BBM 7.0.1 hits the BlackBerry Beta Zone with support for OS 5.0 devices

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jan 2013 01:17 pm EST

Update from RIM: We know that there were some users who weren't able to download the application from the email we sent out on January 14th. We have fixed the problem and invite you to join the BlackBerry Messenger 7.0.1 beta program! Head on over to BlackBerry Beta Zone and download the latest version today!

BBM 7.0.1 has landed in the BlackBerry Beta Zone bringing support for OS 5.0 devices. The update includes some overall fixes and tweaks and now lets users running OS 5.0 get in on the action as well. It shouldn't be too long before this one rolls out to the public if things go well.

Updates include:

  • Support for devices running OS 5.0
  • Faster call setup for BBM Voice sessions
  • Improved device accessory handling (Bluetooth and headset integration)
  • BBID setup and integration improvements 

If you're a Beta Zone member you can login now and you should see the available update.

Download BBM 7.0 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone 

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Reader comments

BBM 7.0.1 hits the BlackBerry Beta Zone with support for OS 5.0 devices


Known Issues List for

Incorrect application version, instead of 7.0.1.x

Im getting an error message. Ive trie running the process by handheld only and once by sending the download link to my device. .....Same error message each time.

"Error 500. The server encountered an internal error and could not meet your request. Inform the Webmaster of the problem site(s)."

Edit your profile and change the country to US; and just revert back after registering for the BBM Beta...

Thanks. Just had to change the country, now I live in toronto,On, USA according to my profile! They don't even check the postal code. I thought I had to change to zip code, but didn't have too.

It's in my beta zone now. I don't understand why they didn't make it available in Canada.

I'm "living" in the UK at moment to play with Blackberry Navigator. Seems that BBM 7.0.1 is now available in UK as well although it wasn't initially.
EDIT: While I'm shown as eligible, it won't let me download...

Good to see RIM taking care of every BlackBerry OS. This shows that RIM will not abandon its Older BB OS's once BB10 comes out. Haven't updated just yet.

Finally got past the server error, and downloaded successfully. Key Code required "menu>paste" to paste (didn't get paste or any other menu option when pushing trackpad), and installed/activated fine.

And it auto added the comment "Let's talk with BBM Voice :) Download BBM 7.0" below my name. Not too sure how I feel about that. Admittedly, it's easy to remove and I understand why they want to publicise the new features of BBM, but wouldn't it be more effective to tell folks who DON'T already have BBM? It just reminds me of freeware with built in ads.

Did not receive a key code... Anyone else had that issue?
and can't figure out how to generate a new one.. any assistance would be great

EDIT: It just took some time to arrive.. All good now :)

I went from the prior "Error 500", to what you're experiencing now. Been unable to download all day. What is RIM's issue?

getting the export restriction message even though I'm in the US. And i DIDN'T change it for the Navigator beta

unable to download due to export restrictions" in the UK.

Didn't appear at first, reloaded and its there but above message appears.

Error 500 » Export Restrictions -_- looking out for a apology/ fix of some sort o_o emailed betainfo = nil response yet.......

Not sure i think im going to try that now, seeing that the keycode was the same through out the entire beta period of BBM7, it can be the same for this one

It works! just use my provided link,and a keycode from previous BBM7 betas and your good to go :)

i got a response stating server error, reboot and try again #Classic 'reboot' well it didn't work, i'll try again tomorrow. Peace out. :)

Download denied, 90 minutes of fighting with the beta site then the Export Restrictions bullshit. If these incompetent RIM bozos can't even set up a beta download properly there is no hope for BB10.

Download doesn't work - some export restriction. Countless comments about it, no response from RIM. Many report e-mailing RIM at the email address they've asked us all to use (I emailed, too), and no responses.

I think RIM is spending all its energy on BB10 and ignoring everything else, like this, for example.

il be damned if i keep old key codes for expired betas. The dummies at rim can provide a correct link or can keep their v modest upgrade. BBM is working great for me and my kin.