BBM alerts come to BlackBerry 10 Pebble users with Talk2Watch Pro

By DJ Reyes on 18 Mar 2014 04:13 am EDT

Good news for you BlackBerry 10 toting Pebble users. Talk2Watch Pro has just landed in BlackBerry World. This Pro version brings a handful of new features you’ll want to check out. There’s already a lot of features to see in the regular but the developer has been working hard to bring features a lot of people have been craving for.

One of the biggest features to be found in Talk2Watch Pro is BBM notifications. It is a little bare bones right now but the function is there. I say ‘bare’ because as of right now there isn’t a way to read into the BBM message, nor can you see who the message is from. All you get is a notification to say that you have a BBM message. However, the fact that the feature is here is a huge step forward. You will find that when you send a message, you’ll get an alert too. There isn’t a way to determine whether the message is incoming or outgoing so that’s another thing but it is certainly great that we can be notified nonetheless.

The Pro version also introduces Scriptmode. This feature means that you no longer have to remember button combinations in order to execute a script. All you need to remember is the button combination to activate Scriptmode and all your scripts are accessible with the press of a button. To activate Scriptmode, just jump into the music section, as you would normally and press the top button on your Pebble three times (000). You can then just scroll through all your scripts. The developer has gone ahead and added all the scripts by default so you don’t have to. You’ll also find some scripts in the main section, these are any scripts marked as favourite, you can edit these as you wish.

Talk2Watch Pro Default Scripts  Talk2Watch Pro Scripts Root

If you’ve been wanting to try out active watch faces, you can now. The developer has managed to get three active watch faces working - Modern, Futura Weather and YWeather. These watch faces allow you to see the weather permanently on the watch face as well as other things like phone battery status and more. These can be found in the Watch faces section by swiping down from the top. As well as those watch faces, the developer has managed to get the Foursquare Pebble app working. While you can still use the script function to check-in to Foursquare you can load up the Foursquare via the Pebble app and use that too. Just like iOS and Android users. Definitely glad to see that available. As mentioned, you will need to load these using the official Pebble app, sideloaded or via and Android or iOS device.

Talk2Watch Pro Watch faces  Talk2Watch Pro Settings

You’ll notice a UI change in the pro version too. You can now tweak the icons in the main section. If you don’t use certain notifications, then you can untick them and they will no longer show up. You can also adjust how many icons in a row too, this willl adjust the icon size too. The more you put in a row, the smaller the icons will become.

Apart from releasing this Talk2Watch Pro version, the developer, Benjamin Sliwa, has been working on a Talk2Watch API Reference. What this does is let other developers connect with the Talk2Watch app. We’ve already seen the Watch2Watch app and PhotoUploader make use of this and we shall be seeing more apps soon too. I would love to see a sports app (Casca Run) connect with Talk2Watch. If you’re interested, you can check out the Talk2Watch API Reference app in BlackBerry World.

Talk2Watch Pro will cost your $3.99. Look at is as a donation to the developer. He works on this app full-time on top of being a student and is doing wonders with it to brings awesome functionality to BlackBerry 10 users. Both apps will see updates and seeing as it’s the only app we BlackBerry users have right now, let’s support the developer.

Please note, you will need to have at least Pebble 2.0 (beta 4) firmware running on your Pebble watch in order to use Talk2Watch Pro.

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BBM alerts come to BlackBerry 10 Pebble users with Talk2Watch Pro


Thanks, I'm not a fan of smart watches. I rather just look at the phone for notifications, etc. It's just me but if I paid good money for a smartphone, I don't want to look at a watch to tell me what's on it. To each his own!

Posted via CB10

Many times it is more discrete to look at my Pebble to ascertain the importance of what ever was incoming and decide if it important enough to stop my conversation or session with a client to pull my phone out. I hear what u our saying though.

Posted via CB10

Yeah but then your clients will think you're a clock watcher. Which looks bad on you.

Posted via CB10

It's more discrete to watch the watch instead of pulling your phone out.
You can mask that gesture in many many ways. ;)

Posted via CB10

Good news! I'm using the free app for a while, and my Pebble steel is coming to my home today!

Posted via CB10

I'm waiting for more big brand apps... those apps that could bring in more customers.... and more undate about BBM bug fixed things like that...

 BB FANS via Q10 

And I run the Save the PlayBook and BlackBerry BBM Channel.

That's never happening.

Posted from my Tab 3 via Android CrackBerry App!

You want to know how to judge a good app? By the support from the dev. Based on all the apps I have installed the support for this one is second to none!!
Keep up the great work

Posted via CB10

Install Neutron Music player, that is the best app ever, in its field and for updates too. ;)

Posted via CB10

If I ever get my Pebble Steel, I will sooo be all over the Pro version...8 weeks and counting with no responses worth anything from their customer service...hope this watch is all it's cracked up to be LOL

Posted via CB10

I love my pebble watch. I was more excited about this feature before but nobody I know really uses BBM. I tried to get people to use it but that didn't last long. Either way, good on 'em. I like app updates.

Posted via CB10

I'm with you, few people are still using it.
One of them bought the Steel with me, but he cannot make it work with BBM...

That's sad.

Posted via CB10

The Dev. Has been working and improving on this T2w app. .he is very involved with continuing to enhance it!! Highly recommend this app.!

Posted via CB10

Yes. Scripts don't work perfectly but everything else is perfect for me.

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "

It's a start. I grabbed it up right away and the Dev is always making improvements so I'm happy to support his work.
Goo write up too DJ.

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "

this is a nice update and i did buy the app for support, however with everything going headless, its useless to me... this release should have waited till headless was implemented... its useless without headless... i never have any active frames open anymore... so to have this running with an active frame is pointless... this needs to go headless ASAP.

Seriously? I mean headless will be great but honestly are you checking every time you use the phone if an app is open?

Posted via CB10

Can't get used to wearing anything on my wrist again, after all those years.

And it's easy to get a rash here in the tropics. Hot and sweaty...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I'm just now getting to catch up on my Crackberry RSS since last thursday. But I purchased this app before reading this. The dev did a lot of work and I must say a damn good job on this. It's well worth the $4. I love the new scriptmode. I couldn't get it to work on the free version, plus I couldn't remember all those combinations. The BBM notification is ok. You just get notified too often. You are notified on your watch when your message is sent, delivered, read, replied to and when you read the message. But the watch only says New BBM Message. One of my other favorites, and I hope he adds more to is the watchfaces setting. There are 6 watch faces you now have the option to get the weather on. Which at first the only way u could get the weather to work is using the android app. But not only weather 4 of those watchfaces you can change to have (weather, city, phone battery life and bitcoin (I've never used bitcoin so I'm clueless about that option). Only downfalls are, 1. headless hasn't been integrated in it yet so it still has to be. Ran active frame. And 2. Call notifications still don't show number/contact. I think it's because blackberrys phone API not being released though. Overall, to the Dev, I love the app and keep up the good work guy.

Posted via CB10

I have a Pebble V2 and a Z10. I bought T2W Pro (first time I bought an app!) after reading all the great reviews. Most functions work but the calendar and BBM notifications do not work for me.
There are many positive comments about the developer, here and in the App store. However, I'm not as impressed as the others.
I posted a 3 star (out of 5) review with this feedback, and it was deleted a few days, and all the other reviews are all 5 stars. I think that is a little unethical.
I used the contact the developer function in the app and the email address is not valid. so can't reach him that way.
So does anyone in the forum have any advise, on either getting the app to work as advertised, or how to contact the developer?

Replying to my own post above. The developer did get back to me about a BBM setting and BBM notifications are now coming to my Pebble.
Calendar notifications are not possible for "work calendars", too bad as I was really hoping for that one to work.

As a physician getting text message calls and pages, the Pebble is perfect. No need anymore to stop writing or talking to pull out the Z30 when it rings.