BBM Beta for BlackBerry 10 brings a UI polish and performance enhancements

BBM Beta for BlackBerry 10 brings a UI polish and performance enhancements
By DJ Reyes on 21 Jan 2014 01:31 pm EST

A new version of BBM beta has hit BlackBerry Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10 devices. It's a small update that brings performance enhancements, better avatar handling and a bit of a UI polish as well as a few other things.

The last BBM beta update back in December was in limited beta and it looks like this update is available to those who were able to get into the beta list the last time. It doesn't look like any new features have been added, it's more of a bug fix and improvements update.

BBM beta v10.3.2.23 changelog

  • Glympse performance enhancements
  • Improved avatar handling
  • UI polish
  • Upgraded notification performance
  • Emoticon list re-ordered

The re-ordering of the emoticons list is more for the newer emoticons added in the last update, they have coupled together all the animals, making them easier to find. If you managed to get the beta update last time, watch your inbox or check out the BlackBerry Beta Zone app for the update. You can have a look at what's new in our quick video demo.

Please note, this update doesn't play nice with BlackBerry OS Visiting the forums it seems that people who are running OS are having no issues with the BBM beta update.

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Just updated mine!

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I will wait for the official upgrade.
The last BBM Beta install on my Z10 crashed the system.
I had to reinstall an old BU.


Another victory but the war is not over

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Miles to go before we sleep!

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One of my favourite poems.

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Correct on the OS version. Works perfectly well on Z30STA100-2/

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Please tell me BBM profile photos are now a bit higher resolution!!! Right now, they're degraded so much.


I don't see a difference here, but motion avatars work good now.
In the last beta they didn't

Z30STA100-2/ powered cb10


For those in the beta, please let them know the profile photos need to be a bit higher resolution.


Not updated for me :( I wasn't apart of the first team to get access to it


Me either :(

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RP Singh

The first team.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF


Doesn't show up in my list :(

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Nothing here either

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James, can I have a copy of that spinning logo avatar?

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


Nothing in my beta zone showing BBM beta?

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I used to get all the beta invites, but it seems BlackBerry don't want me anymore :-(

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Me too. I mean. I said some good things about the iphone once. But that was it. I didn't say anymore. :( I've changed my ways blackberry.

From Zuri my Z10.


What happens with users?

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Your BBM quits working altogether. Tries to open, then closes everytime.


Great...I leaner where the emos are and they move them...

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Be glad we are part of the beta testers. Best time to re-arrange icons is in beta stage, and they certainly did need to be re-arranged.

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What about the updated version of like I really want to get in on the action

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DJ Reyes

I think the forums said that it doesn't work with that version either


Alright, thanks! Hope it gets ironed out soon! Or I might just have to pull the ol' usb for an update

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Yep, I decided to check to make sure and now I have to reinstall BBM...again

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So only available to those who had access to 1st BBM beta? Good thing I'm one of them. But feel bad for those who can't try it out, last one was much better than BlackBerry World version.

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I'm not seeing it. Is it available through the Beta Zone app?

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Wait, is it available on 10.1?

Edit: answered my own question after reading the article more carefully. I wasn't involved in the previous beta, so I suppose I can't have this one either. Bummer :(

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Hopefully this along with "BBM 2.0" for Android and iOS will fix the lost and never delivered group messages.
Many people in my circles complaining about this, which has NEVER happened when it was a BB only service.


edit: the only people complaining happen to be using iOS, so maybe an issue with that version only.


Not a beta I was invited to, sadly. All I have available is mockit, which I won't use so I'm not participating.

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Public Service Request: please stop showing off the Porsche Design phones, your killing me over here... ;)

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I can't believe I didn't get an invite. I'm active in beta zone.


I'm triple active

From Zuri my Z10.

Prince Onos

I cant see the update on my BlackBerry app world, please how do I get it? I use Z30 and am running the latest leaks...

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Prannoy Sarkar

You need to download beta zone from app world.

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you had to be invited to the last BBM beta (which was only sent out to a select few people) to get this version

Prannoy Sarkar

No issues, updated bbm on the latest leak. A bit smoother, nothing else.

Hope someday they bring the unread msg categorization in a chat just like WhatsApp . Hope they read the feedback and the surveys I submit.

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I'm not even on 10.2.1 haha

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Not seeing it. and never going back.

Paul Collins4

Got it here nothing changed????


Prince Onos

I am really missing out, I can only see mockit and evernote available on my beta zone.

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Not seeing it on either Z10 or Z30.


Am not seeing it either wonder if I need to refresh it

Z10 and loving it :)


They took out a couple of emoticons that were in the last version.


The best phone in the world. 


So this is an update for bbm 2.0 beta for blackberry?

It has the new ptt voice msg and location sharing features?

Why didnt they make this an open beta like channels?

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Updated mine earlier today

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I am really jealous I am not a part of the BBM BETA.

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Weird, I don't see it. Oh well.


They better make it public beta soon. Come on Blackberry get your shit together its been a month.



Bring it out for all beta users BlackBerry, your killing me here, come on!

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Hint for those who are wondering:

The Beta Test was NOT extended this time. If you got Access to the last 10.3 Version, you will get this Version too.

If not: You will have to wait till they make this a Public Beta. Like me :)

Source of Information: A Developer called "BobRIM" in the Beta Zone Discussion Forum.

Sorry I am not able to citate what he wrote - the Beta Zone App does not "allow" this.


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Anyone know if this version lifts the 6MB transfer limit?
....or at least increases it to something like 25MB?

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No, the 6MB limit is still in place


You can disable the floating bar in this version.

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From Zuri my Z10.


I don't see it in the betazone?? Wtf

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IFytFyrs official on Bell... Downloaded the update this morning. Now I can receive but not send to my BlackBerry 10 friends... Everyone else works fine.

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BBM work is too slow. It's following behind the competitions.


What do u mean too slow?

Your too busy to wait a 10th of a second longer to see a Delivered receipt?

Pretty sure bbm, imessage and whatsapp all transmit messages in the same time.

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Got mine a few hours ago and it's nice to see the emotions have been grouped. Don't see any UI changes though.

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And that's why I don't install leaks...

Don't care what others think about it...

I'm MongezaurioBerry


What do you mean? I'm on a leak OS and am part of BBM beta.

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Medium Brown

Got the invitation. Looks good so far.

Posted with my awesome Z30


Got this invite as well as the previous going to test more

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I just went to the beta zone. It wasn't there. :-(

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Kobe Barksdale

It's not available for me at all, I'm running the leak :( :'(

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Is it possible to extract the .bar file?

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awesome update

have fun... keep trying... BlackBerry


Does the beta zone know what OS I'm on? Why didn't I get it!! I always get it and this time I did not :(

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Does anyone have the installation file? Beta Zone just refuses to show me the update.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.


The old feature available on legacy devices BBM hasn't reach BB10 BBM. I need broadcast to specific contact group. Please BlackBerry make it happen.

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Amazing how many people can't read the article or comments.

If you were not part of the last 10.3 BBM Beta, you are not part of this BBM Beta. There is nothing wrong with your Beta Zone.

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There is also a glimpse presents enhancement - send your location for a preset time that the end user can set before sending! This was mentioned in the forums about a week ago as a question or an idea which I think is AWESOOOMMME!

Waiting for  BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!


I didn't see something different in this version..



Is it just for a few people or for everyone this time?
Because I don't see it in my Beta Zone app for now..

Posted via CB10 from France.


Update on groups! Where you have multi contact chats upload pictures and videos like what's app!

Please remove the limit on file size transfers or make them bigger than 4MB.

30MB at least

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How do I install beta please anyone....i thought I had??

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How come I don't get this.

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Upset with the keyboard update. It closes every time I hit send. Annoying

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Also if I'm typing and a message goes through it closing the keyboard as I'm still typing. I want to roll back

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Anyone experience issues with

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