BBM Challenge Council shows us how to get the party started with BBM

By Bla1ze on 8 Jun 2012 04:19 pm EDT

The BBM Challenge Council, Amir and Streeter are back for another video and this time they brought along LMFAO's Sky Blu who has come on board to share with everyone how great BBM can be for getting people together for a party. Humans, ponies, whatever. Everyone loves a party. Now pass the cake before we get Kevin to sing "Sexy and I know It"

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Reader comments

BBM Challenge Council shows us how to get the party started with BBM


These guys are so goofy, untalented, and this series of vids is so stupid, THIS WOULD BE A MAJOR HIT ON MTV/MTV2!!!!!

...... majestic pony ..........

Very funny and creative. This seriously made me think o setup some groups on my bbm...

Indeed bbm really rocks!

Celebrity endorsements. Sky Blue, Will I am , Jennifer Lopez, and lately Niki Minaj in the Philippines. Not bad. BlackBerry the first choice of the rich and famous. Weird that the haters are all over this posting. Hunnh. Oh well. Rock on RIM!!!;


Brighten up, lighten up. Suck it haters. You need to laugh, because if you don't, depression SUCKS.

I went through it briefly before and you know what? I got over it and laughed allot. I have a great time and being happy is the best thing. Have a damn sense of humor!!

*the depression didn't really happen, but you know where I'm coming from. Screw off if you don't like it.