BBM for Android is coming - Come hang with us!

By Adam Zeis on 21 Sep 2013 07:38 am EDT

Well - BBM for Android was set to hit the Google Play store at 7am EDT but we've yet to see anything. We'll keep you posted with the details but in the meantime come hang out with us!

The live chat got a bit crazy, so head to the forums thread here instead.

Today is 21 September..where is BBM?

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BBM for Android is coming - Come hang with us!



Another failure to deliver. I guess we should call it a sucess since they fail every single time. If they were to get it right it would have been "wrong".

Man, if you search for BBM in the Google Play store, there's like 30 apps with that name. This is madness. Some even have "BlackBerry Inc" as the company. This is going to be fun.

I've been telling BlackBerry this for a few days now. It really is bad. By comparison, do a search for "Whatsapp" or "Kik Messenger" and you get the right app as the first result.

They really need to get it cleaned up. Enforce their powers as a company and get those apps taken down. The ones that have BlackBerry inc as the company are even worse. How did Google allow that??

Just did a search on my wife's iPhone for BBM and interestingly the first thing that comes up is KIK.... of course BBM is not yet out here in the US, but I can imagine how all us BlackBerry users will have to spend time to make sure all our contacts FIND the correct ONE!!

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It's a wild west in that store... chaos reigns supreme! ;) Hopefully when it does make it to the store, the official one is listed first. It will also hopefully be featured on the main page.

Why why oh why oh why did they say a time. Everyone would have been good with just the day. I knew saying 7 AM was going to end up a cluster.

It really is quite a contrast watching BBM roll out smoothly timezone by timezone starting right at the appointed time in each stage along a global rollout in the App store vs. The debacle and confusion of phony BBM apps and lack of the real one anywhere in the Play Store. I'm No lover of the other fruit company, but you do have to admire the professional manner in which they operate at least in this case compared to Google.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

This is probably exactly why it's delayed... probably trying to convince Google to remove the fake ones, and Google is requiring the to file trade mark infringement complaints. Who wins? Lawyers!

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BB " Ok tomorrow we are going to launch BBM for Everyone! Jeez I just looked in Google Play and there is a bunch of fake apps!!" Eye roll You don't think they knew they were there before hand. I would think that it would have been approached well before now

This is all a scheme to make money out of people's excitement for bbm...they will announce a date of release but instead they will put a lot of fake apps so that you can spend credit installing apps From the store in which benefits them with income.....after millions of people have done that they will release the original app....simple as that...

Yeah I know. My wife has a Note and I tried to download it for her, thinking the Blackberry Inc was the right one. Failure! I personally feel honored to know that BBM was thought of enough to be copied. They say that mimic is the best form of flattery.

That is why Android is so unprofessional. It's a free for all ecosystem

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Blackberry World is the same. I have a sideloaded Android Calculator app and there are two fake exact copies one for free and one a paid app that were stolen from the developer. I used that app for years on Android. I think Blackberry World is a mess compared to the Play Store. They have taken steps to improve it and I give them credit for that.

you do realize its not a google issue right?

Bbry can host their own apk that people can install direct from their website

its a server issue on bbrys side if you check #bbm

Ok,,it is about 23:44 in south Africa,, where I'm from,, anyway,,i got hopeful and went to the play store and searched for bbm,, THE REAL BBM IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN BUT ALL THE FAKES HAVE VANISHED!

So because Android is delaying releasing it in their Play Store it's somehow BlackBerry's fault? Care to explain that reasoning to me?

BlackBerry isn't some back water tiny company and Google clearly isn't. If they agree at 7am then 7am it needs to be.

BlackBerry will be seen as being at fault, whether true or not, as it has been in their culture to always be late with everything

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So when BlackBerry says they're going to release an app in App World on Tuesday and it doesn't get released until Thursday because the app developer was making "changes" it's BlackBerry's fault but when Android says it's going to release BBM in their Play Store at 7 and are an hour or so late, it's still BlackBerry's fault? Sheesh! Must suck to be them.

I wouldn't bother arguing because people with defeatist attitudes will always find something else to validate their views.

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Not defeatist just seemingly typical. They need to make a statement as to what happened. BlackBerry is notorious for staying quiet and ignoring issues.

If they needed to make a last minute change then say so. They can spin it any way they want (user experience etc)

People need to have their faith renewed... acting like they have been in prior years isn't the best policy.

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I'm just gonna leave this quote here from Phil Nickinson of Android Central, from two days ago when the dates and times for BBM release were announced:

"@philnickinson: BlackBerry attempting to give a precise time of availability for BBM worries me that it has no idea how the Google Play Store works."

I have a question I have a z10 if I use the same blackberry id on bbm for ios would it do as if I'm migrating from a BlackBerry device to another. As in migrate and stop working on the z10

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As per the BBM account on twitter, they said that a BlackBerry ID can only be signed into one device at a time. So if you were to sign into BBM for iPhone, I assume you would be signed out of BBM on your Z10.

If the leaks are working then BlackBeerry seems to have everything in place. I am more inclined to believe that Google is scewing up. It's not like a device to say they don't have the product ready to ship. They submitted the app to the store for approval so as long as Google approves it, the only thing they can do is wait for Google to post it.

So Apple can have it out in iTunes for the iPhone at exactly 12:01am local time, New Zealand and Australia have already released it, yet Android can't or won't have it in the Play Store at 7:00am? Yeah, it MUST be BlackBerry's fault lmao! Stop with the BlackBerry hate and realize that it's not all their fault!!

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They ignore the issues? They just had a press release announcing they have lost 1 billion dollars...

In advance of their earnings report. It appears they have no problem putting news in the press, good or bad... if there is a delay to significant portions - they will likely put out a press release.

+1000 the attitudes displayed in these comments is nothing short of astonishing.

How about being happy that BlackBerry and BBM are going to be on other platforms, and we can tell all our iPhone and Android buddies to start using a superior IM application now! Sheesh!

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

Why would they give a time release if they cant control it? Stop blaming Google, when there is a failure it's always BlackBerry, they successfully done so for the last 4 years.

They obviously thought they had something worked out with Google. If I was a new dev, let alone a company trying to put out an app, why on earth would I just ASSUME that I can control what hour and minute it appears on Play??

Sheer arrogance. Google is so big to a point where you don't even notice their mistakes and flaws. If it was blackberry's fault, the press would have been on top of it by now.

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It is partially Google's fault because of the very laid back approach to submitting apps. Yes, having a free open market is good but not when people are pretending/scamming people into believing they are corporations.

I strongly believe that this hold up is because of the 14 fake BBM apps that were in the GooglePlay store this morning. They've got it down to 0 now but there's some idiot that keeps submitting apps which can be nothing less than frustrating for BlackBerry and Google.

Google needs to get their s*** under control so everyone can get BBM.

BlackBerry is barely a competitor to Google. Google activates more android devices in a day than BlackBerry does in a month.

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Maybe the fact that Blackberry doesn't even have their BBM for Android and iOS page live might be an indication it's not the Play store's fault? But I can give them my email address, again, so they can let me know when it will be available.

Hey! Leave Ricky Ricardo alone! (This obscure American cultural reference is meant to obscurely convey that you missed picking up on an obscure American cultural reference. Had you been both old enough and familiar enough with American TV, you would have caught them both.)

Why would anyone assume that any delay for an app to appear in Google's app store is the fault of anyone other than GOOGLE?

I don't know what the cause of the delay is but man... to immediately jump to the conclusion that it is Blackberry's fault is, well more the general misguided bu!!$h!t nonsense that has been running rampant for far too long now

Thanks for reading LOL

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Well, there's always the reason posted by Aditya Bhimrajka fully an hour before you posted this...

I agree with you. As if BlackBerry controls Google? People can be so ridiculous sometimes.

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Wow....all I can think of is the forums post two-three days ago that said this "launch" was going to be a failure.....and they were right. Looks like Ubuntu is going to be my next's not surprising AT ALL how these BlackBerry MORONS are going the direction they are going....they can't market or sell their devices, can't update OS' in a timely/efficient manner, can't launch an app that they've had MONTHS to prepare for.....and for all their complete and total failures Heins, Sanders, Boulben et al will receive $55 million+....boy that will teach THEM a lesson! f*cking insane

Sorry have you actually heard who is at fault? No obviously not so keep your negative thoughts to yours until you know what you're talking about!

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Some of you guys are like a religious amount of evidence will convince you and you just keep trudging along "keeping the faith." FACT: A BILLION dollar loss....did you get that? That's BILLION....with a B. Marketing sucks, apps suck, CEO is an idiot who can't test hardware BEFORE making promises....and it goes on and on. I love my BB's better than any phone out there....and the technicians, programmers and engineers are tops in my book....but just like Enron, it is the executive MORONS that have run this company into the ground and they are worthy of ZERO respect.
So, BB executive suck-up apologist, here's a suggestion for your house, take your entire savings, and take your positive thoughts over to etrade and buy as much BB stock as you can....I'm sure it will go up if you have faith and keep sending out positive vibes...yep

I love my Z10 - does everything I want it to do so I don't have a problem with BlackBerry. Can't believe people on this site get so worked up over such trivial things - GET A LIFE!!

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You have your head in a hole in the ground. And not dealing in reality. Nothing changes if all you do is blindly support incompetence.

Go into Settings
Scroll to iTunes & App Store
Click on your Apple ID and hit ‘View Apple ID’
Here you will want to change your region to New Zealand
Once you hit the billing section, select ‘none’ for the credit card
Accept the terms of service and hit done
Search for ‘BlackBerry’ and then click on the developer to see app list
Select BBM and install!

Postal code is 0110 and suburb is Otaika

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As someone who obviously hates blackberry you sure do spend a lot of time on this site - trolling on every single post. Get a life mate!!

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Go into Settings
Scroll to iTunes & App Store
Click on your Apple ID and hit ‘View Apple ID’
Here you will want to change your region to New Zealand
Once you hit the billing section, select ‘none’ for the credit card
Accept the terms of service and hit done
Search for ‘BlackBerry’ and then click on the developer to see app list
Select BBM and install!

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It's madness. Search in twitter BBM and everyone is talking about it, waiting for it to come for android !

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I'm reasonably certain that one who willingly posts public comments written in that fashion possesses neither the ability nor the desire to write in English.

Darn shame that it's not out yet. They are making themselves look bad. For their sake I hope it comes out this morning before the average person is up.

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this is nice. Blackberry have failed one more time. well that is not a surprise thing. i think we just though the could actually success this time, at least on carry out they words. But well . i'll go sleep again. This official release is SO NOT happening.

If I remember correctly someone had put 7am EST as the scheduled release. that isn't for another 8 mins when you about it, we are in EDT.

EST is the same as EDT the name is just switched to EDT during Daylight Savings Time. At this time of the year EST and EDT are the same

Not to a computer or time set device. there is 1 hour difference. The difference happens to be wither we are 4 hours as right now from GMT or in standard time we are 5 hours from GMT.

There is, technically, a difference, since there are areas in the eastern US that don't observe Daylight Savings Time (cough random counties in Indiana cough) and which are therefore the only ones on EST while the rest of those longitudes are on EDT. However, only a pedant would pretend to not understand that the announcement was meant to refer to EDT, and that the moron who announced it messed up.

No BBM, but at least 8 fakes from 3 different sources. The combination of the delay and all the fakes are not impressive.

While I'm not going to jump on the "BlackBerry failed to meet yet another deadline" wagon (even if the thought is buzzing around in the back of my mind), I wonder why they specified the time down to the hour if they couldn't guarantee it'd be out by then.

♫♫♫What the hell are they wating for? une thing I dont know why BlackBerry is taking so long to release BBM......♫♫♫

Maybe its there... hiding in one of those BBM FOR ANDROID good luck hahaha

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Soooo, if the product is ready, you blame the creator and not the distributor? Ppl kill me blaming BlackBerry for the release of an app from a distribution that they don't control.

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but there are no information is it Blackberry or google problem ? at least Blackberry have to give an information update..

This is true but the headline will read "BBM fails to Launch on Time" Down in paragraph 3 after they rehash all the problems BB had it will say. " The apparent reason the app was late was due to a Google Play problem" So the sound bite will be BBRY misses another deadline. JEEZ

As I wrote in another forum.. They never said it was 2013, They really did mean September 21st, 2031....

its one hour past the time nothing on radar.
For BB they lack the potential to deliver, and it wanted to be in the race with apple and samsung or even sony.
A corporate firm which doesn't understand the very meaning of official announcement. I feel pity for it.

This is the only way BB can be back in business, where all people will understand the power of BBM and can make up minds to use BB in future. But the company is making laughing stock of itself.

Even I had an android user sent me an invite.. it's only later I got to know he's on the leaked version..

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People need to calm the fuck down. Its a free app, that you had nothing do do with and feel in titled to .

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Most of the people who are waiting were BB loyalist, and shifted only coz BB themselves got way behind what was required in the current market. Their wait just shows how much they still love BB..

It's excuses-filled attitude like yours that's why blackberry is going away. They should hire you.

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No. Per the news release bbm voice and video will be added to BBM for lesser OSS in later versions

Let the bitching begin


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If BBM was released to Google Play for the release. How is this delay BlackBerry's fault?

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Okay, try to follow this - BlackBerry said it would be available at 7am. BlackBerry are the only ones who gave out timing. If BlackBerry gave out a precise time, but BlackBerry didn't have control over this, whose BlackBerry fault BlackBerry do BlackBerry you BlackBerry think BlackBerry it BlackBerry is BlackBerry?

Yes. Blackberry is responsible for everything wrong with this planet. Haven't you heard?

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Lol nice and for the melting of the ice caps as they closer to the north Pole

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Okay, so if it isn't up yet, and it doesn't seem like it is, why are people bashing on BB again? It could be Google's fault? For sure the delay with the iOS app was Apple's for sitting on it soo long and they had to delay the Android release because of it.

Unless Android gives developers the right to flip their own switch and it is BB's fault. And if that is the case, then yes, bad on them as they continue to make the same mistake they always do.

And I'm in! It's not live on the Play Store yet but the app is functioning again if you have the apk.

Adam - do you need to pay royalties to BB for using one of their trademarked phrases? ;)

And what if there's something on Google's side that is delaying the release. Come on, guys, are you really disappointed because an app is delayed? How do you manage to live through real life problems? Give it a break and be patient, it will be there in a while

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Ya. And if this one app from, from the world's worst smartphone maker is SO critical to your happiness and wellbeing GET A BLACKBERRY!


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By now, everyone who wanted to get BBM has probably downloaded the fake app and infected their

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This is not possible. Android users are all way to smart for that and all android phones are invincible so... no worries there

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Nobody here can honestly be shocked by this. Did u expect BlackBerry to actually make a deadline? Cmon

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Was just going to say, how did these fakes get their bbm app in the store? It even says from BlackBerry Inc. What kind of quality control does Google have!?

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I don't think I've ever seen a fake app in BlackBerry World (Blackberry's app store)

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definitely, how will people know how to download the right app if they all have convincing usernames such as 'blackberry inc.' or 'blackberry ltd.'

I had downloaded it via the leak it worked last night then went off but it is working now for me. Just waiting for the Google store to have it unfortunately there are lots of BBM rubbish to wade through in there also.