BBM Channels now available to download from Beta Zone

BBM Channels now available to download from Beta Zone
By DJ Reyes on 14 May 2013 12:04 pm EDT

BBM Channels was announced during the Live Keynote session at BlackBerry Live 2013. BBM Channels allows you to communicate with others and your followers. You can create a channel for yourself, a brand, business or community, where people can then follow and get direct updates from you.

Key features of BBM Channels:

  • Channel Profile - View personalized channel profiles for each BBM Channel including additional content helping to bring the channel to life such as a welcome messages, images, maps and more.
  • Receive Posts - Stay up to date on the things that matter to you with instant updates from your subscribed channels. Receive notification when new posts are available and chose whether you would like to be notified.
  • Engagement options - Get involved in conversations with your favorite communities by commenting on and liking posts from the Channels to which you have subscribed.  Or share interesting posts with your BBM contacts.
  • Chat (Coming Soon) - Get more personal with one to one conversations. Many BBM Channels allow subscribers to enjoy private conversations via BBM.
  • Discovery - Easily find and share your favorite communities on BBM Channels.   Check out which Channels are currently featured on the carousel.  Channel invites can be shared between BBM contacts or add a Channel via PIN or QR code.
  • User Controls - Be in control of your notifications with the BBM Channel mute button. It allows you to select exactly which subscribed channels you would like to receive notifications from.

If you have a Beta Zone account you can download it now. For BlackBerry OS users you can download BBM Channels OTA. You need to have BBOS 5 and above running on your legecy device.  If you have a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, you will need a PC. No Mac support unfortunately. You can have either BlackBerry 10 OS 10 or 10.1 running. Login in to your Beta Zone account and download the BBM Channels loader from there.

Don't forget you can follow members of CrackBerry on there already.

Download BBM Channels from Beta Zone now

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BBM Channels now available to download from Beta Zone


Over the air. No need for a PC. Login to your Beta Zone account from your BlackBerry browser and download it from there

Sorry that was not supposed to say that, it was suppose to say how do you get it on the phone. I am truly sorry for that.

Lol you must have a Z10 like me, it has a very quirky sense of humor when it comes to using the damn virtual keyboard.

OTA did not work for me, asked for a USB connection (mind you, the desktop software wasnt running at the time, if thats the reason)

Sorry DJ but I'm confused. You said in the post that bb10 users need a PC to download this. Is it true or I could just download it via my BB10 browser? Thanks.

Where do you setup notifications for each channel? Cannot find it within BBM and in the Notification settings (as well as Hub).

They want to make a social network out of BBM, this is pretty amazing. Also how the fuck didn't we see that shit coming?!

I understand the intent.
Don't understand devoting time and energy to BBM Channels at this point in time. I'd rather have a phone that didn't reboot from time to time, than another social network.

The point of BBM Channels is to turn BBM into a more fully fledged social media network, which has many benefits.

Millions of people already use BBM, and it will not be nearly as big of a stretch to transition millions of them vs trying to get those same people to join and participate in a new network.

Kinda brilliant actually.

- I did this with my Z10! -

Why would they require a "wired" download for BB10 and OTA download for BBOS??? My work laptops do not allow downloading/installing of any software (only IT folks can). GRRRR

Its beta software. Do not gripe too much. It will be ota when its finally released to the masses.

Dude, i know it's beta. I've been a betazone member since Moses parted the red sea! I don't recall ever having to plug any of the 10+ blackberry's into my PC to install a beta program. Having to do so is a step back given that everything can be done OTA.

I coach, train, write and speak on the topics surrounding organizational development and leadership. I just started a channel to share posts and discuss topics surrounding leadership and development. Channel ID is C000904FA, if you would like to join!

Posted via CB10

Downloaded and ran installer and it says "success" but don't see any new app on my phone. Am I missing something?

Exe file comes down OTA. Way to go BlackBerry. Lock out Mac users, and anyone who doesn't have a PC to hand. All on the same day Thorsten starts worming out of the promise to BB10 the PlayBook. Copacetic.

Posted via CB10

Git it! But for some odd reason I also got a sixth panel on my main screen....

Posted via BlackBerry z10

Hey, I just lost 'Channels' -- had it earlier today from Beta Zone. Guess I'll have to install it again.
(Edit: nope, I'm just an idiot -- forgot where they showed up, under the '3-bar' [Home?] icon, not the '3-dot' More icon.)

I'm not able to install it. I get the following message when I run the .exe:
Failed to connect to a blackberry 10 device. Please reconnect the device and retry.

My channel: C0007A56C

reply with yours & ill subscribe back!

Can't use it with nobody to use it with haha

Posted via CB10

BB should send the OS updates OTA not via carrier OTA. That's one of the reasons I have somewhat more respect for Apple than BB. They let the carriers trash them way too much.

Very Cool I just moved BBM out of my "Things I don't Use" file and added CB and CBkevin. Even cooler is your choices are Cb Cbkevin or BB official. Way to go CB the best app the best site for BB!

I am excited to hear about the launch of BBM Channels. BlackBerry is final new school and hip. Started a channel for my business today we will have wait and she how this new project catches on.

Find me here C0010B9A9

Posted via CB10

Anyone know if after creating a channel you can actually delete it? Can't seem to do it! Any ideas?

Posted via Z10 from T-Mobile

i think im the first person with bbm channels in nigeria. (BBM 8). this is soo cool. i am "nigeria's unofficial blackberry ambassador" :D" Follow my channel to see how BlackBerry is doing in Nigeria C0009Ef62, (includes u Kevin). (if we Nigerians are not the ones with the biggest customer fan base, we will soon be)

Jamaica BBM channel
DBN my pin is c00104478

Channels gonna mash up FB, twitter, and all
Cross platform BBM gonna kill skype

BlackBerry to the world

Posted via CB10

I downloaded Blackberry Messenger 8 via Blackberry Beta Zone. The phone restarted Blackberry Messenger came up and it's now asking me for a Keycode? How do I get a keycode? I need help ASAP

I can`t execute the program to install BBM channels. When I try to do it, it pops up a window saying ¨no blackberry drivers detected. Please connect your device to install drivers.¨ I`m not too good at this, but how do I go about solving this? My Z10 is connected to my PC via USB cable. Thanks for your help.