BBM up and running on the BlackBerry PlayBook

BBM PlayBook
By Yousif Abdullah on 2 May 2011 09:01 am EDT

The number one sought-after feature since the inception of BlackBerry Bridge has finally come in the form of a BlackBerry Bridge update. Members of the CrackBerry nation are awe-struck since the unraveling of this long-awaited feature and finally it is here. A couple of reports mention compatibility with BlackBerry 6 only, but a BlackBerry OS 5.0 compatible version is likely to follow. It seems that you'll need both BlackBerry Bridge (AT&T users can download OTA here) as well as BBM from the Beta Zone, but many users have it up and running in full force. Check out more in the forums. Thanks Maiev for the image!

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BBM up and running on the BlackBerry PlayBook


Yes Finally! It took soooooo long! I'm an old man now! :P

More like: Wow that was fast! Only two weeks :O! Thanks!

Pessimistic person: "Grumble grumble it should have been here at launch grumble"

Well, now it's here. Awesome :) Happy is me.

"Tonight I went to check to see if there was an update for my BlackBerry PlayBook via the Software update tab in the settings and I was very surprise to see that there was. I wasn’t really expecting to see much but I was very surprised with what I did see. A new icon appeared for video chat! Tablet OS apparently brings us video chat! I haven’t got much time to play with it but look below to see the screen shots from the set up page." -berryreporter

the one day i left my playbook at home and theres a ton of updates. =(

i'm almost contemplating going home just to get it. lol

GREAT!! (NOT). Blackberry beta zone is closed so guess I just sit here without BBM on my playbook. Thanks RIM for only letting a select few have access to betas.


Some early observations:

- it works for sending/receiving messages, that's the important thing!
- it really is a window to the device: when first loading, it showed all the current chats that I had ongoing on my BB
- autotext working!
- BBM icon now shows in notification area of PlayBook -- but like the one for email messages, it's buggy and doesn't always go away after reading the new BBM message

- within a chat, you can bring up a menu to PING, send an attachment (usual PB screen for Pics/Videos/Music/Documents or something from your Bridged BB's files), or invite to a group chat

- it's great having a nice long chat window when in portrait mode
-- in portrait mode, the chat window takes up about 90% of the width. In the left hand side is a strip of contact avatars, but there doesn't appear to be any functionality. You click anywhere on it and it just hides the current chat and shows the contact list full screen. Would be cool if you tapped an avatar and then opened up a chat window for that person. But they'd have the make the strip of avatars scrollable, which it doesn't appear to be.
-- in landscape mode, the chat window is about 2/3 of the width, with the contact list on the left showing avatars, display names, and status. This layout offers the expected features mentioned above (easily open up chat window by tapping contact, scrolling through contact list while leaving current chat window open)

- no grouping of your contact list is ported over -- everyone just shows up under 'Contacts'

- no apparent integration with Bridged Contact list, if you happen to have your BBM list connected with your BB contacts. Tapping on a contact shows display name, PIN, Status, Timezone and location flag. Tapping avatar shows a larger version.

- no options to change layout; cannot tap/select a message to see date/time when it was sent

- a little laggy after hitting return on a message until it shows up in the chat bubble above
- first time I hit the button for smileys it took it's sweet time to load up. Seems fine after that.

- scrolling within contact list and chat window seems nice and smooth. Attached images you have received open up fine.

- you can change your own status by tapping on your avatar. It shows your display pic (tap on it to change), display name and personal message, as well as your status (dropdown to change between Available and Busy), PIN and PIN barcode.
-- it's not immediately obvious how to save your changed display message. You type in the entry field, but there's no option to save and all you can do is tap to go elsewhere in the app. After editing my status, it hasn't changed on the contact list view on my PB, but it appears to have changed fine per by BB.

I think that's about it for now! It functions fine and that's what I'm happy to see; still plenty of little things to polish up, but it's a start!

There is an OS5 compatible version of Bridge .83 I'm in the middle of the reboot from installing it. Looks like .83 was pushed out via App world this morning.

Just downloaded it and it works great. Had todo a battery pull for the updated BBM to show up as a update in App World. Other than that it work really well.

Yes I RIM KEEP EM COMING ,It works great and am loving it ,great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a Bold 9650 (OS 6.0) and PB (OS .1710) but no update to my bridge app or PB. I have a beta version of BBM 6.0 on my BB. How did you get yours to show up finally?

after updates and open BBM, the page keep on say " blackberry messenger End-User licence agreement not accepted on your device.... ANY IDEA whats the problems?

EDIT; its working now, i forgot to accept user agreement for bbm on my phone. more updates needed though thanx

In think you will need:
BBM v is now available to download. The update is available via BlackBerry App World.

New features include:

* Support for Hindi and Vietnamese
* Simplified sending of pictures and voice notes
* More user-friendly wording and organization in menus
* Support for a simpler, one line view of contact list Support for both deleting an unsent chat message (Shift-Del) and escaping out of a chat while retaining an unsent chat message (Escape button)

I really was hoping they would make BBM for PlayBook available for non-blackberry users as well.. after all the PlayBook IS a BlackBerry device. Why limit to BlackBerry smartphone users? I have n iPhone 4 and a PlayBook, so I guess I'll never have BBM.

until rim ports bbm to other platforms i dont think we arw going to see bbm on wifi devices -- only on 3/4g carrier models

I have a feeling you will see it soon.

Yesterday for the first time, I noticed that my Torch 9800 was able to use BBM over wi-fi. I had the wireless switched off for testing.

In other words, it didn't go via the carrier wireless network.(Possible it was tunneled via UMA).

So in theory BBM should be able to work on any wi-fi enabled device. The BB symbol was alongside the wi-fi symbol - so I guess the access is via BIS direct. It's possible access was via UMA, but at least it means access is feasible.

all the decvice needs is a way to get in touch with rims noc. so once your device is registered on the carriers bis it just needs a data connection to re connect wifi even without the carrier's wireless signal.

Man What the F.... I just downloaded bridge on my phone the update and I am current with my updates on my playbook but don't see my bbm on the Playbook... How did you guys get yours to work

You need BBM 5.322 as well......happened to me as well :)

Currently dloading thru appworld on PC as phone based Appworld doesn't have it for me as yet.

Maybe I'm a special case, but I was able to download through App World. I can also confirm that BBM is working for me through the new version of Bridge.

I am on the phone with RIM they said BBM hasn't been released... I am pissed how does everyone one else have it and I don't ... what did you guys do to get it?

Thanks phaser0422 for pointing this out. Downloading the update now. This is why I love

Im using a Bold 9780 on Rogers and the new versions of BBM and Bridge were not available. I had to jump around to several websites to find updates. Took me 45 minutes longer than it should have.

Why can't RIM push updates to App World at the same time for everyone? They're < 3MB downloads!

Very frustrating.

Anyways, I got it working. Seems to work fine. No support for BBM Groups which is annoying.
I'm glad that now I can read ebooks/browse the web on my PB at night without needing my phone nearby as well.
Here's hoping they add BBM Groups support soon.

i kinda dont want SMS or MMS on there because if some one is looking at it or useing it i dont want them to be looking ya know

How is it exactly that having BBM on the PlayBook is okay, but SMS/MMS isn't? BBM msgs are still using the BB itself to send/receive BBMs. All the Bridge is doing is acting as an interface via local http. Everything is still on the BB itself. So if you're worried about someone "looking over your shoulder", the net outcome is the same whether it's an SMS or BBM.

Makes me miss spell check, predictive typing, and an editable auto correct list even more. Outside of that its pretty cool.

This just gets sweeter and sweeter!!!!! I was too lazy to read the previous posts, but the good ol' ALT RST gave me the update for Bridge in AppWorld (sorry if reposting)

I am already downloading blackberry bridge without any issues the latest version - before it would give me not available in your region etc but I am very disappointed that it nearly took RIM a month to actually deploy this - HQ should work faster in future and not wait for BlackBerry world to announce it.