BBM for Android and iPhone landing pages surface

By Simon Sage on 29 Aug 2013 11:15 am EDT

We've already seen a few hints that the launch of BlackBerry Messenger for iOS and Android is imminent, but just in case you needed one more, a BBM landing page for both apps has gone live. Well, live-ish - there are still a lot of placeholder graphics, but there's a helpful FAQ section which tells new BBM users what a PIN is and how to go about standard tasks. It also mentions that BBM Voice, Video, and screen sharing will come to Android and iPhone in the fall.

It's worth noting that the verbiage focuses on "iPhone" rather than "iOS", which means we probably won't see an iPad version any time in the near future. 

So, do you think you guys will have a hard time convincing your buddies with Android devices or iPhones to start using BBM? How well do you think BBM will compete with baked-in solutions on either platform?

Check out the BBM for Android and iPhone landing page

Update: Looks like the page was posted early by accident. It's since been taken down, but here's a screencap of what was being displayed

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BBM for Android and iPhone landing pages surface


Can't wait for my friends to get this and delete the garbage that is what's app.

I wonder if bbm launch day will also be a massive sales day for the GS3 and 4. My thoughts are that it will be.

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Month one buys a BlackBerry phone based on BBM. People buy legacy devices for data compression where that is important in certain regions of the world or for business and government use etc. If it was just for messaging they could buy any phone, even though BBM is a premier system.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I think we'll have a hard time convincing people to stay with BlackBerry after BBM goes,

Kind Regards, Tino Chiko C0008DDD1 TechCraze!

Guys if any of u own bbry stock, nows the time to short. Just read a report in the wsj that Q1 sales have been terrible. This is u r chance to make money well in advance of the 26th sept earnings report.

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Really? We are already expecting bad news with regards to that. However, good foundations are being laid for subsequent quarters. Eg would be the Panasonic and Garmin deals with QNX. I can see great BlackBerry integration coming in cars, home entertainment for the consumer side and the corporate turn over of legacy devices to BB10 is on the horizon.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Means nothing...who has Garmin integrated in their car and name the car manufacturer? As well where do you find Panasonic? Just name one car manufacturer...come on just one. Just bull marketing.

QNX is already in 60% of cars.... Panasonic and garmin also make aftermarket devices... There's plenty of folks who upgrade their car systems, without buying a new car.
and panasonic is in Dodges... there.. named one,

Really ...60% of cars??? Worldwide production of cars was 84,000,000, while North American production was 10,000,000 for example in 2012. So just so I can this right coming from an expert they are in 60% of which number? And again just so I get this right, again coming from an expert... how many Dodge models were produced by Chrysler in 2012, 1,000,000 or less and are you saying 60% of that number and just exactly what revenue have they contributed to BB?
Just more hype, me thinks from another BB fanboy.

If it were that easy, everyone would make money in the stock market. It's still a gamble because the report could be missing something or be inaccurate or be based on an insignificant amount of data. Granted, I think we'll see poor sales numbers. I have yet to see a Q10 or Z10 in the wild. To make matters worse, last night I tried to back up and restore my Z10 via BlackBerry Link and the backup process failed and spit out a useless "Backup did not complete." message. Crap quality like this is not helping the company.

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I said many time fire the entire Link team. I would have done it 6 months ago and built a new team with 3 month and a new Link.

Quality products come from quality people.

The same kind of error message followed by a "backup files corrupted, no data restored" made me leave for once and all iTunes and iPhone in order to join the BlackBerry club!!!

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Hold on a sec... there's some negative media about BBRY? How would I locate this story... would something like this be available through Google?

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It's an article behind a pay wall. So I don't think u can access it through Google. But this might help it was in the wall street journal. So check it out if u can.

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Not surprised. I was going to go Q10 from my Z10, but when I tried it, I was like "I hate this phone." Everything seemed small and cramped and I found I could no longer type well on the keys.

Really??? You got this information in the journal??? Be sure no hedge fund managers get a hold of that article and sell some BBRY before you do!

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:( i have to say ... bad news for BlackBerry Indonesia, because here we dont have any contract with carriers, everybody can switch the phone anytime and once BBM arrive to Android, ouch i cant imagine ... many many teenagers will leave BB for android.

* 2 curve(s) 1 Bold 1 Z10 1 Q5 (obviously no troll)

Yeah and they have someone pretending to be them and are sending out spam pin messages telling people they won cars. Can you take a trot over to their offices and tell them whats up?

Why they didn't switched already?
Sticking with the phone ONLY for messaging service?!
There are cheap phones with FB, LINE, WeChat, WatsAp....
Are you serious?

This is assuming all of your BBM contact switch when you switch. That doesn't happen so there is a reason not to switch.

This is also why I don't think BBM is going to the savior everyone on here seems to think it will be. I don't see Android and Apple people switching to BBM, they will have too many contacts on What's App etc. Of course it's a little easier because they can add BBM at no cost but still....

@sergey .. yes i am pretty serious, here BB is identical with BBM, but lately one by one sent broadcast message that they will stop BBM service and switch to Line or Whatsapp till BBM arrive to Android. BBM service is expensive compare to data service and BBM cross platform is really Bad idea here.

I know, it's announced in the second phase (fall). Just was happily surprised to see they're putting it in the iOS and Android versions at all.

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I have never used Whatsapp. What concrete fact makes BBM better than Whatsapp, KIK, etc

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Whatsapp, KIK, they don't work for me most of the time.

We are not talking about which is better. People may think technologies are so advanced we are in so called mobile computing era, yet there is only one messaging system work reliably (since last major service disruption) - that is BBM.

But I am afraid TH is not the guy that can bring disciplines to BlackBerry based on his performance. I had so much hope that he could bring disciplines of German engineering to Waterloo. He didn't. So it need only one more major service disruption to kill BBM and BlackBerry all together. But I hope this will never happen since the dammed ATT lady is gone.

Can't see why EVERY single friend and contact with an iPhone or Android wouldn't get the BBM app.. worst case scenario is they download it, and not use it.

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Ya definitely. A good amount of users on those platforms are former BB users. And one thing most if not all agree is they miss BBM.

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Agreed.... I personally know 7 people that WILL get it. Not to mention me on my other devices. Now I can feel even worse about my PlayBook not getting a dedicated BBM App when competing platforms are.


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I promise you, it will be a bigger cult following than anything we've ever seen. Give it a year and all other messaging apps will disappear.

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In light of the coming BBM Channels, I think this is the smartest thing that BlackBerry could have done for free.

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To bad the page doesn't even mention channels . . . and of course you have your classic waiting for features. . . so I guess what should be said is they better do it for free cuz folks sure as hell ain't gonna pay for it. . .

It's free to maximize adoption. Why a bad idea when Facebook is free and has a billion + people. They are looking to make revenue from BB CHANNELS but need a massive audience. And then by charging an annual subscription of $1 (just like WhatsApp, perhaps introduced next year, it will be parlayed into a cash cow.

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What about ads? That would be a way to make some cash... instead of charging the users

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I personally disagree, all examples of successful social services have all provided excellent "networking and communication" all free, the value comes from the numbers of users.

Money then could be made by leveraging those users (hopefully in a non-intrusive fashion) like... oh i dunno... paid channels or somethin.

Reason for me thinking that this is the worst thing blackberry could do for free is because Skype and what's app both have a subscription pricing and if blackberry were smart they would have done something similar for $1 to ios and android users, yeah the channels will have subscription costs as well but why not make it something you left and are missing now so you gotta pay to have it back again, besides the amount of people who want bbm on their phones would probably pay that dollar fee for the app and get all the features us bb10 users are enjoying

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so if all the stuff is coming to android and iphone, that means a BlackBerry device has no USP in regards to BBM then?

seems a poor choice

If it makes money then blackberry can invest in the next generation of OS and phones.

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What do you think their monetization scheme will be? Hopefully certain features like screen share will be one-way exclusive to BlackBerry, or objectively, there would be little reason for users to switch platforms.

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Feature parity is more essential. Otherwise feature adoption dies...

The only exception would be to provide features that BB offers standard on their devices over others, like stereo sound, and NFC transactions, or multitasking out a video conversation... throw in a "Sorry your phone can't do that" message when the person attempts to use the feature. But keep it subtle and professional - this will essentially edge other manufacturers to follow BB's patents.

.They should keep BBM screen sharing as "exclusives" for BB owners and charge a fee for users of other platforms.

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Wishful thinking. BBM will become a separate entity and will thrive on its own , but in no way is this going to be a cash cow to save BB HW division.

Although I have a Z10 and generally find it to be fine. I think BB should exit HW. They are at a point now that no matter what they produce they will be shit on. Focus on software. They should give the OS for free to someone else and hope that it gets picked up.

A BlackBerry devices is most likly going to have a more fluid and fully intergrated experience... for free.

Not sure what BBM is going to be yet on Android and iOS, but features like video messaging/chat are most likely going to be adders - it there at all.

And many features that we enjoy that are built-in to the devices, Android and iOS will not have. This will only be an app, not a part of the OS. So if BBM becomes popular, it "could" make a BlackBerry device attractive.

firstly saying `if there at all` proves you haven't read the article/link. it will be.

secondly, the whole `built in experience` could be better on BB than others, but how would the user of the other device ever know?

It's not of value to the company with a declining user base (ie BlackBerry subscribers) so it is the only choice. It will leapfrog WhatsApp, and be well ahead of FaceTime in functionality, monetization, BECAUSE it will be cross platform. I happen to think it will come to iPad, Mac and desktop as soon as it is proven on the phones.

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Shouldn't be a problem @ all this will be huge with BBM Video and Voice and the most important aspect of it "Screen Share" and let's not forget the Ace in the whole BBM Channels.

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If voice, video and screen sharing get added as stated in the fall, no probs convincing them.

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I will be campaigning pretty hard to get my friends over to BBM. Shouldn't be too hard to convince them with such an awesome application, but then again, some are pretty conservative in their tech choices.

Haha I know. I am hoping that means that the launch is very very soon that they would put a page up like that.

The link in the article has /android# at the end. When you click through it drops the /android#. Looks like it switched over to the normal BBM page with a place to sign up for info on BBM for Android and iPhone. My guess is it says Download Now it's talking about for BlackBerry devices

So this confirms that Android and Iphone's will not get Video and Voice but a simple BBM Chat version. While a lot of my friends will use BBM, i am noticing a lot of people are changing to Tango (Video, Voice Chat), Line (Chat, Voice), Kik and more ... whats app will eventually die out since after a year it's 99c/yr so this is a great time for BBM to go live cause it will attract people which are not willing to pay. Video and Voice are a big + on my Z10 and if they migrate to desktops as well it could easily be the next Skype :)

What? If anything the article confirms that they will be getting voice and video and screen sharing... albeit in the fall.

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...didn't check your link, but if it was updated before I got to it (certainly was not one of the first to read or see it) I apologize. However, as of when I commented, the article said that it was coming to the competition in the fall.


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I'm telling my contacts with smartphones that they will only get a response from me over BBM. I'm deleting Whatsapp and all responses to text messages will be either ignored or will get a link to BBM for Android or IOS.

No point dealing with second rate when BBM is available.

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Sorry for an ignorant question, is there an advantage of BBM over regular texting if I don't have out of country contacts? I have a 9930 but never used bbm because my friends dont have BlackBerries, so I'm kinda ignorant about BBM, but if there's an advantage it might be cool to try it out if I can convince my friends to give it a try on their ios/androids . . thanks.

Apart from the free service ... unless you have unlimited sms. BBM is equipment with a very intelligent system that tells you when the message was delivered successfully and Read by the other person, while SMS is something vague and no feedback is given.

Thank You. Yes I do have unlimited text so I was just wondering if there was something I didn't know about.

Some people don't have unlimited texting plans. Also, the instant deliver/read notifications are better. With text msgs, you don't know if it ever got delivered or read.

Actually, some phones will return a "Delivered" message back. On my Q10 it shows up as a D on the message where normally there would just be a bullet. But since all phones don't support this it's not consistent so not all that useful...

Q10 and Canadian all the way!

BBM gets more done than texting, which is SMS and MMS (picture.) Although all these features won't be available on iOS and Android from the beginning, BBM allows file sharing, voice calling, video calling, screen share, etc. in addition to text and picture chatting.

in the case that some people don't even have smartphones just feature phones with multimedia sms capabilities then yes, texting would be the better alternative as that person wouldn't be able to use BBM. some people seem think that everyone in the world has a damn smartphone... (daynebca)

I wonder if it will be possible to have one bb id on 2 phones, i have a Z10 and a iPhone, would love to have the same id and contacts on both phones

I'm guessing that it should be possible because the BBM on your Z10 is still using your device PIN where as the BBM on the iPhone will be using your BBID.

Edit* And now that I have put even more thought into it, you should be able to do it but when you switch devices (or sign into the new device) it may kick you off of the previous device because that is what happens when you currently switch BB devices using your maybe we willhave to wait and see and do a little bit of testing ;)

Hope that helps and not confuses you more lol

If it will be required for iPhone and Android users to use BBM with and register with BBID, it is major mistake. It need to be with your phone number like WhatsApp. They will not want to register with BBID.

just manage two BBID's... you're only gonna use one for BBM for iPhone/Android anyway... that's what I'm going to do with my iPod Touch

Can't wait to get my friends to download this a.d get rid of whatsap!

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I'll have no problem convincing all my lovers to switch, if the port is as good as on BlackBerry

If the 100,000+ downloads in 1 day of the fake BBM for android that popped up in the play store are any indication, this should do fairly well for itself once the real one makes an appearance and knocks everyone's socks off!

This "fake" BBM was actually made by BlackBerry itself, because of marketing & research... just to see if android users are interested and show wall street that BBM has still value !

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Most of my buddies say they won't get it, cuz they know how much of a BlackBerry nut I am, they just do it to piss me off but I'm sure they will get it. It's the best messenger app EVER!

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"How well do you think BBM will compete with baked-in solutions on either platform?"

Considering WhatsApp and other messaging apps see nice usage despite Hangouts and iMessage being on Android and iOS, BBM has the chance to be popular as well. Especially for those who go "oh my, BBM, without a BB phone, I'll use this, time to post that PIN to Facebook!" :D But again, with people moving to WhatsApp etc and BB phones getting lesser and lesser in the market, it might not take off at all.

Let's see what happens.

Hope they all download and use, that way I can do away with that messaging app that delivers messages late and then i still don't know if they have read it aka Whatsapp

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This might sound dumb but i have to ask...most of my friends and myself have plans that have unlimited texting through our carriers (AT&T and Big Red). I just don't see the point sometimes of using another program to do the same thing (send message, pic, video, etc.) I do use BBM for a few people and i enjoy the app, but i think i'm missing something here.

Everyone I know has unlimited texting as well. I'm hoping to get everyone to start using BBM, though. My biggest reason for wanting to use it is reliability. My house is in a fringe area and I get really bad reception so my texts can be hit or miss (as well as calls) and I won't always know it. Going through data I won't have this problem since I'm always connected to wifi at home.
Although I'm not getting my hopes up as most of my friends have trouble using their respective maps application on any of their phones. -_-

I'm guessing you don't have any contacts overseas? That's where all these messaging apps shine.

For me, almost everyone I would have to text uses Whatsapp (or Google Talk,) so paying for an extra texting plan in addition to data makes no sense to me, especially when data can do what a texting plan can.

My iPad allows me to install my iPhone apps, I wonder if that will work?

My Z10 is my current phone. Don't use the iPhone except as a mini app player for the kids.

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I just wanted to know if blackberry users will get anything out of this like extra bbm features or something for us sticking with blackberry!?!?

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I have my reservations about how well the app itself will compare to others on the platform (in terms of design, ease of use and features), but this is very exciting nonetheless. My body is ready.

Wow. "In the fall?" That's sooner than I was expecting (winter.) When does fall end, exactly?

With video, voice, AND screen sharing, why would they want anything else?!! Mayyybe this will encourage windows peeps to want to come to BlackBerry. (fingers crossed)

Yeah, the point is will android/iphone users get those features? Or just chat?...
I hate to wait!

Posted via my z10 - BBM channel pin C000F331C

I don't see a lot of people moving to BBM from Whatsapp or iMessage. There is just no obvious reason (aka killer feature) that people might miss.

Or, it might be there but so far BBRY doesn't promote it well.

However, I am more than happy if being proved totally wrong.

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Most people I know wanna quit whatsapp, slow, untrustworthy, everyone knows when you connect, you don't know if your message is read..
The thing is it has to be ready with voice/video chat and pc/mac (and ubuntu!) version...

Posted via my z10 - BBM channel pin C000F331C

Desktop version is definitely needed. Voice and Video can come a lot later. I can't wait for the basics, chat, group, list. These will satisfy my needs as a long time mobile professional. Of cause, voice and video is nice, especially voice. But I don't mind they come in a year or two. But if the initial release of BBM x-platform is buggy, that will piss me off.

Most of people I know never tried BBM or own a BlackBerry phone. Will be hard to convince them but I'm Ready to bring some user to the definitive messaging system!

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It's needs to hurry up already. A Lot of the people I know are app whores so getting them to try BBM won't be that hard.

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Just posted link to Facebook. I can't wait to repopulate my bbm contacts with all my friends and family no longer with us lol

Posted from my incredible Z10

I have many friends who are already looking for it and ready to upgrade. Whatsapp is a lackluster second choice at best and the promise of included Voice, Video and Screen-Sharing coming in the Fall, I know that they will be excited for those features. Just make sure you deliver on time BBRY!!!

I do not think they will come in fall. But that is fine. I am actually can't wait for the basics, chat, group, list. The basics are way more important for busy professionals. These busy professionals who are also mobile enthusiasts will then bring in a lot other users regardless Voice or Video.

I'm one of those busy professionals and I can tell you that voice, video and screen share across platforms will revolutionize our BYOD environment. Skype's quality is horrible compared to BBM. I agree with you that the basics will be good but the extras will be phenomenal and attractive to our corporate end users.

BYOD is a myth. However, it does work for some companies.

In many large orgs like the one I am with ( > 100K employees, where BYOD is banned), people often use a regular real phone line (conf bridge) + online meeting / chat for group meetings across the globe. The 30 member group of BBM is perfect for this case as we still use a phone bridge. Of cause if BBM can also have reliable voice, that will be great. Video? For this use case, I am not sure , maybe nice to have.

I think BBM desktop has a higher priority than voice and video for this use case.

I think BB stuck the cord when it comes to BBM x-platform by focusing on the essentials for both consumer and corporate users. Hope they can also deliver the solid QUALITY BB used to have.

Yes Skype is horrible especially on Android, iPhone and BB10.

Interesting how each business makes a different decision... I work for a non-profit medical center that's much smaller than your employer (approx. 12-13K employees). They chose quite the opposite due to IRS regulations on not-for-profit, corporate-owned devices. They banned corporate-owned for all except devices that are assigned to a particular position (across shifts) or to a student who will not be staying with us long-term. All individual users are required BYOD. Our clinical workers rely heavily on chat, voice and video on the fly because they work in an operating room environment where a desk line and/or desktop are not available or aren't private enough. This is the main reason BBM is attractive to me as an alternative for them. It offers secure communication, with unlimited, quality voice/video capability over Wi-Fi and they can access it on the go. So, I really hope they keep whatever deadline they set for themselves. Come on BBRY!!

Can't wait for this. Sadly, I never use BBM because everyone I chat is on either Android or iOS. My wife (Android user) and my brother (iOS) will be downloading BBM on release day. Currently, I rely on text messaging and Google Hangouts (chat). At the very least, cross-platform BBM should peak some interest in BB10 devices.

@dunaway - Posted with TMO Q10 via CB10

Where's the back end to this strategy to make people interested in BB10 devices? When are all the major apps hitting Blackberry so a consumer can reap the benefits of BBM and BB10. Right now the scales seems very tipped in the favour of Android and iOS with respect to this deal.

Hello.... that's a GOOD NEWS!! so why Blackberry left out "iOs"? and only I phone.. now that's what is not good.. it should go to i pad and i pods too... and all teen, and pre- teens all get on hands on this BBM and pass it on.Blackberry.... come on look to the future..don't delay act fast!!

Hey everyone, it's Alex from BlackBerry. Appreciate the excitement for BBM on iOS and Android. Someone goofed and published that page a little early. Stay tuned and head to to register for updates.

I asked my 19 year old daughter who just switched to a HTC one from BlackBerry because all 16 of her friends who had bbs had switch brands, if they were going to get BBM on their phones. She looked puzzled and ask why? Two years of constant bbming and it totaling meaningless to her and her group of friends . :(

Posted via Z10

The key of the success of BBM cross platform is QUALITY, not features. IF BB can deliver rock solid quality for chat, group, list, BBM will kill ALL other messaging systems.

But that is a big IF. Let's hope it happens.

I just signed up my friend so he could be notified when BBM available in his platform.

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To help adoption, it would be nice if they could get it connected to twitter or facebook. A way that you could see friends who have it and an easy way to send out invitations. When I sideloaded instagram, I was surprised at how easy it was to find friends and follow people I knew. I imagine it's going to take a lot of manual labor to find everyone's pins (if and when they intall BBM).

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

I can't wait, I got rid of what's app recently and going to get all my mates on bbm... well it will be a challenge for me to convince them to use bbm...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

I am pretty sure to get the most ios and android fans on BBM. But to promote it really well it has to be really go CROSS-Platform including for example also Windows Phone.

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Most of my friends are BlackBerry users or former BlackBerry users.. everyone is waiting for this.. bye bye whatsapp =P

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Not to be the downer, but all of the features that would compel one to try this on another platform won't be available for them...

no NFC sharing unless on BB
no Video chat / screen share unless on BB
no wifi calling unless on BB

Any competitive advantage they had is lost by not releasing this with those features.

It also wouldn't be a bad idea to mention ios and Android in the feature sections - currently they are in the page title and block at top of page, almost looks like it was a BB themed page and they stumbled to find a location to mention the other platforms...

You have to start somewhere... so maybe it won't take off as much until fall. I know many that will download it for now anyway.

I would rather see it now than wait until fall for the full set of features, but I can understand where you're coming from.

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Everyone will be on bbm over whatsapp and every other communications app. They will not even need convincing..

Can't wait.

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There are loyalists on competing platforms, everyone is a bold statement. I definitely see a floodgate opening though.

Going to be awesome!

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I'm going to delete what's app as soon as bbm is available on the other platforms. If my friends want to get in touch over IM their only option will be to download BBM.

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Voice, video and screen sharing got my attention. BBM will need this if it wants to gain cross platform dominance.

My wife is issued an iPhone by her employer (to her dismay and can't wait to be able to get BBM.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 (SQN100-3)

Still think this is a very dumb idea... know way to many friends that as soon as bbm releases on iphone/driod they are switching from their legacy device over..

Aw well my Z10 will always be better.

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If BBM gains traction in the consumer market it may force one if the majors hand to acquire it. Ex. Microsoft with Skype. Maybe Samsung would like there own real messenger app. Just a thought.

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:) ALl this excitement for something that is not even released yet. Also it is silly to assume that this means BB will continue as is and that everything is fine. BBM is BBM , it is not going to be a solution for BB problems of why the phones are not selling. Those issues are far more complicated and much more difficult to correct.

I've asked several of my partners who have iOS if they would use BBM when it goes cross platform and they were all for it. It will be strange at first but I really want to see bbm on BlackBerry 10 take off!

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As an Android user I hate WhatsApp! I miss BBM so much. As soon as I get some extra cash I'm getting a Q10. Until then I welcome BBM on this N4 with open arms!!!

I don't think people are waiting on BBM like there is no alternative. Unless BBM adds value or can differentiate itself from iOS facetime, no one will care that BBM is available!

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I think this is great news for all those that don't have blackberry devices and now will be able to use, yet, another way of communicating with friends and relatives. Not a bad idea at all.


I have never used BBM would be nice to use it with all my family that's has Droid and iphones. They will ask how do you use it and I will be IDK.

I've linked into some channels and have one contact...

All whatsapp contacts are easily switchable to Bbm. The process of switching away from text shouldn't be that hard eithrr

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I for one, am FOOLISHLY excited for BBM's release to Android. As a long time BB user, I converted to Android last year. It was a hard decision to change, and it was met with some user/interface challenges: I had to Google simple tasks, like changing my ring tones, and learned I had to download an app, to have custom tones for friends, etc etc. But once I got the hang of Android OS, I could never go back to a Blackberry, even though I miss BBM more than anything. Y'all have lost me, and the majority of my friends, sadly, to the darkside, but the BBM app will enable former longtime BB users, the ability to have the best of both worlds. It will be nice to reconnect with my old dispersed BB friends, in a familiar environment. Texting just doesn't cut it. Can't wait to say "pin me!" again <3

I don't know if this happens only to me, but sometimes I send my Pics and Videos over Whatsap because they are to heavy for my BBM. I think they need fix this. I hate to send something to my BBM contact over Whatsap

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I have question guys... if an Android or iOS user will try BBM, can they use the usual mobile data? In the Philippines, you need to have BIS in order to have BBM(for BlackBerry legacy Phones).. i'm just curious.. thanks!

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Best thing to expose the world to BBM is cross platform since blackberry did enough to promote the bb10.
Sadly this is going to backfire and the curious will download it but once they realize all they can do is message people until further updates that will be "coming soon"

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I told my son that BBM was going cross-platform in the near future and his response was "Oh, I'm getting an S4 then." I think that response kinda wraps it up what BBM C-P will do for future BlackBerry device sales. Where's the incentive to get a BlackBerry ?? With absolutely zero marketing for their new devices this move will only drive the final nail in the coffin for BlackBerry. I own a Q10 and absolutely love it. I've also owned an iPhone 4s and a Galaxy Ace. The Q10 and BB10 is by far a superior device but BlackBerry can't leave the advertising up to its fanbuoys. The ship WILL sink!! I think it's pretty obvious BlackBerry has other intentions with the company. They can't be that stupid or naive not to spend a little more on pushing theit devices. I think the new device launch was simply to show potential buyers what the software (bb10) can do... even in its infancy. They don't seem to have any intentions on building future devices. The Z10 and Q10 were only intro devices for the OS. To show that it works in different hardware form factors. That's it!
I sure hope I'm in left field with this theory because I do like my BlackBerry....
But as of today... the messages are too clear for me to ignore.

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Can anyone explain why iOS and Android are getting this, but not my Playbook? I know they abandoned the Playbook, but still...

Late like always. When they say summer they mean the LAST day of summer at the earliest. SICK of BlackBerry and there BROKEN PROMISES

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Here is the problem. All of this needed to happen 3 years ago.

There are many MANY more smartphone users whose first smartphone was NOT a BlackBerry. Therefore they never used it.

When people say market share for BlackBerry in smartphone market has dropped to 4% from 40-50% a few a years ago allot of that percentage loss is due to the explosion of smartphones replacing regular cell phones, more so than people dropping BlackBerry (and we know that has happened allot)

This current incarnation of BlackBerry ( BES, BBM) to survive the opening up of it needed to happen in 2010 at the latest.

So.... BBM won't be adopted by the masses. I use What's App more than BBM now and trust me I was an exclusive BBM messaging snob.

...until I found What's App.

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i think blackberry is making a mistake by doing this. they should have a BBM Link application, so basically you own a blackberry ,and just download bbm on ur droid/apple ,LINK TO PIN... then on ur bbm "ACCEPT LINK" and thats it! that way you have to buy a blackberry to have bbm. cause i dont understand with bbm or android and iOs. how will you be issued pins?