BBM Channels updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 13 Jun 2013 08:14 pm EDT

Digging BBM Channels? If so, you'll want to make sure you get the latest update installed. New releases are now appearing in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for both BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10. There's a few new feature additions that should please some folks and the BlackBerry Beta Zone was good enough to lay them out for us. Enough jibber jabber though, here's what's been added and changed in these releases:

  • Search for Channels – Within the “Browse Channels” tab on BlackBerry 10 and the “New Channel” tab on BBOS, users may now search and discover new Channels.
  • Active Text for Channel ID’s Within BBOS (5, 6, and 7) – Whenever a BBM Channel ID is noted within BBOS, users can select the Channel ID to open up the channel within BBM. *Coming soon to BB10, but not in this release!*
  • Deleting My Own Channel – Users may now delete their own Channels from the device. The Channel will be deleted from any subscriber’s devices as well.
  • Support for Animated GIF’s – Users may now add an animated GIF to their post, bringing motion and a richer experience to their channels. Check out the bonus animated gif pack under the download tabs that we've posted to help you test out this new feature!
  • View Subscriber Count Within a Channel’s Preview Screen - Users may now see the total number of subscribers to a Channel, from the Channel preview screen.
  • Repost Channel Content – BBM Channels now allows users to repost content they like in channels they subscribe to, into their own Channel.

As we let you all know earlier on the CrackBerry channel (PIN: C00012B19), animated GIFS are working on these builds and BlackBerry has included a add-on pack that you can download to test out using BBM Channels as well. You'll still need to side load the BlackBerry 10 version but the BlackBerry OS version can be updated OTA. Now, finally I can delete the channels I made for testing.

Download the latest BBM Channels builds

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BBM Channels updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10


GIFS was working on the old build as well

Posted via CB10 ~ Join the One And Only active News channel on BBM Channels just add C000E96C1 ~

Do the animated gif's have to be certain dimensions and under a certain size? I can't get it working on my channel.

"Search for Channels" - I actually made this suggestion on their survey! (though I guess I wasn't the only one).

Yes you were not the only one :) I am actually surprised the variety of channels already available in Beta release, I was able to find for almost any topic I searched. This thing is only going to get bigger and bigger.
Btw currently search results are limited to Top 50 (with more coming in next updates).

They said it's coming soon... probably so soon as the chat feature...

Posted via CB10 ~ Join the One And Only active News channel on BBM Channels just add C000E96C1 ~

But it's controlled, no one survives with free stuff if they don't use ads. If they promise to control it (max. 3 per month) then I think it's better than to charge it.

You haven't used BBM Channels have you? When people talk about the spam problem it's not from companies ect. It's from people saying "Visit my Channel C00012345"

When I try to load it says can't find it but the Z10 shows in Blackberry Link.
I installed the first version and started a channel but not sure what's going on
with this setup.

I don't sideload apps. Wish it was just ota like old os. Haven't tried just cause of that. It should be easier. Just my 2 cents.

Posted via my BATBerry Z10

It's not as "dirty" as a sideload, per se.
It is an .exe autoloader that usually takes less than a minute to load up.

It's not a true sideload in a way. And it does all the work for you so there's no big risks involved unlike the manual ways.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

Ok, all this is fine and all but where is the 10.1 update that was promised??? All this talk about new things and all, BBM channels etc... beta this and that... where is the promised update???? great phone, great promises, but no delivery - unless you go and hack the version from some website. Even all the talk about 10.2 and all... they can't even deliver 10.1!?!?! :(:(:(

Posted via CB10

They delivered BB10.1 already. I am using it after loading it OTA. It is your service provider that is being slow releasing it to you, for reasons only they can attempt to explain to you. Call them.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

It is not really a hack as the 10.1 updates available are those that are approved by other carriers in different parts of the world.
You haven't got 10.1 because your carrier is slow with their testing process and will not allow the update to be pushed until the same is tested by them. All BlackBerry updates are controlled by the carrier.

Posted via CB10 from my awesome Z10

If your into cycling make sure to join bbm's first and most popular cycling channel: C000B3B62 or simply search for The Cyclist


Posted via CB10

Noted so far :
1) faster loading of all things, posts, images, likes
2) preview a channel before subscribing shows how many current subscribers it has.
3) biggest of all IMO, a proper search for channel by keyword function! MUCH greater discoverability!

Happy. #keepingtodeadlines

Posted via CB10

Want a better channel. Subscribe to http:/ or C000113BB. Go check it out and have a preview for yourself

Man is there not a specific forum on CB to spam your particular channel?

Man I cant wait until moderation includes banning cap like this.

Posted via CB10

Lol. Go chug a beer hater. People need inspiration, my channel does that. I might have a quote for your life.

Speaking of spam. Why is it that when BBM Channels are brought up the spam begins.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

This happens with any new social network medium and especially if people can remain anonymous. Whats surprising though is that everyone on BBM channels has a BlackBerry, so each spammer is unique! That's crazy.

Same thing happened with Twitter when they were new, my god the spamming was nuts. Quickly got under control though, plus with people reporting spam accounts. It's pretty much a non-issue at this point.

I think the reason BlackBerry hasn't address this yet is because of the fact that anyone spamming is an actual person. There's no automation here. So if someone reports someone for spamming.... what happens? What's the disciplinary action? On the flip side, no one wants to be going through their channel comments removing each spammer post, way too tedious.

BlackBerry has a lot of careful planning and work to do if they are going to create the next big social network, powered by BBM!

Actually, looks like it is a coincidence. There are members reporting they got the 1MB update but did not install BBM channels.

Interesting how BlackBerry push out the version of BBM as found in the 10.2 leak (not the Dev Beta).
They're trying to stay ahead of the curve, good 'ol BlackBerry :)

Posted via CB10 from my Q10.

Quick question how is the update done from pc just as when you download it or updating over phone

Posted via CB10

This blackberry beta zone pisses me off. Doesn't want me to login using my existing account and doesn't want me to login with new actually. Damn

Posted via CB10

Looking real good so far.Much smoother than before.With viewing channels used to be jumpy pictures when viewing channels .Search is a HUGEwelcomed feature.Already spotted 1 or inconsitency but its a beta.But so far its good .SEARCH ALONE makes this so much better.

I've gone into Blackberry Beta Zone numerous times and for the life of me, cannot find the download. It will not show up in the programs available to me and searches don't turn up anything either. What am I doing wrong? I log in with my Blackberry ID which has been associated with my Beta account to my knowledge, and have dug around the message boards and articles on Crackberry. Any help would be great.

Is it safe to download apps from blackberry beta zone? I mean, something strange can happen with the phone (z10)? It may look a stupid question, but I'm not a programmer and don't know too much about it. I never did it, but I would like to begin with BBM channels.


Posted via CB10

Yep perfectly safe, ive been downloading beta programs since they first started and never ever had an issue although i always back up my device every week but thats to do with me ever losing my device etc.

But perfectly safe to download from the beta zone on blackberry.