BBM for Android now supports Gingerbread

By Bla1ze on 18 Feb 2014 05:07 pm EST

When BlackBerry rolled out BBM for Android, the baseline OS it was built for was Ice Cream Sandwich and above but considering the fact that there's still 20% of all Android users out there running Gingerbread, that left quite a few people unable to actually make use of BBM on Android.

Now though, BlackBerry has gone ahead and released a new build targeting that OS and opening the doors to BBM to an even wider Android audience. You can find BBM for Gingerbread in Google Play or by visiting from your Android Gingerbread smartphone.



Now if BlackBerry could only create a way to back up a Z10 on the fly, as a curve 9320. First!

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haha nice! That would be really cool...just backup the settings and messages like BB Protect on BBOS used to do.


I don't understand why so many legacy things were left out on BB 10 from the old BB OS that users liked.

For me is the hide icons option

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I'll plus that one a thousand times +1000

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Think on this every time you read about another long term executive leaving. The legacy folks aren't there any more

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Too much to implement in one go. And they had to release it. But of course, lack of features and maturity hurt sales.

Difficult one, either way you get bitten.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

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Not to mention, oh no... apps

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Very well said. Thanks.


How about auto on/off device to save battery life.

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Did you know that my Z10 takes about 7% of battery to start? did you know that flight mode is just the same? Did you know that legacy devices never actually turned Off?

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I do miss the hide icons too, but I mostly used that feature for carrier bloatware. I'm still working off of leaks, hence, no carrier bloatware.


I think they took out backup through Protect from BB10 because of the advancement in technology.
Back on legacy, a backup was around 100-200 mb. Now, I look at a full backup from my BB10 and it's 15GB. Image if you accidentally backed up through mobile data. Even pushing 15 GB through my wifi connection takes 14 hours. It's expensive the storage space needed too. Content is so rich now that transfer methods are falling behind.


But connection speeds have improved and so has "cloud" storage technology. BB10 should be a first-class product. I understand they needed to launch the product and I'm grateful for the improvements. They need to keep coming, though.


Full backup to the cloud is a lollipop for the NSA.

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Suck, Suck, slurp...

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Yes but that is including all your medical ND downloaded apps/games.

I'd prefer it saving my app/game data which should be a couple hundred mb at most. My calendar, contacts, texts, accounts, settings, custom dictionary which I would assume is another couple of hundred. All In all no where close to your 15gb.

If you want a full backup then that should be Link's job.

I do hope they start doing more granular backups tho.

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You summed it up nicely. We do need those features back

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Spreading the BBM love all over yall. Keep it up n shoot for the starz

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Yes! Well done BlackBerry. Now fix all the BBM bugs!

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Does anyone know what the "features" of BBM Gingerbread gets? BBM Voice, Glymse, Dropbox, etc? Or is it a dumbed down version?


One step at a time. :)


But seriously, while this is good news, I wish they'd get to work on BBM Video for iOS and Android. Seems that's more important than supporting many people are still on that 5 or 6? Come on man...BBM Video. Quit screwing around, Blackberry!


May be try reading the article first before commenting. 20% of the Android users are still using gingerbread and they are in emerging markets where Blackberry is still strong. It's a good move by Blackberry.


My thoughts exactly.

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Mai Dvices


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I'd like to think he's being sarcastic...

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20% are for sure more users than BlackBerry is currently having as customers as BlackBerry users! So be careful with your words. Videocalling will come soon enough.

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That is hugely dependent on the infrastructure at the BlackBerry Network Operating Centre. They need to upgrade their infrastructure to handle the immense traffic that would be coming through it for the Video calls...these things are a lot easier to deal with when you understand limitations in server and network infrastructure...


Indeed. BBM for Gingerbread made a lot of sense. BBM Video for all platforms? Can't afford to launch a half-baked product. Fix the bugs with BBM first. Voice and Channels parity is good enough in terms of features for now.

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That is exactly why developers wont make apps for BB10 sadly

Star Wars fan? Come join us C00121E8E


Does anyone know if there has been an noticeable uptick in new channels from android or ios users? It seems that channels is gaining traction but I'm not sure if it's coincidence or tied to these two operating system releases. Anyway, all good news.


Finalllyyyyyy I been waiting on this so I can get off ugly ass whatsapp got a few people to switch over.

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Just what I said too.. even though I deleted WhatsApp but still I have a few with gingerbread phones

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Quite old

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


This is great news. Now I can recycle my old Android phones as BBM devices for my kids. Even though considering buying them Z10s now that BlackBerry is selling them direct at $299. BBM needs to be available on all devices and platforms if they are going to be #1 in market share. That includes my Nexus 7, Windows desktops and yes, even Windows Phone.

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Very true. It really has to be BBM4ALL, no ifs and buts.


Awesome and thanks BlackBerry

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Does it work on playbook?

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Was wondering the same thing, as the playbook has Gingerbread runtimes right?

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Did you test it? Or are you just assuming?


Tested the leak a few times no go.


I tested the leak a few weeks ago and although I got it to load just fine, the app just crashes every time I launch it.


It might...dunno. Will just have to test...


Hahahaha. You can bridge your BBM to your PB.


Great news

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Tim Aries

BBM doesn't work so well on Jelly Bean right now, not really expect to see a great performance on GB.
Its getting better after each update though.


BlackBerry's on fire. Something new everyday.

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Brutal Efficiency

Brilliant news!

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Richard Devine

So er...where is it? (Not that I have a Gingerbread device anymore, but still)


Does it mean I can sideload it on the PlayBook? Hmmmm

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I had really hoped so, but I've tried it and it's a no-go.


Anyone know where the Apk can be downloaded. I wouldn't mind trying to side load it on my playbook.

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This is what I been waiting... WhatsApp remove in 3... 2... 1...


Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we have a fake app already at the top called "BBM for Gingerbread" from Mcsentul Inc.

Someone at CrackBerry want to notify these guys so they can work with Google to have it removed?


20% Android Gingerbread today, and their friends on iPhone and Jellybean tomorrow.

I say smart move .

Stay Classy BlackBerry!!

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I was using the leaked version of bbm on gingerbread but just downloaded the official one from out the play store.


Thanks. I was thinking it was a separate Apk for GB, but now realize it's the official with an update to support the older android.

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Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth.

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smart move BBM team!!

Sergio Gambini

great more users comming

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Michael Bornstein

As others have said they need cross platform video on this. ASAP. THEN they will really have something special.

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I had BBM on my android tablet when it first came out. It was working perfectly.

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Ability to turn off group notifications for BBM on android and ios is a must!

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Installed on an old android, installed fine. Once app opened. Clicked on create BlackBerry ID, and It wouldn't let me select the country or the month or day of birth. So I grabbed the z10 opened browser and created a new BlackBerry ID for the android. Went back logged in and it asked for country and birthday, this time it let me select them. Opened and chatted back and forth. Works fine except the one issue I found creating a BlackBerry ID. It's really basic. Normal BlackBerry chat. About it.

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Thanks, I have the same issue with my wife smartphone and use your advice and create her BBID on my beloved Z10

Went back to her device but after filling her info still the device don't let her check the "I agree to the BBM terms" box...

So for now I'll let it sleep the night and try again tomorrow...

One more reason to love BLACKBERRY!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry


Good news

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Jim Wolfson

So, what's "gingerbread" in real version numbers? Hate those childish names.

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2.3, if I'm right...

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Sweet! The game is afoot. BlackBerry is taking over!

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Installed BBM on my wife's old phone. It does not support voice calls yet. Any update in the near future?

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Is this to say PlayBook will work?

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Christian Yongky

i've tried it on my Samsung Galaxy Y CDMA SCH-i509, looks good but there is no support for bbm channel and voice.


Yeah! Finally!!!

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Vasilios Patras

Where's the support for Sidekick 4 G???????????????????????????????????????????

Vasilios Patras

2.2 didn't fit your gingerbread?


So PlayBook?

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Anyone try converting the API to BAR and try running it on the PlayBook? :)

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Paul Callahan

Good stuff..

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All my android friends tell me they never receive notifications. What's up with that bug? Really bad

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will not work on playbook and that kinda pisses me off. Old crappy droid gets it but not on the PlayBook. I'm under impressed at the moment and am not afraid to say that This Sucks.


Does it have also BBM Voice, Video and Channels?

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Now bring to Windows Phone. I don't own a WP but they are the number 3 now. Why just to leave them alone? let us all enjoy BBM after all its BBM for all !


SO does this mean we could convert it to BAR and use bbm on our playbooks? :D


um read my comment not three above yours.


Hmmm, people have tried leaks, which came out couple of days back. I'm wondering anyone tried the latest apk?


Why don't you try it and report back?


Trying to fetch the latest on sites doesn't support gb.


I recall the JB release was hacked/modified to run on some Gingerbread devices, but other devices required the library files to be moved around (depending on the processor), which won't be possible on a PlayBook. Can't root them, can't get to the file system.

BB will have to write it, probably, if anyone. I will not hold my breath.


Hmmm...some PlayBook love ? one ? :(

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What p's me off about it is not that Gingerbread users get it, but that my spouse, with PlayBook but no cell phone, shows up in the BBM Invites section as "Add to BBM" (i.e. already has a BB device PIN) but of course, can't be invited. PlayBook already has the video chat feature, the infrastructure is already there for BBM it seems.

But nearly all other phones and tablets from competitors have BBM now. At least, BB, have the smarts to exclude PlayBook PINs from the 'Add to BBM' section of invites. It's a wound to let heal, not rub salt into.



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laci urbany

Nice but why if even me with z30 still can't make voice and video calls even after last update?

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Installed on my wife's XT860, seems to work great.

No channel support yet it seems - bit disappointing.

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whatsapp works on playbook for long time and now BBM supports gingerbread
but still not working on playbook ?? shame on you blackberry !


Now we just need video calling for android and iOS and emoji list in bc's rather than doing it manually!

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Any idea on when GB users will get the voice update... I'm really waiting for voice to arrive... so that I can get my friends on BBM.

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does this version have Channels and Voice calling? A sent a friend to download it and he can't find Channels.