BBM Channels updated with set chatting hours, threaded conversations, and more

BBM Channels beta
By Simon Sage on 2 Aug 2013 11:32 am EDT

BlackBerry Messenger's Channels feature is still in beta, but the features keep on coming. There are some basic usability enhancements in a recently-launched update, such as being able to leave "likes" from the updates screen and deleting comments from your channel, but also some new verification mechanisms. For one, there's an age check to attempt to keep mature content out of reach from the young'uns. There's also a new Verified badge, much like Twitter. This is to make sure you know you're dealing with a proper brand, and not just a page that some random cooked up. 

For those unfamiliar, Channels is a way for brands and personalities to broadcast updates to a group over BlackBerry Messenger. Think of it kind of like Facebook Pages; all you have to do is like someone in order to get their updates, rather than making a friend request approval. It's still in the testing phase for now. 

Here's the full change log for BBM Channels and 

  • Multi-Threaded Comments- don’t worry about your comments getting lost ever again! Reply directly to comments to have more engaging conversations in BBM Channels.
  • Delete Comments– manage the content posted in your channel.
  • Date of Birth Verification – authenticate yourself when you sign up for Channels so we are providing the correct experience for your age group.
  • Office Hours – let subscribers know when you’re available to chat! Set office hours from your channel profile so subscribers know when you can be reached.
  • Enhanced BlackBerry 10 Updates Tab within BBM: liking and commenting has never been easier. You can now like and comment on your favourite posts straight from the updates tab! You can also ‘tap’ on pictures from a Channel post to see them grow full size.
  • Verified Badge – no need to wonder if the channel you’re following is authentic. Now you can look for the verified badge for selected channels in profile, search results, and carousel. Check out the Blue Jays and BlackBerry Channel for some examples of how badging looks!
  • Reporting Content – you can now report channels, posts, and comments as inappropriate so BlackBerry can review and address.

Slight side effect of the beta on the Q10: reverting to a white theme. Bleh. Anyway, hit up the BlackBerry Beta Zone for your update. Oh, and be sure to follow all of the CrackBerry crew on Channels!

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BBM Channels updated with set chatting hours, threaded conversations, and more


I have the beta zone app and this appeared but when I tried to download got an error. Now it no longer appears when I open the app. I did get the e-mail and could do the computer loading method but the app was much more convenient. Anyone else with this problem?

Yep, exact same thing happened here. Got an error message each time when trying to upgrade earlier. Now the new version isn't showing up in the Beta Zone app at all.

Posted via CB10

Yeap, same got me, what's the point of this app then? I guess it's on beta too, sight...

Posted via CB10

On their channel they said soon, I assume before BBM goes cross TechCraze C0008DDD1

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

I downloaded it, but when i installed I lost all of my chat history it never happened with the other old updates

Posted via CB10

Same here... Boo! I guess that's inline with a lot of people losing their SMS history with the v10.1 MR update. Ahhh well, bugs!

Multi-Threaded Comments is the most interesting part of this update for me :)

What I don't like is that my BBM is now using the light theme on my Q10. I miss the dark theme :(

Oh & I lost all of my BBM Chats! Grrr

I guess this is why it's called "Beta" :D

Agreed it needs to have the option to change themes maybe in the next release. And the 404 error when I tried to read the user agreement. I may have just unknowingly clicked away my first born child to Blackberry. Other then that I'm liking so far.

Posted via my Q10 | C00073083

Now bbm is white thème on my q10! What the hell blackberry just give us the option to switch from white or dark theme!

Yup, white theme on the Q10 looks downright ugly and I was bummed to lose all my conversations.

Hopefully the new features make up for that little snafu and they'll have a new release for the dark theme soon, otherwise I might just roll back to the previous BBM beta.

Lost connection to my wife so sent nn invite. Opened it up and this is what I see:

On android or iPhone, click to add me or download BBM

"Mypin" replaces my actual pin for obvious reasons!

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When does it come out
From the beta zone?

Can you resend someones post like retweet?

is there a video stream?

Hope you respond

Posted via CB10

I like the "Chat Hours", that's a great added feature IMO

Sin*Co. Clothing
Channel PIN: C00743BE

All these features scream to me less battery life especially if you own a channel and have chat enabled

Posted via CB10

Why don't BlackBerry put this in BW, instead of going through all drama of pc to update this.

Posted via CB10

Because it is BETA software...meaning that the experience may not be ideal yet. They don't want to release anything less than a good experience to the general public.

Question: I do not have BBM channels, so my question is can my BBM Channels replace my BBM or is it all integrated ?

It's all integrated. If you want to have BB channels you need to join the Beta zone, there is no official version yet, it is in beta.

Lost my chat history too. Not sure if there is anyway to restore it but no the other updates didn't do this for me...

jic999, it should be integrated. You'll need to add or create channels.


Not too happy about the theme change. Even more unhappy to hear it will be happening to the Q10 calendar. Hopefully, we'll be given the choice. I know my way around a computer well enough to sideload, but I'd rather not.

Still, for all this, I enjoy the privilege of testing the software.

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This update totally trashed my bbm using bbos. I tried installing it twice after removing it and it's bull. I had to go back to 7.x to get bbm working again.

My dark theme in BBM is not there after the update .... and nothing in the settings to change that...

Posted via CB10

And i lost my history too - they really need to go back to the standard way of capturing history like in BlackBerry 7.xx

Posted via CB10

@BlackBerryHelp I've downloaded the update OTA for BBM Channels on my Z10, the file will not open. It says "Unable to open file"

Posted via CB10

I accidentally set the wrong birth date in my bbm channel after updating it today , I can't seem to find a way to edit it , does anyone know where ? Thanks

No platforms ' native messenger is like this.... a sort of twitter and mms rolled in together.... so BBM channels definitely would be in the cross platform version of BBM, correct?

After the update on my Z10 some channels wouldn't open instead shut down whole BBM app. Restarted my phone still the same. Anyone else has this problem?

ChannelX C000D3759 We review channels

Uninstalled today and back to BBM 7.0.1, too many bugs on BBOS and Beta Zone forum posts don't seem to be getting read. I hope they fix these issues before it goes out to the masses and to cross platform.

Hi, how can I update my birthday - I made it 20 instead of 21 by mistake now I can't change that.

Every time I want to add a photo in my channel, it gets cropped. Any ideas how I can prevent this or is there a quick way to resize the image.

Also does anyone know how to get a channel verified