BBM Channel Chat, Take 2... A little cheating went a long way!

BBM Channels!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 May 2014 04:06 pm EDT

Well, it appears sometimes cheaters do prosper. After barely surviving my first BBM Channel Chat on Monday using my BlackBerry Q10 and thumbs, for my second chat I opted to use my BlackBerry Z30.

However... I didn't use just the BlackBerry Z30. Getting clever, I paired up the Z30 to a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and took advantage of the microHDMI out port to connect to a bigger computer monitor. The experience was HEAVENLY. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fast two thumb typer on a BlackBerry qwerty keyboard - but give me a full computer keyboard and ten fingers to type with and I move into that 120+ words per minute range. And that's exactly what you need when trying to chat with dozens of people all at once.

The overall experience this time around was much more manageable on my end of things. My observations and feedback following the first BBM Channel Chat still stands, but overall I was able to type fast while jumping around quick between chats using mouse-guided navigation. I guess this is evidence in a way that BBM on Desktop could be an awesome thing. Oh yeah, and one re-realization I had during this chat was that BBM Stickers don't work in Channel Chats. Which is too bad - I wanted to use some stickers and was bummed out when I couldn't.

It was a fun week having had the chance to talk chat with so many CrackBerrians. I'm loving BBM Channels!! The plan is to host the half-hour long chats weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays, starting at 1:30pm EST / 6:30pm GMT (and odds are they'll stretch out longer). If you're not yet a subscriber to my BBM Channel, you can add it at: C00010BC5. Hope to chat with you next week!



Where is take 1?

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I keep missing them. lol

Bacon Munchers

Nice Kevin,

I have been using this type of setup for a while now with an app called Remote Desktop, where I login to my PC at the office.

Works good!

Bacon Munchers


Flip the Z30 sideways, and it gives you full screen! Good for flipping between my PC (via Remote Desktop app), and watching media.


canadian nick

Anyone else have problems with the screen always leaving landscape mode when switching between apps?

If I had landscape mode on my home screen I would not use a computer anymore.

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Never realized "Rotation Lock" setting really only applies to portrait mode, anyone else any different experience?

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Yup got the same issue, but if you have it plugged into HDMI and using Bluetooth KB and mouse it all works the sam and phones keep your mouse working in the proper order even in portrait mode.

But if you don't have HDMI hooked up you have to physical move your phone just to make sure your mouse works in the correct orientation when switching between apps and home screen.

The best way is to put your phone in landscape, plug in HDMI, connect Bluetooth KB and mouse.

I should make a video about it and post to CB....

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Love how you threw in "Crackberrians". ;)

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Loool, yes, good one!!

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I asked you two hard questions, and one had to do with you being agree with scrapping the PlayBook for BB10, and you answered it. Respect.


Saw what you did there :)

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Nice. Bet that works for browsing, Emails, and just about anything that requires extensive typing.

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Lol nice

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Well here we go again, the picture's to big and makes the text unreadable on CB10 app...

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Kevin, same issue with this post as Derek's. Make your picture smaller and we can read your blog. Otherwise...?...we don't know what is going on.

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Nope, Kevin. Still the same. I had to see your post in the browser because the CB app shows a big square with a "?" and microscopic text. =0(

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Thank you very much. Fixed. I appreciate the quick response.

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Proof of concept.... showing this could work in real world. Btw: what keyboard did you use? I am looking for BT keyboard

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Kevin Michaluk

I just used an extra Apple bluetooth Keyboard and Apple Magic mouse I had in the gadget closet (spares from our Toronto HQ last year!)


Thanks. I refuse to buy Apple products. I used then back in late 90s early 2000s when I was in university and I have moved on LoL. Prefer to support the underdog now ;)

Appreciate the response. Might bite bullet and give them a try.

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Nice to see the Channel action! Great job Kevin!

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I missed this one, but great to hear it went well. See you on the next!


Good stuff. Imagine if you populate all the boxes around your desktop screen like old school msn. I was a pro at that in the early 2000s


Oh that remember me so much things. With 8 msn screen open on my desktop and chatting with everybody at the same time

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MSN, how about ICQ, or better yet, IRC :p

And I'm officially old...

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+1 LOL now I'm feeling old...


Great setup idea Kevin! My son (9) was in awe to see me use my Z30 as if it was my laptop on or big screen TV. He decided to have a technology Saturday after that to further explore my BlackBerry. He also brags about my Z30 every time he has a chance.

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Running a z30 with keyboard and monitor is NOT cheating, rather show cases quite nice the bower of bb10.

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Kevin Michaluk

True that. BUt.... it was cheating compared to just using the Q10.


Was this not one of the ways BB10 devices were designed to be used from the start?( ∴ not cheating ;) )

I've used both my PlayBook and Z10 set up in this configuration, its awesome! I wish I had a docking station for my Z10 that provided power and the HDMI connection to my TV or monitor at my desk, I'm not sure if one exists but it should.


The text in this article is shrinking to minuscule scale. Kindly fix it. I managed to read the piece and enjoyed it.

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Ha, nice. Pair with a pico projector you can do everything.

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It's not cheating to take advantage of the BlackBerry's features and capabilities. Kudos to Kevin for thinking of it and kudos to BlackBerry for providing it.


hey I have that keyboard.

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Angelo Viray

If I'm seeing this correctly, you are connecting two bluetooth devices on a Z30 simultaneously. Is that right?

How is it done?

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Kevin Michaluk

You just go to your bluetooth settings, pair the mouse, then pair the keyboard.


When Landscape mode in BBM hits. That setup will be a dream!


Did you use miracast?

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We do the same, and have a rotating monitor for anything that does not do landscape on the phone and / or portrait photo and video. Mini laptop!

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Have rotating FHD screen, too. Can be handy for web pages. 16:9 just doesn't leave enough room for a lot of browsing without scrolling.

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Daily use at my office.

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Dominic Del Vecchio

I'll bet you that you'll be extremely happy when a desktop version of BBM comes out.

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I will try to annoy you next time in your channel. I think your contributions to the blackberry brand are invaluable.


I didn't know you could hook up a mouse and keyboard! What what!?! That's awesome.

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Confirm, it works on my Q10. Gigabyte Laser Mouse.

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I don't think this counts as cheating. It just goes to show how awesome the X30 is!

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A friend of mine actually hooked up a ethernet cable to his Z30 via a USB adapter. He had wired Internet speeds on his Z30. Was amazing.

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Good idea with the keyboard and mouse!

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Hi Kevin, Is there anyway to talk to BB about Windermere design? I do believe the current ID design isn't appealing enough compared to those concepts on Crackberry forum. I think they would be better improve it or do whatever.... It could be a disaster to BB if it comes out as what it is now...


I can vouch for this setup. The minute I get home my Z30 gets plugged in. Miracast is the best feature I've ever had on a smartphone.

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Should put your monitor on its side and rotate the image so you get more screen.

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It doesn't work in BBM groups either!

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Use bbm on pc use blue stack

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Thanks to God you got relief.
Could I know what kinds of bt keyboard and mouse are you using? Whether are they compatible with Q10?

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Love the cheat$

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Hahaha CB2KMG (CrackBerry Kevin Keyboard Gun Machine) !


ICQ rocked on the desktop in the 90s lol... chat programs for the PC have always been awesome!

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hey Kevin,
How does the bluetooth mouse work on the BB10? Actually come up with a pointer and all?

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I switch to iMessages whenever I need the keyboard to chat with my gf during work hours :(

Wish BBM was on Desktop already.

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I would love to use my Apple keyboard as well! But then with a spanish layout and not the classic querty one. Last time I checked it was still not possible on my Z10. On iOS this has been possible for years. For long stretches of typing on my Playbook I had to resort to Word Perfect in Dosbox to be able to change the keyboard language. :-D