BBM Channels gets an update in BlackBerry Beta Zone today

By Michelle Haag on 30 Oct 2013 06:14 pm EDT

Those of you in the BBM Channels beta program will be happy to see that there is a new release available for both BlackBerry 10 and BBOS devices in Beta Zone. This update includes the option to have a dark theme (OS 10.2 only), the ability to block subscribes, and more! Make sure you log in to the beta zone and get your update!

New Features Available in this Release:

  • Spread the word out about BBM on iPhone and Android to your friends and family!
    • When you upgrade an automatic personal message (BBM status) will alert your contacts about Multi-Platform BBM availability and how they can download!
    • Easily spread the word across other mediums such as Twitter and Facebook with a new button that allows you to “Share the News”.
  • Ability to Block Channel Subscribers: you will now be able to block individuals from commenting and reposting in your channel right from the channel comments.
  • OS 10.2 Only: Black Theme: you spoke and we listened! You now have the ability to set a light or dark theme for BBM!

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the update!


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Reader comments

BBM Channels gets an update in BlackBerry Beta Zone today


WOW this is HUGE!!! I see we can edit the message on each sharing, but i wish they implement a way to set up my own FIXED personal message or translated so i can just click a few times and get this message across everybody quicker!!

Is Channel category available now? For those who mostly follows and follows many Channel it's badly needed.

Posted via CB10

I agree it looks cool, but I really have to get used to it.. I find it harder to differentiate entries compared to the light theme...

I'm also trying out the dark calendar for a while.. It's nice to at least have the choice...

From the Z...

Oh yeah! I'm loving the dark theme!

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Go into your BBM drop down settings. If you's there. you have to back out of bnm and reopen it

...we are all connected...

I had some issues with dark themes on a leaked 10.2 even after the official release. I literally stripped the phone down to 10.1 using link, and did the 10.2 OTA.

Works perfectly after....


Same here! running 10.2 and restarted the phone. Dark theme is not even an option in settings.

PB, Z10, buying BlackBerry till they are no longer selling

Not in my BBM Settings. I'm running a 10.2.1 leak. Maybe that is the problem?

PB, Z10, buying BlackBerry till they are no longer selling

It won't work if you have the beta bbm channels installed.

You will have to sideload the bbm 10.2 file (found in one these recent posts). It will then wipe the beta channels and you'll see the Dark theme appear in BBM's settings.

Then you can upgrade the official BBM channel release which also includes the Dark theme.

Good luck.

From the 9700 Bold2 to the Q10


Ha...always wanted to do that.

But seriously...what's this crap about it "automatically" spamming all your contacts with cross platform BBM info? I hate getting such spam...I won't do it!

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You failed, but only because you tried to contribute at the same time. Next time.

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.

No, it just post a status update stating: "BBM for Android and iPhone is here. Spread the word - Get it at!). It doesn't even replace your current status...

Just updated, opened and I get the now notorious BBM HAS LOST IT'S CONNECTION screen with the big red exclamation mark.


Getting sick of this!!

Posted via CB10

PEBCAK, bro; PEBCAK. haha.

I have never had this problem, neither do I know of anybody who has this problem. Maybe you have a defective unit...

that's real, i been getting that since i added bbm channel beta but now since i've updated my whole bbm got that ridiculous exclamation mark. any tricks ?

So, one of my Android convert friends is thinking of dropping BBM after just now discovering that an update hijacked my account for spamming purposes, 'cause that's not cool.

Was there no way to opt out of that? I hit X instead of OK or whatever when I loaded BBM. I guess I should have taken myself off the network before launching it?

It didn't seem to post anything, my status was still the same, but my status change showed up under "updates", so I guess it was a stealth status change?

Well, no. It wasn't stealth. The update notes said that it would post a status...

I think your friend is just a terrible person...I don't go and stop using Facebook because somebody's status says that they're listening to a band and that people should try it out.

I make very sure not to say yes to any websites or apps that post status updates for me, and am notified by various people whenever I seem to be affected by one of those on Twitter or Facebook.

I don't like when anyone puts words in my mouth, regardless of what they're saying. If they want to throw in some ads that's one thing, but don't make it look like I'm the one saying it.

Yeah it changed my status. I changed my status to "who's the genius who thought telling BBM users to try BBM was a good idea" Kind of weird IMO. But such minor changes to BBM Channels. They need to bring the option to send larger files and only then release Channels.

edit: Okay, it just said to spread the word but that's dumb.

Umm, there's a "Share" button. Click it and select which social media you want to send the message to and to whom you want to share with. Ugh.

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C

I'm sure there are many BlackBerry BBM users that aren't as tuned in with BlackBerry's business as we CB readers are and have no idea BBM is available for Android and iOS so they haven't told their friends. The best endorsement for BBM comes from existing BlackBerry BBM users (because we know how great it is), so it's important to tap every current user. Hopefully they also roll out a general (non-channels) BBM update, which does a similar temporary status update... it's very un-intrusive (un-like spamming e-mails), yet could be very effective.

Dumb? How so? Most users appear indifferent to such an insignificant event... Alternatively, it's quite smart to virally promote bbm while avoiding virtually any form of intrusion.

Dumb? How so? Most users appear indifferent to such an insignificant event... Alternatively, it's quite smart to virally promote bbm while avoiding virtually any form of intrusion.

I hit the X and nobody in my list received a message, I know this because my wife's Z10 was on the table in front of me.

I was indifferent to the dark theme before now but it works pretty nicely on BBM

Posted via CB10

Dark theme activated. Is it just me or is BBM lightening fast when moving around in it compared to before?

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

No, I think it was very called for.

I'm tired of BlackBerry not taking shots when they can.

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It asked if we wanted to share via Twitter, Facebook or email. You could choose ignore. The only forced update was the bbm status message , same as for the folks who made the switch to BlackBerry 10 when they transition their bbm accounts

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I would have to disagree. BlackBerry is struggling for developers and rolled out the red carpet for whatsapp and celebrated when it arrived.

Posted via CB10

That was before cross-platform BBM though. The competition changed and now so should their tactics.

Posted via CB10

Oh pls. Whatsapp is also taking shots at BlackBerry. Check their update page in BlackBerry World. "Say no to pins" is what they said

From Zuri my Z10.

I was told last week by someone who works with BlackBerry " I would love to tell you everything about Blackberry's plans for cross platform but my confidentially agreement I signed won't allow me to, but what I can tell you is that the owner/developer of whatsapp use to work for BlackBerry and their plan is to burry him." looks like that comment was on the money! This could be just the start.

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

He's wrong! Kik was the only competitor started by former RIM employees. WhatsApp Inc. was founded in 2009 by American Brian Acton and Ukrainian Jan Koum (also the CEO), both former employees of Yahoo!,

Maybe he meant article that I posted on FB that he responded too was about kik...and I was wrong about posting this about what's app? Thx for clearing that up!

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

Haha BlackBerry took a personal shot at whatsapp Rofl, it didn't really spam, it did technically asked us if we wanted to share with people, calm your panties folks!

Posted via CB10

You've got it wrong there. It asked you if you wanted to share via another social media. It TOLD you that it was going to change your status...

I'm aware of the status change, as mentioned in another post. But the social media share is optional.

Posted via CB10

"When you upgrade an automatic personal message (BBM status) will alert your contacts about Multi-Platform BBM availability and how they can download!"

I have already seen too many flaming posts about possible spam from BBM... CALM DOWN!! The message is prepared automatically and you can decide IF you want to send it and to WHO..!!!!

On another note I love the black theme on the Q10

Keep the good work coming!

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Great, hope it gets out of beta soon. I tried the first few versions but uninstalled it because it appeared to have a negative effect on the battery life of my 9900.

Hub def needs to go dark theme now! You can also edit who you allow to have instant previews, although I don't know if that was implemented before or with this update.

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I'm in California and don't see it in my beta zone app yet. Still says no new beta applications available.

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In BBM swipe down from top bezel, click Settings and in Miscelaneous section there is a dropdown menu to choose either Dark or Light visual theme ;)

Nice update but blackberry will have to look 4 a different channel to let people know that BBM is now cross platform because I'm not going to spam my friends and family with advertisement of a private company.

BBM rocks, WhatsApp sucks!

I'm on Z30STA100-5/ I'm still not seeing any BBM updates on the beta zone app. Anyone else?

Posted via CB10

Automatic Spam to MY EXISTING BBM CONTACTS?!?! This is so dumb, I spamed my own people about an app they use already,,, I fell stupid, and only did it to get the dark theme back......

Who comes up with such crap marketing campaigns?? Really...

Posted via CB10

Calm down...technically your "spam" isn't really spam. It just posted a status update. It isn't like you messaged anybody with it. It is about as much spam as your updates telling people you had an awesomely giant shit.

It is more to let people know on BBM that it is cross-platform because not everybody knows...including BB users. It is for them to let their friends know. It isn't a crap just need to take some time to think about it. :-)

People are running our of things to complain about around here... a silent status update is considered spamming? sigh

Posted via CB10

It's the fact that BlackBerry is deciding what I say that worries me. This isn't an ad or something. They're choosing to tell every one of my BBM contacts that I said something I didn't. How is that not wrong?

Do you seriously feel that bordered it? It's beta testing so delete the BBM Channel and wait till the official one is launched. Too much stressing.

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I believe what they meant was 10.2 and later builds. It should work on 10.2.1 too ;)
10.2.1 isn't officially out yet, so they didn't mention it specifically.

The stupid update to BBM has caused it to BBM does not work says connection lost!!!!

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People that don't know how to use bbm.or update then complain it crashed or start calling out abuses. Perhaps you need to be re programmed yourself.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

How do I 'not know how to use bbm??' I open the program, and it tells me the connection is lost. How the f* do I work around that? Full wifi, full lte. But you're right. I'm not using it properly.


Posted via CB10

Dude, settle it is because we have the leaked 10.2 on our phones. I helped you out before. I am looking into finding the solution.

Works great on mine with Dark theme is great. X out the spam no problems.

Posted via CB10

Launch beta zone appit should be there. If not try other suggestion mentioned by others above.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Yeah the dark theme is gr8t. BlackBerry is starting to listen to its fan base. I'm guessing the company already has new owners.

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Anyone else think it should be chats, groups and then updates. Updates feels kind of weird being in between the other two.

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I didn't see it mentioned but the ability to reply to a BBM without actually having to leave what you are doing to do it is pretty cool.

message preview. I like that.

Still can't connect to server after upgrade. Messages don't send, and I'll I get is a red X. Had to downgrade again to make it work.

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love the dark theme. not a fan of the fact that they automatically change your status temporarily to promote bbm...on bbm. doesnt make sense to me.

Change the theme in the settings and close BBM; once you reopen the app the theme with switch to dark.

Posted via my Z10

It's looking magnificent on my  Q10.

I got Channels with the Black on Black back again !

Posted via my CB Q10

So not having an Android phone, does anyone have instructions for Android users on how to add a BBM profile pic? My iSheep users seem ti have no problem with a profile pic but my Android users can't seem to find a way to add a photog??

Posted via CB10

Guys, hope this isnt screwing up bbm like the old beta channels version where we were not able to send messages to ios and android user???

Posted via CB10

Good Morning.

Database in the Beta App is broken again - right at the Moment they released the BBM Channel Update lol. Had to Download and Install the KeycodeLoaderxxxx.exe manually like the last time.

It's definitely not bug free in combination with the very young Branches yet. And: No Option to change between Dark and Light. Did a few restarts already but nothing. Running with .725 Bars.

IMO: They are on a good way but still far from being ready to switch to release candidate cycle yet. Still a few little glitches left. And a dozen important options not available. Take your time BB and sort that stuff out - THEN I will go for big Advertising on my own :)

Posted via CB10

Woohoo black theme now working on my BBM whereas before because of channels, it didnt work. Thanks Blackberry for fixing that issue. Now if i can only get my contacts to go dark as well, ill be a happy bunny.

Any word on release date for 10.2 for at&t USA???

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I'm MongezaurioBerry

The update is definitely welcome, but I hope they will eventually put video capabilities in the near future.

Posted via CB10

Using the dark theme,when my contact are in list form,I don't get the splat when I have a message ,but a little yellow dot?

Why do you consistently post dead links? What's the point braaa!

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

ok how do i get bbm to work? It been like an hour since I installed update, still no connection to server what is the fix?


Kevind (dnivek)

I did this update and now I have to open my display to see my gif animate. Before it was animated as soon as you set as a display pic. Not too happy with that at all.

Posted via CB10

It's right on time I was thinking of doing away with channels just for the dark them. Hey 3 days later and it's here.

Posted via CB10

BBM has lost its connection please wait while server attempts to reconnect.

Getting this error after the update :(

Posted via CB 10 on my BlackBerry Z10

Same here...
BBM has lost its connection please wait while server attempts to reconnect.
Any solutions out there?

Have you Guys restarted your Device (normally not necessary...)?

For me it's working fine here in Germany - aside from the Probs which are a different story.

Maybe Regional / Continental Server Maintenance? Sorry have no other Ideas yet.

Posted via CB10

Yes. As you stated, the direct download link provided in the email is for 10.0 users. The only additional instructions for 10.1/10.2 users is to get it from the on-device BetaZone App. Thanks for the reply. Appreciated!

Yeah just ignore that Part that it's only for 10.0 - the Beta App is only available on 10.1 and 10.2 not on 10.0. That's why they still provide a Direct Link.

Just follow the Link and it will get you directly [well right after logging in ;)] to the newest BBM Channel Version.

I did this a few times already and I am running a leak.

Posted via CB10

OK. I will check this out now. Thanks!
I just wonder why if this is the case they do not update their site to indicate this direct download is actually available for 10.1/10.2????

LoL. Yup!
I just went through the process and afterwards when I opened it, I had the same result (red exclamation). Checked out the BZ app as well as BBAW and it showed no changes. I still have v10.2.20.68 installed according to both of them. It never reverted back to the downgrade and the current version does not work still. Argh!!!!

Thanks again! Appreciated!

Sorry to hear that it was for nothing. At least you have learned an alternative way to get the App in case the Beta App did not work any more should you ever try a 10.2.1 leak ;)

There is not really much left I can think of. If you have luck, it's just a temporary outage for Maintenance or whatever. Are the other Services from your Mobile Provider working correct?

Posted via CB10

Yeah. everything else is working fine. Funny thing is, I received a broadcast message from a friend checking on his contacts from an Android device, but I cant open the the app or respond from the Hub message or the icon. Very disheartening.

I need a link to an older version I believe.

Thanks for your assistance and input!

That's strange that you get a Message but can't answer. Maybe a old bug is back. I think people will sort this out in the next days all over the forum. Maybe send a tweet @BBM if you have Twitter.

Anyway Good luck with that :) read u in the verse

Posted via CB10

Was also hoping to get a fix for not having Toast Notifications with Channels.

Posted via CB10

Thank you BlackBerry. I was waiting for the dark theme. I love BlackBerry Channels!

Fired from my Z10

For some it works on the 2.1 Branches for some not (like me). For me it looks like they change some of the code completely or at least heavily rewrite it. But that is only a personal thought - no backed up info nor any rumors about it.

Posted via CB10 with latest bar files doesn't seem to allow for dark theme yet, Can anyone confirm?

Posted via CB10

Did not even work on my Z10 with .641 OS and .725 Bars. It's a general and known Problem with

But: A few 2.1 User reported that it is working on their devices. Seems we have wait for a more finalized leak *wooza*

Posted via CB10

If you have bbm channels on beta zone, will you still get the 10.2 (official) update?

It's been over a week and I haven't got the update :(

Posted via CB10

No worry Beta Zone Apps have no influence if you get the 10.2 Update! That has nothing to do with the OS it self.

It is completely in the hands of your carrier if you get the update or not.

Posted via CB10

Err it changed your status when they introduced voice in BBM. Didn't see anyone complain there. I don't see why this is even an issue anyways.

Posted via CB10

Hey guys, just installed. But how do I change to dark theme? Not seeing the option in settings.

Posted via CB10

When will this be available to download not in the beta? I have 10.2 and I SWEAR They said it would come with the software update..

Posted via CB10

I'm on and have not gotten any new updates in the Beta Zone app on my Z10 or my Q10.

Does anyone with this update have the new Channels update?

Not showing in the beta zone. Not showing my installed channels version either. Any suggestions? Wanna update and get my dark theme ASAP...

Posted via CB10

For some reason I just can't get the download to work. Both my Z10 and my wife's z10... starts loading and then dies somewhere in the middle... :(

Posted via CB10

You spoke and we listened.... I like this sound.. but it can be nice too... to correct this bug in 10.2 version about Android runtime crash....

Why does everyone have their panties in s bunch about the status update, really?? It wasn't a freaking bc sheesh calm the eff down

AT&T Z10

Loving the dark theme across the board now! Just started using BBM Channels and I'm addicted already.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Love the dark theme across the board on my Q10. Just started using channels regularly and I'm addicted already!

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Off topic. Anyone know why I can't see my Avatar. EVER! I had to go to the website to update it. The CB10 would not upload a new photo. ?? Anyway, I did this because my avatar has never shown up? So I thought changing it on the site would help. But, still no juice!

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Anybody else on BBOS have to install this twice before the key code was emailed out to them?

I left it over 12 hours and no key code email turned up. Reinstalled and it the email came through immediately.

Exactly the same thing happened last time there was an update, had to do it twice.

Posted via CB10

Am I the only person that noticed in the pre-made status update BlackBerry is saying you can delete WhatsApp?! After BlackBerry pretty much begged them to create an app for BB10 kind of like a stab in the back they could have listed kik, ooovoo, iMessage, hangouts, or any other IMing service that's not on BB.

I like it .....I like it a lot. If you still don't have the update try this. Update thru the Beta app only, this is what I did to get it to work, after repeated attempts trying to download thru the Beta website. Its a shame it was that simple.....and it took me so long to figure out. Actually it just waiting on the Beta app to get the update which took the next day to happen.

Anyone else have the red splat notifications disappear after the beta channels update? Notifications in settings is correct to make a sound. Tried a message with a S4, no splat, no notice of a message unless I go into the app and see if I received anything. At that point I have a yellow dot for unread messages. I submitted feedback to BBM. Definitely a weird occurance. Anyone else?

*sent from a tiny keyboard

Another BlackBerry Fail.
"BBM has lost its connection please wait while server attempts to reconnect."
One hour and counting … laughing about WhatsApp now BBM "lost its connection …"