New emoticons arrive with BBM version 7

By Adam Zeis on 14 Nov 2012 09:03 am EST

BBM 7 Emoticons

BBM 7 was introduced in beta earlier today with BBM Voice as an awesome new feature. In addition, BBM version 7 is sporting some new updates including a new set of emoticons. BBM'ers are big emoticon users (some have entire conversations with them) so adding more to the mix is never an issue. There are 16 new ones in all and I'm pretty excited to rock them out soon.

There are some sweet weather icons, a peace-giving hippie and my favorite, a steaming red angry face which I like to call "Angry Kevin". They don't look to be included in the current beta version, but rest assured they should be alive and well when an official release hits BlackBerry App World. If you haven't downloaded the new BBM 7 beta, go grab it if it's available in your region.

Hit the comments and let us know what you think of the new emoticons! 

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New emoticons arrive with BBM version 7


Download software to change your Ip Address! "Easy-hide-ip" is free for 3 days and gets you access to the BetaZone registration! Just register with a US address and everything should be fine! Cheers! *Already did this and it works fine* Just make sure to use YOU Blackberry ID and YOUR PIN since they send you a very large code generated by your PIN.

I usually wait for full version. Can't be bothered with betas. This was expected though. Has anyone seen the stickers(equivalent of smileys on LINE instant messaging app)?

Same here, I'm in North York and I just finished downloading and installing it, rebooting it now :)

I like the one in which the smiley is salivating... I am already doing it for the 10 and the smileys... :)))

My torch 9800 is rebooting so I can play with BBM7! Seems silly to get beta software now, since I plan on upgrading in February!

According to a French BB forum article that was posted yesterday in the CrackBerry forums, it states that it should be available to the general public on November 30, 2012

The new emoticons would be cool if we could use them on social networks. I.E Twitter.. Let iPhone see black squares for once lol :-p #BlackBerryIdea

BlackBerryIdea:- Your Idea's In Motion...

The new emotions aren't there...bummer. I did however notice that bbm is now synchronized with my bbid. That's one thing that had to happen before PlayBook would get BBM so that's a good thing :)

*BBID Synchronization - Users can now switch even more easily between BlackBerry smartphones since BBM 7 allows your BBM profile, Groups and Contacts to be linked to your BBID.  Integration with BBID will also allow users to seamlessly transfer all of their BBM information to a BlackBerry 10 device*

Yes, which won't be an issue once it's available in App World as I am sure everyone will update to the latest version.

Not sure how happy Telcos will be about that since that would cut into their air time.

BB 9900. / 7.1 bundle 2107 (v7.1.0.746 platform
Montreal Canada
Bell Mobility

Available right now
up & running on my phone

had to update my BBID also

cannot find the new emoticons though??

they are probably not available in the version that was given out today. it might be in some later beta versions or maybe even in the final version itself.

Those complaining about the missing new emoticons should just read the article before jumping in with their comments.

ummmm where are they?? Installed BBM 7 and they are not there, so whats the real deal?

read the article, the title is a little misleading,oh well just have to wait until its really available.

- no new emoticons in the beta version as the article suggests.
- no option to backup - locally or remotely (could be due to BBID connect?).
- stock avatars folder is gone.
- if you don't use wifi this is nothing special.

Well im glad they only added a few more. I hate "overdone" IM apps with too many. Like whatsapp. Its too complicated and crowded. Just reminds me ofna trashy android developed app when there is too many. This is good. They are tasteful the additions

For those too tired to read:

They don't look to be included in the current beta version, but rest assured they should be alive and well when an official release hits BlackBerry App World.

Most of the whatsapp ones are the same but with animals. But choice is always good.

I still want my pipesmoke smiley for when i prove a point lol

Ok, I've read the article, and don't give a rats arse about emoticons that, I know, are NOT included here....but I see NO all....there is NO, NONE, ZERO, ZIP, NADA "bbm voice" options for any of my contacts...yeah this is awesome...uh-huh

Mine seems go be working fine and tested it with a friend. Only thing is that I am getting a message that pops up periodically saying there is a conflict with the certificate? Anyone else getting this?

ok downloaded this , this AM.

having issues where my "ding" notification sound isn't working. all others email, text, ringer, etc is working but not BBM,.
it shows the red astrix but that it, no noise, i rebooted my phone a few time, tried to change the sound profile, nothing.

They sent you an email with your specific keycode after you downloaded BBM 7 check your emails for one from RIM. And I was able to do the update around 10am yesterday but got no new emoticons, nor is the call feature available in my menu but I'm just assuming that's because none of my contacts had upgraded to the beta yet?
Blackberry for Life says clearly "they don't look to be included in the current beta version, but rest assured they should be alive and well when an official release hits"

So, the new emoticons not in current beta...

Just downloaded it through BetaZone. No new Emoticons which was one of the more compelling reasons for me to get it (since none f my friends are savvy enough to do Beta testing so I'll never have anyone to test the voice chat with).
Nice tease with this post, but no new emoticons yet.
In the Toronto area with Rogers.

Downloaded it through app world (I’m on an Italian provider TIM) the phone will load but will not switch on, even in provisional mode! Not lookin goog