BBM 7 with BBM Voice now available in BlackBerry App World

BBM 7, which includes BBM Voice, is now available in BlackBerry App World. It had a short Beta Zone run and is now ready for prime time.

By Adam Zeis on 10 Dec 2012 08:17 am EST

BBM 7 includes the new BBM Voice as well as updated emoticons, BBID integration, fixes and much more. You can grab the latest version from BlackBerry App World right now. If you're not seeing it just yet, give it a bit as it will be rolling out over the next 24 hours. While you're waiting, be sure to check out our hands-on with BBM Voice to see it in action. Keep reading for the full list of changes.

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  • Multi-tasking with Split-screen feature – Customers can do more while they talk, such as check other BBM text chats, check email, or navigate to other apps while engaged on a BBM Voice call. They can start a call in an instant, and switch between texting and talking, or text and talk at the same time. They can also for example, send a picture to a contact while they are talking with them.
  • Clear Visual Indicator – Customers can see when contacts are available for a voice call.
  • Convenient Compatibility with Accessories – Customers can use their favorite accessories, such as a Bluetooth or wired headset, or use the BlackBerry smartphone’s speakerphone.
  • 16 New Emoticons – Available in the final software released today, customers will see a slate of new emoticons offer them fresh, fun ways to express themselves in text chats.
  • Direct BBM Update Notification – BBM will now notify a customer when there is an update from within the app, and allow them to download it immediately from inside the app.
  • Simple BlackBerry ID Synchronization – A customer’s BBM profile, Groups and Contacts are now linked to their BBID for easy backup and restore. The data will also carry over when they move to BlackBerry 10.

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Reader comments

BBM 7 with BBM Voice now available in BlackBerry App World


Will this work with PLAYBOOK's video Chat (As a voice only call of course)??

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

hmm...doesn't allow me to upgrade. Says the latest version is already installed? v7.0.0.121

Edit: if you have this problem just force a refresh then upgrade as normal. New version should read v7.0.0.126

Again, an OS5 user has failed RIM by not upgrading their old hardware... disappointing. You'll get your OS5 update in time. I'm guessing they have other priorities at the moment.

Says update available but when I click on it no upgrade button and it says you are up-to-date. Maybe later today...

In App World, go to My World, then hold down ALT and press R then S then T. App World will shut down. Open App World again and you should see it.

I can see it, but I am having the same issue is OP. It shows update available, click on it, no option to update. I tried clicking update all, but didn't update. Tried ALT RST, it refreshed app world, but update still isn't coming through.

It's not a huge deal, I have version .121, so I still have BBM Voice, would like the official release though.

Really awesome can't wait to use.. Already informed my contacts.

DBK 8520 » 9790 » 9930+16GB PlayBook! ^_^

I click on "Update Available" but it keeps taking me to the same version I already have; v6.2.0.56. I've tried refreshing and rebooting but it doesn't want to work.

*EDIT* This is frustrating, the update keeps appearing and disappearing and when I manage to click on it is still shows the old version. I have no need to be first to have this nor am I in any general hurry, but this is ridiculous. I'm giving up, it'll update when it updates.


I absolutely agree, I just posted about this below. Updates should be available when they say it's released. All other platforms have it ready when they say so. I'm at wits end with Blackberry on FINDING an update or an app sometimes when they "release" it. Like you said, you're not in a particular hurry, but you want it because they say it's there and it isn' I don't have time to sit around and "force refresh" all day. This better not be the case with the new Blackberry World on the next platform

Sweet application! My only hope is that some of my associates that have fled to the i-Phone will return, so I will have someone to chat with.

Force refresh from the main screen. Then in the upper right corner of that MAIN app screen there should be an UPDATE ALL button. Going into the APP after the force refresh didnt get me an update button either but the update all worked from the main screen.

ah... BBM 7.
must be nice.

still rocking my old Bold 9000.
we all know that once it comes out for OS5, it's just gonna freeze up my phone whenever i try to use voice.

AND my trackball won't scroll to the right. tear.


the only way that work for me; open app world, then go to "my apps" or "my world", then press the blackberry button and press "update list" or something like that, then the bbm icon will show "upgrade available" but don't open the app just put the cursor over the app and press again the blackberry buttom and press "upgrade app" or "upgrade now" and you will get the upgrade... sorry for my bad explanation i don't speak good english

Was having the same issues as above and below, your fix worked great! Just hit the bb menu key, the "select items", select BBM, at the top it should say "Upgrade items" Clicked that and I was good to go! Thanks for the fix!

It seems working well. But, there is a but, we have tried several times with my wife and after less than 30 secs our wifi hotspot crashes.
Once we could not even recover the connexion to it and we had to reboot it. Even after rebooting it, calling each other on the same wifi internet still crashes our hotspot device (Netgear DG834G V2).

Tried force refreshing and didnt work...still see version 6.2. I must say, this is truly annoying about App World, and hopefully won't be the case with Bberry 10. When something they say something is available, I'm expecting it to be there automatically. with Apple, when they say Angry Birds is available, I search and it is there. When Angry Birds Space was "available" for Playbook, it wasn't for many people for a few hours, then was. I don't want these kinds of issues with the next platform

By "force refreshing", do you mean typing the ALT key + RST ?
In which country are you residing ?

Here in Belgium I confirm that we managed to update 2 devices BB9900 with BBM7.

Regarding our first experiences on BBM 7, we have seen is that our old Netgear DG834G v2 wifi Hotspot crashes systematically after 20 secs of conversation.

We will try with other wifi devices.

downloaded and rebooting - didn't show as a splat, but when I went to BBM on the list and opened it the upgrade was there.

Just mailed my 9800 to my son to tide him over until BB10 - will this work on OS6 devices or no?

Just downloaded the update. BBID integration is working perfectly, haven't been able to test out BBM Voice just yet as nine of my contacts have updated their versions of BBM.

Did you try doing a search for it? Or holding your menu key to switch applications because BBM is one that is always open I don't even know where my icon for it is, to be honest I think it is hidden because of never used the icon.

Now am also having issue with my BeWeather.
It's not running either.
Keep getting "Exception" have to terminate the program.

Finally! I had to delete both the BeWeather & the Messenger and reload everything.
Works OK now! (Both programs!)

how did you delete it? I also have 9860 but with Bell. I'm not a happy user right now. Been trying to fix my missing messenger all day. Couldn't even "restore" in DTM since it is greyed out there but app world says it's installed. I think I've tried everything else (except ALT RST since we don't have a physical keyboard).

I looked at my phone 3 seconds after posting this and app world showed "upgrade available" for messenger and protect, I"m doing that now so I'll only follow up if it doesn't work. Totally ridiculous it took so much wasted time from my day. BB support just drooped a little from this faithful user.

I hoped it is just me. I installed it to my 9800 and now it is in endless reboot loop. The progress bar reaches the Escape button and then reboots. I cannot even boot it into Safe Mode by pressing and holding the Escape button whilst it boots.

Now reinstalling BBOS. Sigh.....

Installed in my 9800 with no issues. Just waiting for others to upgrade theirs. Cannot see the BBM Voice Icon til theirs is upgraded.

Perhaps it is just not my day. Reinstalled OS and restored backup (one month old) from BB Desktop. Now installed BB Protect and restoring the BB Protect Backup (yesterday).

Will have to reinstall all apps. Sigh....

upgraded my app world from to ,, uninstalled bbm ,, restarted the phone ..
and baangg !! i can't even find bbm in the app world !
so i installed the beta bbm 7 again !

any suggestions !

This does not bodes well if those morons at RIM cannot even do a seamless simple BBM upgrade! I still have not been successfull to upgrade following all the different options as listed by posters. I even tried from BB website, but there I cannot even login with BB Id!!

How are they morons when they tell you that it will take up to 24 hours for the update to propagate through?

Read my post! It was showing an update is needed, but going into App world show nothing. Like many other posters. Thats why!!!!!!

Works great on my blackberry 9790. Tried it with a friend and works flawlessly. maybe a suggestion? i have 6gb of data to burn out every month so RIM how about we make it optional wifi and optional data?

Yes!! Why should the carrier care how I spend my data?? I'm paying for it, let me use it for BBM Voice calls if I want.

For those having issues hit rst and then go back and when it shows up hit the upgrade all button. It will then download.

BBM disappeared on my phone after upgrade. Uninstalled using options/advanced features, re-installed and lost all my contacts. Restored from a backup and got some of them back, but all are 'dimmed' and messages do not send. In the process now of re-inviting all my contacts.

What a pain in the ass. Thanks RIM.

What am I missing here,isn't this just like using the phone feature on these texting devices ?:)

Downloaded the upgrade and rebooted when prompted.....NO BBM ICON. Unhid all icons and checked all folders - NO ICON. Popped the battery - STILL NO ICON.

Now I'm resorting to uninstalling and reinstalling. What CRAP, RIM. Fix your sh!t before you send it out.

I can't wait to move to an iPhone.


You lot are just getting loads of complaint...

My download, install and usage went through quite perfectly... I would suggest for those who are having trouble finding the upgrade, to relax... it will come. Just wait for it... For those installing it, make sure you followed everything it said (and also, not sure if it contributes but I also updated my app world to make sure)

all in all, it works, I've made 2 calls and IT IS AMAZING!!!!

Pressing the trackpad still doesn't select the contact when searching. I'll have to wait for a text message to see if it actually shows up in BBM instead of my Messages folder. It definitely seems like they rushed this one.

ughh its not supported in united Arab emirates :| , although the Voice chat not working in UAE Etisalat!
.108 + .121 + .126
But it works fine with beta .100 !
hope it wuld work

Downloaded, and started an intercontinental call. It works, and it's beautifully integrated into BBM.

Although I noticed something new in the disclaimer regarding 'anonymous data collection'. I wonder how anonymous this is.

Just updated and I must say it works beautifully. Very impressed, it'll look even cooler once I have that new Blackberry L-series.

getting the following error "your voice chat connection cannot be established."

anybody else?
was working fine on beta

9700, 6.0 bundle 3049

The TRAI has to allow it to work in India....carrier doesn't make a difference....hope it starts soon....

This is so cool, I just had a 50 minute call with my brother in Thunder Bay using my Blackberry and I did not have to worry about using my minutes. I have a horrible internet connection this time of day too and it still worked well.

Just updated BBM to BBM7, now if all my contacts will just update their's I'll be all set for free wifi calls. BBM status updated to inform the masses.
On Telus network.
BlackBerry for life

Just had a 1 hour free bbm voice phone call to a good friend in the US from here in the Czech Republic. It worked flawlessy. Crisp and clean voice quality.

Absolutely love it.
Hope they push it out on OS 5 soon so i can talk to some of my friends in the US who still have 8900's.

Getting a most irritating error when I try to open it. Something about my IT department not supporting BBM7 with a prompt to reinstall 6.2.

Talked to my bf for 1 hour 41 mins! Call quality was fantastic. My wifi is just 384-512kbps even. Didn't have a prob except for the first try it said network error something but I just tried again and it worked :)

"your voice chat connection cannot be established."

Is this network dependent?? coz it's not yet working here in Saudi Arabia... please help... :)

Rocking bbm voice on my wife and my phones. Getting my long distance daughter to upgrade. Her issue is her University runs a wifi protocol not compatable with berries so she'll need to be at the local $tarbucks for chats to save VRZ minutes.

nice to have the new BBM 7.0 finally official. i've been following the new BBM since it was on beta and the BBM voice is cool!

however, some of my friends have installed the BBM 7 but they can't use the BBM Voice, yeah, that "your voice chat connection cannot be established" warning box always appears. Does anyone know how to rectify that?

I Have 9320 and downloaded and I've connected the bb with wifi but there is no voice chat icon appears in the chat screen or even whe i press the menu button what shall I do ?

YET AGAIN something released that is not for anyone running the os5 I know lots of people including myself that are running os5 & we constantly get left out Really am thinking do I stay with Blackberry when Im due my phone upgrade

Do you think other platforms support old OS'?
I know BB people (including me) don't run to the stores to buy the latest phone everyday like others.... but we cannot expect RIM to support all the old OS.
I wish Android and iOS people complain as much as we do.

Please help. I use I curve 3, the one with the steel round the top. I have downloaded it but every time I open it says it cannot associate my bbm with my ID, I have changed my password and rebooted a billion times. Also deleted and reinstalled, Quickly getting frustrated, any suggestions?

Both my wife and I updated ours (9700 & 9800 respectively) and have had no issues with it. Both work as advertised. It does take a few minutes for it to reboot and sync up. I just walked away and let it do its thing, and eventually it was working great. Voice option is great when on an international business trip, I can voice without the roaming fees.

Does not work anymore thru bridge on my playbook.
And it kind of sucks.
Anyone now something about this?

In the bbm app on playbook I can see only the contacts. The chats are gone.
This update ruined my workflow. :|

HELP! i have a blackberry curve 8250 and i have bbm however i do not have the option for an update. i have already restarted my phone twice and i have also restarted Appworld. ANY IDEAS PLEASE?! I WILL BE ETERNALLY GREATFUL!

i just downloaded bbm7 i have an bb 9300 3g everything is fine except it didnt add the emoticones? what do i do to fix this ? please help thank you :)

The sad part on BBM 7 is that it requires OS 6 or later. My Bold 9700 (256MB RAM)runs slow on OS6, because OS6 requires more memory than "Blackberry device software v 5.*.*". So, I had reloaded OS 5, and now the BBM version running on it is BBM 5.0, and frustratingly, i cant even upgrade it back to BBM, because appworld has link for BBM v. 7 only, which runs on OS 6 or above, not on OS5.
What do i do now?

running 9930 keeps failing to authenticate my blackberry bbm now for two days....even changing password....

I keep getting connect to wifi and try again. Can't seem to get it to work. Sounds like most are having no issues. Tried 2 separate networks but no go. Any advice.

Please has anyone noticed that there isn't an option to backup or restore contacts on the BBM 7? Both Beta and the released versions do not have that feature.