BBM for Android leaks on eve of launch (and yes, it works this time)

By Adam Zeis on 20 Sep 2013 04:17 pm EDT

** Sorry! This one had to go. Check back tomorrow at 7am EDT for an official release ** 

While BBM for Android has leaked once already, BlackBerry had things locked down so no one could actually use it. Today it looks like a switch has been flipped as a working version has once again turned up in the CrackBerry forums and users are reporting two thumbs up. 

An official version is set to drop tomorrow at 7am EDT but if you just can't wait it out then head to the forums to give this one a go. 

Keep in mind that it's not an official release so it may do funky things to your device that we're not responsible for - so install and play around at your own risk. 

BBM for Android is on the way - come chat with us!



Hm: A real "leak" this time?


All leaks are real technically. Although imagine the thought of sideloading this bbm apk into our beloved bb10 hahaha


I guess it goes with ye o'l saying " feed a pig bacon when you can" xD


here's a mirror: download away before mods delete this comment and ban my a$$ forever: link removed because service got locked.


Very nice. I big step forward for BlackBerry

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A leak on release weekend lol

Only a fool thinks they know me.



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Plazmic Flame

Anyone here care to admit they have an Android device report feedback? lol


I will....I just switched to android and miss BBM terribly :( and no it doesn't work


Not working on a s2 lol

On my badass z10


Mine has Jellybean official from Samsung.

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Working on the HTC one m7!

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not working on my n4
"no connection found"


apparently, this is legit.. otherwise cb wouldn't shut it down


i am getting no connection found :(

Rame Khaleel

should i make a new blackberry ID

or should i make the account on beta zone ?

can i use my ID to sign in into the bbm android and at the same time its on my blackberry 10 ?


Won't let me connect says I do not have a network connection


Seems like it worked for a while before they switched it off. I was able to get a couple of messages out before seeing the same issue. Saying no connection. lol.


BBM has blocked it. That's why we're getting the "no network connected" message.


friend says does not have network connection, did blackberry block it haha

Aanchal Sethi

Where's the download link????i can't see it!!


They took it down

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Yup they locked it lol, guess they really want download stats

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this almost went viral in indonesia.


They are no fun... I'd be interested how many downloaded it before it got canned

Aanchal Sethi

Jeez man! I got so excited and said to my boyfriend i'll send him a link of the d/l. Damn!

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Shit not workin Anymore Why ? :( no connction detected


Not working anymore. My friend just reported!

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So what about bbm for Android and iPhone. I don't get it

The most people are on what's app. Why should they switch to bbm.

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sorry I have BBM and WhatsApp BBM So much Better faster and Secury Than WhatsApp


Its true, you cant deny it. Ask anyone on the streets, they will prefer bbm over whatsapp, because bbm everyone has used before. Although I am not dissing whatsapp or anything I use it too. Except my experience with bbm is better.


Umm, nope, the largest userbase blackberry ever had was around 80 million, a lot of them outside US. Whatsapp currently has over 300 million active users. So not everyone has used BBM or even knows what it is.


hahaha... got 2 bbm on my z10.. worked for smtym....


converted to bar and side loaded into my Z10 lol


try it on the playbook!


Anyone not from Canada using BBM? ;)

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More people outside canada apparently uses it more than us O.o such as indonesia and the asian areas


I'm kind of glad this was taken down, if everyone sideloads it the official numbers will show less adoption...


I can absolutely confirm it worked on my Nexus 7 and my Z10 for about an hour. Now Nexus BBM app unable to connect after they pulled the plug.

Robins HumHunter

how did u get it on nexus 7


APK file is available at several places in the forums. I installed APK and carried on with setup. Its not possible to install via Play Store: "not available for this device.."


Does that mean that blackberry monitors crackberry? Getting the tin foil hats out,lol.

Via my Zormtrooper...


They can't afford to pay someone to monitor web sites.

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They have the CB 'editors' to do that... getting way too cozy.

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Yes. The VP of dev relations even posts in the forums.


Is there anybody left at BlackBerry to do that?


stop teasing the readers and update the title of this article: taken down/not available anymore :P


So boring. What's the point of posting this, if you're about to pull it off later + word sorry? Booo.

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I understand why they pulled it... can't say 1.5 billion downloads in 1 day if 1.49 billion side load it.

Obviously my numbers are a hopeful exaggeration but my point is the same.

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After reading your comment, now I can accept that, sounds fair enough, as BBRY now needs every sip they can take in order to survive. I'm a big fan of BlackBerry and definitely hate to see where they are now. Godspeed BBRY, hold on there buddy. Hopefully days ahead are better for you..

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Is still working on my HTC One but my girlfriends ics 4.0.4 keeps getting the no connection error.


Bbm for android when?

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So do these users also get a BBM pin??

I like Cookies.


1 BBID = 1 PIN. So when you switch device your PIN stays the same.


When you switch devices, PIN does NOT stay the same. Two devices cannot have the same PIN, but you can log in with the same BBID.


I'm pretty sure that with non BlackBerry devices, when swapping phones and logging in with a bbid, the pin stays the same.

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I hope you guys still download the real version in the am.

After all it would be nice to get that download count on Google play a high as we can.

Just my 2cents

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Hmmmm will it side load to the playbook.

world traveler and former ceo

BBM4ALL.... let's make it a resounding success!!

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Yes. As long has the QUALITY is solid. I am going to make this a big deal in a big circle. Fingers crossed and also ready to promote BBM4ALL.

Redroom Media

Bottom line is you can't send files in what's crap, LMAO just pics music and text. #ichooseblackberry get with the program.

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Hmmmmmmm almost there.


All BBM fans are waiting for this! BBM Philippines rocks! \m/


People are already downloading it here in NYC. Idk know but is on Android.


Apparently it is working again. My S3 buddy is messaging me now. He said it just started working again

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Just wait a few more hours

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Will download BBM in aaaallll my Android and iOS devices! and my mom's Android, and my dad's Android! my brother's and my sister's iOS-es and droid... my neigbours's too if i could sneak into their room and 'borrow' their iOS-es and Droids tonight...

You guys should too!! BBM needs that enormous download count to bring the initial buzz in multiplatform market!


My buddy just recently went from 9800 to iphone and he's like man id pay for bbm when is it coming.

BlackBerry should charge make some cash back?

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Manish Harlalka

Not yet available. Sad!
No wonder the company is on the verge folding up. They can't even keep the time for a software launch.

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Geez? The promised time is still due in 5 hours. That was just a leaked!

Romeo Denny

send a link now guys....


Where can I downloaded it

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Could someone please post another link? The one from shady2620 says access denied


Where is the APK link?

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Thanks keff. The link is in that forum post. Downloaded and installed but can't connect yet unfortunately. I guess the bbm tap isn't open in south africa yet. Oh well, just a couple hours :-D


Couple of more hours then bbm is officially released guys so stop fighting over a link, but I was wondering if it is going to be available for download in google play?
And do we get like bbm pins?
is it free?
What data package should you have to be able to use it or is it wifi only?
.... thanks

Somto Ibenegbu

Leak didn't also work for mine. :(


still no connection.. no luck in indonesia

craig lund

Here in S.A an downloaded a leaked version yesterday, an kept standing still at Setting up BBM. So will we be able to download it at 12pm?


still connection not found.. no luck yet.. it's a no go

Angelo Alexander

What is the South African download time? I have been so excited for the past few months, after migrating from my old 9780 to the S4 all i missed was BBM. I honestly love Android, the only reason I even got a blackberry in the first place was to download for "free"


according to this site still 3 more hours till it goes global.. 7am eastern time.. it means 3 more hours

Angelo Alexander

Hmm... BBM is a really good app though, I think all tough competition in the mobile computing and telecommunications industry is really giving us the best that these companies have to offer. I just wish consumers were more aware of what being a "fan" (short for fanatic) of a company can cost.


fanatic or not it's not our right to decide.. i am jut miss my bbm.. hahahahahaha.. peace..


When does it launch in the UK as im waiting

Nafiu Garba

I tink it will b launched officially in 2hrs...

Rithun Arackal

I already installed bbm on my note2 but its not working. It's showing connection problem. ..If anyone from India facing the same problem please do reply :(


It's happening with everyone on Android. Blackberry shut the app down until the official launch in about an hour.



un install the leaked version and down the official version after 25 minute's from play store. its only fair and secure. besides its a free app so no need to install a leaked version. so wait for official and play secure. happy bbm chatting!!

Rithun Arackal

But its not available yet.

craig lund

They said 7a.m (e.s.t) so that's 2p.m(c.a.t) right??


oooo i cant wait i sure hope they keeep there word and stick to this!! i cant wait have it when will it be here for the UK dose anyone know???

Rame Khaleel

its now EST and nothing on the play store

Ankit Kothari1

They said 7am EDT. There is 25mins to go


How long more to to before the app pops up in Google App Store? And how do we know which one is the real BBM?


I dont know i'm waiting to know


Yes. There are so many fake ones it's not funny

Sidharth Khattri

Lol.. BlackBerry is like the most irresponsible company I've ever seen.


its 7:06 and i still cant see it

Sidharth Khattri

No wonder they've taken a heavy loss.


Where is BBM??

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Khuthadzo Tshikotshi

spent my air tyme searching for it the past 15 minutes nd still nothing


Saturday, 21 September 2013, 07:15:48 EDT

BBM for Android still not here ...... Like all things BlackBerry, this one is also LATE.

So basically it means they are incapable of lifting their game. (unless it was only crackberry and not blackberry who gave this as the official time)


Ok I try the Leak BBM maybe it's work now for Android

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Ankit Kothari1

Its late. Why did we even expect it to be on time?


So many fakes are appearing in the Play Store, I hope this doesn't taint their view on BBM

Aditya Bhimrajka

Nothing yet and even leak is not working


Hi! They never said it was 2013.. They probably meant September 21st, 2031.. lol...


Or maybe they wrote it backwards :O it's really in year 3102.


Nice BlackBerry failure one more time. it is 7:35 EDT , nothing yet. maybe is this just delayed by the play store and not for blackberry? . But they said on u could download it too. so

Michael Howden

It still says on their to sign up and they will tell us when its available :@


Maybe they meant 7AM PST...


c'mon Kevin and Adam, give us an update..
Soo happy today I didnt for for their BB10 devices, and instead opted for Android. As they say, once is enough- Playbook for me was the last BB product. Vindicated!
Was still hopeful that after android, the Playbook just might get BBM again.. How stoopid of me to think that.


lets keep doing that and give ourself false hope! :(

Nafiu Garba

I av downloaded one to many forms of BBM from play store and dey all crap... Dis sucks!!!


-_- I hate the Idea of BBM not being exclusive to blackberry owners only

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Eduardo Mendez

leak working on galaxy s4.....go to the notificacion bar press and hold the bbm icon go to app info and force stop it then open it again

Ankit Kothari1

Leaked version now working! Yipee!

Leslie Clarke

I keep freezing on the bbm setup page.

Leslie Clarke

My S2 wont go past "Setting up BBM." *sigh* Anyone else having that problem?

Prakhar Dua

BBM for iPhone out in New Zealand.
Waiting #India

craig lund

Nothing on play store !!!

craig lund

This is getting ridiculous


leak works on my S2. Just a really long "Setting up BBM" wait and then it works like a charm. but no voice or video capability


Does anyone have the link for it can find the right one

Leslie Clarke

How long did you have to wait?

Eduardo Mendez

they said that video and voice will be release with updates to the software


Working perfectly .. It seems that all the pins on android starts with 7 ..

Angelo Alexander

Leaked version seems to kinda work, I downloaded the one from the smaboy link, my s4 is really slow now tho... And battery draining suspiciously quickly. Might be why it's not released yet, but then again it's probably been tested for a while already... Anyways at least it works and I can give my bb away


i got the leak from It also works on my Note 2. Wait was about 30 seconds on the Note 2 but abut 1.5-2 min on the S2 or so it seems


after you get your PIN you need to invite friends by their PIN or email, phone or barcode assuming they also have BBM on their droids/iphone or are BB users


Leak working on s3 in the caribbean


Finally a way to get BBM on the PlayBook


Bbm on playbook works via bridge since friday

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Xerxes Oliver Manuel

Download here:

Its not in the play store but it working on my galaxy core,


Leak works for a few minutes on my S4 in US chatting with my friend in Canada. But now she can't receive my bbm.

Nafiu Garba

Yea!!! Same here d leak version connectivity sucks... I tink waitin 4 d real deal is wats up...

Angelo Alexander

This is really weird, mine has been working all day... How do I upload screenshots

Angelo Alexander

Mines still working since around 4pm cat


I can get it to install and i can see my contacts but i cant send messages

Abdalla Alzaabi

It says no connection found on my phone. Galaxy note 2. Any solution?


Download BBM new release .here you go