BBM available for Android September 21 and iPhone September 22!!

By Adam Zeis on 18 Sep 2013 02:05 pm EDT

FINALLY! BBM is going cross platform for real and will be available to Android users on September 21 and iPhone users on September 22!

After what seemed like months of waiting, BBM will finally be going cross-platform this week. In just a few days, Android and iOS users will be able to download and use BBM including chats, groups and file sharing with other features (including BBM Channels) to be added later this year. Users will be assigned a unique PIN just as BlackBerry users have had in the past. 

BBM will be available as a free download for Android users running ICS and Jelly Bean starting at 7am on September 21st. iPhone users will be able to download BBM on iOS 6 and iOS 7 starting at 12:01AM on September 22nd. 

Keep reading for the full press release.

Press Release

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Sept. 18, 2013) - BBM(TM) - the iconic mobile social network - will begin rolling out for Android(TM) and iPhone(R) customers around the world from September 21. Previously exclusive to BlackBerry(R) (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSX:BB) smartphones, BBM will be available as a free download in Google Play(TM) and the App Store(SM). Customers will be able to download BBM by visiting from their smartphone browser.

BBM gives you a private social network for active, real conversations.

  • It's immediate. BBM is always on so you are always connected. And because messages on BBM are typically delivered and read within seconds, it's the closest thing to a live conversation.
  • You trust it. BBM always tells you that messages are delivered and read. BBM conversations come alive on a private network you can count on.
  • You control it. BBM allows you to choose your contacts and how you share your information. BBM uses a PIN so you don't have to give anyone your phone number or email address.

"BBM is a very engaging messaging service that is simple to use, easy to personalize and has an immediacy that is necessary for mobile communications," said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President for BBM at BlackBerry. "With more than a billion Android, iOS, and BlackBerry smartphones in the market, and no dominant mobile messaging platform, this is absolutely the right time to bring BBM to Android and iPhone customers."

BBM for Android and iPhone features:

BBM Chat - Enjoy real, immediate conversations with friends on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones. Not only does BBM let you know that your message has been delivered and read, it also shows you that your friend is responding to the message.

More than chat - With BBM you can share files on your phone such as photos and voice notes, all in an instant.

Keep your group in the loop - Multi-person chats are a great way to invite contacts to chat together. BBM Groups lets you invite up to 30 friends to chat together, and go a step further than multi-chat by sharing photos and schedules. And, with Broadcast Message, you can send a message out to all your BBM contacts at once.

Post Updates and stay in the know - BBM lets you post a personal message, profile picture and your current status, and lets your contacts know instantly in Updates.

Your unique PIN - Every BBM user has a unique PIN that maintains your privacy, so you don't have to give out your phone number or email address to a new or casual contact.

BBM will be available as a free download for Android smartphones running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean (Android 4.x) beginning at 7AM EDT on September 21. BBM for iPhones running iOS 6 and iOS 7 will become available for each market on the App Store schedule of 12:01 AM local time on September 22. For more information, or to download BBM for Android or iPhone, visit

BBM will continue to evolve quickly. Later this year, BBM Channels will provide a forum for active, real conversations between you and the people, brands, celebrities, artists, service providers, communities and more, that matter to you. By creating a Channel, individuals and brands can engage their friends and communities in conversations sparked by their thoughts, ideas and passions. Subscribing to a Channel will let you join conversations with people who share your interests. In addition, BBM Video calling and BBM Voice calling are planned for availability for Android and iPhone in a future version.


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Reader comments

BBM available for Android September 21 and iPhone September 22!!



This is awesome - throwback to the 2007s/2008s. Looking forward to see a stream of BB PINs being shared on my newsfeed on FB next week (hopefully!)

What version of Android do BBOS7 phones have? (or iOS?)

What does 'Gingerbread' or 'Jellybean' have to do with the price of gas?

Don't be silly. Some people bought the LTE PlayBook in 2012 at full price...because they trusted BlackBerry. Unless your message is to never trust BlackBerry again, you're being insensitive to people who are genuinely angry.

If you bought a product based on what it was not what it could become you wouldn't be so angry. Yes they made a promise. It wasn't possible to deliver BB10 on PlayBook due to the hardware limitations. I still use mine regularly and am happy I bought it it would have been awesome if BB10 came to playbook but it isn't feasible. Get over it or wallow in your rage on your own.

Posted via CB10

They made a promise and reneged. They did not know that this OS would not running on their hardware? No wonder they are in so much trouble. What about the bridge? Surely the could restore that. No! Heins lied. Get over it.

Posted via CB10

I mean, it only cost loyal BlackBerry users like, a few hundred $£€¥ and they did give it their full support for a good week or so!.......

CB10 on my Z10

Are you surprised? It's been pretty evident for a couple yrs now and basically confirmed months ago. I got my PlayBook for $200 2 yrs ago and still use it. Deal with it.

Posted from my incredible Z10

I just want them to bring back the Bridge functionalities and I would be one happy person. Then BBM would be fixed for some

Still use my PlayBook to stream. Other tablets are still pretty garbage compared the ol' PB lol

Posted via Me on my Z

I agree! Miss the bridge so much!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I miss bridge too but I'd rather they work on things like Multi platform BBM and bringing 10.2 out. Oh wait isn't that what they are doing? They have to focus effort on things that will keep the company moving forward and attractive for a potential buyer. Supporting playbook doesn't do that and detracts from BB10.

Posted via CB10

Lol was thinking the same, before I realized it is announced for smartphones, not for ipad or android tablets. so ALL tablets are really dead end from bb point of view... at least we can video chat to the playbook with bb10...

Yeah and on the PB you can video chat WITH someone else using BBM (or another PB) fact I bought one for my relatives JUST for that purpose. They can use their PB to call for video chat with my 14 month old either using my PB (from home) or my z10 (out and about). At some point soon I assume it would work using my wife's iPhone5 as well, because she has her own PB and BlackBerry ID already set up, and I assume the iOS BBM would work through that account.

Posted via CB10

"BBM will be available as a free download for Android users running ICS and Jelly Bean starting at 7am on September 21st. iPhone users will be able to download BBM on iOS 6 and iOS 7 starting at 12:01AM on September 22nd."

Does that mean iPhone users will have to pay for it?


WSJ can kiss my ass. More BS from them.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Didn't they also report on the "BlackBerry Gutting their entire sales force" rumor which turned out to be completely misleading?

My dear friend I do not post these msgs with malice but with concern hoping that our fearless leaders of CrackBerry would see them and provide an appropriate response to help us understand the stories behind each press release.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

This will land with a resounding THUD. Too late for 99% of the marketplace to care; I own a Z10 and don't know a single person with BBM - people I know are *former* BlackBerry owners who moved to Android or iPhone and won't care about BBM at all.

And none of us are willing to pay BlackBerry to get it. That business model is done.

Depends who it's from, I suppose. I don't waste time with social media of any kind, so I suppose I'm pretty selective.

We'll see how it does; I very much doubt it makes a ripple.

You don't "waste time" on social media... so you suppose you're pretty selective? You sound like an idiot. Go troll somewhere else... or continue to read press releases about chat messaging clients and keep wishing you had some friends to chat with.

I still have my BBID with 50+ BBM contacts (sold the handset last month LOL) and will be 100+ on september 21. My friends is so excited about this.

I love it when people use made up stats... 99% don't care? really? Even on android central people comment that they are looking forward to it... and the amount of downloads for the fake leaks would imply otherwise as well.

I know all of my friends will be using it so heck I am happy...

And besides, there is no reason not to use it if it offers a better experience which it does... but ignorance is bliss right?

Screen share would be a great monetization option. Free to receive and free for BlackBerry users to send, but a paid option for other platforms. It's not a core feature so users won't be too upset if it's not there. It might bring in
some money from user fees and BB10 sales. L

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I'm quite sure voice and video will be a premium feature. That's the ONLY way they can justify making BBM a company in its own. I might be wrong though.

It will be free like everything else, otherwise it won't get the saturation it needs to be successful. And yes, it can be successful without revenue from paying subscribers; look at Facebook for instance, or Twitter.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Agreed. BlackBerry needs to build up its BBM "circulation" quickly in order to monetize with paid BBM channels.

Facebook and Twitter are examples of why free services will eventually die, when the ad to signal ratio tends to infinity.

Give them a break! There going over their promise by ONE minute! I'd still call that summer.

(Although technically I think summer ends at 3:00 AM or something on the 21, so BBM for both Android and iOS will be released after summer.)

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Whew so I guess that means that they did keep their promise. I'm so relieved! I was this close to throwing my Q10 in the garbage because I thought they had missed their target on iOS by 1 minute lol

Posted via CB10

That is Apples fault so let them wait!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I guess releasing something technically on time is a start rather than always being late. Not a good sign though that it's released the last day of summer on Android and technically first day of fall on iOS.

because its ridiculous.

First, BlackBerry didn't guarantee or promise a release date, they said "coming later this summer"

Second, its finally officially announced and you find a way to make it negative

Third, it is well known and confirmed that BBM was submitted weeks ago. BlackBerry has no control over Apple and Google approval.

Fourth, Why be such a Debbie downer for now reason at all other than to troll?

BlackBerry is in a fight for its survival and it needs to start exceeding expectations if they want to get back in the game. Sorry about being negative but it's either deliver or die at this point and they said later this summer last may and it's being released the last day of summer. July or August would have been something to be positive about September 22 without voice and video or channels is not keeping your head above water.

They are doing an incredible amount of stuff right. In less than a year they have released BB10, 3 new devices and one legacy device, we are almost at 10.2, QNX has inked new deals with Panasonic and Garmin. Great things are happening, but all the asshole can't see that because they have their heads up their own asses!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

You are right. They have made an impressive amount of progress since launch but they don't give out most improved player awards in business.

BlackBerry had total control over Google's Plat Store submission because the process is automated. Apple is a different story.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Fall begins September 22, 4:44 P.M. EDT in the Northern Hemisphere. I think one past midnight local time everywhere still cuts it relative to that time as far as 'end of summer' so still technically on time.

YESSSSS!!!!!! Can't wait to have Rene Ritchie and Phil Nickinson on BBM.

My BBM dream is about to come true!

Posted via CB10

Curious in seeing the uptake. Hopefully it's big. Will be interesting to see how many Whatsapp Groups that were formerly BBM Groups revert back... I don't see my groups going back. We shall see...

Looks like it's just IM, video and voice with channels will be released later.

My question is how is this move going to get people to buy blackberry handsets

Posted via CB10

The BBM Channels you can get now is not a leaked version, it is officially put out by BlackBerry to people in the BlackBerry Beta Zone (which is anyone who wants to be).

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Not really a cross platform when all it supports is Android 4+ and iOS6+ but it's a start!

Posted via CB10

Though, glossing over the fact that since BB10 and BBOS are different platforms, it was already cross-platform.

Get pedantic with that! Yeah, Welcome to Ponyville ******! Badaboom! haha...Oh Rainbow so cray-cray!

Its all it needs to... that maybe the plan to side line Windows... do u care about them anyways?? when there are so many BlackBerry haters out there??

Posted via CB10

Most of my direct family (who has a phone) has Windows a Phone, and that is six people. Everybody else has non-smart phones.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

I believe it's the BBM 4 all claim you're trying to harp on. But even with one other platform, it would be cross-platform. More importantly - let it go!

If you're still using an Android device below Android 4.0, I'm sure the makers of that device love you to pieces. It's definitely time for an upgrade. As for iOS users, no need to worry, the majority always buy the latest and greatest and the devices that have iOS 6 are pretty much all supported. Anyone using a 3GS or earlier DEFINITELY needs to upgrade.

Perfect timing! Heading to the US on the 22nd and will be able to stay in touch with family via wifi instead of incurring roaming charges!

Yes finally. A lot of friends that moved on from BlackBerry will finally have BBM and hopefully move back one day!!

Posted via CB10

Well this is good but the x factor would have been channels already baked in. That would have been a game changer. In any case, there is a real atmosphere of anticipation outside of the core crackberry folks as a lot are talking about it so let's hope this would be a smashing success. Finally!

one step at a time! get the app built, build the base, force apple and googles hand to speed up approval process for feature upgrades. Releasing at a base core is smart because it is less features for apple and google to test

It is also interesting that BlackBerry can announce fixed dates for the release to Android and iOS. When it comes to us BlackBerry loyalists, all we hear is, "coming soon. "

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Seeing as the announcement comes out 1 day before release. I don't think that there was a very solid time frame disclosed.

It's all been rumors up to this point.

Posted via CB10

Interested to see if drops on the Nexus 7 (WiFi) only. Obviously I have a BlackBerry but the Nexus barely leaves my palm.

I'll give the competition some credit here but one can't help thinking there was some purposeful foot-dragging to give BlackBerry yet another black eye.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

I knew that they'd wait until the very last day of summer. And one day after for iPhone.

But at least it's out.

Posted via CB10

Anyone else notice that the press release doesn't say BlackBerry once? Further proof that they are distancing themselves away from the brand and planning to sell it as a separate company...

Posted via CB10

Actually Further proof that its a press release about a specific app called "BBM" and has been called that for quite a while. "BlackBerry Messenger" has been "BBM" for a while now if I am not mistaken

They even went to court over the right to use the term BBM instead of having to say "BlackBerry Messenger"

Posted via CB10

Was talking to my Director of IP/Telephony at work today... turns out he's pretty close with quite a few RIM guys and he alluded to me that BBM has already been (or as good as) spun off and it's going to be made public pretty soon.


Well i am a BB User but it is good to finally see some Action. Negative Points from my Personal 2C/POV:
-No Voice
-No Video
-No Channels

Bring this ASAP BlackBerry or BBM will end as a Standard Instant Messenger and will die on these Platforms. Sorry but BBM and WhatsApp are not the only IM's out there. Competition is getting harder with every single delay.

Anyway Good Luck with the Start. *FingerCrossedThatServerWillNotDieDuringRelease*

Why wouldn't they put Voice and Video in the first release if gives no Android or ios users incentive to download it

Posted via CB10

Everybody I've spoken to in my friends group that isn't currently on a BB (so about 30%), is happy to get it just for the exclusivity of PINs and the "D" and "R" functions!

I don't get it. If you're a Blackberry user your PIN is tied to the hardware - Change Blackberry get a new pin. But if you're an iPhone or Android user your PIN is tied to your Blackberry ID?

Sure, but your services are tied to your BBID these days. Not just one PIN.... Your PIN is essentially your BBID

Yo. iPad users gets no love? Well I'm sure you can get the app with your iPad and get a pin, viber style. BUT my key interest is migration from my z10 to my iPhone. How will that work?
Sorry. I haven't read the fine print.

Also time stamps. My biggest pet peeve with BBM is the idiotically poor time stamping. I guess we'll find out le weekend

Finally, finally!!! Do you guys know how much I hate Whatsapp??? Do you know how embarrassing it is to deny your phone number to someone just because you don`t want to have the someone on your chat??? THANK YOU BLACKBERRY. And for those saying they have iMessage, oh who are we kidding? That is something iPhones never got right either, their messaging sucks too. Nothing beats the BBM.

BBM Cross platform on Android and Is, super. And here I've been waiting for it to hit BlackBerry PlayBook platform since PlayBook release. OMG, fail...even BlackBerry won't develop APPS for their own platform, it's no wonder app selection for BB10 Is lacking.

Posted via CB10 on STL100-4 v10.2.0.1443

No IM, video? Why would people move from other whatsapp platform to bbm? BB seems scared. Wait 5 or 6 months to have video and IM for them. It sucks and they will pay the consequences.

Yea, and surprisingly no mention of it on Cb yet. Looks like they used all the man power for the 10.2/bbm for all/z30 launches and will now cut back on labour expenses.

Posted via CB10

Snapchat up'ed their game by supporting multi picture transfer. It'll be interesting to see how well people receive XBBM at the end of this month...

Any word if you can send users invitations to join? Would look so much better than a standard text.

Posted via CB10

Can't wait to have my family switch to BBM (from Google Hangouts). Google Hangouts is good, and has gotten much better on Blackberry since BB10, but would rather use BBM for IM on phone. .

Please drop the PlayBook sob story. BlackBerry is done with pb. It was a failed launch and won't be supported for new stuff.

Posted via CB10 with Z10

Failed launch, still a good product. I keep looking at the competition and thinking "No, not there yet". I suspect I will still be using it when the battery dies.
Mind you, my 64G cost less than $200, even with European taxes.

Ma chi cazzo se ne frega che BBM sia disponibile per iphone e android!
Pensate a come sviluppare app per lo Z10!!!
E' come avere una macchina senza benzina.
Che cazzo me ne faccio do una macchina senza benzina???

Posted via CB10

Yall are never satisfied, it was very smart to leave some of the features exclusive to blackberry but we can still communicate quickly with other platforms

Posted via CB10

Maybe stop rehashing old nonsense that everyone has complained about to death.
Let's make ourselves useful and spread the word! Get #BBM4ALL trending, Facebook uses hashtags too

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Yay can't wait to delete Whatsapp

My girl friend can't say "oh I saw you online on what's app and you didn't message me" BS anymore

I was busy bitch! Do I have to message you every time I fucking open a messaging fucking app you whore!

Is what I would like to say sometimes.

Posted via Q10 using CB10

Voice and video chat were the only thing that kept my friends on different platforms interested soooo gj blackberry on another half delivery. Whatsapp is going to have those things by the time blackberry is ready to finally be a leader and "do something different" (which should be their slogan imo), and since I'm in the military and would like to video call my cross platform friends while traveling I guess I'll be using another third party app. Getting A BlackBerry phone used to mean you had the best device for keeping in contact. What happened to that?????

Posted via CB10

Here's what I don't understand. Blackberry as a company is clearly in trouble, so what do they do? Give away their best asset to competitors for FREE. If they simply charged $0.99 per app they might not get 100% of expected downloads but guarantee they would get half of that to pay. That's a LOT of revenue.....

It's clear to me it's going cross platform for free to grow it because BlackBerry want to well it off soon. That's when they get their return.

Posted via CB10

I guess we chat is already there.. n BlackBerry is giving stress.on this fact tht people.will not hav to exchange there fone numbers...n no bbm voice n video chat...

Posted via CB10

I really hope BB follows through with BBM. If BBM is, at any point, not running smoothly it will only assure the populations criticism that Blackberrys products are buggy!

I know this is an highly anticipated product from BB, I just hope they didn't rush the debugging stage in order to get the product out asap! I prefer minimizing major issues before it goes live but that's just my opinion.

I'm excited for the release of BBM and will make sure that all my friends and organizations download it and use it.

If I don't get a BBM alert then I'm not replying to your message! lol


I'm sure the peeps over at BGR commenting on this news will simply say they missed the deadline. I for one will be getting everyone onto BBM!

So does iPhone really want just that. Ie not on the ipad regardless of ios version ?

Posted via CB10

Don't get me wrong, I wish BlackBerry well, but this is another half backed product - "In addition, BBM Video calling and BBM Voice calling are planned for availability for Android and iPhone in a future version."

Posted via CB10

I know quite a few people who have been waiting for it. I'm sure the download count will go up quickly, and my contact list will grow quickly.

Posted via CB10

The dirty R goes cross platform.. Dangerous?..... lol..a great step after the Z30 launch....keep it up BB....

Posted via CB10

Time to set my Whatsapp status to 'Out at BBM'.

Excited to install on my Nexus 4, and hopefully my friends move back to BBM so I can get rid of Whatsapp.

Not enough features to make people download it at launch...until video and voice are added it is nothing more than a glorified whatsup app or iMessage...

Posted via CB10

It will be better than both of those at launch. Plus iMessage is only between Apple devices. This one will be multi-platform.

oh will people shut up moaning its not this its not that if you don't like it don't download it don't knock it till you have tried it!! #BBM4ALL :D!! screw the haters

After 4 months with my Z10 I don't have a single BBM friend, so I'm happy because in a couple of days maybe I'll have a couple of them!!

Posted via CB10

What about bbm for windows? They should start with that b/c as far as I'm concerned what'sapp supports it.

Posted via CB10

I'm glad it is finally coming but BlackBerry flat out lied about when. They really need to work on that. Too many lies :(

Join the Surge Co. BBM Channel! C001213C9

I wonder if BB10 user can download the apk converted to bar and sideload it,, have 2 BBM lol.. on another note. BBM really need to add more features. emojis, PTT, and the new feature whatsapp just added. for version 1.2 around Nov.. and then video, voice, channels, screean sharing around late December.. cause to make people wait 3 to 4 months for an update with new feat. people are just gonna get tired of the basic chat, R, D that BBM has.

This is the biggest part of BlackBerry 's future.... the emphasis on software. should have been done ages ago!!! Of twitter can be valued at over 10 billion, BBM is worth quote a bit to blackberry now and worth much more if it takes off and gains more users going forward!!!

Posted via CB10

Will old BB users be able to reuse their BBIDs to get a new pin and download their old BBM contacts to the new BBM on their android and iOS devices?

Posted via CB10

Ok, now release a client for Windows Phone 8 and I'll be able to get my contacts to switch from WhatsApp to BBM.

Otherwise it is not truly crowd platform.

Posted via CB10

Wheeeew....Finally with all my Smartphone Adventure hungry friends on Android, My unaccounted all-time free BIS is going to get some serious use...

Something BBM will need no doubt is the share location option!!! This is going to be part of the decision making of the people

RIP Whatsapp. And for those yapping about the last day of summer release date, you're just grasping at straws.


I can't wait to delete whatsapp!

I already told frds on our 20 man group on what's app to SMS if they need anything. Or get bbm.

Posted via Q10 using CB10