Global rollout of BBM for Android and iPhone on hold: Status update

By Bla1ze on 21 Sep 2013 08:52 pm EDT

If you' ve been holding out for BBM on Android and iPhone, you've no doubt noticed all the versions are not yet available for download as per the previous availability schedule. Plus, if you did manage to get the iOS version downloaded, you may be experiencing issues with it. BlackBerry has now released a statement on the matter to help clarify the situation.

Prior to launching BBM for Android, an unreleased version of the BBM for Android app was posted online. The interest and enthusiasm we have seen already – more than 1.1 million active users in the first 8 hours without even launching the official Android app – is incredible. Consequently, this unreleased version caused issues, which we have attempted to address throughout the day.

Our teams continue to work around the clock to bring BBM to Android and iPhone, but only when it’s ready and we know it will live up to your expectations of BBM. We are pausing the global roll-out of BBM for Android and iPhone. Customers who have already downloaded BBM for iPhone will be able to continue to use BBM. The unreleased Android app will be disabled, and customers who downloaded it should visit to register for updates on official BBM for Android availability.

As soon as we are able, we will begin a staggered country roll-out of BBM for Android and continue the roll-out of BBM for iPhone. Please follow @BBM on Twitter for the latest updates and go to to sign-up for updates about BBM for Android and iPhone. These issues have not impacted BBM service for BlackBerry.

I know everyone has been waiting, including myself, for a full working release and although we're having to wait a bit longer at least know we know what's going on now and that's better than not knowing.

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Global rollout of BBM for Android and iPhone on hold: Status update



Some people always attack brave(Blackberry).Brave will fight with the power(apple and others).But cowboy not.

Yeah, when I lined up to wait for the gold iPhone and didn't get it that just showed how awesome Apple is. Now that I find out I've waited for BBM and can't get it there is no way to defend BlackBerry.

So it is awesome that you waited in line and couldn't get a phone...but pulling the file at launch is a fail. Wow..makes total sense..


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Well, okay. You are right. What I said above, holding the two companies to a different standard, made me sound like a real jackhole. But remember, BlackBerry took hours to get over a million people to download BBM before they pulled it whereas Apple was sold out of the 10-or-so gold iPhones in stock at each of their 400+ Apple stores worldwide in just minutes. (That's, like, over four thousand phones in one day!). Apple probably risked millions of dollars of first-day sales to achieve that illusion of demand. BlackBerry needs to do better than the competition. They need to show even more demand (like beyond just 250 times more than the gold iPhone at Apple stores). They need to risk even more money on potential lost first-day-sales by being better prepared to... give away their free app... No, wait, to not give it away, because it is free... Okay, that argument doesn't make any sense either. I'll try to avoid sarcasm in the future.

Haha man if BlackBerry has a secret "rape basement" in their waterloo hq you would still probably stand up for this disaster of a company haha

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The anticipation makes it that more exciting! Kinda like sex... lol... Its not like its an update to keep your phone working.

Fail is usually reserved for those who try and do not succeed. Blackberry has been mailing it in since 2007. Let's wait for BBM Q3 2014! The anticipatoin will drive up interest! Keep the hope going. HUB 4 life. PEEK & FLOW 4 life! What a genius way to set up navigating a cell phone menu, why didn't google or apple think of that??? It only takes 3 swipes to get to the hub!

3 swipes?
You should take your BB10 device in for repairs. (If you even have one.)
I get to the Hub in one swipe from anywhere. Oh exception might be if I'm playing a game locked in landscape, then it might be 2 swipes.

its three swipes no matter where you are. not talking about peek. i owned several z10's and returned them all after being disappointed in the poor ergonomics and gimmicky peak flow hub thing. going back to my ip5/android (i use both) was literally a breath of fresh air. look, i get the drive, i really do. "i get stuff done", "security", "work flow", "different", etc etc etc. at the end of the day, the OS is sorely lacking in many features and the apps are junk, as well as laggy sideloaded apps if they even work. to each his own, but please, BB10 is junk 'new'. the truth never hurts if you accept it.

You're one of those sheep who doesn't like choice and wouldn't know quality if it bit you in the arse, so go back to the iPhone and see just what apple took away from BBRY in their new iteration of an OS.

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well see how long you use that blackberry. how long will it take you to let it go ? it IS about choice, and i choose to be on the winning team with a device that has a future. that's my choice. what's yours?

Ah ha, it's about being on the winning team nothing about said devicew. Sorry bro, you have sheeple stamped on your forehead.


You're the dude using phones with no USB port...fixed memory, unable to change a battery, and no flash support. But yet you come here and have the nerve to knock the z 10. You probably never even owned one, or you wouldn't be going back to your archaic crap.

Posted via CB10

Haha! Great points! He admitted to owning several Z10's. Too bad he didn't know how to use them and get to the HUB in one swipe.

Swiping my Z10 like a Genie will pop out.

Have you used an iPhone 4 running os7 it's like using éclair 2.garbage. If we are pointing fingers. And I thought all apple products are suppose to run sooo smooth.

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Soveman? Isn't 'picking the winning team' the equivalent of 'bandwagon'?!! Just saying!

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LOL @ the winning team. You really need to put that gadget down more often. Try winning with real people!

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Seriously? winning team? losing team? you don't choose a phone of your choice? I recently moved to BB, though I knew it wont be a success. I enjoy using my Z10 even though the apps are pathetic and the OS is limited (for now until 10.2 is released). I don't choose a phone based on winning or losing team. I love Android and I enjoy using my iPad3 but Z10 is really a solid phone, despite from Thorsten being an incapable CEO. Bringing on winning losing team shows you are indeed a sheep. Sorry to say that.

Totally agree, Z10 is awesome but Blackberry needs to get rid of its top management one by one, starting with Heins.

Unfortunately this is not the time to be on a ship without a captain. I think Thor is going to be heading this Yacht for a long time, if it doesn't sink to the bottom of the ocean first. Either way by Z10 will still work, and I can always get a Z30 later as my next BlackBerry so I don't have to switch.

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While shepherds watch their flock by day and night! Fill time job watching all those sheep.

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"Winning team"? By that you mean the most popular. So, top 40 vs Alternative music. Or Norman Rockwell vs Van Gogh. Or using your brain vs listening to what the marketeers want you to believe.

Wake up. Dare to think for yourself.

you are talking about choice sevoman, then why can't you leave the f*** us all here. this is our choice so shut the f*** off.

am I too harsh? LOL

It never ceases to amaze me that these morons who hate Blackberry so much spend so long on the Crackberry site - how sad are they!

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The "winning team". LMFAO....oh okay. What do you get for "being on the team"? A "I'm a sheep and proud of it!" t-shirt? They also throw in a bumper stick that says "I waited in line for 5 days to get this bumper sticker because it is the most easy to use bumper sticker, so innovative, and 'just works'"? SMDH

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Whatever your issues are with Blackberry, if it takes you 3 swipes to get into the hub, you are clearly doing something wrong. Enjoy your ip5 and android.

LOL. of course im enjoying my ip5 and android. enjoy waiting for updates and salivating at news of possibilities.

I never said I was doing any of those thing, but thanks I guess.

I am not thrilled with Blackberry a lot of the time either, but whatever legitimate complaints you have get lost when you make silly statements like "it takes 3 swipes to get into the hub".

Ok these comments kinda bother me. Why must someone with a differing opinion then you not post it? If it's negative why must they not post here and go elsewhere to speak their mind? Granted, he could have posted his opinion in a nicer and more constructive way to elicit a good discussion, but he did not. It's honestly better for people like this to post here because we're the best informed and can refute nonsense the best.

You sir could be lumped in a group of "sheep" for supporting a group other then Sevoman. We're all in groups or sheep to our brands of choice to an extent. I chose to come back to BB from having a 4s and I'm happy I did. I am also very disappointed at the way BB has been doing things recently. Am I wrong for saying that I'm not happy? No, I'm not. Yes, this is a fan blog but I do not believe its a blind-fanboy blog.

SteelGreek - I'm not sheep, that's why I chose to a z10 and used every iPhone up to the 4s and I used to read certain blogs who used to criticize every other user other an apple fanboy. If I was sheep I wouldn't criticize BB, which I do as well. I'm not going onto the apple forums to say that when their iMessage was down for over 3 days last year that the big media didn't treat Apple fairly because they chose to mostly ignore it.

I feel that BB gets piled on by people who get treated badly by Apple and Google, if you want to use those systems fine, so why come and complain about this and that if you're not even using the system anymore.

In a democracy I can voice an opinion and I don't think I was derogatory other than why come here and complain. If you don't like it, that's fine, if you're bothered by it well that's your problem because in my opinion BB has been too Canadian and not fought for themselves long enough.

"I feel that BB gets piled on by people who get treated badly by Apple and Google". I 100% agree with this. Most people who talk smack about BB and they have no idea what they're talking about... it's "cool" to be anti-BlackBerry, it seems.

Voice your opinion, please, we're all here to do so. It is what betters the community and betters the discussions here on CB. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and when properly stated, it is welcomed.

We're all in groups and it really seems to be us BB users vs the world. I hope that BB can soon give us the ammo to reclaim some ground instead of falling short of small expectations and backing up those smack talkers' nonsense.

Ask not what BlackBerry can do for you, but what you can do for BlackBerry.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

@SteelGreek, why do these comments bother you? How come someone putting Z10 down doesn't bother you? May be you are sheep too. We all know, that Z10 is as good as iPhone, if not better. Then why such a huge disparity in sales? The main reason is perception and one of the main reason for that is media bashing and sheep like yourself spreading bad word about Blackberry.

The iPhone is made for kids... seen that menu... kids absolutely love it.
The BlackBerry is made for corporate sector and is for the serious guys and not just the kids and is made so that the users perform their work quickly and efficiently.

Posted via the awesome Z10 STL100-1/

you must be emotionally attached to a smartphone. A lot of BB enthusiasts are Android users too. At the end of the day its a smartphone people buy out of their choice. There is no need to personally attack the users calling them stupid or belonging to a loser's team. I own Android and Apple gadgets does that mean I am in the winner's team? Some people like to try different things . Please stop your emotional hatred towards BlackBerry or other companies.

Agreed, use operating system as u feel comfort.. I feel BlackBerry 10 so I am using it! Dnt fight like kids.. grow up!

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Updates?! Are seriously going there?! BlackBerry has issued more fixes and updates then Apple and Android in the last 8 months! In fact, I don't remember the last time I've ever seen a company and its platform turn around updates so quickly. If it wasn't for those damn carries (especially in the US) BlackBerry would be pushing out new content like hot cakes!

Your lost bud, why don't you make like Michael Jackson and BEAT IT!!!

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

While you are waiting for all those updates to fix security holes, etc., maybe you should spend some time trying to learn BB10. It isn't hard if you have an IQ above the average toddler..

Ps. If it takes you 3 swipes to get to the Hub, you are obviously below average...just sayin'

Posted via CB10

Then you were doing it wrong, dude. Up and to the side is one motion for me, and at most you could get away for calling that two swipes. Right into the hub every time.

I've used iPhone but i hated it as the design is so bad whenever I play games with it I get no sound or its muffled due to the poor design of the phone.

The OS is so fragmented and information cannot flow from 1 app to another. Multitasking of course is known to be a real pain even as compared to my old Bold 9900, needless to compare it with the BlackBerry 10.

The apps on iPhone are mainly crap that's why they have so many to make up for their short coming. Comparing app capabilities I woke say 1 BlackBerry App = 5 iPhone app as all the apps in iPhone can only do 1 thing or function whereas the apps in BlackBerry can do multiple functions that I need.

So if he like inferior products & are so proud of it please go & join your inferior group don't waste our time & resources.

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Congratulations. You just won the award for most ridiculous comment of the year. One BlackBerry app equals five iPhone apps? You have got to be kidding me. Quality developers and their apps are what is killing BlackBerry and Microsoft. And, also why Apple devs make twice as much money as Android devs. iOS has so many quality apps that no other platform can match it. Period. You're only fooling yourself thinking otherwise.

Not only that, the iCloud ecosystem is superb to work with. All of my photos, videos, documents, music, etc, are all readily available across my iPhone, iPad, and Macs with zero effort on my part.

If you prefer BlackBerry, more power to you. But don't make absurd comments to try and back up your tech preferences.

Agreed. The only reason I can't use only my q10 and have to keep using both that and iphone is lack of quality apps. I've accepted now that some people on these forums are in the BlackBerry cult. What will they do when there are no new phones and no more OS supports while apple and android leave them far behind. They'll still be calling everyone else stupid as their phones (idols) go dead. Unfortunately, no one will be able to hear them anymore...

Posted via CB10

Thank you for speaking honestly. I'm a big supporter of competition, as it drives innovation. I'm not saying the new BB10 devices are bad. But, I can honestly say that they bring nothing new or special to the table. And the lack of any quality apps is the nail in the coffin. The BlackBerry fans on this forum call Apple products dumb and say they are for kids. Then, call iPhone users sheep and fanboys. Look in the mirror. Look at the numbers. Spend a day in reality with the rest of the world. BlackBerry WAS great. It's on life support now. And the plug is about to be pulled.

You don't have to agree for it to be true. Facts are facts.

Ah, you should not own any technology if you can't figure out how to use something as simple as BB10. My three year old can figure out how to do it without three swipes. Too funny.

Posted via CB10

Well, I doubt he has BB10. If he does, he won't talk trash like that. If he really has BB10, he is probably addicted already. Listen, he said he returned them all.

Posted via CB10

Lol it's one swipe and you have obviously never owned the Z10 or any BB10 device. Peak goes straight to the hub. The long way is two swipes. Exit app swipe to the hub. I don't know how you came up with three.... troll.

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Go learn to use a smart phone before you post on here. It's one swipe from anywhere to the hub unless your landscape mode.

Sigh at trolls

Posted via CB10

It's all relative bro. I can argue that the first iteration of iOS was crap compared to what we see today. You cannot judge a software in its first release... especially with the competition right now. Give BlackBerry 10 time to mature as well as the company and you will see what is what.

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It's always 2 swipes at the most. Usually 1 for me.
You're just too stupid to use your phone properly

Posted via CB10

Correction: The truth *always* hurts, whether you accept it or not.

But yeah, we're just going to ignore any points made by someone who claims that it takes 3 swipes to get to the Hub; that just obliterated any credibility.'s ONE swipe, if you need more. then YOU aren't doing it right...plain and simple...and if you don't get the simplistic efficiency of BB10...then yes take a few steps backwards and go back to iOS or Android...with my Z10 I only need one phone...I guess with the 'other guys' you need along...

Sorry, it's only one up and too the right will get you to the hub from anywhere unless you are already in the hub. Also learnt the term ergonomics, it doesn't apply here.

The best feature is open an appointment and it automatically finds all people and email related to the appointment without doing a thing. I don't think iOS or Android do that. I have a Nexus 7 and I like it, but I'm a little creeped out with having Google looking over my shoulder at everything I do. Apple.... I'd rather get hit by a car than be associated with that company. Hope you enjoy the Lego Land that is your new OS.

....and you see all the files associated with those people. My favourite thing about the Blackberry's not apple!

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If you use Peek you do know you dont have to just "peek" you can continue and just go right into the hub when you swipe up and to the. It will take you right to the hub from wherever you are on the home screen. Also at the bottom of the home screen their are small icons all you have to do is press those instead of swiping and it will take you to whatever page you want and right to the hub again. So if your taking 3 swipes to get to the Hub, thats either 1) a lie 2) you just dont know how to use the phone properly and blaming your mistake on blackberry 3) dont have alot of common sense/ curiosity to figure out the phone and probably one of those people who should have read the instructions LOL................The Apps aren't junk as you say, they just are not the "main stream apps" of what you were probably used to. The have alot of built for blackberry apps that actually are very impressive. Just because you dont have a particular app you were used to on Android/ios....what does it matter ? if the built for blackberrry app did the EXACT same thing but was something differnet ? Your a victim of familiarity, and that is ok happens to most people Sounds like you have an issue with adjusting to change thats all. If you want to go back to each they own but dont say something red when its really Blue....the Z10 is a fine phone and a good foundation to actually help the platform grow. Your Iphone started somewhere didnt it? so is this platform

Three swipes! I chatted with a guy on Google + the other day and he said he returned his Z10 for an Android because the HUB was an overloaded mess. His reasoning for returning the Z10 was that he couldn't separate work email from personal email.

This was clearly someone that didn't understand the OS and that the HUB can be configured via settings. You sound the same as this guy; experienced at being ignorant of the functionality of the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Disclosure :
I own an iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, and BlackBerry Z10. The Z10 is my daily driver because it truly helps me get things done and stay current on my daily tasks, meetings, and communications.

Swiping my Z10 like a Genie will pop out.

Yes, agree the hub is glorious and a simple swipe will allow you to instantly drill down to BBM, Text, different email, what's App, etc. it's just great. I hope some other company will take up BB10 so that is can continue to be perfected.

People, don't listen to this person. It does not take three swipes-just one swipe. Please learn to count first. the hub is super efficient as is BB10. Efficiency does not seem to be your top priority, you therefore find iOS more appealing and that's Ok. You did not need to make invalid excuses for opting out of BB10.

Posted via CB on my Z 10

Yep. Huge fail, 1.1 million ACTIVE users after 8 hours and that is for the ones that tracked down the bogus file

I know i was watching Google play all day and never saw an official, so many others waiting to download it wouldn't be counted in this 1.1millon number

As far as your comments dave, you 35 year old baby, why don't you go piss on someone else parade, or are you all dried up, since you've been pissing all day long.

It is frustrating enough for everyone having to wait a bit longer for something they obviously desire, let alone listen to your useless comments.

Basically , if you spare us from anymore venom today, we will all be better off.

Go get your diaper changed, get a fresh bottle of milk, grab your favorite rattle and go to bed

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately he's right.

BlackBerry needed this to go off without a hitch to restore some faith in the company. This without question is another black eye on what is quickly becoming a carcass.

I want BlackBerry to succeed as much as anyone, but we BlackBerry fans need to open our eyes and realize this is bad news.

Posted via CB10

SERIOUSLY!!!!! I can't imagine how much confidence was lost. With all the setbacks and delays they've been having. I'm disappointed. I perceive them to be failing and not able to get back up.

Now that you've had a day I guess you realized you were just overly disappointed. When BBM comes out no one that was going to download it will say not to download it.

Agreed! Have Q10 since day 1 but I'm really losing hope on this company. My playbook will never have update after all the waiting. I've waited for the BB10. I've waited for BBM4ALL but it seems that I need to wait again for my friends to have it. Waiting waiting and waiting. I'm getting tired of you.

I would rather say that #YouFail

The problems are linked to the fact that "someone" leaked a unofficial release, which many users installed - and caused problems...

If anyone should be to blame, it must first of all be whomever made that version available to the wrong people, next in line will be the blogs/websites allowing for this unofficial leak to be spread around...

But issues will be sorted out - patience... just make sure to put blame where it belongs

Frustratingly... look at the wording of that release again. It never says that the leaked BBM for Android was the cause of the delay. Having spent some time in the past working to word things in a way that points culpability away from where it needed to be, the mention of the leak seem to only be included to make it *seem* that was the reason for the current issue.

The release states the version will be disabled. If they have a working version now... harmed only by the issues with this leaked version... why not disable the leaked version and move ahead with the release? (It's not like users who seek out and use leaked versions of software would find it unusual to have the leak disabled and have to start from scratch. That's the crowd that is used to that sort of thing.)

"Consequently, this unreleased version caused issues, which we have attempted to address throughout the day." The leak caused issues... it's not saying it caused "the issue(s)" causing the delay. That they've attempted to address these issues throughout the day doesn't mean that those issues were **unique** to the leak. These "issues" could be, and my guess is that they are, the same issues in the version about to be released and that's the real reason they've been working on them throughout the day. Why work on issues on a version of something you're about to disable?

If someone here were to try to write up something where they didn't want to take responsibility for a delay and you were lucky enough to have a leaked version floating around out there... could you possibly write a better memo deflecting blame than this? This release just *screams* that to me.

Bla1ze's article says "at least know we know what's going on now and that's better than not knowing." We don't know what's going on now. We just know we're not getting it.

I was really looking forward to putting this on my son's Galaxy S3 today so that I can remove Google Talk from my Q10. This just have been completed days (if not weeks) ago and everyone working on it should have been sitting back waiting for the official release. Hopefully, this isn't a case of them doing just that having missed this delay-causing-bug.

They imply that the leaked release was the problem and that they will disable that leaked release. BUT the iPhone users will continue to work without issues.
But, they have also stopped the rollout for iPhone and Android. Why would they stop for iPhone?

Posted via CB10

This is the most talented comment on this whole thread. If you are confused about this roll out of BBM then it really is what they are not saying in their press release than what they are saying. History does tend to repeat themselves for BlackBerry and they seem unable to learn from the past. It is because of this history that they have built a bad reputation for delays. If you found yourself hoping and praying this would not happen again than stop denying the obvious. This is history repeating itself again.

If this delay goes beyond a week than people may never trust them again. This delay shows incompetence from the top and perhaps deep into the management culture. It needs to be changed from the top down.

BBM may still end up being a huge success and I hope they will but what could have taken a few short weeks may end up taking them years.

Actually its incredible and very exciting news to know that there is such a pent up demand for BBM. BBM4ALL-WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The issue with the unauthorized leaks will be resolved and BBM will become #1 within 1 yr.

Don't let the fanboys annoy you, dude. They're just upset that once again, us clear eyed blackberry users who are tired of the company's fumbles were right, yet again.

Typical that someone releases a leak and causes an issue for them to have to deal with? Sure Mate.

Via CB10

No. Typical that there is just always something! Whether it's Blackberry's fault or not

Posted via CB10

Nah. This isn't about luck. It's about a systemic culture of doing 'just enough' and then discovering it isn't 'enough'.

Like fuck... the haterz pile on and the fanbois defend. Writing off almost 1$Billion of inventory is indefensible... BBRY doesn't have a clue what it's trying to accomplish anymore. Just sad.

Posted via CB10

I remember that... it came out as an official update and systematically crippled the whole platform region by region.

That was back in the day! Some people were BBM-less for days

Wow, what a disaster that was. Problem back then is the same as accountability and always running around with excuses once the horse has been out of the barn for way too many hours. There never seems to be a plan in place. We only see apologies over and over and over. However many people might see this as no big deal since it's a free app, these are the same kinds of people that are running BlackBerry deeper into the ground. With EVERY time commitment consistently missed and every promise broken (PlayBook updates, PlayBook apps like Skype that actually showed on their own corporate PowerPoint slides, BB10), this seemingly little thing could be the big thing that puts out the remaining 60% of their workforce.

By the way, I'm a loyal BlackBerry user and have done my best to keep people using it. Unfortunately, I can't use the same old excuses anymore and it's now a matter of getting people to look towards the Galaxy S3 and S4 as opposed to the dumb iPhone for the iSheep.

The service should be robust enough to be able to selectively disable any leaked/outdated clients from accessing it, without having to cut service to valid clients. My guess is that the leak was the release version and all the issues people were experiencing (not sending/receiving, etc.) were representative of a deeper issue at their end.


It's because of all the leakers passing around the Android version like free condoms. Stupid idiots. I dun told you not to pass it around, NOW YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS??!

You know what's annoying? I'm trying to delete this comment, as it echoes a point already made by another commenter, but I'm using my PlayBook, and the native browser won't show me the Delete option. The irony of CB's comments feed not playing nice with the PB's webkit browser is quite amusing.

Kind of like how BlackBerry users pass around leaked OS updates like free condoms? Glass houses, man...

Blackberry leaked OS is slightly different than a live production version that is being rolled out. Dude, if you're gona make comparisons, compare apples to apples.

Elaborate. Please, enlighten me.

What this is, is a group of people that are excited enough about a BlackBerry product to download and use a leaked version. As a community, BlackBerry users should be damn grateful anybody cares that much in this day and age.

I'm comparing apples to apples. You're being blindly defensively of... Well, I'm not quite sure.

Leaked updates are the fault of the store, in this case Google Play. So then in this case we should say that Google has no quality control because if they did they wouldn't have allowed any BBM fake apps to be allowed into the Play store. Android users shouldn't be expected to have to pick from 30 fake apps.

I agree wholeheartedly that Android is far too open of an OS. But that openness is what BlackBerry and its users are quick to exploit in the name of application side loading. How many applications in BlackBerry World are hastily ported Android apps? If Google had higher security standards, BlackBerry would be in even worse shape- if that's even possible at this point.

Leaked OS updates don't stress servers because not enough people are sporting BlackBerry hardware. This is a software release for the largest mobile OS on the planet, that directly relies on BlackBerry's servers. They should have anticipated the surge. They didn't. They crashed. If it were any other company, people would be frothing at the mouth to call them on it.

I half agree with you/your prior posts. Apples update servers crash, and the past few years with new iPhone releases, there have been issues with carrier/Apple servers crashing with pre-orders and new registrations. They banked on it every year and they kept collapsing.

It seems like they should have planned more... What surprises me is that they used to have millions more active users and this still occurred. What happened to that old infrastructure? What did they expect when it hit the playstore and the appstore? They were going to get slammed with BBM traffic... way more then any leak would ever produce. That bogus BBM app a while back had over 100k downloads before it was removed...

Blaming this issue on a leak is a weak attempt to salvage some dignity. I want this to succeed so bad but it really sucks to have another seemingly broken promise.

My thoughts exactly. I find it incredibly hard to believe that this was the result of any leak. BlackBerry is trying to save face in the eyes of its (already weary) stockholders and fans. I would have found it much more palatable if they'd have just thrown their hands up and said, "You know what guys? We fucked up." Something that I've been wanting to hear from them for some time now. They don't have the buzz or the market share to pull a Steve Jobs and deny they did anything wrong. A little honesty would be incredibly refreshing.

The servers didn't crash. My BBM has and is still working fine.
Everybody should calm down and take life easy. Everythings gonna be alright. PEACE!!!

I'm curious about that. I know the servers are still up- so what exactly are these "issues?" BlackBerry cannot afford to be coy at this stage. Is it possible that they halted further downloads in the face of an imminent crash? If so, the criticism still applies.

well, consider is practice. the company will go out of business soon and a few of these guys will try and continue writing updates and tweaks on old OS's until they lose interest and move on to the next under dog OS until that dies as well. current BB 'loyalists' love being the under dog. most of them will go to windows phone, because.... at that point they will say windows phone is better than android and ios. always rooting for the loser.

No hard feelings, but I find this comment a little ignorant. There is no "loser" in this landscape, despite what the fan blogs will have you believe. This is partly why I made the comment I did. The brand loyalty is exhausting and short-sighted. Believe it or not, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8 are actually better than iOS and Android in some ways and for some people. I have a Z10 and Nokia Lumia 925. I used to have an iPhone. I used to have a Galaxy. You couldn't pay me to switch back to iOS or Android (at this point). That's not because I'm "rooting for the loser." It's because these two operating systems do what I need them to in a way that works best for me. Competition is vital to this industry and, if or when BlackBerry bites the bullet, I will be saddened.

I think that sevoman used "loser" to mean "underdog." And wojciechp was responding to sevoman, not to you, so you blasted him out of turn.

I'm aware who he was responding to. I just think it's ridiculous to read comments just so you can post about how you hate reading said comments.

There's a reason underdogs exist- to try things the established are too lazy or too scared to try. The 500 pound gorillas in the room don't like to move and innovation slows to a crawl.
If you don't remember, this is exactly what happened to BlackBerry, once the top smartphone maker. If, anything, they are just fighting for their crown.
I didn't switch to root for the underdog, I made the switch to BlackBerry because it had features that no other mobile system had: Hub, flick keyboard, and time shift camera.
The sad truth is that whenever something grows too big, it starts slowing down.

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Well where is everyone saying that BBM

BBM channels: c00121c99 for some knowledge and c00123fca for some real hip hop

Wouldn't be adopted?? Hmm?? 1.1 million users on android already without an official release??

BBM channels: c00121c99 for some knowledge and c00123fca for some real hip hop

Classic how? The leakers caused this, not BlackBerry. The unofficial version ruined BBM for everyone. BlackBerry is trying to fix it. How you chill?

That is the most rediculous thing I've heard all day....and trust me, I've read a lot of garbage in these posts today. This, takes the win!

They said they disabled it so I wonder why they didn't just release the official, which everyone would have updated to anyway. They must have discovered some flaw.

Then why not say that as well? "There was a critical flaw in what we were about to release and we realized it late in the beta testing. In order to ensure users have the best experience possible we have to hold off for another day or so"

That's a lot better then simply blaming the leak and the 1.1m users. Had this hit the playstore with no leak 1.1m users would have been nothing.

I guess then every app in the Google store should be wary that there's malware and that users should know not to download apps because it's there. Google controls their store not BB, is that hard for you to understand?

I had that thought for a moment as well -- but then I considered the following:

1. Keep in mind that the leak was out only one day before the official date; it's quite likely that BB started assessing the impact of the leaked build and began addressing it the moment it was leaked -- but a few hours' notice isn't much know the case of a product with multiple, distinct client apps and a server component, all undoubtedly managed and coded by separate teams.

2. It would be ridiculous to have tried to prevent this by requiring full backwards-compatibility against all incremental unreleased builds into the software development process. Think of it: You write a build of an app that is not released for any number of reasons, and then you require that all later builds (on the server side and all three client sides) play nice with all previous builds, just in case a pre-release build is leaked? Not only is that likely to be impossible due to contradictory practices in various builds, but it would add unnecessary complexity, which causes poor performance and increases bugginess. Also, it would be much more time-consuming -- so you wouldn't see it released as soon -- and much more expensive.

The rule in software support is not even that you support what you've released; it's that you support what you've documented as having been released. (What I mean by this is that many pieces of software have been released with undocumented features -- and here I don't mean bugs, but actually, beneficial functionality which is not acknowledged know anything product documentation.) These features are not documented for the very reason that the developer does not want to be obligated to continue to include them in future releases, as there is something about the implementation of the features which may not be sustainable going forward. Given that it's normal to not support something you have released if it's not documented, it would be ludicrous to assume that a developer would support something that they haven't released.

All that said, I wonder why they didn't just disable the leaked version immediately; wouldn't that have resolved the issue with a minimum of time and effort? They must have thought that they could avoid the embarrassment of a million people complaining that their leaked app didn't work by rushing to make everything play nice -- and they ended up with a bloodier nose than they were trying to avoid.

You really believe that bs? lol If a leaked version can cause issues even though they are able to disable it then they still have a lot to take care of.

Let's really consider the issue. A Leaked - pre-release version probably has debug information in it set to report transmission data and a whole lot of useful data for debugging an monitoring to a dev or test server. Those servers typically are built to handle a limited connection base and are meant to be used by a select number of users. If this version got out, then yes essentially it creates a huge bottleneck in handoff data causing timeout issues and ultimately dragging the real servers down while various packets go undelivered to lost in cyberspace, causing recovery systems to kick in and try and salvage the data, to no avail du to the overwhelming amount of users, NOT MEANT TO BE ON IT!

I believe if you read it again, its worded oddly. to me they are saying 1.1m users without it being on android. so as I see it at least that could be 1.1m iphone users in the countries where it did launch.

"The interest and enthusiasm we have seen already – more than 1.1 million active users in the first 8 hours without even launching the official Android app – is incredible"

That's not clear either way, but if your saying no iOS users downloaded t then....

It doesn't say 1.1M leaks. It just said that there was an unofficial leak that was causing problems. Then they mentioned the 1.1M number to sum up active users within 8 hours of launch (IOS Internationally). So, the 1.1M is the sum of leaks plus IOS within 8 hours. I don't know if that's good or not, considering the IOS roll-out got to some of their stronger Markets in India and other parts of Asia, and parts of Europe.

Never the less, they didn't say 1.1M leaks were side-loaded.

Where are all the folks who were blaming Google for past 14 hours? Time to man up and take your place in the stocks.

Are you serious? It is all Google's fault for letting in 30 fake apps into Google play store without vetting them.

CB10 - Z10 -

Yes, the presence of fake apps in the Play store is what caused someone to leak a pre-production build of BBM for Android a day before the official release date. I see your logic.

I wasn't one of the people blaming them but since you mention Google... What was with all the fake BBM apps preying on Android users? Could Google not have put in a flag to catch that garbage before it went on the play store? Shows a breathtaking indifference to their own users.

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They scan the apps for malware and moderate them after posting. All the fake BBM apps have been gone for a few hours.

So Google was incapable of flagging anything with BBM in the app title and preventing what was obviously a deliberate fake out? That's interesting.

I haven't checked the Play Store the past few hours but if all the fake BBM apps have been removed and no more are appearing does that not suggest that Google might have done something to stop it? I can't believe the scammers would willingly stop.

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No kidding but I think most of the people giving BlackBerry a hard time are BlackBerry users. We're just in a sour mood due to all the recent news. It's quite depressing, job losses, etc.

I agree with you on this- it seems like most of the crap talking is coming from us. We're in need of a big spirit boost more then non-BBers at this point...

I know enough people who were able to get it on ios they just changed their region to new Zealand

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Disaster but 1.1 million in 8 hours is great. Also means 1.1 million users that now can't use it and have a possible bad impression

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1.1 million folks that sideloaded a pre-release apk. i'm sure those folk would just as likely download the official version when it comes out.

1.1million total (IOS and leaks) users within 8 hours, not side-loaded leaks. We don't know the number.

OS7 delayed, BB10 delayed, BBM4All delayed its best you delay everything because what you've managed to do is the equivilant of Steve Jobs going to do the first iPhone Keynote and the iPhone doesn't work.

1.1 mil users in 8 hours..... there is love for BlackBerry that's for sure.... #ichooseblackBerry10

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If I register using non BlackBerry device with the same BlackBerry, is it possible? Or my BlackBerry will be non active?

Curious as to why they're pausing the iOS roll-out as well as the Android one? I can understand their explanation for the latter, but not for the former. Not that I'm an iOS fan, by any stretch.

I can confirm that the installed iOS version continues to work. I guess before they have even more users, they want to get a grasp of the situation. Also, I think if they need to update the iOS app, it will take time to get approval, please someone confirm. Who knows.

The assholes couldn't wait a few hours and leaked a version that fucked everything up.

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It has nothing to do with leak. It's typically BlackBerry, if it was the leak, why they stopped it for iOS too? The only reason is that BBM is not finished and over.

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The leak was an APK file. It is likely causing problems with the server, which would also effect IOS

:) was that a freudian slip? "The only reason is that BBM is not finished and over". I definitely agree that BBM is NOT finished.
BBM will be #1 messaging app within 12 months. 1.1 million users within 8 hrs from the unofficial download, and you honestly think that's not staggering? Please tell me, has any other messaging app surpassed this record before?

No, it was a different meaning of the word "finished" than the only one you appear to be acknowledging. He was using the standard definition: completed, over, done. You were using the slang definition: dead. You should have correctly inferred his meaning from context; it wasn't unclear, however pessimistic and unaligned with your own perspective it may have been.

No, but use of that phase is approaching that status.

It appears to be a glitch exacerbated by thousands of over anxious BBM enthusiasts.

Woke up this morning at 8AM (GMT +8, Sunday) and found out that all the fake BBM links are gone in Google Play Store. Somebody is doing something for sure. Still waiting for the real deal. #BBM4all

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There are still some trollish ones left though...

- Textgram (for Instagram and BBM)
- Paint for BBM
- BlackBerry for Beginners

....third quarter 2014! the anticipation will drive up interest! keep the blackberry talk going!

Hopefully they fix it fast! Little while back the invites weren't working, atleast for me. Now some of them worked (still can't talk thought, damn red x) so hopefully they're making peogress.

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This is a MAJOR rollout guys, i've seen so many companies have last minute problems with these kind of major rollouts, it's pretty standard.

Brilliant BlackBerry, simply brilliant! Tease them with BBM and draw it back and they'll all ditch their phones for BB10. Sales are about to go through the roof! ;)

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Surely you can't believe that. You think a company proving themselves to be unreliable with draw people towards them?

No no no no no, not good enough, ever since PlayBook things are not looking up for our beloved BlackBerry.....time to advertise for a new CEO? oh wait, they don't know how to advertise either...

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We won't release something that doesn't live up to your expectations. Sounds eerily similar to Ketchup's PlayBook statement. The irony gets thicker.

I use a BlackBerry because it makes sense

You can't call this a fail if some unforseen issue is presented that 1.1 MILLION people took advantage of and BlackBerry had to address it. That's a huge number of unofficial users. Great for the demand but you all should be glad BBM hasn't stopped functioning for the rest of us.

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I think what they are doing is great. It's to avoid any confusion in the app store for those who can't tell the difference between the real and fake ones. Quality control, if you ask me.

However, it's a shame that it's been delayed but that shouldn't stop the masses not to download it.

I'm getting all my friends to migrate whatsapp to BBM.

BlackBerry lives! in software form.

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Those idiots probably like reserved 5gigs for bandwidth and went oops! serves crashed.

Probably because the smart people in charge of this task left Waterloo a long time ago.

We are seeing the effects of a crippling brain drain.

These muppets couldn't boil water if their lives depended on it!