BBM 6.1 updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone to v6.1.0.37

By Bla1ze on 12 Dec 2011 01:29 pm EST
BBM 6.1
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The latest beta release of BlackBerry Messenger 6.1 has now landed in the BlackBerry Beta Zone for testing, if you've been testing out the previous version -- you'll want to go ahead and give this one a go as well as it has quite a few bug fixes in it. Though, it also contains quite a few remaining ones as well, so keep that in mind.


  • If you changed the options for recent updates, the maximum number of recent updates shown might not have changed.
  • If you turned on content protection and if you're using BlackBerry 6.0 or 7.0, you might not have been able to forward a BBM contact.
  • If you shared an existing appointment with a group from the Calendar app, a duplicate appointment might have appeared in your calendar. 

Again, the changes are rather small in comparison to the 'known issues' -- so make sure you read the full list which is available as a PDF download. Otherwise, you'll find the download available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone right now.

More info in the BlackBerry Beta Zone



Thanks. Just installed it and so far so good! Keep up the good work RIM.

mohawk apple

Won't let me download,guess cause I'm running 7.1 :(


Last time I had a BBM Beta on my phone (Bold 9650), I couldn't access BBM on my Playbook. Does anybody know whether this Beta connects to PB?

mohawk apple

Yea it does. Was fine on my playbook with beta BBM


also works fine here... running 668 on a 9700...


hello RIM.... why os 7.1 can"t download betazone .... who make os 7.1 ? is't apple ?


your not even suposed to have 7.1!! quite complaning


damn str8- 7.1 was just leaked, no one mandated that you install it.


i have 9810 + 9900 ...because betazone now down os to by vodafone...before that using os 7.1


dear users / abusers and genius's,
i am in UAE and BETA Zone isnt open yet in this part of the world. Will be highly obliged if you can send me the file / link by which i can have this update. Desperate to use BBM 6.1....Damn!!!!!

please, please....HELP!!!!!!

Pin# 2533082


Try registering as if you're from a different country , works for me .


The First BBM 6.1 made my 9360 SUPER SLOW I Couldn't even move, is this one still slow?


I'm using a 9360 too and this update seems to have fixed the lagging/freezing issues.


Can Anyone post a mirror link or share the download link for those of us that don't have access to the Beta zone?


Not possible. You can only download Beta apps from the Beta site using the mobile browser, which identifies your PIN and you recieve an individual Keycode which is used to activate your copy of it.


u still need a beta code


Can't do that since the key code is generated for a specific pin. Sorry.


I keep getting an error message when I try to download.


can sumone post the OTA link?? im on 7.1 and i always saved my key code all i need is the OTA link please...thx


Isn't a new key generated with every new download?


For those who wanna try and can't download from beta zone and somehow has the code or can crack the code :p
Keep ur eyes at


Is anyone having problems with the key code? I tried downloading twice but when pasteing the key code it will not accept it. deleted the old version first as well.


same promblem keycode wont work


Figured mine out when I cut and pasted I must have included a few spaces at the end that it did not like. I deleted the I accept right up to the key code and it worked.


upgraded and rebooted...feels better than the previous beta.
few UI fixes as well.