BBM arriving on Windows Phone in July

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jun 2014 08:22 am EDT

On this mornings BlackBerry earnings call, CEO John Chen dropped word that BBM for Windows Phone will be arriving in July. We already knew that is was coming, but now we know for sure that in just a few weeks Windows Phone users will be able to get in on the BBM action as well.

After the launch, BBM will be available on BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows Phone — making it a true cross-platform mobile messaging service. No details on just what the WP version will have in store, though it's safe to assume it will have features along the lines of the iPhone and Android versions at launch.

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BBM arriving on Windows Phone in July


I actually really hope that BBM becomes available on tablets (in general, not just video on PlayBook), I would really love to BBM Video my grandmother on her Samsung Galaxy Tab from my Z10...

Agreed. In a sense, I look forward to the time when BBM has got most of its pieces in place and we won't get so many updates, and the bugs that come with them.

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Give them some credit. Most of us thought they meant near the end of September when they first said it was launching this summer. BlackBerry is actually delivering ahead of expectations.

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That's not a fair statement since Chen has taken over.

And either way, if they released it on July 31st, they would still be on time with the time frame Chen gave today.

So stop being a stick in the mud.

And THIS puts the icing on the cake this morning!!!! I can get a Lumia and put BBM on it!!! Good times!

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YESSSSSSSSS.....SSSSSSSS LUMIA !%@) (1520). A monster of a phone...proud owner...I do miss my 9900 tho :(. Physical keyboard of LIFE.

If it is written for native windows mobile OS, does that mean we are closer to seeing a windows PC/ desktop version?

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Definitely need to see a desktop version come out soon as well. That would be huge. I would love to see the desktop version launch simultaneously with cross platform video chat. That would really boost the adoption.

I still think BBM users on other platforms should have more of a taste of the BB10 experience by having the option of using the BB10 virtual keyboard while in BBM. Fans of the typing experience would be willing to at least check out a BB10 device in stores.

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Apple did not allow the action menu, and yet it is there in BBM for iOS.

The question is not about what Apple or Android allow, it is about how easy it is for BlackBerry to bundle the BB10 keyboard into BBM without the entire OS.
Second question if they achieve that, is how good the keyboard will be if it does not have the autocorrect and predictive text. I know the answer because I daily use the keyboard in an Android app (Clash of Clans) and the answer is that the keyboard offers a very poor experience without autocorrect.
Third question, if it is possible to put the BB10 OS in BBM with autocorrect and predictive, it means to also bring all languages. Will people agree to download a 200MB update just for BBM?

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Lumia is my travel phone thanks to offline Here maps, so this is good news. However I'd rather see Here maps on Blackberry and use one phone.

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Look at nav free app. I can't remember if it's on Google play or BlackBerry World, but it's offline maps and works great on my Z10.

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BlackBerry however still need to improve performance of BBM on ios and android. My friends on these platforms keep complaining of something of the other not working.

And also launch some free stickers :D, lot of children will be happy.

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Interesting convergence these past few days, with BB partnering with Amazon on apps and Windows on BBM and at a time when Amazon is trying to jump in the handset market in a big way. What I get from all this is a sense of BB as a proud company (that never went away) but a confident and w assured one under Chen.

It would be nice if it launched with bbm video. Still waiting for that to go cross platform. Either way, this is great news for BlackBerry. Keep going forward.

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

Yes, a desktop version would be great. And video on all platforms. Together with the BBM Protected security features, BBM has a real shot at dominating enterprise messaging, a potentially extremely valuable market for which there are no other serious contenders.

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I doubt it seeing as WP8 is the current platform, I don't see BB supporting a defunct platform like WP7.

Will it also work as a windows 8 app at that time? I thought all apps for Windows 8 and windows phone worked on either platform which was supposed to be an advantage.

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That can happen but only if it's a Universal App, the interface has to be changed for each version but 99% of the code can be reused.

Okay, now that bbm is truly cross platform.....we need video chat released!
I'm the only one in my circle with a blackberry, everybody else have iphones. I convinced them to get bbm but I need the wow of video chat to wean them off of facetime.

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Windows Phone has about a 3% market share, this is important? A Windows desktop version for BBM would be something to get excited about IMO. The biggest drawback of Whatsapp for me is that I can't continue a conversation on my computer when I am near it, like I can with Facebook chat.r

Since it is on Windows Phone, will we be about to use it on our Windows Desktop?

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Um yeah multiplatform... except Windows and Linux and Mac OS X and Web and Chrome and even more than one BlackBerry at a time.

BlackBerry seems unlikely to have the resources and/or will to do most of those... I wonder if they've considered opening the protocol but charging people with non-BlackBerry clients some monthy fee for using their servers that's slightly above however much they think they can monitize their client. As a 3rd party client would be unlikely to implement ads. This would also prevent spambots - run a spambot? Look, your credit card get charged $XXX per the contract before your account is terminated!

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Great step indeed. BBM4ALL seems to be moving on on. I will still have that little part of me that disregards the notion of BBM4ALL because my faithful Playbook was ignored for standalone BBM

Yeah... arrving in July... this is BlackBerry we're talking about, so it will be here July 31st. Might as well call it August.