BBM 7 now supports BlackBerry OS 4.5 and higher

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jan 2013 10:15 am EST

Update from RIM: Unfortunately BBM 7 currently only supports OS 6 and up, so no love for lower OS devices just yet. Sorry! 

If you happen to still be using an older device with OS 4.5 or OS 5, you can now update BBM to take advantage of the new features in version 7. While BBM 7 was rolled out a few weeks back to higher OS devices, there was no support for legacy devices included. Now it has been updated with full support for devices running OS 4.5 and higher. Unfortunately however BBM Voice yet available for these devices. 

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BBM 7 now supports BlackBerry OS 4.5 and higher


BBM or your friend is lying... Check WLM link on AppWorld says OS 4.5+ & v10.0.0.95. you able to get it? Nope, that's for BB10... AppWorld Web shows latest version available to ANY os w/ out caring OS version you have...

Well, on right hand side, it says:

Required Device Software
Smartphone: 4.5.0 or higher

So, I guess it SHOULD work on 4.5. Maybe it'd take a day or two to propagate to app world. Like originally when BBM Voice was released for OS 7 devices, it took few days for updates to show up.

Used it on my BBOS 6 phone. Worked well. Thanks to RIM for saving me muchoo dollars when I travel to the US and hopefully Europe as well.

Still not seeing it on my Curve 8530 with OS 5. It now just says BBM is not supported on my device in App World.

still not release yet. its better if you get another source that more reliable to write anything about BlackBerry *just advice* :p

It will show soon relax everyone.....even the latest playbook tablet update rolled to the playbooks at different times. I own 3 units and it was 3 days before the update was pushed to all units......I don't know why, but that was what went down......Thanks RIM for still thinking of us Bold OS 5 users......BB10 and holding steady!!!

Downloading on the phone or on the browser? I can't my browser to recognize my phone. Only the Playbook. Can't get the browser to switch device?

Rather than updating the post, perhaps you could try updating the blog title? I mean, if I want a headline that doesn't match the content, I have plenty of newspapers around.