BBM for Android hits 1 million installs in under 24 hours

By Adam Zeis on 22 Oct 2013 02:01 pm EDT

While we've yet to see BBM for Android pop up on any top lists in Google Play, its looks like it's well on the way. The Google Play store is showing BBM installs in the 1 million to 5 million range - which is pretty damn awesome. Google doesn't show the exact number of downloads so BBM could sit anywhere in that range, but it's crazy to see that it's hit over 1 million installs in under 24 hours. As of now, BBM has nearly 87k reviews and over 60k of those are 5 stars. Not too shabby. 

It's also good to note that, according to our buddies at Android Central, BBM doesn't work on roughly 30 percent of existing Android devices and only runs on Android 4.x, which makes up around 69 percent of active devices.

Some pretty crazy numbers here and it looks like they aren't slowing down yet. We'll do some more recon in the next few days to see if we can pin down some more exact numbers.

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BBM for Android hits 1 million installs in under 24 hours


Still a long way to go from the 100,000,000 - 500,000,000 installs that Whatsapp shows on Google Play. But hey, its a good start.

What's App had nearly the same in the beginning. Wait until BBM gets Video Calls and Screen Sharing.

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That's a wrap, but I do believe those could be money makers if handled correctly. * Fingers Crossed *

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Weirdly, I can't find it when I search in the Play Store. I had to go to
I'm running the latest.

Unbelievable numbers so quickly. Have just received confirmation email for my wife's galaxy and set up is very straightforward.

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i registered too ... and i havent been able to use it .. says im waiting for an email . i use only one email address.. im pretty annoyed at the moment..

Just downloaded 4 for family

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Looks promising.

They how need to offer a great BBM experience so that people would do the complete switch !

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Very excited, but my wife has yet to receive her confirmation email from about 7pm eastern yesterday. I wonder why it's taking so long.

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Waiting list is too long here in India. I had got 7 of my immediate friends to sign up this morning. It is midnight and still waiting for confirmation emails.

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I think its a long waiting for the iphone users.. google android users dnt seem to have tht much waiting...

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doe anyone know if old bb user can get their old contacts back into their ios or android device? my friends all signed up with their old bb email and they weren't able to retrieve contacts. is there a way to do it.

Let's see if all of those stay installed. I've been waiting over 22 hours for my welcome email. Much longer and I'll probably just delete it and stay with Hangouts and WhatsApp.

I sent an invite to a few friends to download it, and their response was basically "dude, just use WhatsApp like everybody else. Don't want to run 2 or 3 different texting apps. Besides, who the hell am I gonna talk to on BBM? Nobody I know uses it."

Sigh. BBM was just tooooo late to the party, it seems. That ship has sailed. I just don't see users trying to convince 20 or 30 of their friends to all switch to yet ANOTHER texting app when what they are using is working well, has more features (like voice and video calling) AND all their friends are already using it.

Ok then why are people downloading like mad. Guess there is more than this in life you cannot comprehend.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Were you a part of that "study" or have you ever known anyone who was. Don't be fooled into thinking most of these are facts.

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Yes, but most studies show that most people only use 20 apps regularly, and of those 20 apps, 80% of the time is messaging. Yet we have app stores in a pissing match for you have 200,000 apps on your device?

Studies on people are flawed as they rely on the most flawed information, people.

If you look at studies / polls of how many people say they voted in the last election it's always way higher then the actual number of people who voted.

People lie

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Don't be sad. If your friends won't talk to you we will. Just post your pin and we will all add you to make you feel loved. BTW I've never used WhatsApp so you friend is off by at least 1.

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Why would you delete it if it takes a few more hours to activate? What harm is it doing sitting there on your phone? If you have shown interest thus far, why not just be patient. If none of your friends are on it yet then you aren't going to miss much. The fact that so many people are waiting has gotta be a good indication of demand. People remember BBM fondly and are coming back in droves

When you get going you will see the benefit it has over other services. Whatsapp is insecure and is linked to your phone number. I dont want to give out my number to everyone.

BBM is secure and easy. Set up an ID and you can carry your contact list around with you no matter what device you switch to. Plus what other message service tells you when messages have been delivered AND read?

Once they add voice, video and screen sharing it will be hands down the best on the market.

iMessage shows when a message has been read. And what are you people texting about that you need all this security? The average person doesn't care that people know what they are picking up from the grocery store for dinner.

The average person don't want to be giving their phone number out to everyone, the average person don't want people who's not even on his/her contact list to be able to see when he/she was last on. Let's face it. WhatsApp is nowhere close to what BBM is and it's obvious that you haven't even tried it. I see all these post with vested interest in WhatsApp but let's not forget that there is a new player also that beast WhatsApp hands down and it's called Wechat. If I wanted to give out my I would use Wechat because with that I still have the option of sending and accepting request for friends and not have everyone in possession of my phone number to be able to automatically see when I'm logged on if feature wasn't disabled.. get with the times

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I would rather know my conversations stay private, especially in a work environment. Imessage is only IOS, No point in a message app being locked to one OS in this day and age

BBM is convenience of communication with efficiency and security - you may want to use this for work, networking at an event / convention, etc. Why give out your number to stay in touch with someone you networked with / just met when you don't have to?

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You are missing the best messaging App. That has its name in Oxford dictionary as a word.

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Google iMessage and see what comes up. Nothing but issues and problems hahahaha. Or do you want a screen shot to cover your face

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I think BlackBerry should announce the number of downloads in the first 24hrs for both iPhone and Android. I'm sure they have the exact figures

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My suggested list under BBM invites has grown by 53 over night.

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Frankly utterly surprised, and sort of illustrates how many people were originally on Blackberries. Can't imagine anyone who has never touched a BB to install BBM now...

Like Q10 sales, fanboys will download, and in a few days download will come to a grinding halt.

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I am wondering whether you and ronbro66 are closely related or even the same person. You just blab a set of crap. Thank God I don't know you personally because you would drive me nuts. If you have any positive contribution to make then shut the f* up for a change!!!

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Thing about IM and other social platforms is that once you have critical mass, the app spreads virally.

And 10 million downloads in a day suggests BBM will go viral. Within a few weeks they could already exceed WhatsApp etc.

Assuming they can keep the service running of course.

Can you read? The number in Playstore says 1 to 5m so 1m is the lower limit. It might be much more.
And, the 1m does not include iOS downloads.

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To look alive
Why the heck you here if you don't want or plan to use if you just going to follow your friends. Peace out boss

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Because I'm a blackberry user who's been burned more than once. And last I checked this is an open forum for the public to use. If you don't want to hear other people's opinions, maybe you should use some of those private BBM Channels instead of a public website, eh? Attitudes like yours are why this site has become a laughingstock of self-congratulatory fanboys who berate anyone with anything slightly negative to say, and have a fap party for every bit of BlackBerry news that comes out.

surely thats a bad thing though? i mean they were touting 1million in a few hours last month as the reason for the launch being halted. so isnt his a slower adoption rate? although saying that its consistent use over time thats really gonna matter for them not one days worth.

No official word on numbers just yet.... This is just confirmed reporting from the playstore metrics...
This isn't counting ios... AND this has no way of telling us how accurate or up to date that page is. It could potentially be much more than that.

I must say..its so tough to drag people from wats app.. til now m able to convince 13 wats app users to download bbm.. but the negative point is tht waiting period..

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Don't drag them now. Do it after this waiting is gone. If you drag them now and they had to wait long they will just delete the app. I haven't told any friends to download now, since they are hearing bad news about BlackBerry recently.
Have some patience!

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The Google Play reviews scare me. Everyone is writing the word "smooth" and "friendly". Some reviews are identical too. Did anyone notice that?

Yeah I think a lot of people are. The more I think about it... it might be a "no such thing as bad press" kind of situation, even if I don't agree with it.

I would like to see them speed up issuing the emails. My BBMs haven't even flinched, so we know the servers can handle it.


Wasn't there I've 6 million signed up for emails? Lol there better be more then 1 million on android

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Candy Crush got crushed by BBM in downloads in the first 24 hours. Sad part is BBM is free and no in app purchases which is a rarity to be on a top 1 spot in app store on iPhone and iPad users can switch to iPhone apps instead of iPad apps and you can download BBM

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It'll hit a couple bumps as it's missing some key convenient group chat features like sending photos, location, etc. right from the chat screen. Love the calendar feature!

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Hope it's gets off and on and on to conquer the IM world. Don't like whatsapp, you have to hand over the names and telephone numbers of every single contact in your address book, to have them stored on the California based servers of Whatsapp Inc.

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Whether or not we "re-conquer" the IM world I really don't particularly care. Just a BIG-A** hunk please :D! However I TOTALLY Agree regarding sharing my 4000+ contacts and their numbers #GRRRR®

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And, if every BlackBerry BBM user would persuade only three people to use the iOS and / or Android BBM, we would by far outnumber Whatsapp. Can't be that hard..m

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10+ hours of waiting for my wife's Galaxy and still nothing... some progress bar or similar would've beem nice....


I've been sharing with my friends :) a lot of my friends who jumped from BB to WhatsApp (or Kik, or similar apps) are looking forward to going back

I just wish we had this kind of rush for the phones... now that would have been fun... but who's complaining though

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My daughter has 26 BBM contacts on her iPhone since last night. I'm surprised. BBM is so fast!


Curious, excuse my naïveté, how does BBRY get $$ from this? Advertising, Fees? Never used Messenger.

Maybe BlackBerry will up sell users for video, voice. Also BBM is supposed to come along and make businesses visible to users, could be something there to ask a fee for. Also BBM money was talked about, possibly a fee for money transfers.

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Apple has even more! Still on the waiting list. Android took no time to get to the front of the line..

Sorry folks, I must interrupt this regularly scheduled program, but Apple has announced its latest brainfart! Get ready...the IPad, apparently if you shove it up your can become airborne and fly....

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This is great news. Hopefully they don't make users wait too long before they get the activation codes.
As far as the reviews, a lot of the reviews are clearly spam. Word for word repetitions by users with similar sounding names

Mostly 5 star reviews, interestingly enough, BBM on blackberry app world has 2.5 stars, as do many, many other apps, including facebook, twitter, whatsapp and skype.

Spreading the word, I'm lucky enough to run a hockey club in the UK C001230F9 on channels. (although currently no subscribers due to channels being in beta) and now getting my committee to sign up. Then the club, then the..... you get the idea. If everyone did the same those numbers will be through the roof come next week.

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Whatsapp is convenient because you just have to enter your phone number.

You'll be surprised how some ppl will refuse to use a service if it means they have to register, open an email, click a link etc.

Bout security, I don't think the average user cares. Whatsapp, you know each others contact because you're texting ppl you know.

It's not like BBM where people try to set up 'hot chicks and guys sexy chat' and end up with sausage fests.

From my smokin' Barbeque10

Makes me wonder how Blackberry will benefit from BBM going cross-platform. I mean, I have a BB (mostly for BBM) and an android phone. I will ditch my BB once I get BBM to work on my android phone. So really, I think this whole thing of going cross-platform will not make people switch to Blackberry phones.

Sadly, no. You can't sideload to the Playbook. BBM requires Android 4.0 or higher. BlackBerry stuck us with a much older version when they abandoned us. That's the reality of MOST of the Android apps people try to sideload to the Playbook, unfortunately. :-(

Serves u right for not signing up for the list in the last MONTH since the stop of the first roll out. I hope u wait 5 years

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Can you guys look into the brewing interest in all the copy/paste reviews? People are already accusing BlackBerry of astroturfing, a term I had never heard of used that way. In other words, people think BlackBerry is up to some shenanigans in the review department.

Installed it on my note2.. still on the waiting list. I won't install in on my iphone because I might be tempted to switch from my Q10 to iphone 5c if it works well with no bugs or other issues.. :(

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Remember what Facebook stole popularity from MySpace. I can see BBM doing the same thing to Whatsapp.

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I signed my mom up yesterday, never got an email. Mom said sometime last night bbm showed to be online. I finished registering her today. OS 4.0.4 had to install apk though.

AT&T Z10

good one for bb,now show off some channels and end the game for other IM .
Its time to be leader for BBM

Hi. I've been a BB fan for quite a while now and couldn't be happier with the positive result for cross-platform BBM. But, what the hell, BB, is you stupid? My wife and my mom both have Samsung phones with Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and I couldn't install BBM because it says their devices are not compatible. And I saw other people having the same problem with other Android phones. WTF, BB? Can't you do one thing right? How can BB expect to keep our love if they keep screwing up?

BlackBerry wants every app in their BlackBerry World but they don't release their app to everyone, NOT FAIR!
(Windows Phone)

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Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth.