From the Third Screen to the First Screen: Mobile Media and BBM Channels

By James Richardson on 14 May 2013 05:39 pm EDT

I popped along to the above session here at BlackBerry Live earlier today to check out what the panel of BlackBerry staff as well as a couple independent business owners thought about how BBM Channels would affect marketing.

With 60 million BBM users currently, things are going to grow massively once BBM rolls out to iOS and Android - which means BBM Channels is going to go the same way. The panel seemed to be under the impression that this kind of mobile marketing won't replace traditional marketing but what it will offer is an additional option.

Being social with your smartphone is growing beyond belief. In fact - one of the panel had recently worked on a UK TV show which required viewers to vote for contestants. The amount of smartphone users that voted far outweighed telephone calls or SMS which is a big switch.

Although Channels is part of BBM it is it's own separate application so your BBM friend updates aren't going to be overwhelmed with Channel updates. There will be Hub integration but like Facebook and Twitter - Channels should have its own separate tab.

With the BBM Channels hitting beta today globally go grab if if you can as BlackBerry are very much after feedback. This thing needs to be perfect when it rolls out to the masses.

So as far as I can make out Channels is going to be great for marketing. But like BBM you will only get Channel updates/chats from the organizations you choose to follow.

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From the Third Screen to the First Screen: Mobile Media and BBM Channels


Actually I was first. I just chose to restrain myself and allow others the ability to become children for a change. Today I'm an adult tomorrow I will be a child and yesterday I was a senior. Bahahahaha

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I would like to think that this "first" nonsense in these forums is primarily practiced by children and young adults. I would like to, but ...............

If they want feedback here's mine - why only windows PC users are able to install? Marketing message here is 'other platforms might be breaking the link between the desktop and the mobile device, but despite what our CEO says publicly we only want early opinions from the subsection of the market that owns a windows PC they have inked to their phone. Can't see BB10 replacing too many laptops yet Thorsten eh? ;)

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Industry Standard for... pretty much all Industries is PC. If you're not using a PC, it's really up to YOU to figure out how to get things working.

Macs are nice and shiny, can even be good computers. But they are not standard, and will continue to lack compatibility with everything.

Nice attitude John Viera. I see you don't read too good either. Firstly not everyone links a phone to any computer they have if they don't need to. Secondly I'm a home user so I don't need to worry about what industry are using. You can't possibly be saying Apple are not a recognised member of the home computer 'industry' as that would be obviously incorrect

. I guess what you are trying to say is using a less popular platform and the problems it brings is my own lookout. Well thanks, and I'm sure if there is a way around this short sighted move it will be found and shared by more charitable souls than yourself.

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Whats up with you all trying to be 1st? Pretty stupid if you ask me especially when that's all you write.
I think having BBM on other phones will be a great thing especially to those toys the fruit company.

You have contributed nothing to this thread whatsoever. If you want to play games of "Being First" or "Hide and Seek" you might try URLs more in keeping with your mindset (or lack thereof).

you don't need development mode. You just need to sign up for Beta Zone and follow the instructions. It works with an Auto loader that is provided. I was able to Download it in a few min.
Easy peasy!

CB10 App, Z10

With so many social networks already, I wonder if this will go the way of Ping or if stands a chance.

It's more private than Twitter and less messy than Facebook, for now...

BlackBerry always makes at least one wrong compromise when designing a device. This year, it's the oled screen of the Q10

"With 60 million BBM users currently" - which also means, 60 million BlackBerry users, not bad!... considered competitive in fact...

"things are going to grow massively once BBM rolls out to iOS and Android - which means BBM Channels is going to go the same way." - it's really getting better...

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BlackBerry builds phones that can make us money and entertain. Iphone builds phones only to make iphone & others money. BlackBerry congratulations. You built the only phone on market that does everything well and delivered the most superior keyboard in the world

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I don't see why they would charge corporations to advertise when twitter doesn't charge them and they have a much larger user base.

i"ve been on twitter for quite a few yrs and i have yet to see any kind of advertisement from people i don't follow. No beers, no cars, no juice. nothing... using a 3rd party client like ubersocial (sideloaded) i do get ads at the bottom of the screen which is annoying since they tend to pop up and cover your news feed once in awhile... that didn't happen on my 9700 as it was a native app...
as for these bbm channels, i'm not sure how they work, can they upload videos and such so that it doesn't automatically open the browser to view? if it doesn't then i'm all for it but if it does than it's no different than twitter and charging companies to do the same thing i assume is not going to go over very well.

Yeah. Think it would be great for news websites, etc. Just like twitter but not limited to the 140 character limit. And provides slightly better analytics. Also this looks like it's easier to track a conversation. Twitter not so much.

Pretty exciting stuff. But as I mentioned previously, we should be able to add channels based on real "names" and not just PINS. Names are easier to remember. E.g. CNN, BBC, etc.

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