a good thing, it’s certainly not a sign of an empire that’s “building”.
BBRY was indeed an empire; now, it’s a shadow of what it was. “Crumbling” is the right word. Like many, I’m hopeful that they can rebuild, however the current momentum is certainly against them. They’re not dead by a long stretch, but they’re bleeding. I’m sure many in Waterloo, including Chen, would be the first to admit it. Even your comment mentioned “IF BBM starts bringing in revenue”. And yet, in the same breath, you accuse others of “trolling”, “blind hate” (gee…haven’t heard that one!), and suggest they “get a life”. Perhaps you need to pull your head out of the sand.

Lol. Thanks Ligit8989. I needed a laugh. You just keep reading the news. BB exists in the same market all the others do. Well, thats not quite true. They exist is many more. If you read anything from mikeo007 over the past couple years you honestly would think he should "get a life". My eyes are wide open, my heads out of the sand, I'm not just regurgitating some news articles while being completely blind to all the positive which there are many and they keep piling and piling up. Now thats blind hate. Showing the ability to ignore them all even though day after day there is one after another. "Google it". Or you could start by reading the one you are commenting in.

Hey dude, I think you missed the ***10,000*** Z10s that Citroen / Peugeot committed to buy and integrate with BES 10 this week. No large organization? Just a reminder....

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Ya poor Hurds up there is a sad story. Got himself perma-banned from Crackberry forums, yet still makes his way over here all the time to troll article comments (and apparently read my comments in the forums that he has been kicked out of). That is the very definition of sad

Great, more users taking BBM bandwidth.
Question unresolved, how is BB going to make money on BBM?

Fact: Bandwidth and the operation of servers costs $$$.
The company needs positive cash flow to survive ...
maybe you haven't read the recent quarterly financial reports.

In the future, there may not be a BB company to support BBM if they can't bring in money.

Big networks are a valuable asset(but they have be big enough), and I thought we already discussed the possibility of tailored adds in BBM Channels and the possibility of BBM Money.

As a matter of fact there were a series of articles explaining this.

It's social networking, they seem to have an entire different set of rules compared to the rest of the business world.

Channels may bring in money. But that said, companies have a lot of value even when they're not making money. Instagram had no revenue yet Facebook bought them for $1 billion.

How does everyone else make money on free services? You find that out, you have your answer.

They have a dream to make money.
The financial future of FB and Twitter is uncertain too. But, they do already have some revenue sources in place.

Frist BBM needs to build up a critical mass of users in order attract advertisers. If they are premature in offering advertising, it will fail.

BBM had over 60 million BB users before iOS and Android roll out...
sounds like a good number for advertisers to get notice.

And, who are those 60M?
They are paying for monthly BB contracts in some way.

But now the iOS and Android users?
NOW they pay nada.
NOW the advertising program or a contract plan is not disclosed by BB.
NOW upper level BB management is in a state of flux.

Who's to say this contract on pre-installing BBM on Android phones isn't making BlackBerry money?

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Good question: Who paid for it?
As far as I know, with exception of the BB phone owners who pay monthly charges, iOS and Android phone owners who use BBM have no cost and there is no present advertising.
So, Who paid/pays BB?
It costs BB to operate BBM for non-BB contract users. It ain't for free.

The value of a network correlates to the square of it's userbase (users*users). Increasing the size of the userbase is more important than the extra costs associated with server infrastructure. And who's to say they even need to add more capacity vs. fully utilizing the capacity they already have?

BBM channels is how they will monetize this how many times does this need repeating. They've already stated this on multiple occasions.

BlackBerry Z30 | | BBM Channel C0006E212

Lots of news the past couple days, lots of good news that is.

Posted on my Z10 Via CB10

And picture sharing with a multi person chat would be nice.

Bloatware is a bad thing usually. I would delete it just out of spite like I do whenever I find pre installed apps

I wish BlackBerry put the level of effort into making BB10 successful as they did with making BBM successful on iOS and Android.

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Wasn't LG the company that attacked blackberry by saying it was dead on their Facebook page?

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Can't understand why people in Msia here preferred Whatsapp more over bbm :/. I never had whatsapp before, I cant seem to stand many IM craving for attention all the time. I just need a good ol SMS and BBM, I'm good there

Good to see - not a fan of LG though, I've had nothing but problems with their devices in the past (phones, monitors, TV) now I don't even bother with them. Though I guess people say the same about BlackBerry

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Then we'll have BBM preinstalled on iOS devices then it'll come standard on every new PC you buy, THEN people will finally see what a great company BlackBerry is.

Cheers. :)

If the full BBMx (video audio screen share etc) is released to good effect in the next three months, BBM is going to explode in 2014. If they take too long, other apps and companies may have time to adapt. Hopefully it's coming soon.

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Yes, but rather take some more time, maybe run a larger beta-test before final release. No bugs on iOS / Android to ruin it prematurely and give bad press a chance to hammer it to pieces.

Hope is not "coming soon" BB10 Playbook style ... haha...

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Tecno's Phantom A III already comes with BBM pre-installed. They even emphasise it as a marketing point. For whatever reason, the phone cloners seem to be taking BBM more seriously than OEMs...

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The sad reality is that BBM was hemorrhaging users as BB devices got replaced by other brands. Moving to cross platform was clearly a tactical move that will drive benefits in the future, just not right now. The global BB network is already in place and is a sunk cost for the most part. Adding more users beyond the BB user base is clearly the right move to leverage this asset.

I'm wondering if this isn't a precursor to BB10 licensing ?

Very Bad Move.
People whom purchase a smartphone should not have to have per-installed software. This is akin to having bloatware installed on a computer. Let's be honest if someone wants BBM or Facebook, or any other App then that person can install it. Why ? put it on the phone to begin with ?
What if I don't want to use it ?

Lol was thinking the same... what a huge problem, what am I ever going to do with these extra icons on my home screen... oh yeah...

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Yes I know that you can uninstall it. Thanks for making me aware of it.
The point is if you look at some of the Smartphones coming out today , " the S4 is a perfect example " they are starting to come pre installed with all kinds of crap that really you will never use or not use that particular app. I mean in the end it's nice that I get to choose what App i want to use for a particular job. Look i am not knocking BBM and I understand this is CB and how sensitive people are to anything that seems negative towards BB but a future where smartphone makers start to make deals with App makers or other companys to have there preloaded on there smartphone doesn't look that great to me.
Yes you can uninstall it, but what if one day Facebook, Yahoo, Msn, and whatever else... all come pre-installed on phones? I mean really ?.
On another note , I hope BB works on making BBM more stable as I have tried to get other people ( on Android) to use it but it is 50/50 right now in terms of it working and not working.

Strange, in my GS4 it works 99.9% of the time, and I use it everyday with at least 5 people from BB, Android and Iphones.

My BBM works, but with some people it shows a red X when i send a message every time.
this happens on 1 person on Iphone and 1 on Android. We were all sittting at the coffee shop with our phones trying to figure it out why it was happening. Some of us can send and receive no problem with others while sometimes 1 person gets an X but we dont.
Strange. Ive looked online and it seems to happen to Android or Iphone users.
Hopefully this is a bug or something.

I just talked with another GS4 user and it seems that BBM is very reliable in her phone, so it could be the OS version in that Android phone, if that is the cause it is up to BB to make it work right in every Android version.

Do you know how much pre installed crap there is on Samsung devices? Apps like box, Evernote, Flipboard and the like do it all the time. This is nothing but a good thing. If you don't like it delete it simple as that but it's a way of introducing the app to a broader audience.

BlackBerry Z30 | | BBM Channel C0006E212

Yes . It was and IS the reason I have not ever purchased a Samsung Smartphone.
Too much bloatware AND most of the Samsung pre-installed Apps can not be uninstalled.

Good for you but unfortunately you do not represent the population, at large. I think you are just making a mountain out of a mole hill. IMHO this is an excellent move by BlackBerry.

The icon creates awareness,
hey even Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. came pre-installed on my Q10, and I have not heard such comments about "bloatware on BB10".

This might be the first exposure to BBM on an Android that Joe Doe gets, a lot a not aware of its availability.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

This is good.

BB also must make it better. First BBM needs better group features to encourage more people to connect using Bbm. This will also cure Bbm spamming.

Blah blah...the whatsapp pictures are sharper than can add videos to the group on whatsapp you can't on can watch bigger video files on whatsapp and not bbm! so all this pr means nothing.....if they put as much effort to bring bbm out of the 90's it would sell itself....

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Coming from a person who is a blind follower and ignorant about issues.......With WhatsApp you need phone numbers to connect and who would give out phone numbers anyhow?And "last seen" or "online" stuff just sucks!And with NSA snooping all over you can't compare WhatsApp to BBM!

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

I change prepaid cards a lot, and yeah, phone numbers are just a privacy risk.

If it's THE number you've had for years, you can't take it back once it's out there... and someone starts stalking you...

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

If people don't know BBM is cross platform how will they use it?

This was inevitable. It's all about BBM exposure and experience.

Now the next task is to beef up the video and voice calls, making it secure and clear.

BBM channels has to be included in any further updates.

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boom! troll poison! lol

waiting to hear some preposterous reason this is not a good thing

Yup. they always find something, but they only prove their blind hate.

This is a strategic partner and a big one. Does whatsapps, skype, kik, snapchat. etc come pre-installed on any phones?..........Nope. BB is genius, and they are showing who the real business is. This can be disruptive. BBM becoming synonymous with communication.

Good Move.

Just curious, those LG phones look like The Samsung versions, and those look like the iPhone look. In other words, they are quite ugly looking phones.

And soon you will be able to rename a group and it won't say general discussion. I think not.

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Mobilesyrup is reporting that this is not going to happen on LG phones sold in Canada ?

" Update: As expected, no future rollout of BBM coming pre-loaded on LG Android phones in Canada. We reached out to BlackBerry and they stated in an email to us that “LG is making the in-country availability decisions, and at this time, there are no plans to make BBM available via a preload in Canada. However, LG users can still download BBM for free from Android app stores.”

Source: BlackBerry

C0038297E Quote of the Day! Please subscribe! Awesome news on the BBM front tho! Good job by the new ceo :-)

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Funny thread, this is a good read.
If BBM is preinstalled folks find fault with it. If its not preinstalled someone else has a problem with it. I rather have it preinstalled then not having it at all. BBM is a legit app vs some of the other crap that comes preinstalled on phones. Just can't please everyone but BlackBerry will keep moving.

Pre-installed is great, means OEM testing to work on this phone and no bugs (or so we hope).

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

What they need to do is provide updates to BBM faster, i've got friends on other platforms who came back to BBM but are now looking to go back to whatsapp due to things like the weak support in group chats, no video/audio sharing etc.

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Excellent move. I am from Indonesia, the so-called BBM Nation. Yes, we are crazy about BBM than any other messaging, simply because it is easy to use, reliable, and most importantly you can update your profile picture and status. Indonesian loves to share everything to just about anyone.

Already, we have seen many China-made phones(mainly Android based) have scrambled to pre-install BBM in order to lure more customers. Samsung has put a tag line "BBM Ready" on all of their phones. So, I think LG move is an incredibly strong marketing push. Especially, in a market like Indonesia.

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@ gun - Is BBM Video "popular" in Indonesia... In the USA, I find it to be "Superior to Skype" in ease of use and clarity of picture and sound....

Is that the case in Indonesia, as well???

Berry Christmas...

Fred, BBM video has been slowly gaining more popularity. But, there is a catch. Our carriers have not managed to create a consistent network speed pending for 4G launch early next year. I have seen some of my friends using BBM Video, and quality is not bad :-).

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So, all those users in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa no longer need to buy BlackBerry phones.

This is what did in OS2 Warp. Since it ran Windows apps there was no need to develop native apps.

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LG must feel real bad about that eulogy fiasco. Nice to them embrace BBM.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Jamming BBM down your throat, double-tapping LG users. No need to complain, does android even have a messaging system?

One thing I thing I've noticed is that even though BBM is on two other platforms, those users still have the inability to message someone using pin-to-pin. That's still exclusive to BlackBerry, and that's cool.

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Ah the irony - remember when LG posted something about writing an eulogy for Blackberry on their phones?

Everyone is starting to learn their lesson; BlackBerry is going no where! We might be behind on apps, yes, but we are still the most powerful business tools in the world. Those who live for apps, keep your toys...:)

Posted via CB10 from my Verizon Q10!