BBM beta for Windows Phone begins its public roll out

By John Callaham on 31 Jul 2014 09:17 am EDT

BlackBerry has pulled the switch and is now rolling out its BBM messenger beta app to all Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 users, after the company released it as a closed beta test earlier in July.

It would appear that the public beta version of BBM is a different one than what was released for the closed beta testers earlier in the month. In any case, this version is apparently the one that BlackBerry is letting any Window Phone users try out.

Here's a quick description for version

  • Chat with friends on Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry:
  • Know when messages have been delivered (D's) and read (R's)
  • Quickly share photos, voice notes, BBM contacts and your location
  • See when contacts are responding to your message
  • Emoticons for every mood and emotion let you express yourself

The description adds, "We're already working hard on V2 where we'll introduce additional features to BBM for Windows Phone." Will you be trying out this first public beta of BBM? Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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BBM beta for Windows Phone begins its public roll out


Visited the only one I know yesterday.

Something told me to open CrackBerry, had a hunch, but we were to distracted setting up his new gaming rig on Win 8.1 (btw, I'm not a gamer, not time for that, at least on PC / consoles )

Would've been nice to get him on BBM, but maybe wait till bugs are ironed out...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I only know a couple of people with a Windows phone, but I will be great to finally talk to them on BBM

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Yup, I agree. Better for both companies as each can play to their strengths.

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True, although it seems like BB10 is finally starting to gain (a little bit of) traction. The next year and a half will be interesting

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Wouldn't make sense when they have tablets, desktops, and laptops already integrated to work with the OS

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It's the release version (mine went from. 5 to .13) but some WP apps keep the beta tag on for a while (Instagram did). Not sure why...

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I was wondering, too.

Shouldn't it be 0.9.XXXX if it was still beta?
As far as I'm aware, a lot of devs in the GNU/Linux world do that or a similar thing...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Microsoft and BlackBerry are the perfect pairing since the BES and the non BES devices work with active sync. Combining development for native apps and business apps and security is a fantastic idea and will ultimately be a win win for all.

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Please make a BBM app Windows 8. I'm upgrading to the Surface Pro 3 this fall and to have BBM on it would be so sweet.

Come on BlackBerry, work with Microsoft.

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I actually love that they made it a native looking Windows App inside of a Blackberry BBM looking port. Makes users want to use it more as it is native to the OS core apps. Now they just have to do that to the iPhone and Android versions.

As I predicted came true. When BlackBerry announced it was going to launch BBM for Windows Phone in July people started getting excited and were hoping for an early release. But some things with company never change, I said these monkey's will release it on July 31st... and so they did... and even worse... its a beta release. Like they couldn't finalize it by now with it already on Android and iPhone. Well I guess thats why they are where they are. Next step is the tombstone.

It is not a beta release. CB appears to have it wrong.

They kept their promise! Before they would blow by them.

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Hmm ... rookie mistake. Mr. Callaham, why is the release of BBM on Windows categorized under Blackberry Games? :)

Bla1ze ... your team is out of control. You need to start disciplining these guys. haha :D

But seriously, thanks for letting us know.

I "forced" a friend to install it and we found out that there are some parts missing. Groupcalendar integration, Glympse, voice, sticker... But it is another step in the right direction :)

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On the app details they say that this is v1 and on v2 additional features will be added:
Note on V1: We're excited to offer BBM to Windows Phone users! V1 focuses on bringing the speed, privacy and security of BBM – loved by millions around the world – to chatting and sharing through 1:1, multiperson and BBM Group chats. We're already working hard on V2 where we'll introduce additional features to BBM for Windows Phone.

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why only on windows phone 8/8.1???

I have a lumia 900 running windows 7.8 mango, will it not be able to get BBM???

BlackBerry is still missing the mark. Need a desktop/laptop version of BBM that ties into a user's existing account and/or PIN. Once we have that then Skype and other VoIP apps are history.

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Downloading now on my Lumia 925. It's listed as BBM Beta under games in the Microsoft Store. I'm picking up a Surface Pro 3 tomorrow, so I hope a desktop BBM will be available soon.

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I was a beta tester for this on my Lumia 520, it stopped working a couple of days ago, no reply from BlackBerry using error report form, uninstalled previous beta version and installed this new public beta version...still doesn't work :-(

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I think BBM should have video text message just like Glide feature. With Glide feature, can recording video and then send video message just like text message but video message.

Downloaded it on my WP phone. Well see. Hopefull I can use the same bbm id.

So nope it makes you create a new ID. Darn..

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Two Hardware I love using: BB or Nokia WP! Now I have the BEST MESSAGING APP: BBM! Couldn't be more please!

This suck. You need to make bb aps better and faster becouse really sucks...but no...lets make bbm for ios and windows

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An acquaintance is a teacher. She will be asking every student to download BBM and connect with her. No more emails or phone numbers.

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BBM try to sell Sticker now!!!! But the problem is no one is using BBM in the Asia anymore, no one is using BlackBerry devices anymore!!!!! WTF. Just make survey about App and give us your BlackBerry loyalties the App we want!!!!

I want LINE!!!!!!!!

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I am pleasantly surprised that this BBM version is made with native looks for WP.
Clever move from BlackBerry.

And the Live tiles for chats are gorgeous.

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