BBM for Android rumors are fun - just don't take them too seriously

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By Bla1ze on 3 Oct 2011 01:15 pm EDT

We love good rumors, they're fun to talk about. I'm sure you all remember not too long ago when it was suggested that BBM was coming to other platforms right? Well, it looks as though someone may have been toying with that idea again. The above image appeared on Techradar along with some icon shots showing BlackBerry Messenger on a thoroughly abused Android device. However, the image beside the one from Techradar was found on the BlackBerry Developer blog. Can't help but notice the similarities there so alas, let the rumor mill have at this one because for now, that's all it is -- and some work in Photoshop apparently.

Source: Techradar

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BBM for Android rumors are fun - just don't take them too seriously


OK CrackBerry, what would be so far fetched as BBM coming to Android or iOS. It's obvious that RIM market share has fallen and continues to fall. If you don't want to admit it, BBM is whats keeping them alive. Their devices have not been selling well as of late, even the new ones. People want BBM, but don't want a BlackBerry. Now, if RIM can make a heap of money by licencing BBM, why wouldn't they. Can you imagine how much money they would make from every Android and iOS device sold. So maybe, just maybe, this might actually happen.

I know it would never happen, but how cool would it be to have a phone which runs apps without pausing all the time and BBM, I would buy one without fail when my contract is due for renewal, I would prefer to have a BB phone that runs android apps, imagine 1000's of free decent apps instead of some of the slow rubbish I have on my 9800 at the moment

BBM on Android, WP7 and iOS would be great for users and for RIMs business. I really dont understand why RIM want to do it.

Phone sales would fall through the floor if RIM allowed BBM on other platforms, their OS is miles behind Android

Yes, there is Live Profile and other cross platform apps, but most BlackBerry users I know don't want to install them, they prefer to just use BBM because it's already pre-installed, it works, and less confusing to use two chat apps and try to remember two pin numbers.

I think the company need to be truthful when bloomingburg reported that android makret was coing to blackberry what I feel has happened is that rim has said we will give you blackberry messenger in exchange for android apk market. if the likes of skype,whatsapp,kik,windows live,liveprofile,tango and now imessenger can make it out there then there is room for blackberry. the biggest competitor for blackberry is kik and all the new about it in the past year has made it bigger. I work with about 400 people and the people that i work with and have the blackberry say they buy it for the messenger. If rim have done there research they will find that the blackberry would she there shares go up. I think rim is scared because they might see another blackout witch is no big deal for the people that was kicking off look what happened with liveprofile when at one time over 40,000 people in one day tried to register. rim has to start thinking about how to get there shares up and thinking what does the mobile market world want. to get to the top and to be the best you have to give the people what they want. what will you do rim? or will they even reply to this and what do the people want? what is best for the companies economic growth ? my saying is if you cant beat them join them.