BBM for Android leaks; Doesn't work anyway

By Adam Zeis on 16 Sep 2013 08:56 am EDT

The buzz this morning is all about the leaked BBM for Android APK that turned up in the CrackBerry forums. It offered a small glimmer of hope for some Android users to get in early on the BBM fun, but alas, it's not working.

It appears that the service is still locked down on Android unless you're on "the list", so if you don't have a whitelisted BBID (and we're pretty sure you don't) then you'll get stuck on the setup screen and that will be the end of it. 

Statement from BlackBerry:

The excitement around the upcoming launch of BBM for Android and iPhone users is amazing. We want to thank everyone for their enthusiasm, but wanted to let people know that the program is structured so that only those in the beta will be able to use the app. The version we've seen on the Web in the last couple of days can be downloaded, but will not work on devices that are not approved in the beta program.

If you have an Android device you're more than welcome to try it out but you'll suffer the same fate as everyone else and just have to wait things out until an official release comes down the wire. 

Hit up the forums for more discussion and if you happen to get it working, do let us know.

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BBM for Android leaks; Doesn't work anyway


I would like this on the Sony Z1.. It reminds me of the BB Z30, but with app support.. OK, I am finally getting tired of all the crap I have had to go through as a BB user. I have been an optimist to this point, but dang that Sony Z1 looks nice. Chances of it making it's way to the US are slim, especially VZW.

So is it the 18th 3:00 in Malaysia. That would make it what here in North America?

Sent from The Legendary Zed10

yea, I think `leaked` is being used loosely here. anyone under any other assumptions should ask how BlackBerry had a statement ready to go with this, good timing or `hype planning`?

I`ll let you all decide lol

BlackBerry had a statement ready to go? I doubt they had this statement waiting as it wouldn't be that hard to throw together this statement once they heard about all the leaks going on. Many times BlackBerry doesn't reply right away, its finally a breath of fresh air to actually see them responding quickly to situations

It isn't really a rocket science of an explanation. Probably took them all of two minutes to come up with it. And I don't see how a non-functional, basically demo apk would create hype. Those who downloaded it probably knew it was coming anyway.

How is an app that doesn't let you get past a login screen testing the water?

For whom it works (i.e. the beta people,) they already know what it is.
For the majority of those who got their hands on it and aren't in the beta whitelist, I'm willing to bet they already know too.
For the very small subset who got their hands on this AND didn't know cross-platform BBM is coming, isn't a "non-functioning" apk a bad representation of this product?

you don't see how it would create hype?

you just read a post on it and are now talking about it. I think you missed what just happened there lol

Hype planning? I hope not. Look at the headline of this article. In regular media BBM for Android Doesn't Work! Once again a PR disaster for Blackberry/

Maybe they're finally getting the hang of marketing and creating a buzz for their products?
Too little too late? My guess: just in time

Posted from my Z10

BB said that BBM shall be on Android and IOS by and before end of Summer that is 21st September. Lets see how well can they keep their promise. Please BB this time I hope you don't disappoint. Fingers crossed. Huge number of BBM downloads world over can really help the stock BBRY to settle to better levels.

Man, can you guys pull the transcripts on these promises you refer to all the time?!

I have a funny feeling they didn't promise any such timeframe at all and some of you people have the perception as such. In fact, I would go as far to say words and phrases like "should" and "expceted later this summer" can be found on these announcements of BBM going cross - platform to both Android and iOS.

How can BlackBerry guarantee any dates when the approval process to submitting an app to Google Play and Apple's app store is entirely out of BlackBerry hands?

I say relax, don't create unnecessary publicity by holding BlackBerry accountable for something they "probably " didn't even acknowledge within their own communications.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Again, its a plan, not a promise. People add promise to their own comments and then get pissed off when the dates aren't hit, even though BB actually NEVER commits.

They did say "End of Summer" but they also knew that they have no control over the Apple App Store Approval Process, so they did temper that "End of Summer" depending on App Store Approval. We just tend to ignore the 2nd sentence & just quote the first because it's a lot more exiting ;)............That being said, they did submit BBM to Apple last month so BlackBerry did finish the App B4 the end of summer, & are now somewhere in the approval process.

Ha no BBM leak for you android! Silly, Leaks are for BlackBerry :p

Lilly's hand stitched Frankenstein Z10 powered by OS

Why this android fans excited? Why not forget android and apple gadget and start MOVING with BlackBerry :p

Posted via CB10

End of summer. And it's not the end of summer, or is it? :)
Cut BlackBerry some slacks; they're truly trying to dig themselves out of the big hole.

Posted via CB10

March 31st down here (or 21st by ecclesiastical standards)...haha. Oh, Southern so crazy!

first ten contacts are free, to unlock limited contracts 2.99$. Just saying!

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.

Finally BlackBerry is quick to release a statement and it's for this lol

Nice of them though good work

Posted via CB10

They do so when they absolutely have to. It's called "damage control".

Hopefully it's the start of a positive trend though.

Just amazing how cross platform users all excited to get BBM yet still they have absolutely nothing good to say about the company and their products

Posted via CB10

Just because you like one product from a company doesn't mean you have to like them all.

Ahahaha suckers... many people asked me for it but this is BlackBerry we're talking about... security first :)

Been testing it for 2 months... many can't wait for it at work, since they weren't smart and switched to android and now regret it... there should be a poll on have you switch and now regret it?

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BBM requires the 4.3 Android runtime, and the PlayBook only has the 2.3 runtime, so we already know it won't work.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

I hope you are a little off on that. For BlackBerry's sake. 4.3 just came out a couple months ago. If BBM requirs 4.3 then a lot of Android users are going to be left out. I think it actually requires 4.1, which is really stupid still. There are tons of Android users on 2.3.

Well if you have android 2.3 you wouldnt be able to run it anyways the swipes required is on 4.0 and higher

like swipe left and right

bbrys requirements is 4.0 and higher last I checked which is ics not honeycomb

Not stupid at all means people won't switch from BlackBerry to a cheap Android phone in developing countries having BBM on only the latest versions of Android makes a lot more sense

Posted via CB10

That is one way to look at it. I was thinking that Blackberry was going for BBM for all. If that is the case, then there will be lots of Android users who cannot use it. Also, as a PlayBook owner, I definitely would side load it assuming a 2.3 version becomes available and it works.

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Those cheap phones all have 4.X anyway, nobody is putting out Gingerbread phones today. A lot of people are still using them, though. I think BB is making a mistake by restricting to 4.X.

They need to hurry up and release BBM already the media will go to town if they miss the deadline this week.

CB10 - Z10 -

Clever. So they make sure all interested users will download from appstores instead of using leaked version. High download count is great marketing and that's what they need. And they make sure we all get the official version with as little bugs as possible to give the best user experience. Looking forward to seeing the reactions all over the world.


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With all these leaks that don't work and the fake ones, BlackBerry better hurry up and get this thing released before people begin to loose interest

Posted via CB10

That will decrease number of BBM user. How will this help Blackberry to replace WhatsApp ? Since WhatsApp is available for even symbian phone.

Posted via Sexy White Z10

WhatsApp is available for Symbian too, no? So should BlackBerry develop BBM for Symbian too?

It also won't be available to the third of Android users still on Gingerbread. BB is screwing this up before it is even released.

I wonder how this will work... I have BBM on my work z10 and have an HTC one for my personal device. Will I need 2 BBID's?

Posted via CB10

If you want to keep both devices active at the same time, yes. Otherwise it will be just like switching from one BB to another. The one you switch away from will deactivate until you go back to it.

That would be so poor if that's the reality. I can use one Google (Hangout) account on multiple devices (phones, tablet, pc) - surely BB wouldn't go for a 'one phone one BBID' policy would they?

That's what Kris wrote: one phone, one BBID. And what's even more interesting is that these devices will have a PIN too, which is why I asked him if it would be possible to have multiple PINs active under one BBID. He said no. So for now, BBID and PIN are more or less interchangeable.

Any chance they'll rethink? I have an iPad and i would really like to receive the same BBM messages as I get on my Z10. You know, like on iMessage!
Otherwise that would be poor execution and people will probably end up sticking with what they already have.

Posted via CB10

you are correct, the system relies on BBID now not PIN. The PIN is there are a means of a simple integration, a added layer of security. BlackBerry has always been about one Phone, one PIN, one BBID. 

Even when I had my Dev B, I had to create a new BBID in order to use BBM on 2 devices. As for the "same account on multiple devices". BlackBerry allows you to load the same account on up to 5 different devices at once. The only thing you can not do is use BBM across all of them at once.

Imagine how stupid it'd look to be signed into the same ID, and have all devices running the same BBM but with different PINS? That could end up in a few different scenarios. 

1) A user BBM's you. That message hits all your devices at the same time. You reply from the ONE device your on. It won't send back on all devices, because of the PIN seperation. So if you went to another device, you'd only see that person's BBM's to you.

2) A user BBM's you on one PIN/ID combo. No response. 1hr later (random timeframe), resends BBM to the second PIN/ID combo, still no response. Etc, etc. You get the pattern.

While as nice as it would be to use the same ID for BBM and be active at the same time, it would cause to much chaos.

Thanks for this, Kris. I like the explanation and it makes sense. I'm glad they were able to at least keep it to one BBID, even though different devices will have different PINs. Different PINs AND BBIDs would have sucked.

Just release the damn thing. Why wait for ios. Get it done. Get it out. Apple will need to either pull their finger out and release it asap or be last in line. A refreshing change from BlackBerry being left out of the app race.

Posted via CB10

Wow. I just drooled.

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Launch the fricking thing already!!! Need to get this out ASAP!!!!! Come on BlackBerry do it!!!! Now!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Apple won't release BBM until they have had a really good look at it and then they will improve imessenger and release that as well after copying BBM.
Wish Blackberry would be as responsive to let us know when official 10.2 is going to be released that would help us who are not into leaked versions.

I want the BBM app for my Samsung Galaxy Tab2, but will believe it when I see it functioning in my hands. Then again Blackberry surprised us all with an OS update for our supposedly abolished Playbooks last week, We'll see on September 18.

This is when they Thor comes out and says "Sorry we've decided to stop all future work on cross platform BBM. It wouldn't had worked properly anyways and you all would complain"...

Posted via CB10

BB is their own worst enemy! Why can they not schedule an announcement date and introduce their products. How long is it going to take them to realize that their current strategy just pisses people off. I love their product but their Marketing Team SUCKS THE BIG ONE!

Come on Adam, isn't BlackBerry up against enough false headlines without you posting 'it doesn't work' as the headline for the BBM leak? Sure if you bother to read the blog you realise it's because it's a closed user group for the test, but there will be just as many anti's who will make this yet another example of BlackBerry misinformation.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry is already a lost competitor in smartphones and its keeping loosing its value by delaying all the updates and apps. I am really frustrated with BB now.

Everyone just wait for Thursday Sept 19th. BB has been waiting for Apple's approval. It looks like its official, Apple approved it for this Thursday. BB wanted to release both iOS and Android at the same time. All this wait because of Apple.

I don't get it why BB is so ridiculous with launch dates and we being fools expecting from them, i am never buying a BB device anymore, i bought it all since, storm 2 till Q10 but they never delivered anything in time. They killed the respect themselves. I hope you all will agree. we pay damn heavy price tags for such phones, they give us nothing. not even a cross platform app like BBM in time. Why to even expect from such a co. !!! Super Frustated.

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