BBM Channels: Quick tips for the power user

BBM Channels tips for the power user
By DJ Reyes on 29 Nov 2013 04:52 pm EST

So, BBM Channels has now hit the masses, which I'm very excited about. We've gone through BBM Channel basics on how to search, subscribe to and create a channel and also gone through showing you the BBM CMC (Channel Management Console).

Let's now dig deeper. There are lots of very interesting channels to discover (you can see Team CrackBerry's recommendations here). You'll find soon enough that you've subscribed to dozens of channels and it may get a bit too much to cope with. Fear not, there are a few things you can I to make things flow a little smoother.


At the moment, there isn't any way to be alerted when a channel puts up a post. You do, however, see a little Spark on the BBM Channels tab in the BBM app when there are updates. Then each channel with an update will also have a Spark in the top right corner of their avatar, too.

One confusing thing about the notifications for BBM Channels is that even when there is a Spark, it will show as 0 new notifications. This is because it will only show you have a notification when someone comments on a post of yours or comments on your comment. When you have a notification, these will show up in Notifications tab in BBM Channels.

BBM Channel notifications

Add a channel as Favorite

You can also mark a channel as favorite. This is done by tapping and holding on a channel, then when the menu on the right pops up tap the star icon. Marking a channel as favorite will also mean you will get notifications whenever the channel puts a post up. And these will show in the Notifications tab, so you can quickly jump to the channel.

Making use of the Favorites feature certainly makes life a lot easier to glance at your favorite channel when they have an update.

BBM Channels Favorties

It would be great if these could show up in the Hub. Hope fully, in a future update.

Channel Activity in Updates

With this latest version of BBM, you'll see that things have been moved around a bit. Along the bottom bar you'll find an Updates tab (used to be Contacts). When scrolling through these updates, you'll see that Channel updates are included. You can view them at a glance from there and you also have the ability to 'Like' or comment on a post right from the updates tab too. What's more, you can set which channels you'd like to show up in your Updates stream, too. To do this just tap and hold on the channel you want to set, then tap the gear icon (Channel Settings). Then just toggle to on/off on whether you want the channel to show up in the Updates stream.

BBM Channel Update Activity

Now, go and enjoy BBM Channels. Don't forget, we have a thread in the forums where you can share your BBM Channels with others.

Have any great tips? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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I'm still trying to grasp channels but it's a great concept so far with improvement can be a real money maker.

Posted by z10 boss

jojo beaconsfield

I think Schroon will be able to make a little money from all their Enterprise customers.Maybe a lot but who knows?


I've been using it for awhile since it's been in beta. Now that it is public my subscriber base has more than quadrupled. C001206C1 is mine. Check it out if you need a laugh.

Plus many more great channels have been popping up, I'm loving it.

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I agree. I was about to delete my channel. While in Beta I had 2 subscribers. within 2 days of leaving Beta I jumped to 14. If you are an aspiring Entrepreneur then my channel is for you. C001CAE75


It'll grow, but this kind of things take time . So mean while if you love

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I love how I started this as an experiment and by now I have more followers that what I imagined.

You are now in my Bingo Book


Reminds a bit like a news and tech Pinterest without the craft crap. No offense to any crafty people.


Thanks for the info! Very useful.

On another note, I'm not getting the spark notification when I open the BBM app but when I go into channels there are channel updates to view. I lost the spark on latest update when channels went out of beta. Was working when it was beta. Anyone else having that issue?

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I had the exact same issue. Your not alone my friend!

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Yeah same here. Was working in beta but not since the update.



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Something got broken in the official version because the beta used to show the spark in the BBM Channels tab, but since I loaded the offical it doesn't show up anymore.


Same here not liking all the clicking I have to do now.

Posted via my Q10 | C00073083


It would be nice to have it open on my channels, and not on a homepage of recommended channels. As well, I would like to be able to sort my favourite channels how I want them.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

zeon mohamedd

But there is no big names in bbm channels...I hope in the near future bbm channels will contain big names like Motor trend

Posted via CB10


There are not so many Interesting channells at all... It would be nice if nice brands open channels

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Specializing in deception training, body language, facial expressions, & all other forms of non-verbal communications.

Want to learn about lies, how we lie, why do we lie?

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And you too can learn a thing or two about body language and non verbal communications so next time someone lies to you, you'll know it.

At The KUQO Group, we are ALWAYS seeking the TRUTH!


Stay Classy CrackBerry!

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Dude! Is posting this verbose ad for your channel ONCE not enough?

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You can expect this to increase. Unless/until some guidelines are set, channel-related spamming will run rampant throughout the CB community. I will try to ignore the more obnoxious but as annoying as it will likely become, I'm fully aware that "advertising" within these threads is among the most direct and immediate means to build a fledgling channel on a fledgling medium.


It was just released. I'm sure billions of people have no idea what it even is yet. Give it some time.

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I've had BBM channels since beta and I've never really embraced it. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see this as being much of a big deal to those on iPhone and Android when it eventually arrives. Hopefully it will become something more than what it is now. Or maybe I just don't get it?

CB10 on my Z10


When could we see some bbm channels stats, number of active channels, channels up to date, daily posts, etc.


There are lots of big names jumping into channels who have been popping up over the last few days.

I can understand those that haven't found the point yet though. It's micro blogging in 400 characters or less with the same wonderful privacy barrier of your PIN.

So imagine a sort of Twitter/Facebook type thing where you don't have to tell the world who you are if you don't want to and with more flexibility as regards pics and GIFS?

Maybe they should pop over to my channel for pointless info (well, at least it might make you laugh) C001CFCCD

Feel It, Swipe It, Love It. BlackBerry Z10


I love Bigglybobblyboo's channel! It always makes me laugh. I agree that Channels will take some time to grow but if you want to check out some channels already - go to the BBM Channels threads and check them out. In the near future I'd like to see threads for particular types of channels so I can go for the topics I want first.

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The red sparks for channels notifications are not working as it should for me. I can't receive notifications of all my channels.

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And I can't see the spark on the channels tab either. I use to see this when channels were beta, but since it is official, my BBM lost this ability.

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Oh, and DJ..

Love the Dr Who reference..!


Bbm and bbm channels on Xbox, Play Station and desktop would be awesome

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I'm sad because BBM Channels seems pretty cool but none of my friends/family are even using BlackBerry, and none of them seem to want to download BBM for iPhone or Android.


A real lack of interest in everything BlackBerry in North America. Not sure how it got so bad so fast! Really bad PR and Marketing! I have 4 friends and family using BBM. Very few!

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Biggest question is: why isn't this post on channels??!!

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A friend of mine uses BlackBerry OS 7 and she upgraded her BBM version from 7 to 8. Now her phone is running slow and it's battery life has drastically gone low. She wants to revert back to BBM 7. Can you tell me how to do it or can you provide me with the download link of the previous version?

Posted from my Q5

JordE M

some of the basic features of Channels dont even work...something as simple as 'Leaving a Channel' always comes up with an error..or maybe i'm missing something...

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Posted Via CB10/SQN100-3 luvn leak


I'm pretty sure theresbthings tha need to be tweaked. C'mon peeps it just came out out of beta less than 48hrs ago!

Posted Via CB10/SQN100-3 luvn leak


I do have notification when there's a post on a favorite channel and I am running 10.1.4200

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Wow, thanks for the tips guys!

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Wooo go channels

Loving 10.2


Yeah great review! Some things could he better in the next update's! But round about is it the best platform to stay connected with your friends or other people around the globe! I'm really excited to browse in my subscribers list and see the subscribers Since the first hour accompany me !
And you somehow know each other but never before has personally faced! I like that! You are one of the subscribers on my channel (following back ;) from first time) and it's cool to see #BerryBeatz channel on your picture :D massive thanks
Brain you know well, funny!


Redroom Media

Still can't unsubscribe to any channels. Does anyone have this issue too? I am running the latest version on my Z10.

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Stefan Xenos

I'm loving the Hardcore PC Gaming channel. C00423973

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Colossal failure in the making. People will get fired. Channels does not come close to comparing to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr. It had been built as an old school blog in a top-down, 1 to many structure. Data usage, channel management, sharing capability and the ability to connect with others in dialog and get a proper notification is pathetic. Channels is structurally flawed and only a complete redesign will fix its issue. Engagement will fall of cliff in January.

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Well you've had a bad day eh? Maybe when the sun starts shining again you'll see how wrong you are in so many ways! BBM and channels are amazing and they'll both be huge!

Posted via CB10 on my  BlackBerry Q10


No not at all. I've been a beta user since day one and I use a lot of other social media tools. I'm a big fan of BlackBerry where it's deserved. BBM and 10.2 is awesome. BlackBerry Express also awesome. Channels is mediocre awkward and flawed in many ways. I unlike you have the ability to think critically and objectively.

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Lucky Nazib A

TryIt BB10 Apps channel: C001C6081


Channels is not as ui friendly as I would like. It was better on my Bold 9930 in beta than it is on my Q10.

Keep The Faith


Another tip: When in comments view if you like what you see and want to copy or answer it. Just press and hold on the comment. the comment will be selected for you and a menu will show up from right with three choices.


As simple as it sounds, this is a useful post. Some of us don't have the time to start trying things out to discover what works and what doesn't. Kudos!

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Here is a tip.

Release the cross platform version.

Add likes and comments to regular bbm statuses and display picture changes.

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Channels should replace Groups in the main menu, IMHO.

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Great article. Could we have an article from the point of view of a Channel owner. Now that we have lots of new people I have found I have lots of spamming in my comments, people are reporting my posts (I think that is due to people pressing buttons to see what they do), and just the realisation of running a blog with over a thousand subscribers.

An article telling us how to deal with these issues would be a great help. Should we be blocking people straight away from posting comments? What do you do once a post has been reported? What happens when we report a spamming subscriber?

Please help.

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Dave Pietro

What's your channel?

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UK mobile DJ's C000D1043


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Since the official update, I too no longer get the Spark on my BBM Channel tab.


I would like to see a case study on a company that is seeing success by utilizing BBM Channels please. BlackBerry should be all over this if they plan on competing on the social media field.


I don't like the idea that when I subscribe to a new channel that it shows up as an update for all of my BBM contacts to see. I should have the choice to broadcast, for example if I choose to follow the Alicia Keys channel I sure as hell wouldn't want my friends to know.


Does it show as an update for all of your contacts to see each time u join a channel?suppose u don't want everybody to see?There's not even an option?Surely there's got to be?lol Females 24+ add me up pin:263D66CA


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Am having issues with un subscribing channels can anyone give a solution?

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