BBM for Android gets a video demo

By Adam Zeis on 2 Sep 2013 09:00 pm EDT

With September upon us it should (hopefully) be only a few weeks until we finally see BBM hit both Android and iOS. While it's landed in the beta zone for some Android users we've yet to see it in action - until now.

The video below shows off BBM running on Android and believe it or not it looks much as you'd expect. It appears to be pretty dead on to it's BB10 counterpart though slimmed down on some features. Overall it looks to be running very well which is a good sign. 

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Update: The video has been removed at the request of BlackBerry

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BBM for Android gets a video demo



Thnx. Wow BBM on Android is like it's actually bb10. Imagine they integrate the swipe up gesture to leave the BBM app for android

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Hmmm... Android with BBM. And there are some decent Android tablets on the marketplace. Huge ecosystem too.

Makes you think.

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yeah its great that even if bb goes down bbm might survive. As i hate whatsapp this owuld be awesome for me. I'd probably buy the S5

How do you add contacts in BBM? Is it still that weird PIN or is it now the username? Wish they could use phone numbers like WhatsApp so you don't have to juggle everyone's handles.

Actually I love the pin method far more than the number method from WhatsApp, because I don't like giving everyone my number

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I hate the phone number, BBM pin is privacy, email to add contact is second best ! Whats App looks so childish now.
Make BBM Voice and BBM Video free for a month then Charge, same for BBM Channels. If they want BBM with the keyboard if possible by BlackBerry, that's the platinum BBM package $$$$$

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I second the platinum package with the keyboard. This is by far the smartest software keyboard on the block!

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"This video has been removed by the user."
Anyone else seeing that?

EDIT: OP at BBOS says "[Video has been removed at the request of BlackBerry]"

Did anyone save the video somehow? Would really enjoy seeing it

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Yeah it sucks. I waited till my son went to sleep and missed the video. I normally download things like this too in case this happens. No such luck now. :(

The best feature of BBM on the z10 is you can use it on your mobile network when wifi is not available. Face time must have wifi. Found that out just last night. Once again showing why Bb10 is better than iphone

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Hey, does anyone know how to fix my BBM error for my Z10? It says "Temporary Server Error", and it hasn't worked since yesterday when I got the phone brand new from WIND Mobile. Anyone got any solutions or suggestions?

I had this problem too.
My solution was that I needed to install BBM channel and then launch BBM

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You don't need BBM Channels, make sure you BBID is ok, you have an Internet package or something. Etc etc.

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Many are. Welcome back old users! I love that it looks so much like BB10

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It's interesting that the UI essentially brings the BB10 paradigm to Android. I personally hate it when I see the Android UI on BB10. I wonder how Android users will feel about the BB10 UI on their Android devices...

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Very nice that the Cascades UI was kept. It's a great way to give other OS users a taste of the swiping feel of BB10. Hopefully this will bring a few more to purchase BB10 devices.

Agreed. This is the best way to show off BlackBerry programmer and operating system skills.

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One more note: look at how easily BlackBerry can pull off cascades on Android. Makes you think that a forked version of Android done by BlackBerry could have made sense, look good and differentiate BlackBerry devices over the rest....with an ecosystem.

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Totally agree. That was smart of them to keep it like that. This way android users can appreciate a different feel from what there use too!

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LMAO. No Thanks , we are happy with our ROBOT.
We'll just use the BBM on Android and call it a day.

I think this is the best argument in favor of cross-platform BBM; it will quickly get millions of new BlackBerry software users. At least some of these will be former BBers who might just be impressed by the UI.

Not that I think this will sell many phones on its own, but it could lead to a more positive view of the company overall.

From the awesome PHYSICAL keyboard of my Q10

Thunderbuck, the z10 can use BBM voice and video over the cell network where iphone must have wifi. I just learned that on the weekend. So if people like BBM, they will really appreciate a bb10 phone over the other phones.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I think it is similar. Android users prefer their apps to look "native" by adhering to the Holo theme or more recently to a light colored "Cards" theme (i.e. all the newer google apps like Google Now, Google Maps, Google Mail, Google Play).

PS: Even if the BB10 UI might not look too sexy in Android terms I think it can work. They should just get rid of the back button in the bottom bar. Every Android phone has a separate back key. It stands out like a sore thumb.

I haven't used it, of course, but I'm not enthused to be honest. Android and BB10's UIs kinda clash, especially in the conversation screen where there's an extra action bar and the muscle memory for basic actions is very different. It could be fine, but it could also be jarring and unpleasant.

I hate it too. That ugly yellow colour and that boring arrow think. Bleh!

Posted in landscape mode lying on my bed, cause portrait mode is too thin to hold upside down with two hands

I can't wait. Here's hoping I can get my friends to sign on with it. Shouldn't be a tough sell, everyone I've mentioned it to in person seems pretty pumped about the cross platform release.

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I just told my mates, as soon as BBM comes out I'm deleting WhatsApp! They'll be on board then.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

That was one store in Illinois.

You shouldn't say it like all of T-Mobile is dropping BlackBerry 10. That's how rumors spread.

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No, BlackBerry has already stated at launch they'll only support chat and BBM Groups on iOS and Android

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They really should provide the option to purchase a "pro" version with Video and Voice available...

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They have said it will become available in the fall.

Check out the AZ MTB Channel C0006F5EB .

It was written on the "leaked" launch pages for BBM on Android and iOS before they were taken down again

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Video and voice won't be available on initial launch. BlackBerry has said that they will be working to achieve feature parity.

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I didn't see any icons for video chat also I didn't see screen share (I am not currently using BB but I thought that was part of BBM, please correct me if I am wrong) I understand these are early builds and maybe they will make an appearance in later iterations. I like it and can't wait to get back to BBM with my friends, can't beat BB for security and service consistency.

I have set a reminder to download this app right when it's released at 23:59:59 on September 21st. What's the last day of fall, again?

Love the way it looks. So glad they kept the BlackBerry 10 look , it shows off the beauty of cascades and who knows maybe a few people will like it enough to give BlackBerry a serious look... :) Cheers


Now, where is the Web page for laptops?

This has to be a complete ecosystem.

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What I like most about all of this, is BBM sharing space with other great platforms. Keep on keeping on BlackBerry, I believe in you. Let's share our great experience with others. All together now, let's make the joint rock!

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Can you login to the Android BBM with the same BB ID as your BB 10 device to get "mirror" functionality? Meaning both devices using the same ID at the same time.

I still think this will give many a reason not to stay with BlackBerry hardware and move over to iOS or Android..... but maybe that was the plan if BB10 wasn't a hit.

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I've been saying this exact thing from the beginning. Got drowned out by the "mindshare" comments, but I'm right with you on this one.

I disagree completely. There are so many other reasons to go for BlackBerry other than BBM.

Maybe that didn't used to be the case, but in the modern smartphone market an instant messaging app isn't the killer seller it was.

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According to the sales numbers, there **aren't** so many other reasons to go for BlackBerry, and with BBM being opened up, there will be one less reason.

The z10 is so much better than the iphone. People just don't know that yet. My friends all went iphone and I stayed with BlackBerry and went to the z10. As time goes on they keep going how did you do that. They ask more and more questions as time goes on. Be patient, the time is coming.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Sales numbers don't really say anything about there being many reasons to go for BlackBerry or not. They do speak volumes about BlackBerry's complete failure to market (and price correctly in a lot of markets) a wonderful and feature-rich OS and device lineup well.

i say leave ios and android with a scaled down version for a while.. if they want the full version.. make them come to blackberry..

I think that they should give them most of the basic features but then charge for Video and Voice.

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No give it away for free. Using this app teaches iOS and Android users how to use BB10.

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It would be brilliant if they somehow put the Z10 keyboard into BBM so everyone got a taste of how awesome it is.

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The Z10 keyboard may be licensed from Swiftkey, but it's clearly not the Android keyboard or any of the Apps developed for Android.

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The software behind it is licensed, it was still coded and designed by Bbry.

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Man...back in the day, CrackBerry used to be the site getting scoops/showing demos. Now they link to other up and coming sites. Sad.

CrackBerry's Bla1ze has this on his Android device (saw one of his Twitter posts a few weeks ago which had a BBM notification in the top left side of his Android screen) but it would be against the license agreement for him to talk about it let alone take a video.

And this same agreement doesn't cover Adam/CrackBerry, and the original poster of this video? I know the video has now been taken down, but I'm inclined to think that's because BB requested, not threatened the poster do it.

They can't show what BlackBerry has given them, but they are allowed to show anything someone else leaks.

It's like when BB10 1st came out. the CrackBerry team all had Z10's a week or so B4 launch. However they only talked about what had been leaked. Remember the comment that Kevin made about everything being micro. They then realized that wasn't common knowledge & quickly removed that statement.

Is this too little too late? I love my z10, but fear BlackBerry is going the way of the dodo due to the negative reports in the news and people being afraid to invest in a new bb10 device and being hung out to dry with a orphan product.

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Not at launch, but coming supposedly in fall, or as I like to call it (and any RIM release)..."soon."

spoke to my former 9900 buddies now on S4 , they are crying as we speak , about BBM. They have relatives on BBM in Europe ... they want it ASAP !!

I have a Korean friend who finally went to S4 last month because Korea isn't selling BB10 phones & his Old BlackBerry 9700 Broke. He has Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, & some Asian msg apps. None of them are as good as BBM on his old BlackBerry Bold. He is waiting impatiently for BBM to come to Android.

They're really serious about this. Z30 pics and vids have leaked, but not this apk. Changing priorities? Lol.

Fyi, that share option is practically everywhere in bb10.

Killer indeed. But nobody knows.

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If this is exactly what we get in bb 10, then who needs bb anymore? I think this will be a very basic bbm, a lot of features will be omitted.

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Dam blackberry they gave android users another app instead of giving us blackjack users more I don't think the makers know wth they r doing smh

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Why is it slimed down? Why is it missing features? BlackBerry is setting itself up to fail like always... its September all the kiddies are back to school so technically summer is over for them and it should have went live during REAL summer for the kids to use at school. new school supplies new clothes new shoes new school starts. I wish BlackBerry made it more clear that Bbm would be coming at the VERY END of summer instead of having people waiting waiting ALL summer long.

They did make it clear. They said:
BBM with chat & Groups will be coming at the END of Summer. We will strive to reach feature parity by the end of the year, but this depends on any issues we may have with iOS & Android.

Looks good! Been waiting for it to go cross platform so I can get all my non bberry friends on to bbm and hopefully to make the switch.

Whenn is it getting released though? Have been hearing a few weeks for ever.

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That sucks that is something the should had only b exclusive only for BlackBerry that's one of the best things of using BlackBerry

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BBM alone didn't keep many users from leaving BlackBerry. Nobody outside of our community cared enough about BBM not to try other OS's. So this is a good move to at least have a product out there in everyone's hands and turn BBM into its own social network.

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One of the perks of having a BlackBerry is/was bbm. I think this could possibly do more harm than good to the company.

Ive been on bb10 since Q10 launch and have never used BBM. It's dead if they don't give it to the young crowd.

Young crowd? lol

It just has to go to SOME crowd... any crowd :) My BBM contacts have dropped to one, and even that guy is getting a 5S when it's released, bringing my BBM contacts to zero :/

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I think this is Stupid.... what is the point of getting a blackberry if you can get the same thing on iPhone and Android

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can't waaaait that in my phone android... I will buy android phone.. moto x this is a phone that will buy it

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Love how everyone is losing their shit over this, good and bad.

I have faith in blackberry.

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Stupid question: any chance I will be able to use my Q10 pin or my id on my iphone 5? So I can just have one bbm account?

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I think their screwing up again not releasing the full version off the bat, the screen share and video call is what would sway androids users to use the app and build a bigger user base

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Why do so many people think that companies can just whip out programs at the drop of a hat? It takes time to program. Not to mention setting up everything to run through the NOC WITHOUT BlackBerry hardware. I commend them for what they have accomplished so far. I definitely think they should monetize the other features though.

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Pretty excited to finally get some of my friends to use BBM. Hopefully it will be as popular of a social platform as Insta and Vine have become.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

A few weeks ago I tweeted that once BBM for ios and android is out WhatsApp will be immediately deleted it from my Z10!!! Some people gotta have my pin but not my phone number

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I'm really glad they kept the BlackBerry 10 look and feel. Same buttons, same sliding Cascades feel, same over flow menus. This should give people on iOS and Android an idea of what BB10 is like and hopefully down the road people might return to the platform.

Yep it's been removed and I almost downloaded it. Sole must have though....sigh

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Sweet. It will be good all around people need to calm down about them losing people because of bbm. I have not known one person in the USA who bought a blackberry for bbm in the past 2 years.

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I'm are non BlackBerry users added if not by PIN. I always thought the pin was an issue because it constantly changed when you upgraded, etc. If you could personalize a pin (kinda like a Twitter handle) it could actually be marketed. Now that BBM is going cross platform, what is the approach?

No and I loathe them for it all the same, though the UI falls into somewhat of a "neutral ground" so that while it looks a bit different from the average Android app, your muscle memory won't betray you, unlike this where one may go so far as to say that not only is the muscle memory different, but they clash and that could be jarring or even frustrating for some.


This needs to be equal or better than What's app right out of the gate, or I feel that it may be tantamount to the bb10 launch.

Wow, not sure why MS felt the need given NOK was already on board. Now other manufacturers won't want WP, similar to how they annoyed PC vendors with Surface.

Just sounds like blackberry is being desperate instead of fixing and thinking how to improve the 3 devices they r giving out one of what makes blackberry that was exclusive for them might. As well b android if that's the case Cus it seams like they don't want to add apps sins that was the only problem I'm disappointed at blackberry

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What did you just say?

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I feel like they should hold off until it has video, or ios and android users may try it, not see any really compelling reason to switch, and then never go back. Sort of the same way so many people think of BlackBerry as only having the old stodgy phones and never looking at the bb10 offerings....

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AGREED! what are they thinking? I hope they add voice and video before release. Then I could bring my playbook out the closet.

I'll be getting many people to use this app until they can make the jump to a BB10 device. I know a few people waiting for the Z30.

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What I like about the BBM on Android is that it really looks (Cascades), sounds and feels like BB10. At least it gives Android users a taste of what BB10 is on a mobile device. Here's to hoping that this give a positive boost to BB10 and not the other way around. Just hold back on some of the neater features on BBM like video chat and screen share as an incentive to stick with BB10

It's a good advertisement, but doesn't really breed goodwill. It's kind of uncool to not go native. Just saying. People will see right through it. And with no video or screenshare, right away, they're setting themselves up for failure.

First of all it looks good and clean so I don't think the Android average users going to care. Heck, there was over 100,000 downloads in the first hours when the fake one was posted.. so I think generally other people using competitor devices are expecting the BBM experience. Wrt video chat and share .. I can't name too many cross platform apps that allow for video chat except Skype.. so again I don't think this is going to be much of an issue to the average Android user. Guys on CB that also have Android phones as their daily driver .. the expectation is probably different.