BBM for Android and iOS gets another rumored release date

By Bla1ze on 18 Sep 2013 06:14 am EDT

When it comes to BBM for Android and iOS there has been a ton of rumored release dates tossed around. The latest rumor has the event pegged for Sept. 20th in Jakarta and even has an official looking invite to go along with it. However, we're not posting this information solely based on that. We've received quite a few emails that do suggest the date is correct and here's how it's all going to go down by order of launch timing:

  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: Android version published on Google Play
  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: goes live
  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: CRM messages sent out to pre-registrants
  • Friday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: Follow-up CRM message sent out after full App Store deployment
  • Saturday, Sept 21st: BBM on iOS becomes available 12:01am EST in local time zones.

So, hopefully all this data will stick and we'll finally get to see BBM for Android and iOS roll out. Then, we can finally put an end to all the silly rumors and speculation surrounding the release and you know, drive your Android and iOS friends crazy by telling them to download it, because they totally should when it becomes available.

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BBM for Android and iOS gets another rumored release date


No audio or video, LOL in 2013, i think they try to sink the ship faster. The first version of whatsapp allowed that... That's ridiculous sorry

This restriction could be due to ports not available in existing API's for I en or both platforms most likely on iOS.

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I don't think because whatsapp use the API all developers have on iOS so it's available no ? Or I don't understand your message

What a dumb game ^^

Can't wait anymore till I can call all my iPhone friends and tell them to download BBM!

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Send them a message with WhatsApp inviting them to download BBM and add your PIN.

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

Sure hope your sources got things right. All those false rumors are hurting BlackBerry's reputation, even if they can't be responsible for it.

Instead of censoring posts of folks who like to waste space by saying first. I'd suggest looking at mistakes within the article because that's perhaps more important than taking care of firsts

Saturday, Sept 21th: BBM on iOS becomes available 12:01 am EST, Saturday Sept 21st in local time zones.
Saturday, Sept 20th, 7am EST: Follow-up CRM message sent out after full App Store deployment

Yeah. Clearly Saturday seems to exist on both the 21st and 20th

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I was sorting the fact that New Zealand will see it first. Friday Sept 20th at 7am EST..but whatever.. fixed up.

Why is everyone always picking on Bla1ze? I have a secret for those who do: he does not care. So, you might as well just stop doing that. Thanks.

I think it's because Bla1ze likes to call people out in the forums all the time when they make a silly comment. I have no problem with this from Bla1ze, as long as he is willing to take it back in his article's comments, which he does with cleaver responses. I makes it fun for everyone to have a love hate relationship with Bla1ze.

If pointing out that you've made an error is picking on someone then fantastic. Bla1ze loves to delete posts that say the ignorant first or whatever which is his right if he so chose, however always ensure before you pick on someone that you are standing tall and right :). Lol I've seen him delete my first post a long time back. I didn't care. Seriously it's actually annoying when people do that so no issue there. I'm just about facts and getting them right ;). Believe me, lol if I wanted to pick on Bla1ze I'd do it on twitter :). But it appears he states he is a fellow Canuck so he will get his trophy when I'm out there spinning in Halifax next time :D

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Isn't it EDT until November? New. Zealand has to wait until 7am. North american eastern time, not their local time zone? If it's 'local time' I would think 'EST' doesn't apply.

Agreed. This should be released all across the board. Me personally, don't think it should be released with video and chat etc. Release a "full" ready app.

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And squeaks in and makes the summer deadline. At least I hope so, or there's going to be another round of threads on the forums about BlackBerry missing targets...

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There already has been, since July. "Summer is ending soon, BlackBerry misses promises".

People just like to generally ... complain.

Would be pretty cool to see a strong BBM launch coinciding with all the new iPhones in people's hands.

As we've seen, the Androd app is good to go but as they've stated, they submitted the app to the Apple App Store weeks ago and it only takes 4-5 days to get an app approved. Apple is being a b**** an we've seen this before in the past...

Think we all know that rival platforms will try to stall BlackBerry's BBM entry into their platform (especially Apple App Store).

~The REAL problem is, BlackBerry management should have announced BBM entry into rival platforms (especially Apple), *Only*After* Apple had approved the BBM App for Apple App Store.

BlackBerry management (or lack thereof) shot at its feet yet again, by announcing well in advance with a "before summer is over" self-imposed deadline of cross-platform BBM Apps.

This shows the quality of BlackBerry management (or lack thereof); they are reduced to announcing half-baked products well in advance, with rival platforms either copying BlackBerry's features (witness WhatsApp Video chat), or other platforms actively sabotaging/delaying BlackBerry's plans (witness the "delay" in approving BBM on Apple App Store).

Never count on your chickens until they are hatched.

That's the plan but a little hard to do with the app not being out. Kinda wish I never opened my mouth about it so many months ago though...

agreed, I've told my iphone friends at least 3 times about rumoured dates. Now I've just given up. They can find out, if they find out, when it comes.

What better time for a new market campaign. Z30, 10.2, Bbm multi. Here's another kick at the can boyos. Can we please see some affective North American advertising.

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:/ i sure hope that this is true other wise there's gonna be another battle of the vikings and the dragons lol but yeah hurry up with this app there's too many rumor's going around and its not looking good for blackberry even tho its not there fault

Like always, they announce it like 9 months ago, do you imagine what represent 9 months in a world that moves so fast, they could have "fight" with whatsapp, but now it's over, only blackberry people will try to use it and then it will slowly die...

Consider this... Once BBM is available to them, I will be advising my friends and family with Android / iPh to get it. If they don't and they continue text me, I will only reply to those texts with a link to their app store / bbm page.

Those that left BlackBerry and have those other platforms that don't get bbm will be give even more "special" treatment


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I like this idea, reply to all texts and WhatsApp messages with something like:

"I've replied to your message using BBM!

Download the BBM app from...."

Make it seem like they are missing something and late to the party because it's an app they don't have yet.

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One tidbit that I've never been able to get my head around is, will OS7 devices still require BIS to use BBM with the roll-out? If so, I believe this to be a flaw in their approach.

In Indonesia, blackberry hold the event tomorrow afternoon. From what I heard the are inviting media and biggest community of android and iphone users in Indonesia. So, that must be it..

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I'm just going to tell my friends don't call me unless it's over bbm lol or message me. Also I think I'm more excited because now I don't have to give out my phone number anymore! Yayyy

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how many BB fans will be going over to Andriod now? Better camera, better specs, better screen, better support, better everything.... I assume there will be a flood of ppl abandoning BB now? Any thoughts

Why BlackBerry does not give definite date, but stay 2 more days, these are all just rumors again

Ugh Blackberry. Isn't the 21st the end of summer. Yes they meet their own "deadline" but why do they always have to push things to the last possible date within the time intervals they talk about, it really is the equivalent of missing the date. For one I wish they would surprise us with something early.

BlackBerry didn't set a deadline! The people did. BlackBerry said later this summer, not Guaranteed BY end of summer. Apps in other app stores have to go through approval process and it is well documented that BBM was submitted to iOS over 3 weeks ago.

Free to download and in view of the hype surrounding the launch it may be an Antiaclimax if there's a hidden telco subscription fee for BIS which makes it costlier than whatsapp 0.99 a year. BB has the habit of reversing early successes lately. BB devices have to subscribe to Bis to use bbm so how about non bb phones?

BB for BB10 devices now have no use anymore BIS, BBM can also use wifi, except for BB OS7 devices

So many complaints and petty concerns on here. BBM will be released this weekend and go cross platform. It is here and that is all that matters. Some of your Crapple friends are going to jump all over this opportunity, others just aren't going to care and will continue to text or Whatscrapp because they are complacent or just don't know anything otherwise. 19th, 20th, 21st... it doesn't matter. It was released before the end of the summer, as promised, and this thing isn't going to go #1 overnight in any case. It is going to take some marketing from BlackBerry and educating of others from those of us that see the true value of BBM.

BBM has no video or audio features on iOs and Android. Even the first version of whatsapp did better... Sorry but BBM is screwed

Considering that each device will get a unique PIN, just like BB's do, will we be able to do PIN to PIN messaging between devices? I think not, but just wondering...

PINs are for BlackBerry devices... i believe iOS and Android users just need to have (or create) a BlackBerry ID.

I love how it's coming out the day after ios 7 launches.... hey iPhone now that you made your phone all pretty how bout you make it useful and download BBM

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Hope it's real. I keep telling android and ios users the wrong dates. Just trying to create some excitement with family and friends. Goto say it plenty of hype in UK at the min. Come back BlackBerry we love ya

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I'm curious to understand, blackberry 10 phone how it,s work on download andorid and iPhone app.
1. Which is app platform should I visit.
2. Blackberry phone do addition side load and andorid runtime . to upgrade android apps , on blackberry phone.
4. Blackberry phone had built in hybrid o's to operates both apps .please advise, thank you.

I think you guys have to update the story. Now it's gonna be on the 22nd, not the 21st. Damn, Blackberry! No wonder you're going under.

I got this funny idea the delayed launch came down to a patent issue, which might explain the restricted feature set.

That and my BBM voice has been really unreliable lately, with both me and my GF on LTE.

I'm not a master of BB products yet so bear with me: The idea behind having BBM available on IOS and Android would be to allow corporations to put IOS and Android devices on BES, right? Please help. Also, with BBM going to IOS, would this also allow me to facetime with IOS users with My Q10? I'm assuming in their BBM app, the feature will be available. What else is unique about BBM going to IOS and Android if / when it will be released? I sent a BBM invite to my wife's Iphone last night and it simply took her to the Blackberry website.