BBM and emails moving slow, another outage looming? [updated]

By Bla1ze on 9 Nov 2011 04:16 pm EST
BBM outage

*UPDATE* @BlackBerryHelp - We’re getting reports that some users are experiencing delays. We’re investigating and will update you ASAP. ^CB

*UPDATE 2* - And all is well again, according to @BlackBerry - BlackBerry services are currently operating normally in EMEIA.

While we're hesitant to give this one the honor of being a full scale outage, it appears as though some folks are indeed having issues with getting emails and BBM messages delivered on their devices. We'll continue to monitor things but here are a few examples from users across the World of what is happening after being asked if they were experiencing any issues:

  • @crackberry yes me... in italy
  • @crackberry yup I'm having issues. Still some functionality but some users are completely down.
  • @crackberry yes...I am facing internet connectivity and BBM issues in India
  • @crackberry BBM messages haven't been sending properly in the past half an hour, hope they get it quicker than last time!

You having any issues? If so drop some comments here on the blogs or in the forums while we continue to monitor the situation.

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BBM and emails moving slow, another outage looming? [updated]


At the airport in Saskatoon and all seems to be operating as normal. BBM fine. Rental Car receipt email came through right away...Probably more ISP stuff

BBM was painfully slow during some of the earlier hours yesterday in Jamaica. All seems well now, hope it stays that way.

First of all I'm haven't difficulties o2 uk won't send at all or emails or internet while me other bb is on vodafone uk won't email but will bbm and won't go on internet devices are 9780 on o2 and curve 9300 on vodafone

BBM issues in Saudi Arabia. Major delays in delivery. Very intermittent service. Emails are also intermittent. Even when connected to wifi still experiencing crap.

I meant even when I do connect to wifi. So regardless of wifi or not, I'm still experiencing the same problems here.

Confirmed here in Dom. Rep.

Both BBM and BIS/BES messages are having problems being delivered.

Happening since more than 3 hours ago, but has gotten better since.

** Update **
BBM IS working here in FL and DR .. Venezuela could just be the guy's phone's battery died?? :p

Not totally true... I'm in france (Paris) and my blackberry services have been down for 4 days... But surprisingly my wife, my brother and a friend of mine all have everything working normally... And its weird cuz we all have the same carrier and all have a 9900... So im starting to think mine is cursed or some shit... If anyone have an answer.... Pls get at me!

I'm in Brooklyn, NY and I seem to be able to send BBMs just fine..all of my messages were going through okay, and I've had no issues with email today.... now everyone is going to send a bunch of test messages and slow down the people that are having problems.

I've heard about other friends in Mexico having some slight issues but for me and my friend in Texas our BBMs have been working fine even during the 4day outtage back a few weeks.

I'm in California btw.

Bold 9900 Orange-UK (PayMonthly) (mine)
No issues, BBM's a little slow, but not drastic

Pearl 8110 o2-UK (PayMonthly) (wife)
Slow service, email down, BBM & Facebook severely slow

Torch 9800 o2-UK (PayMonthly) (my mom)
Slow service, email down, BBM severely slow

Curve 9300 o2-UK (PayMonthly) (my sister)
Slow service, returning to normal, Facebook not working

Curve 8900 o2-UK (PayMonthly) (friend)
Slow service all round

Yes. I live in Georgia (USA) and have had issues recently receiving all of my emails for my work email address only.

Also, a coworker is experiencing delays with receiving emails in general. I believe he only has his work email pushed to his BB. He will get them delayed in bunches.

Slow Browsing
Delays in BBM
Delays in emails
Many fails in sending WLM messages.

#Vodafone #Qatar

Blackberry just posted on their Facebook page, only some users in EMEA are affected by the delays. That is Europe, Middle East and Asia for those who aren't sure. Rest assured you guys and gals in North America are just fine.

I seem to have lost service on BBM/email/other notifications between 2100-2200 this evening uk time on Vodafone. Got a bunch of stuff through just after 2200 but service is patchy again. Diagnostic from my device showed the BB registration was ok but the peer to peer ( PIN to PIN) was failed. Someones up to something at the moment!

LOL this just made me think of American pie when jim blows his load while everyones watching and that dude goes "not again man"

I didn't realize anything was wrong before coming here and checking my phone.

Almost unusable browser speeds on AT&T here in Philadelphia. Emails seem to be fine, though.

I was thinking it was some interference while being in the BestBuy store because surely RIM could not have hit the switch on us again (sarcasm). Delays in Toronto, got over 20 emails back to back! BBM though isn't giving issues!

Everything seems to be up and running here in Miami Fl. I feel sorry for the Europeans though Rim is in the process of destroying their fanbase over there.

i hope this won't happen again in the near future. come on RIM, prove your service reliability to us. I feel sorry for the EMEIAns for the service disruption recently.

i also hope RIM has learnt a good lesson from its global outage a couple of months ago, and hopefully the BB service now is restored & monitored simultaneously.

Are the Euro servers in Turkey by any chance? Just there was an earthquake there earlier and I am sure the last small outage was the same day as the last earthquake in Turkey coincidence ?

Are you stupid?, why you post a fucking bad comment to RIM? post when you are sure of an outage not before, before you only damage the reputation of RIM...

I was getting messages no problem, but couldn't send back. Tried to tweet about it and couldn't do that either. Even the text I tried to send to explain why I wasn't responding to BBM went but took a couple of minutes. All solved now, though. Unfortunately my battery fried in about an hour because it kept trying to send, though...

CrackBerry... you're really starting to make me wonder about you.... Keep your nose clean and stop trying the TMZ style of junk reporting like BGR is doing... report the facts, not rumours based on a few sketchy reports. The more I come to CrackBerry, the more disappointed I'm becoming in what I'm seeing.... very sad indeed.

why, what's wrong with that? it's a good cause to spread the news, you can have a go on the BB's twitter page about the disruption. now let's hope together, that the issue is fully resolved and the BB service is back up & running like a solid rock.

That's odd, I'm also in Winnipeg and it's all fine 'n' dandy over MTS, you sure it's out, Kevin?

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to read the update, but I haven't had any problems all day.

Just came on CB to check. Montreal, on Telus.
Been hrs already, no text, no BBM (not working since 9pm EST looking at pass messages sent out with no D noting), no emails and no browser connectivity. Ain't sure about out Texts but INC Texts i haven't received any in hours so. Phone service is working... Signal is stuck on 1xev (yes lower case)... 3 am EST now

Really RIM? Wtf.. Come' On Man!

i'm in NIgeria. noticed email was slow for a bit yesterday. didn't last long and it was back to normal.
however what i just noticed was all the data on my media card have been erased. help!!!! i didn't do anything. my music and pictures are all gone. same thing happened during the last big outage.
has anyone experienced this before?

yesterday was a short outage in slovakia, emails and messenger messages were delayed, but i think its not a blackberry problem, cause the PC email communication was delayed too.

In Hamilton, ON with Virgin(Bell), I still have no email or BBM for about 20hrs. Also had an outage the day before for 6 hours.

I have checked a few times, tethering the Playbook to my 9810 works fine, a little slow, but it works. Still no email, all BBM have the clock, but I can send this message from my tethered playbook. Weird.

Started experiencing annoying delays about 10 minutes ago. BBM messages are not beign delivered. Just the clock sign near each message. Not good...

I'm in Moscow, Russia. Using Bold 9900 on MTS Russia.

No Problems in Germany, but the connection to Asia is very slow and much Messages were never delivered :-(

@ Bangalore, India: Mail delivery is intermittently delayed, BBM seems okay! Or I may not noticed delays. BUT, Internet browsing speed is definitely slow for 3 days. Frustratingly slow! :(

We are lucky here in Cambodia because BB App World is now available (since Independance day on Wed, 11/9.

Some odd behavior with email and BBM services in the last week. It may have been the broader network issue that surfaced recently. Beyond that, my experience since the big outage is that it is suspiciously flaky ... Slower emails on an intermittent basis. I am in Toronto.

After spending a lot of time this morning with my server to see if it was my BB and here in Ontario or my friends in the UK, my server and I realized it's not our service in Ontario since I can receive and send locally, but that in the UK. Since last night at 3:30 am UK time bbm's have been slow and now since about 9 am UK time today, are not sending or receiving to me... friend is a vodofone user but is in Edinburgh visiting. I've researched forums w/ vodfone UK and there seems to be others experiencing delays or no bbms working too since on and off again since the 9th. ~~~ 24hrs later, it's just started working again. A burp in the system? With all the complaints I've seen about Vodafone, I don't think it was RIM this time...