BBM Animated Avatars offers free animated gifs for BBM

By Michelle Haag on 16 Jan 2012 09:45 am EST
BBM Animated Avatars
Last week BlackBerry Messenger was updated to v6.1.0.49. Among the additions to BBM is the ability to use an animated gif as your avatar. A lot of you have been wondering where or how to get these, and at least one website out there is offering an easy solution for you.

BBM Animated has gathered properly sized animated gifs on their site for you to download. Navigate to the site from the link below, pick out which avatar you'd like to use, and save it to your BlackBerry. From here you can open up your media folder and find the saved gif, open it and hit your menu button. Choose "Set As BBM Display Picture" and you're all set. You can also change the avatar from BBM directly. Go to your profile and click your current avatar, which will open up your pictures folder. Choose the gif you downloaded and you're done.

The team at BBM Animated has gathered quite a few animated gifs for BlackBerry addicts to download and enjoy, and they have plans to add more in the near future. You can see what they currently have to offer at the link below, and be sure to check back later for more!

Source: BBM Animated Avatars
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BBM Animated Avatars offers free animated gifs for BBM


They only loop when you highlight that person in the main contact list screen, not inside the message. Bug or feature... hmmm

Why would you go thru the trouble to download an APP when you can just go straight to the ORIGINAL website bbm-animated? Especially since its all the same content?

I use Pimp My BBM as well. You can use it directly from the BlackBerry browser, and it has great content and designed well.