BBM for Android and iPhone sees over 10 million downloads in 24 hours

By Adam Zeis on 22 Oct 2013 03:34 pm EDT

We've already seen that BBM for Android topped well over 1 million downloads, and BlackBerry has now stated that between both Android and iPhone users, BBM has seen over 10 million downloads. We expected the numbers to be big but this is definitely great to see. The numbers come in for just 24 hours since the initial release and make BBM one best single-day openings to date.

Press Release

BBM achieves top ranking in the App Store in over 75 countries within the first 24 hours

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - October 22, 2013) - In just 24 hours BBM™ has been downloaded over 10 million times by Android™ and iPhone® users, one of the best single-day openings for a mobile app to date. BBM, the premier private social network from BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB), is available for free in the App Store(SM) and Google Play™ for immediate download.

BBM also quickly rose through the rankings on the App Store to be the number one free app in more than 75 countries in the first 24 hours, including the US, Canada, the UK, Indonesia and most of the Middle East. User ratings in both the App Store and Google Play are overwhelmingly positive, earning BBM 60,000 five-star reviews on Google Play from about 87,000 reviews.

"This has been an incredible launch for BBM across Android and iPhone devices. The mobile messaging market is full of opportunity for BBM. We intend to be the leading private social network for everyone who needs the immediate communication and collaboration of instant messaging combined with the privacy, control and reliability delivered through BBM," said Andrew Bocking, Executive Vice President, BBM at BlackBerry.

BBM users, old and new, are enjoying the following features:

  • BBM Chat - Enjoy real, immediate conversations with friends on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones. Not only does BBM let people know their message has been delivered and read, it also shows them when a contact is responding to a message.
  • More than chat - With BBM, customers can simply and instantly share files such as photos and voice notes. Multi-person chats are a great way to invite contacts to chat together.
  • Get in the Group - BBM Groups lets users invite up to 30 friends to chat together, as well as share photo albums, calendars and files.
  • Post Updates and stay in the know - BBM lets people post a personal message, profile picture and a current status, and lets contacts see statuses instantly in Updates.
  • Your unique PIN - Every BBM user has a unique PIN that maintains privacy, so users are not required to ever give out their phone number or email address to a new or casual contact.

Android and iPhone users will have access to BBM Voice and Video calling, as well as the new community building tool - BBM Channels - in the near future.
For more information on BBM, or to download BBM, please visit Follow @BBM on Twitter for the latest news and updates.


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Reader comments

BBM for Android and iPhone sees over 10 million downloads in 24 hours



First.... finally!

More downloads in 24 hours than Z10s sold since it's release earlier this year. Dang! I was editing while you posted.

This is truly amazing!!! I was hoping for 5MM but to get 10MM already is a major accomplishment! Hopefully we'll cross the 100M total users very soon.

I'm getting a lot of negative responses from friends I've asked to download the app... some just won't do ir just because.....What's the best argument to use for someone who says they already have whatsapp?

Posted via CB10

What'sApp integrates with their phonebook and has no issue sharing the latter with pretty much anyone. BBM is secure. Sending files is secure. Chats are secure. No one (that we know of) can access your information.

I love BBM and am convincing all my friends to make the switch, though none of them care about security (which teenager cares about the security of their message with BBM over whatsapp?) the only thing I think whatsapp has over BBM - and this is a big deal, "Time Stamps- meaning if your phone was off or not in an area with service, when you do get the message it will say what time they sent it, unlike BBM where it's like a text message. Anyway let's just hope we get Millions more and that will make it so much more exciting!

Posted from my bangin Q10

I would never ever use a chat that requires my phone number. Every calling center would be on me day and night. My phone number and email is strictly for those I intend to have it.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

neither have I. but I guess just the fact that your number is out there is a little creepy at times. but in all fairness- im sure there's a lot of our personal info out there. i searched my name, and pretty much had stuff out there i didnt know/remember about myself.

Your phone is not in the whatsapp database, they have a hash of the phone number, same way that Blackberry probably has a hash of the IMEI and not the IMEI itself. Nobody can get your number from whatsapp, unless you have given it to them beforehand. People only see you if they have your phone number. How are they going to get that phone number from whatsapp?

Also, people can see your status on facebook chat, and skype, and skype still shows "last seen" for every contact, at least on linux. Facebook, whatsapp and skype are each much, much bigger than BBM. It seems people are not that paranoid that someone will see their status. Also, maybe people shouldn't give their phone numbers to strangers.

I have received a lot of marketing message via WhatsApp from people I don't know. All they do is take a phone & keep adding numbers. So if you see a profil that has a picture it means it belongs to someone. Then they can spam you.

It's amazing how come you don't get it.

Posted via CB10

Had BBM on my Galaxy for 24 hours now and already had 3 unsolicited invites. Even worse, from people who speak French, so I definitely don't know them. Perhaps BBM is not as secure as you think it is.

But you use a chat that relies on your pin. Do you get thousands of PIN messages per day? How does anyone get your phone number from whatsapp (who don't even need your number to identify you but a checksum of the number), EXACTLY, if you haven't given it to them beforehand? I said exactly in order to avoid guesswork.

The thing is... some people feel uncomfortable while giving their numbers.. but one can easily give his BlackBerry pin. I hav so many female frnds hu were reluctant in giving me their fone numbers..but after the bbm launch for android n apple, those were the only one who themselves sent me requests

Posted via CB10

You do use Facebook, don't you? Facebook has your phone number in your profile and your FB contacts can send msgs to you on WhatsApp. With PIN you do control those who can chat with you.
Nevertheless, people should use whatever makes them happy.

Tell your friends they are idiots for not downloading it, BBM is far better than whatsup. People just need to try it before they make an opinion of it.

Posted via CB10

Jajaja.. that's exactly what I told a friend of mine... she got passed lol..

Posted via CB10

Explain to them that the majority of the Android and iOS downloads are from ex BlackBerry users that are familiar with BBM and understand how great it is after having to try to find substitutes to attempt to fill the void. Plus, no need to give out phone numbers, nor access contacts and the reliability. I had messages that took over an hour to go through on Whatsapp. Whatsapp is slow, inconsistent, vulnerable and stores your information.

Yeah, WhatscrApp wants to steal your entire address book just like Linkedin. I hate app developers that just want to seal your data. I'd rather pay for an app than get a free one that mines me.

I got two friends to try bbm... 2 other need to upgrade their phone, they are stuck on Android 2.x

One just said no, don't care about a dying company...

Hoping for my iPhone friends to try, so I can move away from what's up.

Btw, I conclude that most people don't care sh*t about security.

Posted via CB10

I deleted whatsapp a month ago, if people want to message me they need to text or BBM, simple as that

Posted via CB10

Same here. Not going to compromise privacy and security just to communicate cross platform. For me is BBM or nothing now even though I do have WeChat app on my phone

Posted via CB10

I set the download links for BBM to my WhatsApp status along with "available via BBM" and my PIN. Won't answer to anyone via WhatsApp from now on and that's it. This together with BBM being #1 in the respective download charts on the stores. Let's see what happens.

Posted via CB10

I like the fact that I can connect to someone on BBM and not give my number.
I don't give my # to many people, but I will set anyone up as a BBM contact.
If they get annoying, then I delete the contact.

I downloaded WhatsApp this year and ever since I've been getting loads of crap calls about insurance, ppi etc. Never had that before as I don't give out my number.

Posted via CB10

I call bullshit... Those what's app does NOT sell your number to 'call centers'.

Cool story bruh...

Says who? You? You know this to be fact that they don't?
I started getting these kinds of calls approximately 2 months after I downloaded WhatsApp. I've never given my number up for anything except Whatsapp.
I call bull-shit that they don't.

But cool story........bruh.

Posted via CB10 on my BAD-ASS Z10.

Well, if whatsapp is free then who is paying the bills and infrastructure to keep it running for nothing?

Posted via CB10

Don't know Don't care Have never used whatsapp. I use Google Hangouts for cross platform.

But to say they sold his/her info when they clearly have always said they don't, needed someone to say something.

So many people on the site make-up things, and never get called on the bullshit.

If you don't like the app that's cool. But why tell lies?

Tell them that it provides the best security and privacy. For example, they can add contacts without revealing their email address or phone number. You can also mention that millions of iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users are on it and they will be able to communicate with all these platforms.

Earlier bbm was not available for apple n android... so wats app was the common link between BlackBerry n apple or android.. but now bbm has gone cross platform.. so the BlackBerry users will give preference to bbm.. n yes apple n android people r giving it a try...

Posted via CB10

If they don't want to get it now wait until Voice and Video are available. If they don't want to get it then...stop being friends with them. :D

Posted via CB10

With BBM, you can share more than just video clips and pictures - Music, documents, zip files, etc. You can also share parts of the conversation - if we were chatting and I sent you a link, you would be able to share that link with someone else - I understand you can't do that with WhatsApp. BBM contacts not being dependent on what phone number is in your address book means you don't have to worry about losing contacts just because you lost phone numbers when you changed devices. For BBM, your contacts are arguably easier to maintain / carry with you from device to device thanks to the usage of your email address. Anyway, with BBM groups you can't do ALL of the same sharing as in 1:1 chats but, you can share calendar events, pictures, and to-do lists. BBM shows that a message has been read, where WhatsApp, I understand, only shows that the message has been delivered. Voice and video chat are coming for BBM for Android and iOS. Lastly, if it wasn't for BBM, WhatsApp would not be what it is today, if it exists at all. Most of their features were taken from / influenced by BBM.

I think the security arguments have been well made so, I didn't go into that. ;-) #TeamBlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Leave them. 10 Million downloads in 24 hours shows that even people who have left BlackBerry behind KNOW that BBM can't be beaten. They'll come around when everyone else begins to migrate.

You can do more with BBM than with WhatsApp. You can :
- share files like PDF, word, Excel, etc
- you have an option to send & receive compressed or higher quality pictures files
- you can share events
- you can share list
- when you share pictures in a group chat you can comment on the pictures directly rather than trying to figure out what the other person was saying.

All these WhatsApp cannot do

Posted via CB10

Majority of people dnt prefer to exchange their numbers, so I guess bbm is more secure.. I mean one never feels insecure while exchanging BlackBerry pin..n if somehow ones BlackBerry pin has leaked he or she has the option to change the fone... changing fone number is a difficult task...I guess.. n so far I have been able to convince my dearest frnds to shift... n I think they r liking this feature of the 'r' for read n 'd' for delivered functions give a live chatting experience...

Posted via CB10

well whatsapp messages could be sniffed while bbm is secure.

Bbm will give you voice and video very soon.

You will have more control on privacy issues with bbm than whatsapp.

Posted via CB10

Sadly, there is not a single compelling reason why anybody should download BBM. They didn't include any of the modern features (video, voice, PTT, etc) and are basically peddling WhatsApp with read-receipts. Except you would have to re-invite everybody again, and in the words of a recent internet celebrity, "ain't nobody got time for that".

Several things.
- Multi-person chats
- BBM message groups
- Future cross platform video chats
- Screen sharing
- Personal pin#
- Send / Receive status on messages

Sharing calendars is a big difference between BBM and What'sApp. Also, not only do you share your number with the people you know (What'sApp) but you upload your COMPLETE CONTACT DATABASE!!!!! #GRRRR

Posted via CB10

People don't want to download it just because it's BB. They will quite happily download other useless messaging Apps as long as it's not BB. Don't waste your breathe. Just go right ahead and keep enjoying your BB. I am so in love with my Q10 which I have had for just under a month and I keep discovering new things about it. BB Fan through and through.

Not sure how many new users are translating from 10milions downloads. I'm sure a large part of current BB users have either and androird or iOS device and went on and loaded on their other devices. These shouldnt be new users. That could easily be 20% of the downloads.

In any event if they were to double the downloads by the weekend it could gain traction. I think they need to strike while the iron is still hot if they want to win this race against the competitors of BBM. If BBM has 60milion BB subscribers they need to get as many on Android and iOS within a month that would triple BBM subscriber base to 180milion in just about a month. It would still be half of Whatsapp subscribers 350milion but it would have the right momentum to keep growing in the next few months.

Yeah let's go to 100 million!! A co-worker saw it in the play store today and instantly dowloaded it, found out he had to wait and then said he didn't care anymore. Hard to get people excited when they can't use it for a few days. Great that it creates more demand, but some are just plain tired of it after a month delay. I love my Z10, excited to see more people back on my bbm!! Let's hope this creates HUGE revenue going forward!!

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

That is so not true. Almost all the reviews in playstore are fake and hence fake download numbers, because a review cannot be written without downloading the app. Go to bbm review and you'll see this comment with certain variations(waiting,smooth,love you etc.) everywhere from different users:
"Thank you so much blackberry team. I was waiting this app. Its really great user friendly and smooth."

That is loads of fake ass reviews and download number. And I can understand your bias.
Here is the image for all gay ass non-believing bb fans:

I was thinking the exact same thing. It's good news, but also quite sad if you think about it like that

Posted via CB10

Just tell them it's free what do they have to lose?? Plus all the security stuff

Posted from My all in one beauty Z10

I don't get it ..

The high quality Blackberry product BBM is an instant hit.
The high quality Blackberry OS10 phones are hard to sell

I heard that BBM is free...while OS10 phones are at least $600 which goes with the uncertainty that the phones will be usable in a month or so when BlackBerry goes under.

Would a company that's going under welcome so many new users onto their servers? This BBM launch was obviously a substantial investment.

Interesting comment.

The existing stockholders, with exception of the major holders, are (proposed) getting only $9.00/share. There was a billion dollar write off Z10's.

As you say, they are going ahead with a product that has uncertain profitability (undisclosed as to how money will come in). Subscription? Advertising?

BBM Channels is where it's at. Check out the model. It's like FaceBook built on top of an instant messenger. Thing is, FaceBook was a new product all together. This social network is built on top of something that's already highly popular and respected. If FaceBook can make money there's no reason BBM Channels can't. It's pretty much the same model. When Google bought YouTube people thought they were crazy because they couldn't see how it could make them money. And indeed, Google ran it for a while without making anything but they understand that as long as you have a user base, you can make money, and I think BlackBerry does too.

Its really cool. I'm testing the beta BBM Channels and new features are being added all the time. Its like a mix of Instagram/Twitter on steroid. Great potential for business or pleasure. And it's wrapped into BBM environment.

I'm an ex bb user, switched to Android almost 2 years ago. One of my last comments 2 years ago was if Rim wanted to stay around, they needed to get BBM cross platform.
Now they are doing that, but the problem is messenger, hangouts, and many others have raised the bar. The security argument may hold weight, but only if BBM steps up, and quick, to realize the void. It has to be accessible from tablets and desktops, and perhaps all three at once, if needed. All these others not only cross platform, but sync live between any device you want. Don't argue about the circumstances of usefulness, admit it's short coming and fix it.

Ok good, I did not know that, funny cause I didn't think it was available for their own playbook except through bridge.

That's incredibly impressive. I'm sure it's a record for this type of app. They should market the hell out of it. I downloaded it yesterday on my android phone and it's awesome. It's looking like BB is going to have a second life as a software company.

So Cam, is that a second phone or did you decide against the Q10 after all the waiting earlier this year?

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Second phone. Q10 has survived (still really like it, but it's honestly "limited" compared to others). I alternate

Channels was announced at the same time as BBM for android and iOS. why should i have to use a beta?

`betazone` is about a poor an answer as `sideload it` tbh

Channels is still being developed with features being added, modified, & removed all the time as they work to perfect the experience.

With BBM for All they just had to copy the features of an already created app

Posted via CB10

Who are they? Windows 8 has turned out to be a fiasco similar to Vista, and the update they made us wait a year for........doesn't work. Nevermind that it doesn't address the core issues of users, I have a genuine Windows 8 and can't get it to install. A look online reveals countless others with the same or worse problems, causing me to "upgrade" to Windows 7. They've since had to pull the updated OS because it was bricking people's tablets. And they're hinging Windows Phone's success on the reputation of Windows for the desktop. So with all of that, I ask....Windows Phone 8? Who are they?

well considering nokia are reported to of sold 8 million lumias in Q3 this year alone, id say they are the platform with more users than BB10. so who are they? kinda they are #3 in current terms of sales.

They may have, but that is just 8 million people taken unknowingly by sales reps. Windows 8 is a complete disaster in the least. It's a useless interface built for 8 year old kids. They have clearly abandoned their business clients and that is the sector that keeps Windows going as Apple is too closed and doesn't have very good 3rd party support. If they did I would get an Apple laptop over windows now as there is no alternative and I hate Apple. I just use my z10 for everything now.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

not saying there is or isnt anything wrong with it, simply saying its five months since it started being in beta and its still beta.

They need to come out with new features frequently in order to maintain & grow the user base. At least bi-weekly updates.

I wonder how committed BlackBerry and the BBM team is to doing so?

I wish they could separate the bbm channels update and contact updates. Too many things are going on when sometimes I just want to see contact updates.

From zedten

Funny, I love the mixture of channels and contact updates. It's like one-stop shopping.
When I wake up I quickly scroll through that combo updates and then later when I have time, I go through the details.

I feel voice and video are much more important than Channels. Channels is still on Beta even on BB afterall.

Yeah, I read that somewhere too. I think the initial launch had to be the basic BBM so they could measure the traffic they're going to have and release updates once they are sure the system can handle the load. 10 million users suddenly dumped onto the system using video/voice etc. would create a helluva load.

they need video and voice chat. That limits competition to skype and viber I think. Oh! Add what whatsapp has is not voice chat IMHO

Lol I delete WhatsApp and all my friends say why you do that and how we can chat now? I said download BBM to stay connected with me and I swear lot of ppl download BBM to stay connected with me without arguing what is better.
PS: Why I delete WhatsApp? Because my Boss at work had my phone number and he always look if I am at work or if am am on whats app and this is very annoying to be observe.

Posted via BlackBerry Z810

That's what I've been saying all along. WhatsApp offers no privacy whatsoever. Even those that you are not even aware of and in possession of your number can be monitoring your on/off times

Posted via CB10

Nice... that's another dark feature from WhatsApp.. you can't hide 'cause it tells you the time that you last used eggs..

Posted via CB10

Holly shitake mushroom! That sure beats that mentally challenged announcement from Apple...the IPad Air...which as I previously said, should you choose to shove it up your bunghole, will get you airborne and flying....

Posted via CB10

It's actually a damn nice device and beats anything BlackBerry has ever put out. And it will sell in record numbers. Meanwhile, BRRY has no way to monetize these downloads, so what good does it do them to spend money on servers for BBM with no way to make money, which they DESPERATELY NEED to do!

It's actually another slight improvement (totally unnecessary to most) to the same product they've offered for years and yes, simple minded people will buy on mass once they see that slick commercial. That doesn't change the fact that I and a lot of like minded people want nothing to do with Apple products. I walked by an apple store in canada the other day, every customer in the store (maybe 10-20) was over 50 yrs old.

Posted from my incredible Z10

The sad truth. People with every single iPad will buy this one as well. Just for show. Might just be my opinion as a non-Apple user, but their "innovation" doesn't do much. And it still sells...

Posted via CB10

They will figure out some day how bad they get taken for every new Apple product.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I have been with BlackBerry for 7 years. I have an iPad 2; I love it, but I don't pay attention to any new products/releases from Apple because I have no interest in upgrading.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10

You are claiming that Apple users buy the new devices just for show? I assume that Apple users buy the new devices because they like them and want to own the latest. Why do BBRY users by the new devices? Come to think of it. They don't. I bet Blackberry wished that they had users that would buy the new devices so they would not be in the money losing predicament they find themselves in.

Get the users up and running first, build the momentum.
Implement phase ads in the Channels home screen.
Offer a premium version with BBM video, desktop connections etc.

What was Twitter worth 3 years ago?
How did they monetize the initial release of thier software?

Posted via CB10

"If" BlackBerry can successfully roll out BBM With limited hiccups, then upgrade to voice and video that work well, free BBM will buy them what they sorely need, a reputation makeover.

Get people hooked on BBM again and you will have more that are willing to try it on the platform on which it works best, BB10.

In other words, this is not your old BlackBerry. This works. It works well.

Posted via CB10

If the new IPad Mini, with its two antennas, means faster porn downloads, I'm soo in...I mean I might get one at some point...imagine watching porn with Retina Display!!!!

I wish BlackBerry had not given up on tablets. Apple used to dismiss 7 inch tablets, and look at them now trying to play catch up with Samsung and Google, and even Amazon...

The PlayBook was not a bad idea, it was badly executed. Plus the product launch sucked donkey balls!

Posted via CB10

Sorry just have to say this. Has any noticed that now apple and Android customers will get voice and video "in the near future". A nice BlackBerry way of saying coming soon. Lol

Welcome to the family iOS and Android.

Of course. There has to be an incentive to consider buying a BB. This expectation that you should expect to get everything with no price tag attached is a ridiculous sense of entitlement.

Yeah they buy it for other reasons. Duh. ;)

Monetising BBM is the most likely outcome. Brand awareness. I see no problem with bb charging for features and getting free more native and integrated experience. I'd like to see them do something with channels where it becomes the go to place for up to date info etc. Twitter is using this to their advantage.

With charging I'd like to see them take the approach of Skype and the use of voip.

Obviously with over 10 million (!!) downloads in 24 hours, there is plenty of interest to go around for the time being.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10

This is great!! There is actually positive news surrounding BlackBerry :) I wonder if this will help boost hardware sales as well? Now that people are so amped about having BBM back and that BlackBerry is front of mind and in a positive light for once maybe they will want to check out a new BB10 device to have the best mobile communication possible!

Android/iOS users will probably stick with their current phones and give up their blackberry phones. But I think the number of downloads means that people are still interested with what blackberry can offer.

Maybe the more important thing is that BBM is clearly in demand and stands a great chance of remaining a viable platform.

^THIS^ bbm will be king it's soo much better than anything else give BlackBerry sometime everything will come if we choose to support the best mobile OS on the market!

Posted via CB10 (My amazing Q10)

Agreed and its great that, even though they took an extra month to release it, its working well and running smooth! It proves that BlackBerry still has a lot to offer and hopefully consumers will acknowledge that! I still am anxious to see what it will do for hardware sales though. It can't hurt anything and, with BBM and BlackBerry being front of mind, I bet that will get a lot of people who are either due for an upgrade or just interested in a new platform asking about BB10 devices! Now, if we can just get carriers to actually spend 5 minutes and train their employees on how BB10 works and how it STILL is a very viable platform....

I think its great news as well. Getting this many people to download right in the beginning will help them hopefully convert some of these users to the Full blackberry experience.

Nothing on Engadget as of yet. All Apple write ups. Engadget and other Anti BlackBerry sites are pathetic.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

The Android app has 4.5 stars as the average rating. There DEFINITELY is some astroturfing going on with the reviews. The first five pages of reviews are all the EXACT same, grammatically incorrect review!

"Thank you so much blackberry team! I was waiting this app,,its really great user friendly and smooth."

I stopped reading after FIVE PAGES of that exact comment each under a different name. I would certainly be leery of the Android download numbers. The Play store requires a user to download an app before they can rate it, so those are clearly fake accounts and fake downloads. That sucks that Google can't stop fake downloads and fake reviews!

It's also entirely possible that one review might have been duplicated over and over as a result of a database error. Don't jump to conclusions.

After a few days there will likely be a better picture.

I actually brought it up because fake Play store reviews are a major bone of contention among Android developers and has occurred for a long time now. This is not a "database error" this is how developers pay for positive reviews. Any developer can go to forums and buy fake positive reviews by the thousands. Android developers are (rightly) crying foul about this. (Especially since developers of competing apps can buy fake negative reviews for their competitors.) It's not fair and greatly skews the numbers.

This also makes me weary of the download numbers. How much of the downloads were people paid to download just like all those fake reviews?

Posted via CB10

That is getting to be a ridiculously huge number. I am impressed. I can imagine the team they have monitoring the impact on their infrastructure.

Excellent. Now go and get working on the BBM voice and BBM video and kill Skype, Viber, etc.

Posted via CB10

I would also like to see me be able to couple BBM with my banking app and do money wire transfers to people. Of course more importantly, have wire transfers to me.

This is a huge achievement. Let's hope the momentum continues and they get 100 million plus users within the next weeks/months.

Posted via CB10

Holy cow! That's a lot of downloads

"If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock!" (BBM#18)

Yeah, but that ONE app is kicking A@@! Lol 10 million downloads in 24 hrs? Suck it!

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

According to The Verge today - As a point of comparison, Angry Birds Space set a record for Rovio's already hugely popular franchise in 2012 with 10 million downloads over three days

Across all of mobile nations. A pin per top device, ie, z30,
One for s4 or something
The new iphone
3 phones with 3 pins.

Posted via CB10

Hopefully "near future " comes true and means in the next few weeks / before Christmas

Posted via CB10

This just after Whatsapp announced they have moved from 300 million to 350 million you perspective about the 10 million (as good as that is). I hate to say it but I think Blackberry missed the window of opportunity again. No sense of timing at all.

Prior to the last 24 hours, go look how 60 million active BlackBerry users send more BBM messages per day per user. Way more than any other platform, App. WhatsApp may have more users, but they are not as nearly engaged. If you download WhatsApp and don't use it, you still count as a user. BBM are all active users. Also BBM only accounts for what 3 percent of the mobile market. Now BBM has just entered the other 94 percent of the market if WP say has 3 percent also. So don't speak to fast until you do the math.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

"Every BBM user has a unique PIN"
Not true BlackBerry. Every DEVICE has a PIN AND a BBID because you can't assign multiple devices per BBID.

Yes every device has its own PIN but every user has only one BBID even though you can have multiple devices under the one BBID.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

You can't use multiple devices simultaneously with one BBID. Every time you want to use a device it will migrate your ID to this device and leave all your BBM groups in limbo.
That's the reason BlackBerry is asking devs to create a separate BBID for their dev device.
So now if you want to use your iPad as well as your BlackBerry to stay in touch with friends, you have to give them 2 device PINS instead of being able to give them one generic PIN linked to your BBID and they have to guess which device you're using or send messages to both.

I fully agree you should be able to use the same bbid on multiple devices! I don't know why they don't maybe it's for security I'd love to hear why if anyone knows?!

Posted via CB10 (My amazing Q10)

Some people argue that it's not safe since someone could be using your tablet and be reading all your messages. Or what if you lose it or it gets stolen.
#1 Nobody forces those users to use one bbid for all these devices
#2 Modern tablets support user accounts. Don't let your guests use your personal account
#3 Remote wipe or remote log off from BBM from the BB web portal if you don't have access to your device any more.

BB can force you to set a password when you want to turn development mode on. They could do the same when you decide to use the same bbid on multiple devices.
There are ways and it's very convenient (think Skype), so let's hope that now that there will be lots of users with 2 devices, BlackBerry will start thinking about ways to implement this (they're rarely pro-active).

Or set a different photo based on the device you are using. As long as they know it's you, one BBM message sent to each device will let you know which device they are on, if any. My guess is that the cell phone rather than the iPad would be a sure bet to reach someone!

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Can you imagine video calls to your Android & IPhone friends?... it will be awesome! good bye Skype & Viber & WhatsApp!

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#letsgo #BBM4ALLL #TeamBlackBerry share the news people let's enjoy the ride BlackBerry isn't dead it's just reinventing itself

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Wow... BBM will surpass Kik before the end of the week... and likely over 100 million users (not downloads) before the end of the month... Surpassing WhatsApp isn't that far of a stretch...

Yeah I am. Actually I've been testing between two Samsungs all evening and a few times already after 20 mins I finally restarted the receiving phone to get the last few undelivered messages. I hope it's just growing pains, but we'll be using messenger for tomorrow at least

This is excellent news. Now all BlackBerry has to do is go crazy with marketing to push it even further.


BlackBerry weapon of choice.

It feels good to have some positive news hit the wire for BlackBerry. Still a little hesitant to shout it to the mountainside just yet. Told a few select friends and then played the "wait-and-see" game for a bit. That said, every cross-platform conversation I've had, thus far, has been fast and flawless. :-)

Now tell people they get BBM voice and video NOW on a bb10 device. One more reason to buy BlackBerry.

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The BBM service is best experienced on a BlackBerry 10 device like the Z30. Go buy a new BlackBerry today for the full featured BBM experience!

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I'm just really (really) glad to see some positive news.
Bet which gets more airtime on the news tonight... Apple's announcements or BBM for iOS/Android?

They need something to make it easy to share pins on social networks like instagram. Loads of people posting pins there

Thorsten Out!!!

Screen shot of your QR Code with the PIN beneath it can easily be uploaded to IG. Though it would be nice to just be able to share directly from that section. :)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip, though!

I love the fact that this put BlackBerry back on people's radars. It might not the devices, but ignites confidence in the longevity of the brand. 10 million people don't download an app from a company they believe is dead. It drives a mental perception that BlackBerry is still a valuable player in mobile, which should eventually trickle down to the phones.

New ownership notwithstanding. Keep in mind there might not be consumer devices next year.

BlackBerry Messenger will likely be spun off into its own moneymaking entity. That's how the brand will carry on.

There will be. 60 million legacy device users still need to be upgraded in the corporate world. It is no surprise that the BlackBerry corporate world didn't leap blindly at the new OS. Once they see how it is maturing, they will come over to BB10.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

You just provided a counter to my point about consumer with a point about enterprise. That doesn't make any sense lol

Enterprise will live on and they may manufacture devices targeted at those clients only.

I don't think the consumer market is dead. People will still be able to get devices, albeit the manufacturing levels might drop and you might have to get them direct from BlackBerry but before BlackBerry was in the "consumer market" back when they had the ones with the track wheel at the side, you could still get the devices from carriers, just that the average joe wouldn't have bought one and the stock levels weren't as high.

It is a great number. My only concern is of that number who have downloaded, how many now are able to actively use? How long is the wait-in-line?

Wait in line has been going by quickly all or almost all have already been okay'd and sent the verification email. So well over 5 million plus the 6 million who pre registered that didn't need to get an email!

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May want to check the thread on the Waiting Line. Has been over 24 hours for many, including me, with no response.

I really hope that video and voice chat is already to go, and they just are waiting for the initial buzz to slow down, at which point they knock our socks off with video and voice.

I hope within the next two weeks

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Too bad they didn't charge $1 for the App. Could have made a little money.

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I bet the sales rep selling "Blade Servers" to the BlackBerry NOC will be very happy. BBM has not missed a beat with all these new activations. Bring it on!